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do unto others

Do Unto Others —The Only Law That We All Ought To Follow

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Do unto others, is this not one of the highest teachings in the history of humankind? Jesus, Buddha, and many others before and even after them preached such teachings. However, there is one critical word missing from this rule, kindness.

Do unto others can bear numerous meanings — some with evil and malicious intent. If I murder your brother, then according to this teaching, you shall also return the favor. And this is why wars, famine, violence, and evil continue to reign down upon humanity.

Do you not see how including or excluding even one single word can alter the meaning of a sentence in its entirety. The Golden Rule should have said, “Do kindness unto others.” That would have prevented many problems and bloodshed. Fortunately, the past is history, but it does teach us much.

I’m here to dissect further into the real meaning of this rule, and I genuinely believe that this is one of the most important rules to live by. We all want a peaceful world, don’t we? Well, actions speak louder than words, as they always have and will.

I) The Flaw In The Golden Law

do unto others

As a follower of Christ for 22 years (Agnostic now), I’ve come to know most of his teachings. I’ve also studied the Quran as well as the teaching of Buddha for a little bit. With that being said, I can not further clarify the teachings of the Quran or Buddhism since I lack much knowledge.

However, most religions preach and teach about The Golden Rule, do unto others. You’ve heard of the saying, “An eye for an eye” in The Old Testament. If such teachings were true, then could you have imagined how much blood was spill or suffering was caused.

Humans need guidance and direction. This is why over 4200 religions exist, as well as thousands of languages, and governments. It only takes a few to lead the many. The other way around just doesn’t make much sense, does it? After all, isn’t greed and power the absolute authority, at least in this dawn of age.

This rule will indeed work for you if you are willing to accept the rewards or consequence. So, if you feel pleasure from hurting others, then is it not right for others to reign pain down upon you also? If you love aiding and caring for others, then hopefully one day, someone else shall give you the same treatment.

I want to believe that there are more good people than bad, however, if we take away laws, police, and governments, then we may as well revert to the stone ages. Without laws to govern our species, chaos and death would plague our world.

Which brings me to this point. Nothing is perfect in this world or Universe. Everything must have balance. If I do evil unto my neighbors, then I know that they shall return the favor. With that in mind, maybe I won’t do evil unto my neighbors, but if I do good unto my neighbors, then they can only return the favor in kindness. For the most part.

The Golden Rule stops us from doing wrong, but there are those out there who don’t care about the consequences. You can’t change a man who’s not willing to change, I know from personal experiences. One too many actually.

So the lesson here is this. Love your neighbors, treat others with kindness, and whatever you give you shall be given. You don’t really need the teachings or words of religion to rule your life. Laws and governments aren’t perfect. They already exist so there’s not much you can do about it. At least they keep stability and crimes down. If you prefer a peaceful and good life, then shouldn’t others deserve such things as well?

II) Kindness Beget Kindness And Vice Versa

the golden rule

It’s common sense that kindness beget kindness and evil beget evil. I think we could all use a little kindness, more. It doesn’t hurt, does it? When you show resentment and hostility towards a coworker or your neighbors, is it not natural for them to do the same? We all have someone that we dislike or hate with a passion. We all also have someone we love more than life itself.

The person you dislike, do they also dislike you? The person you love (not secretly), do they also love you? I’m sure you get the image I’m drawing here.

Does your hatred or love grow for that person as each day passes by or each time you come in contact with or think about them? It’s hard to forgive someone when they’ve ruined your life or destroyed your world. You also wish to bring upon the same fate as they have brought upon you, don’t you? I sure as hell did, but I couldn’t, if I did, I would be rotting in jail.

I’m not here to talk about forgiveness, but in fact, forgiveness will be the greatest thing you can do, trust me 100% on this. You don’t have to forgive or come in contact with the person you despise. From now on, when you meet new people or old friends/families. Be kind to them, help out, and do unto them as you would have them do unto you. It actually feels good to help others out.

Sure, they may betray you or end up hurting you down the road, even if you’ve shown so much love and kindness towards them, but at least now you know their true colors. You did the best you could, just because you love someone doesn’t mean they will love you back. However, is it better to show hatred or love towards your enemies?

If you can't beat them, then make them your friend!

So why does suffering happen? Why does it only take the very few evil ones to screw up everything? Is it easier to show kindness and compassion or hatred and vengeance? Well for starters, showing empathy takes effort and even money. Hurting someone doesn’t require much.

When you help others, you have to go out of your way and give your time and resources. Most aren’t willing to do that because of time and resources, duh. We are so busy with our daily lives, and some of us literally do nothing all day. However, most don’t care or even want to help others. So how do you expect others to return the favor when you do nothing?

Doing wrong unto others is easy. Stealing a few dollars from your friends or family doesn’t require skill or effort. Killing someone is easy. Is hurting and betraying your closest friends or family in order to benefit yourself worth it? Why? Because it’s all about me, me, me.

Yeah, our species is selfish as F. Which in itself isn’t bad, but some of us don’t give two sh1ts about anyone. Even when you help them out, offer them shelter and food, in the end, they still expect more and want a free hand out.

To wrap it up, kindness will most likely beget kindness. However evil will breed evil no matter what. That is why the world isn’t perfect, yet it was better than it was 1000 years ago. It only takes one man to end the world, and many to rebuild it. Relationships take years to develop and can end in a matter of a heartbeat. Constructing the highest and most expensive tower can take decades, yet can crumble faster than you can breathe.

This is why it is so easy to spread evil and malignant. It only takes but a few seconds to inflict pain on others. No one magically wakes up one day and decides to help others for their own benefit. If they did, then this world would be a much better place. However, until then, spread and do kindness unto others. The world does need it. Hatred and violence only breeds more of it. I’m tired of such things, aren’t you?

III) One Rule To Rule Them All

treat others how you want to be treated

Ok, so earlier I stated that laws and government exist in order to preserve order and limit chaos. As well as The Golden Rule containing some flaws, however, it is good enough for the purpose it serves. How many laws and rules exist. Too damn many for sure.

Did you know there was more than ten commandments, but God knew that humans would forget and not follow them all, so he limited it to only 10? 613 commandments, sh1t, that’s way too much! Anyways, there is just so many rules and laws to even follow, let alone know.

You obviously know that you aren’t allowed to kill, steal, drink underage, sell ban substances, and the “common sense” laws, yet many still do so. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t know or didn’t care, they probably knew the consequences. However, if you practice The Golden Rule, then you are pretty much safe for the most part.

If you steal from others, then know someone will steal from you. If you rob people, then expect to be rob at some point in your life and so on. If we all follow The Golden Rule, then most of us would probably do good.

Think about it. If I do good and practice good, then I am naturally a good being? Sooner or later, something good is bound to happen to me, for the most part. However, as I stated many times, doing evil and harming others will eventually find its way back to you, and you shall get what you deserve.

So, if everyone did unto others, then what do we have to worry about? Do you know why I like to hang around with millennials who like to smoke, drink, and chill? (sometimes) It’s because that’s all they do. There’s no killing, stealing, or bringing pain and sorrow. Everyone is so mellow and relaxed.

I'd rather live in a world with lazy and chill beings than a modern and chaotic one for sure.

Thousands of laws exist, and most of us will only remember a few dozens at most. To simplify life and all things, why not just practice one rule, do unto others. You can’t go wrong at all.

If you want love, then spread love. If you want kindness, then give kindness. Same goes for evilness and sins. Unless you really want someone to rob or beat you bloody?

This may not be the best rule, but it sure beats out so many others. Actually, it’s more of a lifestyle since we all know The Golden Rule isn’t a rule or a law. It is a lifestyle, a way to live, and bears the least flaws. (None if we add one word, kindness)

If you had to choose one law to live by, wouldn’t this one be the finest one? It takes many laws and condenses them all into one. This rule is very vague yet provides so much meaning. It has served and guided billions for centuries. You can’t really argue that. Vikings, ninjas, samurais, Romans, and thousands of religions and groups have fallen yet the Religion of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and others survived for millenniums. Perhaps it is because they teach this and practice it as well? Perhaps, for the most part, of course. 🙂

VI) Faith Vs. Laws (Rules)

golden rule

What do both faith and laws have in common, besides the letter A? They both serve as how one should or must live by. Both are set by a higher power, God and/or The Government.

However, do we actually need them?
Faith, no. Laws, yes. Let me speak first before you crucify me. Humans, as well as all the species on this earth, have lived quite well before faith enter our domain. Still, nonhuman animals do fine without faith. Dolphin, pigs, chimps, elephants, as well as billions of humans, have lived well without the intervention of faith.

Of course, faith can make it better, give our lives, even more, meaning, and ultimately serve a purpose or will to live. But not everyone needs or requires it. Take me for instance. I do believe in a higher power yet I am living life to the fullest just fine, plus I do not fear death like so many of my fellow religious friends.

Laws must be set in place for beings like us, after all, this world now belongs to humans. (As you can see from the study/article on how the most lawful country is the most prosperous while the most lawless country are the ones living in poverty.) Surely, not for eternity or even another millennium. The way we are treating the planet and mother nature, we’ll be lucky to remain on earth for another 200-300 years. Anyways, as technology advances, rapid modernizing paving the future, and humans evolving physically and mentality; I’m sure, there is a need for laws. The laws of physics, nature, space, and time. Do those not exist? Do they require faith to exist?

If not, every nation would just start hacking each other’s limbs and heads off until only a few remain standing. At least this was how it was done long ago (and today in some parts of the world). Study shows that humans were born to kill! Also the fact that we are an extremely territorial specie. If I wanted your land, I’d take it by force. Your wife and sheep too, hell even your people are worth a few silver or can make a good slave. However, today that is far from the case. In a society with over 7 billion intelligent minds (for the most part), what is more important in order to preserve law and order? Faith or laws?

Law because like it or not, no government is going to accept faith as an excuse for beheading your neighbor or raping an innocent soul. I understand clearly that America was founded because of faith; however, new religion arises every day, and old ones perish. Laws will always triumph unless The Almighty Himself shows up. You only hear that in books so don’t be so naive or easily fooled. If you told me you saw God, I’d tell you to give me the sh1t you smoke.

To put into perspective, new laws and new religions will rise and fall. However, The Golden Rule is here to stay, until time itself is no more.

Whether the year is 10,000 B.C or 10,000 A.D, kindness is kindness and evil is evil.

No matter how you look at it. Feeding the poor and spreading love is good. Whacking your friend’s head off and burning people alive is bad. Obviously, right? So no matter the year, place, or person evil is evil, good is good so,


Faith has brought so much death and suffering *cough Spanish Inquisition *cough Crusade *cough Holy Wars. How much death and suffering has the law brought? Not as many as faith, back by facts and the hundreds of millions of corpses. However, my words are just advice and nothing more than a morning read for your amusement. Doesn’t your faith encourage you to do good unto others? Does the law not reward such actions? At the end of the day, good shall always prevail because if it doesn’t then may God have mercy on us all. So love your neighbors, and do unto others.

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