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comfort zone

The Comfort Zone | A Place In Which Many Enter Yet Few Leave

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The comfort zone. The most dangerous place one can venture because once you enter, you may never leave due to the comfort, warmth, and nature that it brings. Animals, humans, electricity, water, fire, and all things of this Universe follow the path of least resistance.

What takes effort and pain is considered taboo while the easy things in life are sought after. Being homeless is easy, it requires no skill or labor. Following and achieving your grandest dream may be the most challenging obstacle you’ll face, yet it will be the greatest feeling you’ll ever experience.

If you wish to forsake your past or current life in order to pave the way for a bright and daring future, then it would be wise to continue reading. I’ve known the comfort zone, listen to its empty and futile promises. Oh for so long. 7 years to be precise.

Allow me to enlighten you on how I, a feeble and damned soul was able to escape such a place in which billions upon billions are trapped inside for all eternity.

I) Comfort And Satisfaction Over Risk

comfort zone

The Bible, Quran, Buddhism, and so many other faiths teach us to live a simple and peaceful life. And that is exactly what one shall get when one follows the words of others. But why though? Because they know that humans are weak and fragile beings. If the Bible, the Quran, and so many other religions tell us to work like mad slaves, sacrifice everything in order to live like legends; what do you think most of us will do? Follow another religion or until they find one that suits their lifestyle or like what they hear.

How many stories do you hear about some famish farmer rising to the rank of godlike powers, or a weak and puny being transforming into an almighty and abdominal being? Few, extremely few. Yet, those who sacrifice comfort and pleasure over pain and suffering shall know the genuine taste of triumph. In due time of course. Time, it can heal many wounds or break even the strongest of us.

Let me ask you a very simple question.
Would you prefer to build an OK house within one year, or build the best and strongest house within 10 years? 99% of you would choose the first. It all goes back to the introduction. Humans and all things in this Universe strive for the path of least resistance promising the least amount of pain or even better, no pain at all.

Do you not realize that an OK house will require years after years of fixing and repairs while a firm and strong house may never need any at all? Why do Kings and Nobles live in castles for generations and generations to come while peasants live under hay and sticks for only a few seasons before repairs are required? It is because a castle takes decades to construct while a house of stick takes merely a few days or weeks at its best.

And this is why most will never escape the comfort zone.

The best things in life require effort, labor, sacrifice, and time.

How did you feel when you bought your first house, new car, or lost your virginity to someone you actually loved or had feelings for? A f***ing mazing, right?

Yesterday is gone. Today is a present (gift). Yet, no one knows tomorrow, that’s what makes it so amazing, right? It’s a surprise in itself. However, countless species fear death and misfortune so then trap themselves in this safe bubble that has no exits.

Ignorance is indeed a blessing in disguise. If our ancestors had not ventured the lands of unknown, battle monsters 10 times their size, endure the harshest storm that this world has unleashed, and sacrifice their own lives, then do you think we humans would be where we stand today?

We humans have definitely evolved, mentally but definitely not physically or emotionally. It is said that great men do great things, and make the greatest sacrifice. How long will one remain in the comfort zone? Another year, another decade, or even until their passing?

Key Take Away
It is never too late to do anything. As long as you draw breath, then you keep going and fight for another tomorrow. There is no greater gift than a tomorrow! Don’t you dare f***ing settle for second best or contentment. If you want the biggest house, hottest partner, fastest car, then you get up and make it happen. Live in comfort or risk it all and live like a legend. Choose one, my friend.

II) You Can Run And Hide, But You Can’t Escape

your comfort zone

Just because you lose 50 pounds doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll keep it that way. Those who succeed usually revert back to their old ways. Why? Because it is even harder to maintain success, glory, and triumph.

If you think achieving success and fame was the most challenging thing in life, then maintaining such status will be impossible.

Time, time is the greatest friend and worst enemy of man. So how does one maintain such a mentality or way of living when they have achieved the impossible? Continuation. You keep going, you never get up, and you let nothing stand in your way. 25-50 years from now when you look back at your pathetic and nonexistent life, do you laugh and smile in glory or grit your teeth is despair?

Meditation, positivity, eating healthy and living healthy, never giving up, and live with a purpose. These are just a few of the ingredients that one shall need in order to maintain such a way of life.

As you can see, it takes much more effort to maintain glory. Kings are short lived. Fame and victory are short lived. All things that arise eventually wither away. The only thing that shall remain forever is time. Nothing can halt time, not even the almighty himself.

Which leads me to the next point. We, humans, live on an average of 77 years. A blink of an eye to God or the Universe itself. So, naturally, most of us choose to live a life with contentment and settle for whatever is good. If we move to a new country, learn a new language, try new things, take significant risk, or explore the unknown; well, most of you don’t have a thing to worry about. Continue living in your shell because you feel safe, warm, at ease, peaceful, and so on.

If it acts like a duck, speaks like a duck, looks like a duck, then it’s a f***ing duck.
You ask and do such things, and you wonder why it is so impossible to change and get out of your comfort zone. You become what you practice. If you practice a sport for years and years, eventually you will become good or even great. If you practice sins, you shall become evil. Repetition produces its natural outcome.

The comfort zone is good, but only for a short time. All have known (provided that you live in a first or second-world country) the true taste of comfort. This is why the 1% rule the 99%. 99% of us live in comfort while the other 1% do the extraordinary. Sure, blame the government, blame God, blame destiny, and how you were born in a poverty-stricken or horrid environment. No one cares! Get over your issues because frankly, we all have issues. Only God is perfect (if she/he/it exist).

So what will it be my brethren? Will you keep running, hiding, or will you stand up and take your rightful place as a human being. A human that will destroy all that opposes him/her, conquer the unknown, and even make destiny beg for mercy under your foot.

Key Take Away
If you can’t escape your fear, then you face them. Before you do, make sure you are well prepared, equipped, and accept what lies ahead. Only two things await you, death or glory. However, this glory is worth the price of death. There is a faith worse than death. To not have lived a life to the fullest and/or dying with even a single regret!

III) Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late

your comfort zone

Procrastination, success’s mortal and greatest enemy. When days turn to years, and years turn to forever, then dreams and goals become nothing but hollow, empty hopes. Strike when the iron is hot. For those that don’t know what this implies, it basically means to hit the metal at the right moment and temperature so it became easy to shape and make.

There is a vast difference between procrastination and patience. Procrastination is when you wait and wait and wait until it never comes. Patience is when you have already begun the process and carry out the required work until success is achieved if you are fortunate or wise in your doing.

Here is a prime example. There’s this man/woman you have feelings for in school, work, or wherever. As the years progress, you start to realize you’ll never be with them or eventually they develop a relationship with someone else. Well, you screwed up here. You didn’t strike when the iron was hot. You waited too long and the moment slipped away.

Patience is when you have someone in your life. As the years lengthen, you start to realize if this person was your other half or just another incompatible soul. You struck when the iron was hot, but the weapon didn’t turn out as you had hoped.

So what’s the lesson here?

Every day we are given opportunities, thousands to be precise.

However, we never realize or even take them. We let the comforts of this world dictate our lives. We fear rejection, ridicule, pain, misfortune, and the things that we can’t control. If so, then we shall never get what we truly yearn for. If you are living (not existing) and healthy, then you are in the top 5% right now.

500 years ago which was like 8 seconds to God and the Universe, we humans were licking the leftover carcasses from animals. Presently, we live in the Golden Era.

There is less war, crime, violence, and more peace now than there will probably ever be.

Even food and water is free in some areas. Yet you still complain and make excuse as if God or the world made your life the way it is. No, it is entirely your own fault for the way you are. (Unless you were born with a disability or had an accident.)

Key Take Away
A day goes by in a blink of an eye, especially as one ages. Picture your life a year or even a decade from now. Don’t linger too much because when you look back, will you be the one looking at the skies or will you be the one looking down from the skies?

IV) Be The Change That You Want To See

get out of your comfort zone

Stop living by the words and teachings of men and books; if things just aren’t going the way they are. Live by your own words and rules. If you want to live this life by your own accord, then you have to do things that require pain and hardship, maybe a whole lot. When you draw your last breath, will it be the most regretful and agonizing one or the most exalting and glorious one?

Change can only happen if you apply and execute. Thinking doesn’t require much effort, and no physical strain, however, execution; execution is everything. Change can only happen when thoughts become execution.

Life itself naturally evolves, or its forced too. If not, then this Universe would be nothing but stars and dust. Change can take billions of years or just a few seconds. Humans don’t have billions of years like stars and planets. We have but a moment.

So with that being said. Stop worrying about your neighbors or friend’s life. Who gives a sh1t about what they do or like. Start giving a sh1t about you. When you start caring about others, then you are screwed. Energy can be conserved or transferred, not created nor destroyed. When one forces and gives attention to other things besides themselves, then what do you think is happening. You give energy to something or someone else.

Humans are not given much in this life.
We are created by an egg and a sperm, then all of the sudden out comes a small, fragile being. From there it is up to the parents and the environment to shape and mold the child. Once that being is separated from their kin (adulthood), then life truly begins for them.

Most will walk a crooked path and falter, many times and still will continue until they are no more. Few will succeed and live their life to the fullest.

If you want change, then you must make it a reality for yourself. No one has the time nor care to guide you. One or two year is nothing. You’ve already screwed up 5-25 years (assuming) of your life. Is sacrificing another 1 or 2 years maybe 3 or 4 to see a better change worth it or will you continue to wither away as you have for these past years slowly?

Everyone has a mouth which implies everyone can talk. Talking is easy, some of us do it more than others. Those who talk little and walk a lot; well, these people have figured it only. No matter how much you talk, you will never be able to build a house with words alone.

If you long for change and are willing to risk to the unknown, then you may have a chance. However, if you sit and wait in the comfort zone, then you have no one but you to blame. There are many things we can’t control and many things we can. Anyone can change, but not everyone has the will or mentality to do so.

How does one go about change? Educated yourself. Work like an ant. Sacrifice everything. Explore the mysteries of this world. Do things that make you uncomfortable. Focus and work on your goals and dreams while your friends and family party and indulge in pleasure. Can you do that? No. At least 95% of you won’t.

After this paragraph. Most of you will just continue to do what you do, exist. Go get a drink or cook up a meal. Whatever it is that you do and you wonder why nothing exciting happens in your life. You sleep in the same bed, drink the same water, drive the same road, and never step out of your comfort zone. You become what you do.

For those that are dying to taste what it is really like to live, then practice and do as I have said. I did, and oh boy. Never will I welcome nor settle for second best or the comfort zone. I want to feel alive, make every moment worth it, and live like a legend. You will never know until you try, so try, it may hurt, but the destination will be so worth it. I promise!

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