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Be Yourself (A Guide To Understanding Your Awesome Self)

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Everyone dreams of being someone or something they’re not? Just be yourself. No child has not heard of these words, “What/Who do you want to be when you grow up?” Many answered: their mom/mom, police, firefighter, actor, and so on. However, have you ever heard any child say, myself?

We live in an age filled with fantasies, imagination, and wild dreams. The same can be said since the arrival of humankind. Hollywood portraits superheroes as saviors of humanity, yet they’re merely drawings and imaginations of creative minds. Why do we obsess about being something or someone that we can’t?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be someone else. The real issue is when you forsaken and abandon yourself. Out of the 100+ billions of humans who have lived and perished, there is not a single one as unique as you. Each one of us has our own book to write. Some will have the same beginning and ending; however, no one of us has the same middle.

Ever since learning and studying about myself, I’ve come to learn two vital components. One, be the very best that you can. Two, enjoy and love yourself and your own presence. Society encourages marriage, connecting with others, and mingling with those that give you warmth and love. What about ourselves? Probably not so much. That is why we’re going to stress the significance of being yourself.

You Don’t Have To Lie

Lying is easy or hard depending on one’s situation. One lie becomes two, and two lies become three, and so forth. Does it not get harder with each lie? Eventually, people begin to notice a pattern. Coming up with new lies and ideas isn’t an easy matter, especially when the numbers become drastic.

How many different masks does one have to wear? (Not figuratively speaking) Sooner or later, someone’s going to notice something suspicious is happening. Trust becomes cautious. Cautious becomes disbelief. And no one likes a liar, especially a compulsive one.

Even with one life, there’s still an endless amount of activities and people to meet. Can you really fool everyone? Is all that unnecessary work and thinking worth it? Here’s something to keep in mind. People want the truth, as long as it benefits their viewpoints, most of the time. Researchers from University of Illinois and Florida studied 8,000 participants in 91 studies, published in 2009 by the American Psychological Association. They showed that 67% prefer the truth if it doesn’t contradict majority of their beliefs. The truth doesn’t always bring assurance or warmth; however, it does bring truth. And truth is certainty.

Thieves, murderers, good and bad people, and even liars alike prefer the truth. When people understand you for who you truly are, then they’ll appreciate you, even more, assuming that you’re not evil or an A-hole. Long story short, the truth isn’t bias. It doesn’t judge. Truth is truth. Be yourself always. If you do that, then you’ll always be true to yourself and those around you.

Everyone Knows You As Someone Else

Your mother will perceive you as this person. Your best friend(s) will recognize you as that person. Your boss will know you as another person. What do I mean precisely? If I were to ask everyone close to you about you, how would they respond? Surely, no answer should be the same. For instance. I know my mom as a strict, caring, and authoritative being. My dad may perceive her as a beautiful, charming, and hardworking being. This is based on each individual’s reality of perceptiveness. Humans often perceive images or things that correlates or suits their taste.

That’s not lying. This is how different people perceive you. Isn’t that better than lying? Those close to you already know who you are. When they picture you or hear your name; certain appearance, personality, and quality is already depicted in their mind. Why go through the trouble falsifying that image? When you’re yourself, you don’t have to do anything.

They say that each person possesses quite a few or numerous personalities. Although there exist no solid evidence or studies. I’m not saying that we have multiple personality disorders. We know ourselves as who we think we are, while others around us know us to be someone of completely different characteristics.

Act According To The Situation

When you’re at church, how do you act? When at a business meeting, how do you present yourself? What about being home with your love one? Our environment, family and friends, and everything around us can influence how we behave.

Does it make sense to be professional and authoritative while learning the teaching of Jesus? In no way does this imply that one must change themselves for instance. When I’m chilling with my boys, I’m going to loud, obnoxious, and just let whatever I want out. If I’m on a date with a girl, then is it not convenient to be reserved, calm, and easy going?

In both situation I didn’t change; however, we ought to adapt, improvise, and overcome each environment. A rare few comprehend and apply this technique. Life is forced to adapt; otherwise, it wouldn’t survive. The same principle applies to everyday life. Numerous research and publications does indeed support the fact of us behaving differently in certain situations.

Being oneself doesn’t actually mean that we possess just one characteristic. Human beings exhibit hundreds if not thousands of emotions and characteristics in a single day. Making friends requires you to act in a certain way. Being around your love is not the same as being around strangers. Conversing with those you despise awakens the demons within you, yet are you demonic? You get the picture. We must do what we can with the situation we are given. Be yourself, only this time, alter your personality to the given circumstances.

You Are Special

The majority would say otherwise. As an individual, we can never find the goodness in us, only the fault. We must strive to not only love ourselves but be the absolute best. When these two methods are executed, then you will feel special. Until then, nothing but self-doubt and unworthiness shall continue to plague your mind.

No one has the same story to tell. We can write our own stories, and follow our own path. There will never exist another being like you. 100+ billion humans have existed, and the next billion or trillion will breathe life, yet not a single soul is exact. That makes each of us very special, even if you think not.

The probability of you existing is 1 in 400 trillion. That’s something special in itself. However, many take living as a cursing in itself. One critical assumption could be that we don’t honestly know how to love ourselves. Family, friends, and coworkers alike can make us feel wanted or bring us down.

Can we not find such things by our own hands? Love is love. It doesn’t matter who or where it comes from. Why can’t we learn to love ourselves as a whole? Do we require the affection and intimacy of others to make us feel alive?

We each get one body, and as far as I know, one life. Of course, I would love to be taller, stronger, better looking, and the likes. Still, I’m not going to change or hate myself due to such things. I have come to understand that I am somewhat perfect the way I am.

This makes living and going about life easier and much more convenient. There’s no need to want to be someone else because I have accepted and love myself. When you understand that, you will feel special indeed.

Disable and handicap people, must they not accept who they are. The world made them in such a way that being someone else is quite impossible. So what do they do? They accept, better themselves, and try to live their life as they seem fit. When one learns how to love and enjoy themselves, then it’s easy being yourself. In fact, when you realize just how special and precious you are; you won’t want to be anyone else.

How To Find Yourself

How well do you know yourself? You may believe that you are this type of person. Your family and friends will perceive you as this kind of person. We’re going to show you a few techniques you can apply today to discover who you genuinely are. Are you up for a challenge?

  • Spend more time alone – Go for a hike. Walk down Green Ave lane. Camp in the woods. Everyday, are we humans not surrounded by other humans, noises, cars, pollution, and much distractions? This golden era isn’t that golden when you look at it from another angle. When you spend more time alone, you will naturally develop skills to decipher who you are. You’ll eventually begin to appreciate and value yourself as a whole and as an individual.
  • Give 10-20 minutes a day to yourself – Similar to the above tip, yet not exactly. If one can’t sacrifice at least 10 minutes of undivided attention to oneself every day, then how can one possibly know thyself? Look in the mirror, compliment or say inspiring things about yourself. Go into a quiet place and relax. You can either think about how great and wonderful you are, or you can relax and wind down. Forget and care not for all the outside troubles.
  • Go on a journey – That’s what I’m presently doing. I travel the world, get to discover not only myself but everything around me, and enjoy every moment whether that be alone or with others. How exactly does this tie into being yourself? Well for starters, you’re in a completely different environment. Language, food, culture, and surroundings aren’t the same anymore. Being pretentious won’t do you any good. Do locals not wish to see your genuine self, especially an outsider? Traveling has changed my life as well as open up my mind. I super recommend everyone to travel before such a fantastic opportunity perish.

In The End

At the end of it all, being yourself brings ease, truth, and assurance. Being someone of something you’re not accustomed too can be a challenge in itself. The truth, no matter how sour it’s words are, will bring more trust from both sides. And assurance. Assurance draws out confidence, something which many are attracted too. Being confident in someone else’s skin or personality may get you far, but it won’t last.

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