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77 Positive Affirmations That Will Make You Feel Alive

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Positive affirmations are a sure way to get you ready and feeling alive for the morning, night, or for life.

No hot chocolate latte frappe cappuccino on a winter day, the most orgasmic sex, the greatest drug, best night, tastiest food, and so on will ever be compare to the power and effects of positive affirmations!

Why, because those things above are all temporary tangible things which gives you pleasure, not happiness.

I like to define pleasure as something short and sweet while happiness can last for weeks, months, or infinitely.

Positive affirmations are intangible things (thoughts) that can bring out so many wonderful things.

It has the power to change your thoughts, actions, mood, activities, views, mental and physical state, and your whole life completely.

I’m not going to write an article because you aren’t here for that.

Instead here are 77 positive affirmations that is going to make you want to live life forever and own every second of it!

77 Positive Affirmations That Will Make You Feel Alive

Life itself is the greatest gift of all.
I am beautiful.
I am in control on my life. 
I am the master of my mind.
Today is mine to do as I please.
I am grateful for all things around me.
Every moment of my life is amazing.
I will not have anymore negative thoughts.
I know what I want in my life.
I will help the less fortunate.
Every new day is a gift.
I only care about today because tomorrow hasn’t come yet.
The person I care most about is myself.
I love my body and who I am.
My body is a temple: I will feed it healthy food and stay fit.
If I believe it, I can do it.
My best friend is myself.
I will live the best life I can.
If I want something, I must work for it.
My time is valuable: I will use it wisely.
Absolute determination and motivation will help me reach my goals.
I will make my enemies my friends.
I will learn something new each day.
I will laugh and smile everyday.
I will meditate everyday for my mind, body, and spirit.
I must work hard and long if I want to have a reason for living.
I will drink as much water as I can.
I will spend time outdoor with nature everyday.
All hatred, revenge, and grudges have been erased from my mind.
I will spend my time with people of value and worth.
Little things will not make me upset.
I will work towards my dreams a little bit each day.
Everyday I will give time to myself.
I will not live each day as it were my last but instead the fullest.
I will not let anything get in my way of success.
I will never ever give up.
Winners never give up and I am a winner.
I will be truthful to myself and others.
I will eat fruit and vegetables everyday.
No one is better than me.
Karma’s a bitch but also a saint.
No one is perfect but they can still be amazing.
I will escape my comfort zone.
I will be comfortable with doing uncomfortable things.
I will get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.
The past is history, I will not dwell on it.
I am independent and don’t need to rely on others.
I will find the best quality of new people I meet.
Excuses get me nowhere, I will stop making excuses.
Complaining is negative, I will not have any more negative thoughts.
If I ask, I will eventually receive.
I will break my bad habits because it is harming my body, mind, and spirit.
I am grateful for what I have and don’t have.
I will stop wasting my time on useless things that has no benefits to my life.
I will be happy as much as possible.
I will improve my weakness and use my strength.
I will face and conquer my fears and weakness.
Today is the best day of my life.
Everyday is a holiday and every meal is a feast.
I will learn from the best and apply their methods.
Instead of letting life take me wherever it wants too, I will be the driver.
Life isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either.
Love isn’t the most important thing in this world. Living is.
It is never too late to start of finish anything.
Life is a journey, I will enjoy it as much as I can, my destination can change anytime.
Only listen to meaningful things and weed out the useless things.
I will use my bad experiences in the past to control my present.
Appearance and attitude go a long way in both the business and regular world.
There is no shortcut in life, only roads and streets have shortcuts.
Action speak 100 times louder than any words.
Procrastination will always win if I don’t take action.
I eat to live, not live to eat.
I will not merely exist, I must live.
If I want something done, I must do it myself.
I will only rely and depend on myself.
I am grateful to be alive.
Change is good, I must adapt to new things and ideas.

Well there you have it.

77 Positive affirmations that will make you take charge and own the day.

You can read these everyday whenever you have 5-10 minutes of free time.

When you are using the bathroom, riding in the car, sitting on the bus or train, drinking morning coffee, even taking a shower, just before bed, during meal times, and so forth.

It won’t take any time out of your day and these positive affirmations will motivate you to set goals, help others, become a better you, improve your weakness, and much more.

Living doesn’t have to be hard, stressful, painful, or meaningless.

You are the only one that can shape your fate, not the damn stars or some fortune teller.

 Now get out there and shine brighter than all the stars in this universe! 

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Also if you have other positive affirmations to add, you can do so in the comment section.

Share this to someone that needs it.

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