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believe in yourself

Believe In Yourself Pay Attention To # 3 It’s Super Vital

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Every idea that has ever existed has a beginning and an end. Two steps are involved. The thought and the action, the action is optional.

Both require, well… both physical and mental aspects to complete something. So for example, someone thought of the light bulb, he had to physically create it and believe in his idea, to the point beyond space and all limitations because if not we would still be using candles today. (Remember, the light bulb was one of the greatest inventions in history)

If you ask any great minds today or centuries ago, they would all tell you the same thing as I’m about to tell you. Before you do or try anything, you must believe in yourself; wholeheartedly with all your will and power. If not, the chances of failure are almost absolute.

Believe In Yourself Pay Attention To # 3 It’s Super Vital

believe in yourself

Here are 4 life lessons on how to believe in yourself. There could be 1 or even a 1,000 ways to believe in yourself, but this 4 advice ought to suffice:

  1. You are worth EVERYTHING!
  2. Don’t rely on others.
  3. There is only one you.
  4. Make everything you do count/matter.

1. You Are Worth EVERYTHING!

you are worth something

Long ago there was a time when every man/woman was worth base on their appearance, origin, and everything in between. Today that hasn’t change much, however in the land of the free and in the land of the wealthy (1st world country/some 2nd world country), even a beggar can rise to the ranks of untouchable powers. Jack Ma and Xi Jinping are just the beginning of 2 fine examples of such stories.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see, or such I say, who do you see?
A weak, timid, valueless piece of trash that even dogs piss on or a king/queen that is preparing to take their rightful position to inconceivable status? Let me ask you one simple question; it should take less than a heartbeat to answer.

How much can I buy you for? Apparently, $7.25 an hour is the answer for many Americans. But in all seriousness, if I had 1 billion dollars and I willingly handed all of it to you but I only ask for one favor.

That is, you must be my slave until death, however, all that money is yours to do as you please. It’s a straight, simple; no questions asked, massive no for me. Being a billionaire is achievable if one has the mindset, but this is a life, a soul we are talking about.

Money comes and goes yet can we say the same for a life?

Yes, sadly and dreadful as it sounds, most of us are expendable.
But how can one be of such worth?

You have to believe in your worth. The dark ages, my middle and high school years were unforgettable. If you had asked me how much I was worth back then, I would have said any price would do.

My life was as good as a dead cat; really, I was a soulless human just existing. If you’ve read our other guides about meditation, positivity, loving yourself, and so on then, you should know the answer to the above question. But for those that didn’t, then I suggest you spend 40-60 minutes reading those articles or watch the videos if you prefer (it has subtitles in 2x speed).

There is too much info to fit on this page. Being worth everything requires great mental abilities. Sorry but it won’t happen overnight or maybe even within the next few months.

Everything worth doing takes skills, patience, and gradual steps. It took me about 1 year to understand and achieve this kind of mentally and yet I haven’t even unlocked 5% of what still lies ahead. 

You are worth as much as you want to be but there are steps you must master in order to be worth a great value, to yourself.

That is why I work for myself; you can’t pay me to work for a company unless it’s my own! When someone asks you for help or a favor, do you not expect the same in return? But no matter how many times you say yes (let’s say you do because you are a nice person), do you think those people are using you or actually appreciative of what you do?

Being kind-hearted can be dangerous, people will use your kindness as a weakness. I know this too personally and tragically. (I’m glad the past does not affect me now.) My first time moving to Miami, within 3 years, I lost over 70% of my hard work earnings and many “fake” friends.

I was that “nice” guy. Please don’t be nice, be wise in your decisions. As you can see, even though I was clueless about what was happening but my friends knew exactly what they were doing.

They didn’t give a damn about me or my worth. I was just another fish that fell for their bait. So to wrap this part up; how much are you worth to yourself and others? Are you someone that gets used and toss around or are you that individual that knows his/her worth?

Take a stand for your beliefs and actions. Walk with your head up, back straight, smirk a little, and eyes that can pierce through steel.

Show people you mean business and that your time is precious.

You can right now stop thinking you are worthless and at least think/believe you are worth something. Here are some examples of why you are the way you are. You become what you think. Daily actions/thoughts become a habit. Negative energy attracts more negative energy.

2. Don’t Rely On Others 

don't rely on others

I can not express how foolish it is to depend on others, except for certain situations but for everyday normal occurrences, one needs to have absolute faith in themselves and do everything that they can by themselves. All the work you see here on Easy Life Journey is done by one individual, me. It requires 80-90 hours a week and learning other skills along the way in order for me to do what I do while having another job!

The reality is, 80% of people don’t care about your problems, and 20% are glad you have them. It’s true, most of us have our own issues to deal with, hearing another person’s sad life just irritates us. If you want something done, then you gotta do it yourself.

Probably one of the wisest and more practical life quotes. When you can’t rely on others, then you only have yourself. So what do you have to do in order to get things done?

Believe 100% in yourself because look around you… oh yeah there’s no one. When you start to realize that the moment you rely on others, you are relying less and less on yourself thus you are giving less importance to yourself. Sure, you may not know how to do everything but if it can be learned with a book or through the internet, then do so.

College is not hard, what comes after college is hard. Now you have no hand to guide you, only your hands. 

People don't care about your dreams or goals unless it is the same as theirs or it benefits them in some way.

Of course, taking the easy route and living a life as comfortable and easy as possible is 95% of everyone’s dream. Sounds lame, boring, and worthless to me.

I crave a life that makes me feel alive, makes me yearn for sleep so tomorrow may come in a blink of an eye, one that makes my heart earn its beat, a life that is worth remembering and most importantly worth living to the fullest.

And who is going to do all that, me (you).

No one will create your life for you, that is why it is imperative that you believe in yourself with all 37.2 trillion cells and 7*10^27 atoms in your body.
 If not, then you may as well be like the rest of the world; just existing until their last heartbeat.

When you rely on yourself; naturally you have to believe in yourself. You can’t tell me that achieving a great goal not only requires relying on oneself but also one’s beliefs? When times get tough, and most of us have or will experience that at one point or another, who are you going to depend on to get back up and fight?

Mommy and daddy probably depend on you to help them so don’t look at them, your friend who has their own life and issues, or someone close to you? Probably not, it’s just going to be you. That’s the person who has the ultimate power to create their life, their reality and bring themselves out of the ashes of despair and agony.

Or doom themselves in an endless loop of misery and suffering. Everything in life is your fault and choice. If you are able, live in a free country, and are miserable, then that is entirely your fault!

You chose that path because you are lazy, weak, and pity yourself when others have it 100 times worse than you. Relying on oneself will surely get one far, very far in this life and maybe the next. We were brought here on Earth; we have 2 choices:  to let life do its thing and be done with it or we can forge our path and destiny.

3. There Is Only One You

there is only one you

They say that you don’t know what you miss or love until it’s truly gone for good.
If you abuse your body, smoke and drink all day, eat garbage, sit around and procrastinate, and the likes then you are harming your body and wasting value time. When you look at yourself 5 or even 10 years from now?

Do you want to see a healthy, vibrant, energetic, and youthful being? Of course, you do, but only actions can prove that. Your body is just a vessel that carries your mind and soul which is far more important.

However, right now, your body is just as important as your mind and soul because it is giving you life. When one of your arm, leg, eye, or a body/organ goes missing or is destroyed; you’re not going to be the same.

You know millions of people really have physical disabilities, and they find a way to live a happy life.
Yet, so many of us take this life and our able and healthy body for granted.
 Life is meant to be enjoyed, but it doesn’t mean you have to smoke, drink, eat garbage, and abuse your body until your last breath. It won’t be a comfortable death either!

If you’re overweight, go exercise. If you’re short, lift some weights. Do whatever it takes to build confidence and have a body worth loving.

If you think life sucks and blame your body then imagine what life would be like if you were blind, deaf, or missing a limb?

Then you can tell me how difficult and miserable your fortunate life is! People spend years working to buy their dream car or house which is totally fine and normal, yet we forget the one thing that is worth more than all the cars and houses combined in this world. Our very own body.

No matter how badly you desire to change your body or hate it, it’s going to remain with you until death. 

Why not make the best of it and do what you can so that every day when you wake up, you feel blessed and most importantly, in love with your body and self.
Start eating healthy, exercise at least 3-4 times a week, drink 100 ounces of water everyday, sleep 7-8 hours a night, get sunlight and fresh air everyday, do anything and everything to have a body worth having.

I GUARANTEE that once you start loving your body and self, then your life will be transformed. You see, your mind and body know everything that you do, obviously! If you keep talking bad about it, cursing your body, looking at it with disgust; what do you think your mind and body’s natural reaction will be?

Every action has a reaction, and in this very case, the laws of life are so simple, negative actions beget negative actions. Your mind will continue to spout hatred and disgust through thoughts. Your body will slowly deteriorate, gain weight, increase wrinkles and aging, feel fatigue, and so on.

Why do you think meditation is practiced all over the world since 5,000 years ago?
Because your actions and thoughts become your reality, no they are reality! This is backed by science, data, research, real-life experiences, and it’s written in ancient scriptures and text.

If you dislike one or two things about your body or image and you can change it, then do so if you think it’s going to help but 95% of the time, it’s all in your mind. I used to obsessed over my height for 13 years however now it has zero effect on me whatsoever because of all the knowledge I’ve learned.

4. Make Everything You Do Count/Matter.

make everything you do matter

Failure sucks, especially when you’ve given it your all and lost precious time and money. That’s why it is crucial we make everything count. Failure is just another step to victory, well… for me it is.

Yes, losing precious time and money that one can never recuperate can be a devastating blow to the head but what truly matters is the final act. Whatever you are trying to achieve or become, you must make it count. With that being said, you have no choice but to believe in yourself every single day, no every single moment of your existence.

I’ve talked about Martin Luther King a few times in my other guides and youtube channel. Did he not sacrifice everything, including his own life for such a grand cause? Do you not realize how much he went through, especially as a colored man during those turbulent times?

I’m sure every moment of his awakening, he believed in not only himself but his cause. Of course, the people and their prayers help tremendously. What I am trying to convey is that, whether one has a dream or not, one should always believe that something good will happen.

You have to make this life matter because no one truly knows what lies beyond death.
 If you’re confused, stress out, depress, and/or in misery then it will be hard to care. I can relate because I’ve walked that path, oh so many times.

Believe in yourself; it’s so easy to say those 3 words but to put into effect can be quite a tremendous effort for some of us. Going to work, taking care of family, supporting yourself and whoever, and just merely existing is what 95% of us do. Unfortunately, that won’t change anytime soon.

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