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animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty Why You Should Eat Plants For Earth & Animals

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Every life deserves a chance to live the way it wants too, including EVERY animal. I have to let the world know about animal cruelty, and what is really happening behind that glass of milk you drink or the chicken wings you get on Friday nights.

If you think your life is bad, wait until you read about what I’m going to address. The information you are about to receive will make you super angry, extremely heart broken, disappointed (in humanity), become vegetarian/vegan, and hopefully spread awareness so that one day we can all live side by side with animals.

This topic will address the following awful and horrendous issues on animal cruelty:

  • The glass of suffering and a life worse than death
  • Eating cooked protein and meat is killing you
  • Plant-based food can heal and KILL CANCER
  • Eating meat harms our planet 40x more than eating plants

Animal Cruelty Why You Should Eat Plants For Earth, You & Animals

1. The Glass of Suffering and A Life Worse Than Death

(This video will enlighten you to the way of eating plants and why we should not eat animals anymore) credit/source: Youtube: Plant Pure Nation

Many animals were here way before the first humans step on this planet. We now have dominance over all life including the lives of other humans. The sad truth is that humans are our own worst enemy yet they can also be our own best friend.

The same can be said to animals. Many think that animal cruelty is when you kick your pets, abandon it, or don’t feed your pets for days. The animal cruelty we are talking about is 100x much worse than you can imagine.

Today humans are killing trillions of animals, but for their own sick gluttonous pleasures and profits.

The meat industry makes almost 1 trillion dollar annually. That’s just in the USA! While the dairy industry makes over 100 billion dollars yearly, just from the US.

This graph shows from 2009-2014 with each year adding 3-4 billion dollars more.

dairy sales

Now here is the sickening truth that must be leaked.

1.1 A Cow’s Tale


Hundreds to thousands are forced to live in cramped and self-defecating cruel environments. Calves are taken away from their mothers after 0-3 days! Why? So that we can drink the fresh and savory milk that was meant for the calves.

Most calves are put into tiny rooms where they can’t even turn around, a few months later they are slaughter since calve meet is more delicious than adult cow meat. Cows can reproduce every 9 months like humans, and they are forced to have new calves each year. Can you imagine the pain of having a baby every year, probably not?

They are injected with mass steroids and chemical to produce 10x more milk a year than their body can naturally reproduce. Cows live in extremely tight areas where they can only move back and forth, ONE STEP! They can not roam free or eat the rich grass that nature provides, instead they are locked in a circle machine that automatically milks the cow every day to every last drop of milk.

Living in such horrible conditions and injected with hormones and chemicals to “beefen” them up, the cows develop diseases which are not even treated well, and the animals end up suffering until they are slaughtered.

Here is the slaughter age for all farm animals.


Cows are slaughtered just after 4 years when they can live to 20 years. Let’s take 15% of the human population and kill them at the age of 15 years old, doesn’t sound humane, does it? Not only that, the cows grow at an unnatural state that by the time they are ready for slaughter, they are unable to walk because their muscle and bones can not bear the tremendous amount of weight that they are forced to gain at should a rapid pace.

Cows have sentimental feelings just like us humans. They cry and mourn for 2 weeks straight after their baby is taken away from them. Animal cruelty doesn’t even describe 10% of what these cows have to live through.

So the next glass of milk you drink may not be so sweet and savory anymore when you know how much pain and misery a cow has to endure for your $3.99 gallon on milk.

1.2 A Chicken’s Fate

Thousands to hundreds of thousand lives in one packed and cramped slaughterhouse. Male chickens are killed because they can not lay eggs and are not suitable for meat production. Imagine a grinder, a big electric grinder and thousands of male chicks are thrown in there. How sad, to be born and not live past a whole day.

About 52 billion chicks are artificially grown, pumped up to maximum size and then slaughter.

They along with turkey account for 99% of land animals that get slaughter for food. Chickens are the most genetically modified animal on this planet and grow 65 times faster than their normal rate. They are walking antibiotic, steroid, HGH, chemical sack that I wouldn’t touch in forever. Many cannot walk and lay on the floor all day while waiting for a slow death.

You are eating all that garbage, and no wonder your body is sick, and you feel bad all the time. When the chicken is at harvesting size, a chicken catching machine is used to catch up to 7,000 chickens an hour. They are literally jam into a cage for 18- 24 hours, many suffer from broken bones and other injuries including heat; many die before they arrived at the slaughterhouse.

Take a look at this sickening undercover video.


Chickens are no way killed humanity. In fact, they experience one of the worst painful deaths ever before they become dinner. is a great website to learn more about this; please check them out.

There is virtually no laws or any jurisdiction on how to handle animals humanely. It’s state of the art to produce and feed as many people as possible with minimal care and treatment for the animals while maximizing every cent. As long as humans don’t get too sick, then the lives of the animals that we eat have no say. They are regarded as property and food, not as a living specie with thoughts and conscious.

1.3 A Pig’s Fate


1.5 Billion pigs are slaughter each year worldwide, that’s 1.5 billion lives killed each year for the greed of humanity. Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on this planet. Smarter than any of your normal home pets. They are actually the 4th most intelligent animal.

Their skin, hearts, and other body parts can be integrated with our body and used daily to treat patients. Pigs can grow up to 1,000 pounds, while cows up to 1,800 pounds. That’s insanely huge, although you already know what 75% or more of that is: injected chemical, steroids, antibiotics, ingredients, and hormones.

So that means pigs are put into very tiny areas where they can’t turn around or move much, just like cows. Newborn piglets within 1-21 days have their tails cut, and the males are castrated, with no pain-killer! The pigs are screaming so loudly in pure pain.

Should a new innocent life experience pain as the first sign of life? If you really think mass farm producing meat is humane and healthy, then you are very, very far from the truth. Companies are in it for one thing, and it has always been that money controls everything. Governments, real estate, stocks, banks, etc. are filthy rich.

Do you think food and drinks are not on this list? Companies need maximum profit with little care to life, including ours. Eating, smoking, drinking, and beverages run our lives — no amount of pain or killing matter, especially to animals.

That means, getting the pigs and animals as fat and big as possible with little money and care spent on each animal and maximizing profits. In this world, numbers and money matter the most, as it shows, it may not slow down anytime soon unless we do something about it on a massive global scale.

Pigs can produce 30 piglets a year! Within 6 months, they can be slaughter and eaten; pigs get big and big very fast. They live under a sunless top, on hard floor that is cover in foul and toxic smell.

Pigs have to take antibiotics due to where they live because if not they would die before the age of slaughter, which is 6 months. The housing they live in is so toxic due to the manure that’s under the hard floor. It may get emptied once a year or so.

Workers get lung illness and severe coughing. If you have asthma, you are not even allowed to work in these environments. If you must eat meat, then buy expensive meat. I mean the top of the line. They are raised better, and it is better for the atmosphere. Look for organic, pastured, no antibiotic meats.

Key Take Away
I can’t force you to be vegan/vegetarian, but I can say that how you raise, treat, kill, and eat the animal really does make a HUGE difference. Please care for all life and not just your own. 

2. Eating Cooked Protein and Meat Is Killing You

We were all brought up to think that cooked meat is healthy. Because we were told by our parents and so this continues on and on and on and on until even now. I can say for 10,000% certainty that what I know today vs. what my parents knew about food at my age is comparable to a bee and a shark.

They knew nothing, absolutely nothing about food, its nutrient, and its origin. Sadly, today is the same, and that is why trillions of animals must suffer and die miserably.

Ignorance truly is a blessing in disguise.

We were brought up on the taste of meat every day. It was delicious. So bad habits form and they stick like syrup on pancakes. Oh, but that comes with a sacrifice, nothing in life is truly a blessing. Each piece of meat you consume is slowly killing you, just a few minutes at a time.

You see, when you cook protein, it creates acrolein which is carcinogenic.



Those who ate 1 to 5 ounces of red meat daily and process meats increases your death rate by 33%. Researches at National Cancer Institute researched for 10 years on 500k people.

Health problems with meat, especially red and process red meat:

  • Cooking in high-temperature releases cancer-causing compounds.
  • Meat contains a high amount of iron which may promote cancer if consumed in excess.
  • Increase blood pressure and cholesterol level that can lead to heart diseases.
  • Some meat contains nitrites which are known to cause cancer.
  • Red meat has been linked to chronic diseases.

Meat has lots of saturated fat although trans fat is worse. That’s why it tastes so delicious and juicyyy. But saturated fat has been linked to cardiovascular diseases by upping your cholesterol level, and can clog your arteries.

Process meats also has added salt and sugar which is very unhealthy. Sea salt is good for us, not the table salt that we eat every day. Meat also takes a long time to digest, up to 3-4 days fully. The rest that doesn’t get digested or flush down the toilet stays in your colon walls, adding and adding to it.

The average person has 5-20 pounds of stuck fecal matter in their colon by the time they die. (read my How to become vegan article here for proof and evidence) This contributes to over 170 illnesses and diseases! So the next time you eat meat, just know that that animal lived a horrible life and died a horrible death so that you can have a few moments of pleasure in your mouth.

Key Take Away
If you want to eat meat, then go for organic pastured chicken, pink and white fish, and no process meats. A little bit of red meat once a week is fine, about 3-6 ounces or less, just make sure it is the expensive quality beef, not the $4.99 a pound crap

3. Plant-based food can heal and KILL CANCER


If you eat 2-3 servings of fresh fruits and 4-7 servings of fresh vegetables every day; you will live longer, healthier, happier, and better than meat eaters. Otto Warburg, a Nobel prize winner, has shown by research and extensive study that no cancer cell can survive in an alkaline body. However, cancer cells thrive on acidic environment.

3.2 Benefits of Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based protein is better than animal protein because pound by pound, there is more packed nutrient, fewer calories, and has more fiber. Fiber helps aid digestion, increase bowel movement and frequency, promotes a healthy gut, and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Plant-based eaters (I didn’t say vegans or vegetarians) seem to live overall a healthier lifestyle.

They tend to live in less polluted areas, live a happier and healthier lifestyle, don’t drink or smoke as much as non-plant eaters, and they care more about themselves and their bodies. Eating a diet rich in plants can lower many diseases, lower the chance of being diabetic, less chance of being overweight, decrease the risk of heart and other diseases.

Plant-based food has way more vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants. All which contribute to better skin, healthier body, more energy, immune boosting properties, and a better mood. Plant-based protein has more benefits than meat proteins for building muscles.

A study conducted by UCL has shown the amazing effects of eating 7+ portions of fruit and vegetables a day. They saw that those who ate 7+ portions  (3 oz is a portion) of fruits and vegetables over many years decrease their chances of getting a disease or cancer by 42%. Broccoli has 11 grams of protein per 100 calories while beef only has 6 grams.

If you’ve watched the youtube video from the very top, you can see the proof that these people who went on a high based plant diet eliminated their cancer, diseases, and diabetes through natural and organic healing. They didn’t need surgery, doctors, or pills to heal them. Earth’s natural rich resources can cure us of any disease.

We just have to eat and live healthy to be free from diseases, illness, and even cancer. Do you really think that these people would benefit from lying? Do you believe that so many of these issues arise from eating healthy?

We now consume more meat, salt, oil, tobacco, pollution, alcohol, and so on which has a huge impact on our health and longevity.

I know for a fact that after I switch to a high plant-based diet, my overall health and life changed:

  • More energy
  • Happier and less angry than usual
  • Appreciate the taste of food
  • Going to the restroom is fast and comfortable
  • No more smelly breathe from stuck meat in my tooth
  • Less cooking and cleanup and lower grocery bill
  • Have not gotten sick in YEARS
  • My skin is glowing and much healthier
  • Eating high plant foods also makes me want to eat more healthier foods
Key Take Away
You don’t need to be vegetarian but eat 2-3 servings of fruits and 4-5 servings of fresh vegetables daily for 2 months and see what happens. If you have any illness or disease, then try it for 6 months and see what happens. I promise you good things will come if you take care of your health. (no smoking, excessive alcohol, salt, oils, or sugar)

4. Eating Meat Harms Our Planet 40x More Than Eating Plants

30% of the world’s usable surface is used for farming animals for our gluttonous eating habits. Livestock which includes dairy and eggs uses 1/3 of the planets fresh water supply. Raising livestock can have one of the biggest negative impacts on Earth’s environment. The average person eats 80 pounds of meat a year, but Americans eat 270 pounds

I’m not saying that we Americans need to cut down the consumption of meat but we Americans need to cut down the consumption of meat! A lifecycle analysis done by EWG found that beef and lamb makes 10 to 40 times as much greenhouse gas emissions as compared to vegetables and grains.

EWG reports that just the U.S. needs about 167 million pounds of pesticides and 17 billion pounds of nitrogen fertilizer each year for growing livestock feed.

This process generates a tremendous amount of nitrous oxide, 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 20 percent of overall U.S. methane emissions come from cattle manure. Meat requires a vast amount of land and water to cultivate and produce. A heavy tax burden for the earth, physically.

Red beef meat requires 160 times more land and releases 11 times more greenhouse gases than vegetables and other plants. We may not have enough grain or fresh water to feed the 9-10 billion people that are estimated to populate earth by 2050. Prof Tim Benton, at the University of Leeds, says that it is better to eat less red meat than to sell your car, that’s how bad it is on the environment.

This list shows the greenhouse gas emissions for the 94 food commodities. The higher the number the worst the gas emissions.

Food category

UK GHG emissions (kgCO2e/kg)

Alcoholic Beverages


Animal Fats




Aquatic Animals, Others


Aquatic Plants


Aquatic Products, Other










Beverages, Alcoholic


Beverages, Fermented


Bovine Meat


Butter, Ghee




Cereals – Excluding Beer


Cereals, Other


Citrus, Other


Cocoa Beans


Coconut Oil


Coconuts – Incl Copra










Demersal Fish




Fats, Animals, Raw


Fish, Body Oil


Fish, Liver Oil


Fish, Seafood


Freshwater Fish


Fruits – Excluding Wine


Fruits, Other






Groundnut Oil


Groundnuts (Shelled Eq)




Lemons, Limes




Maize Germ Oil


Marine Fish, Other




Meat, Other


Milk – Excluding Butter


Molluscs, Other


Mutton & Goat Meat








Oilcrops Oil, Other


Oilcrops, Other


Olive Oil






Oranges, Mandarines


Palm Oil


Palmkernel Oil




Pelagic Fish














Poultry Meat




Pulses, Other


Rape and Mustard Oil


Rape and Mustardseed


Rice (Milled Equivalent)






Sesameseed Oil


Soyabean Oil






Spices, Other


Starchy Roots




Sugar & Sweeteners


Sugar (Raw Equivalent)


Sunflowerseed Oil


Sweeteners, Other








Vegetable Oils




Vegetables, Other







As you can see plants produce very little gas emissions compare to meat and animal products.

Here is a chart on how much water is needed for plants and meats:


14,414 L/kg Bovine meat ÷ 194 L/kg vegetables = 74X more water is required for meat than vegetables.
Key Take Away
I’ve given so many sources and facts already on how meat is so damaging to our earth. Go green, and eat less meat. Your grandkids and kids will thank you. If these facts and sources have not been clear to you, then I strongly suggest you go to a big animal farm and see how the animals truly live.


So the next time you think about animal cruelty, think about how much pain that chicken, pig, or cow had to endure so that you could fill your belly. Animal cruelty is more real than the blue sky you see each day, and it’s being kept secret and hidden for a purpose. If everyone knew about this, then I can assure you at least 25% of us will limit our meat intake.

Please share this article everywhere and promote this to anyone you know. If you have any comments or would like to add to this, please do so below. All life is a life; it doesn’t matter it if is a human or animal.

Share this to someone that needs it.

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