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never give up on your dreams

Don’t Give Up! 45 Reasons To Never Give Up

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No matter how bad things get, how impossible it becomes, or how that voice in the back of your head tells you to give up, you don’t give up. Giving up is easy, requires no willpower, and many will taste such bitter defeat.

Successful and people living their life to the fullest are the ones that persevere until glory is achieved. Even if it means going until the very end. Even if it means that death is the last resort. Because at the end of it all; was all that pain, time, cost, and everything worth it? Maybe success is just right around the corner. You never know unless you don’t give up!

Here are 45 inspiring and motivating reasons on why we should never give up, ever. This guide contains almost 6,000 words so give up now and don’t even read another word!



1. You Are Blessed

don't give upIt’s 2019, the world currently holds about 7.7 billion people that we know of. Half lives in poverty, a quarter lives in comfort, while the rest live quite well or luxuriously. If you are reading this, then I can safely assume you are in a well off situation. You are blessed.

Many would sacrifice their lives in order to live a better life. A risk that could cost their lives, but it’s a trade-off they are willing to take. For us, we don’t have to worry about that. We just get up, pour some fresh coffee, go to work, come home to a hot and delicious meal, then call it a day. 4 billion people would die to live in such comfort. I am truly blessed, and so are you. A reason to keep fighting and don’t give up because we have it good!

2. You Are Not Disable

Even if you are bounded to a wheelchair, unable to vocalize your voice, missing a leg, and the likes; it still doesn’t necessarily mean you are incapable. How important are your dreams and desires? Is your disability, if you have any, going to stop you from such things?

People, who are genuinely disabled like the blinds, the paralyzed, the mentally retarded, and those with no limbs; are they not the ones that are trying their hardest? Most of us whine about getting out of bed. They yearn for such actions. You have a chance to keep going, they… well, maybe not. If you are easy to give up, then try being disabled. Surely, your attitude will change quickly.

3. You Have A Choice

Breathing, seeing, hearing, and the likes are involuntary choices. Our bodies do such things without effort or error. However, finding happiness, building on dreams, becoming what we want; that requires manual physical and mental execution.

To give up is a choice, to keep going is a choice. Everything in life is purely your choice. It all boils down to your why’s and what. Why do you do the things you do, and what purpose will it bring? Will you give up on such things? If so, then that is your choice.

4. Every Day Is A Gift

give upWhy is today call the present? Because it is. Each breath you inhale, is that not a gift from life itself? Being able to see the sun rise and set in its glorious state, is that not such a beautiful sight?

Each day means more opportunities to do what you yearn for. Conquer your fears, overcome your challenges. The gift of today allows us to do so, so don’t give up, even if today really is your last, you must keep fighting.

5. Tomorrow May Never Come

Just because the hens lay eggs every day, doesn’t mean it will tomorrow. That’s the unfortunate case for 151,000 of our brethren. Tomorrow is the greatest gift, most don’t even ask for. It just comes, yet many regret and curse at the sight of a new sun.

Is death better? If so, then why aren’t you dead? Because you fear death, so lingering onto life feels just a little better than the unknown that death brings. You’re already dead my friend, you possess no life nor willpower. Such a fate is worse than death itself. Only you can make tomorrow happen. Only you can control the outcome. You have until death embraces you, until then, never give up.

6. Success Don’t Come Easy

No, it doesn’t. That’s why the taste of defeat is bitter and often. The feeling of sweet success and victory is, indescribable. Is the taste of 1,000 bitter disappointment worth it for the taste of ultimate glory?

Hell yeah, it is! Is working my ass off for 100 hours to party like hell for 10 hours worth it? Hell yeah. The best things in life are worth fighting for and seldom come. That is why few will ever taste such things because the taste of 1,000 bitter defeat is not worth the ultimate taste for them, glory. Success doesn’t come easy, but it is worth it.

7. Perseverance Is The Key

i give upHow long does it take to build a house? 1 year, 10 years, never? Eventually, it will be constructed, if you put in the required hours and effort. Victory is very possible, yet only time will tell. It may take 10,000 + 1 hour to achieve your goals. If you sacrifice 10,000 hours and fail, then maybe that 1 extra hour was all that was needed. Now you won’t know because you didn’t persevere.

The recipe for success is many. Yet, the exact amount is unknown. That is why when you keep going, and going, and going, then success will come. The only barrier that should halt your progress is death. Other than that, you keep fighting and fighting until there are no more enemies to be slain.

8. It Gives You Purpose

Does anyone know the meaning of life or why we are here? Maybe, maybe not, but that shouldn’t concern you one bit. Your purpose will nullify such questions. Your mission is your life, your meaning, and your world.

There is no higher aspiration than knowing and making your purpose a reality. It gives you a reason to wake up. All that blood, pain, and sacrifice is or will be worth it. Without purpose, man has nothing. We all have our own purpose. When you have found it, you will know what I mean. Don’t let it slip away from your firm grasp. Your purpose will be the ultimate reason why you won’t and can’t give up.

9. A Reason To Live

When you give up, then what reason do you have to live? You just want another tomorrow, or hope something good will come your way? Hahaha, ok. The most successful and influential people surely never sat around waiting for success to come. No, they got up, went to work, and made it happen.

If you give up, it makes living hard and unbearable. You have no reason to continue. Why should you? For what? When you give up on your dreams and hopes, then they too will give up on you.

10. Makes You Stronger

never give upWhat doesn’t kill you hopefully makes you stronger. Limbs and parts may not be included. When you’ve tasted defeat, do you accept or take it as a learning experience? The most influential people are the ones that have experienced more loss and known pain far more than those relaxing on their couch.

The strongest man in the world worked day and night for decades maybe 2,3, or 4 decades to achieve such feats. Did the thought of giving up and quitting enter his mind? Most likely, but his dreams and purpose far outweigh such petty things. After so many years of pain, sacrifice, and experience, such things have become natural. When you become the strongest man in the world, the word “giving up” doesn’t exist. The only thing that matters is glory and victory.

11. Because You Are Worth It

How much are you worth? $1, $1mm, $1b? That’s up to you. If you give up, you’re worthless! No one wants a worthless being. As long as you never give up, you are still worth someone. Maybe not to others but to yourself, and that is all that matters.

It doesn’t matter if the world thinks you’re nothing. If God has abandoned you. If life itself gave up on you. Only you can keep going and make your dreams come true. Just keep going, because, at the end of the day, you matter to yourself more than anyone else.

12. Life Isn’t Hard, Only Challenging

What is hard? 1+2 was hard when you were 4 years old. Now it’s common sense. Making a million dollars was hard, but not to a billionaire. Everything is hard at first, then it becomes easy, natural, and common sense.

The first step is always the hardest. With each step you take, the journey only becomes easier. I know because the first article I wrote was challenging. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on. Well, this is my 55th article (Within 5 months!). Nothing in life is hard, it sure can be a challenge though.

13. Giving Up Is For Losers

never give up on your dreamsLosers are the ones sitting on the side looking at those that have risen to be top. Losers are the ones that gave up because it was to difficult to withstand. Losers are the ones that question why life sucks and how nothing ever works out.

Losers are the ones that put in 4 hours of work a day expecting a million dollar result to happen. Losers are the ones that cry aloud because they want attention from the winners. Are you a loser, or are you a winner? Don’t tell me, show me, through your tears, sweat, blood, and pain!

14. Pain Is Temporary

And so is victory. Just because you’re a millionaire doesn’t mean you’ll always be a millionaire. Isn’t life temporary? No matter how much pain you endure, it will eventually subside and go away. If you have 3rd-degree burn or actually live in pain, then that is another story.

Pain is weakness leaving the body. However, some of us choose to keep it inside. Thus it only ends up hurting us. It hurts because it’s pain, obviously. Learn to let go and withstand pain. It will just make you stronger. Otherwise, you will never taste the finer things in life. Pain is good. It tells us that we are alive. It reminds us of what we are fighting for, living for, and to die for. Pain is your friend, not your enemy.

15. Glory Is Eternal

Your purpose is the ultimate satisfaction in this life, yet if you don’t achieve it then how can you possibly know glory? Glory is the true ultimate high, and final aspiration. It is eternal. Fulfilling your ultimate and greatest purpose, when you do, you will feel like God himself has touched you.

Working towards my dream makes me happy, alive, and yearn for tomorrow. I can’t wait to know glory, even if it takes a lifetime, even if I have to die for it! Why? Because pain is temporary, however, glory is eternal.

16. Live Life To The Fullest

not giving upHow can you live life to the fullest if all you do is quit, give up, and never get back up? You can’t. To live life to the fullest means trying and doing everything to the max.

There are millions of people who have defects, yet they find a way to be happy and live on. Those who have it good take everything for granted. Those who have nothing let everything take them for granted. Meaning, they don’t let their disability get in the way of their happiness. They know that they have to create it for themselves. The most delicious cake doesn’t just spontaneous appear, someone had to put in the effort and knowledge, right? You have to make your life the way you want it too.

17. Don’t Die With Regrets

When your time comes, if you have any regrets left in you, then that means you didn’t try hard enough. You didn’t do the things that you long to, you didn’t live your life to the fullest. You held grudges or never forgave someone.

The truth is, you gave up too easily. Chasing the girl/boy of your dream was a waste of time. Owning a big company was going to take too much effort. Living in a mansion was too big of a dream. If you still draw breath, then you keep on living and doing. There are only 2 things worst and more frighting than death. To not live life to the fullest, and dying with regret. When you die, the only that should be regretting is death. Death wants you to regret life so that it is easier for death to embrace you. When you welcome death with fully open arms, death will not want you like it wants a man who has died with regrets.

18. Be In Control Of Your Destiny

Nothing makes me weep more than seeing my fellow brethren giving up their life to Gods or destiny. They believe that there is something bigger out there in full control of their fate or that their future has already been written in the stars. They believe that no matter what they do, their destiny has already been shaped, so they accept whatever comes their way.

I once lived a life like such. However, I soon realized that men who control and pave their own path are the ones that get what they want and live life how they deem fit. If God is real, then what is the point of living if he knows all your actions. That means you have no choice whether you go to heaven or hell because he already planned it out! What a cruel fate to be born just so you can suffer for eternity! I haven’t seen or experienced any miracles yet; instead, I’ll create it for myself, and you should too.

19. You’ve Made It This Far, Why Stop

reasons to not give upI have this mentality that has made me quite remarkable, no self-pride intended. If I do something at least 35% of the way, I’ll finish it. For example, if I want to start a new business, 35% of all things has been prepared and done with, then I’ll definitely open the business. If I want to build a house and only have 25% of the resources and things done, then I may or may not finish building the house.

I can’t tell you how many things I’ve started and almost finished yet to quite at the very end. Don’t stop or give up. All that time and wasted effort for what? If you keep quitting then when will you ever finish something? Let’s say you do 3 things at 35% and never finish them. That would be 100% completion if you did just one thing. Imagine doing this 100 times, that’s 3500% of getting 35 things done in its entirety! Trust me, you are not alone. I started many things never to complete them. It isn’t worth it. Start what you finish, don’t half-ass do things, ever!

20. Time Is Precious

What is the most precious thing in this world? Would you trade a billion dollars for another year? I would trade 100 billion dollars for another day if I had too. All things must come to pass, except time and the Almighty himself.

Each time you quit, you are wasting time, resource, and money. Time is not to be taken granted, you must use it wisely. Most of us have 77 years on average, a blink of an eye to God. Do what you will but make it count. Time is valuable. It is even more valuable when you use it wisely.

21. There May Not Be Another Chance (Life)

People die every day, accidents happen every single moment. Misfortune befalls millions by the minute. Just because you have your 3 square meals a day doesn’t mean every day will be like such. Empires rise and fall like flies. Religions, groups, and cultures come and go just like the wind.

Right now you have the best chance to seize that opportunity. Do not wait, do not think, do not hesitate, act now or such things may never show themselves again. There are 1,000’s if not 10,000’s of opportunities that are given to us every single day. Most choose not to accept them; instead, they let such gifts get carried away by the wind and time.

22. Failure Is The Key To Success

What? Yes, that wasn’t a spelling error. Do you think successful people woke up with success? The most successful people in this world are the ones that have tasted the most defeat and has looked failure in the eyes, oh so many times. Ask a bum how many times he has failed, then ask a wealthy or very successful people? The numbers will prove itself.

Failure helps us to realize our fault and make apparent of the knowledge that must be understood if we are to be successful. It is not a reminder of defeat and shame, but more like a friend in the shadows always watching you. Sometimes good things are disguised as bad because the teaching and words of men have altered or lost their meaning, for the worse. You would do well to remember that failure is your ally.

23. Try Other Things

Your parents want you to be a doctor or lawyer, yet you express no fond for such things. That can only mean that you won’t try or want to be successful in such fields. That’s fine, not all of us get to do what we wish to. However, in this situation, you can.

If you fail and fail then that’s normal. We all experience failure. Try new things, perhaps that is what you were meant to do. I loathe writing and reading as a high school student. Can you guess what I do now on a daily basis? It’s funny how life plays game with us. Try 100’s, maybe 1,000’s of new things until you find something you were meant for. You’ll never give up if you love what you’re doing.

24. Life Is Too Short

But if you do it just right, then once is enough, right? How many times are you going to give up before you realize that sooner or later, there won’t be another give up? You start one thing, give up, then go to another. Back and forth until nothing but misery and defeat consumes you.

77 years is quick, assuming you live to that age. Time only gets faster as you age. I’m 27 years old, yet a month feels like 2 weeks while as a middle schooler, 2 weeks felt like a month. It should have been the opposite, what was God thinking when he created time! Do whatever the F you want and live like a legend. Time is so precious and way too dang short to live in misery and pain.

25. The Future You Will Thank You

Start now because 20-50 years from now when you’re living off the scraps of dog food or leftovers from the back of a dumpster, you’ll really hate life and yourself. You have no one to blame but yourself. Some people will say that, is it not better to enjoy and live now in the present because you never know when you’ll die?

Well, in 20-50 years when you’re sleeping under bridges and drooling over dog food, then you’ll look back, and gash your teeth until you have none to gash. There’s no reason not to enjoy yourself when your young and free, but the future is just as important as the present. After all, are you going to take that chance, or do you expect to live to 50 years old and go out with a bang? Why not live young, wild, and free and in 50 years live old, wild, and free? Who says you can’t have both?

26. Be The 5%, Then 1%

I’m living the 1% life. No, I do not possess a Swiss bank account or a corporation. I possess something far more valuable. Freedom, health, and love for life. Being in the top 5% doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy. What is the point of having billions of dollars if all you do is work every day?

Is it not better to have just enough and actually live? What once used to rule and dictate my life now has become nothing but another man’s pain and suffering. I’m talking about money and possessions. Money is nothing more than trees and numbers. Humans love numbers, especially big numbers with many zeros. We also love things, things, and more things. Those are the two things humans can never have enough of, money and things.

Once you learn to let go of such mentality, you will see that the wealthiest man has no bank account, while the most miserable one has so much he doesn’t know what to do with it. We all turn to dust. Memories and experiences are worth far more than all the treasures that this earth holds.

27. Don’t Exist, Instead, Live

Don’t give up on life, and it won’t give up on you. What I mean by that is, you have to live the way you wish. We all exist, but the extreme few live. Life doesn’t care about you or your situation. That is why it is even more vital that you make your own situations.

By the time we hit 25, most of us start to die with each breath. Each day that you survive, you get closer to death. That shouldn’t mean anything if you are too busy enjoying and living. You keep stressing over trivial matters, worry about things that will never happen, and you wonder why life sucks. Forget the past, live the moment, and awaken your future.

28. Unlimited Opportunities

Once you give up, you’re pretty much done. You fear rejection, failure, humiliation, and the likes. You don’t ever want to re-live such moments. You’ve just literally closed the door to opportunities.

Every day comes with 10,000’s of opportunities. That’s an unlimited amount in a lifetime, yet most of us won’t even bother to take a look at what is being offered. You’re satisfied with your life. The comfort zone has gotten a firm hold on you. It’s not worth it to keep trying new things because you don’t want to go through the pain again. Let me tell you something. If you are given new chances every day, then you seize every one of them. Many would die to have even one chance, but you have an unlimited. Don’t let such a thing go to waste.

29. Triumph Is Worth It

As stated earlier, the taste of 1,000 dishes of cold, bitter defeat will equate to the same amount of one glorious, grand triumph. Of course, you don’t know what that taste like because even 1 dish of defeat is too much for you.

Get used to disappointment, failure, defeat, hopelessness, and pain. It will make the taste of victory even more delicious. Your taste buds will become numb once you’ve experienced so much of the bad stuff. You will hunger for success and victory! You’ll get so fed up and sick of all the misfortunate events that you will yearn for the taste of victory.

30. Quitting Becomes A Habit

When one becomes two, and two becomes ten, and ten becomes a million, then that’s when you know you’re a quitter. You experiment with one thing, it fails, so you go to the next. With this mentality, you’ll never finish anything.

However, never giving up is also a mentality, just 100 times perhaps 1,000 times harder. Stick with one or two things. Play it out, give it your all until your all is no more, then you can try something else. Giving up is not an option. Just once is enough to start the cycle, the cycle of always quitting. It’s a vicious and inescapable cycle (for the most part). If you want to give up, then give up on giving up. Hope that makes sense.

31. How Bad Do You Want It

Go 30 days without eating meat. Hard, right? Go 60 days working 12 hours every day. Really hard, right? Go 5 minutes without breathing. Impossible, right?

That’s how bad you gotta want it. You gotta want to not give up, just like that. If you really don’t want it bad, then giving up will be quite easy. It just means, you really don’t want it that bad. You think you do, but you really don’t. How do I know? Because giving up was an option. If something is so important and you want it, BAD, then you will never give up on such things.

32. Everything Is Going To Be OK

The world won’t end anytime soon. World War III may never come, hopefully. Tomorrow will shine and shine brighter than it ever has. If there is still life and breath in you, then all is well.

Look around you. Are you at peace with the world? Are you at peace with yourself? If so, then everything is going to be OK. Yesterday you may have given up and forsaken yourself. That was yesterday, but today. You shall not give up or let such spirit befall you. As long as you don’t give up, you will be OK, I promise.

33. Success Will Come, Eventually

Everything will work out just as you planned, but you have to keep enduring. That is the secret behind the success that you see on TV and the news. Things will work out the way they do. Mostly in the long run though.

As long as you have your willpower, self-belief, knowledge, and the spirit of not giving up, then everything is going to be OK. Just remember, only you can make that happen though.

34. Make It Count

What are you fighting for? How much blood will be spilled? Is your pain proportionate to the amount of glory that is about to come? One life, one body, unlimited chances, however, you best make it count. If not, then all will be in vain.

The feeling of in vain is far worse than failure, regret, defeat, and death. Why? Because it was for nothing. You sacrifice everything, and in return, you got nothing! That is pure, ultimate, utter, epic defeat. Nothing can be more shameful and humiliating than that. So you make sure every breath you take, every sweat you drop, every sleepless night, and every ray of light counts. If you do that, then it will be impossible to give up.

35. More Mental Than Physical

You will soon come to know that life is more mental than physical. How can that be when we live in a physical world? If you don’t practice meditation, spirituality, or controlling your mind, then you’ll have no idea. The mind can be the greatest controller, while the body a great servant.

You do the things you do because you have wired your mind, mentally through daily repeated action. Try doing something totally new, and you will see what I mean. For instance: if you eat bread every day, then try 1 week without bread. If you masturbate every day, then try not masturbating for a week, and so forth. Quite impossible, right?

No worries. It is human nature, and that is how the mind works. The only way to break such a thing is to change. Which in itself is quite a dawning task? Practice makes perfect, and in this case, it truly does. You give up because your mind tells you to do so. You must fight that urge, resist its will, and vanquish the demons inside that want nothing but doom and misfortune to befall you. Rise above the ashes, face your fears and challenge everything that comes way your way with full force.

36. You Never Know Until You Try

You won’t be great unless you try. You won’t know if you like it until you try. Everything in life is a try. At least you try, now you know it’s not for you. How many things have you experimented with only to give up?

Try this. Try not to give up! Yeah, sounds like the hardest try you’ll ever try. You haven’t tried that before, have you? It’s good to try, only this time, do, don’t try. Do not give up. Do that!

37. Believe In Yourself

I can not stress how vital this is. As long as you believe in yourself, then everything will work out. Who cares if the world, God, your family and friends, and everyone doesn’t. If they believe that you won’t give up, but you do. Then what good were they?

If they believe that you will give up, but you actually don’t. Then what good were they? You see my point. They may have influence over you, but they do not have control. There is a significant difference. If you believe wholeheartedly that you can’t and won’t give up, then you won’t.

38. You Are Alive

What a time to be alive and breathing. 100 years ago sucked, 1000 years ago was hell, the future is unknown, but right now is the best time to be alive. A time to do what you what. Fight for what you believe is right.

You couldn’t do that back then, even if you tried. Unless you were begging for a beating or death. Today, you can raise your voice and stand your ground. Today, you don’t have to give in or give up. Today is a good day, and so is tomorrow.

39. The Experience Matters

No matter how many times you fall, how many scars you collect, how many defeats you suffered, at the end of it all, you’ve gained some vast experience and knowledge. Imagine playing video-games set on hard or insane difficulty. It’s going to take a few tries or even dozens in order to defeat each boss.

You will eventually defeat the boss, but each death brings you closer to victory. Life is exactly like that, except if you die, then you die for real. If you learn to take each defeat, failure, and pain as a learning experience, then it will be that much easier to obtain your goals. You never really give up, if you look at it that way.

40. Inspire And Motivate Others

Do you know why I look up to Jesus, even if he isn’t real and Elon Musk? Because they never gave up, even when others gave up on them. They tasted pure, utter, ultimate defeat, yet only to rise again in a state which the world has never seen before. It is said that Christ is the most influential figure to mankind. Elon Musk is said to be the most influential figure of our time.

When I see people do the impossible and let nothing stand in their way, I think to myself; surely, if they can do it, why can’t I? Am I too not a human being just like them? When you do what is hard, defy reality, and make the impossible possible, then people start to show interest. They want to know how you are able to do such things in which 99% fail even to comprehend. They begin to get motivated, inspired, and maybe just follow in your footstep. I don’t know if I can work 80 hours a week for 30 years but if Elon Musk can, then I can too!

41. It’s Not How You Fall, It’s How You Get Back Up

Many will fall, and many will choose to remain that way, defeated and done. How many times can you take a beating? How big of a blow will it take for you to stay down permanently?

War, war isn’t won by battles. It’s won when the enemy surrenders. The Americans destroyed Vietnam in combat and battles, yet the Vietnamese won. They never surrendered, even when their causalities was almost 10 times that of the Americans. They persevered and got back up, again and again until victory was achieved. The game isn’t over until you say it is.

42. Do What You Love

Love, not like. There’s a vast difference. So if you do what you love, it will be, and I quote “quite impossible to quit the things you love doing.” You love your spouse. Are you going to quit on them? You love your daughter, will you quit on her?

God so loved this world, has he ever quit on us? No, because love is the greatest feeling and purpose in this world, for some. Love has no limits or power. It is infinite, more powerful than all the nuclear weapons, and can make a man go to Hell and back. If you love what you do, then how can you possibly give up? I love to serve others, I can’t and won’t stop, because I do it for love.

43. Risk And Reward

The higher the risk, the greater the reward, and the greater the downfall. You can’t go big unless you take big risk. No billionaire has put $5 on the table and got back a billion dollars. In fact, most millionaires and billionaires rise and fall repeatedly. They keep trying new things and don’t dare to give up.

If they did, then they wouldn’t be where they are today. Sure, some will fall and never rise to the top. Not everything works out as planned, that’s called life. But, as long as you take risk and factor in knowledge, rational calculations, and other factors, then success can be obtained.

44. Lost Of Faith And Courage

For one to stay true to their faith, they must remain steadfast and firm, always. The same goes for not giving up. The moment you turn the other cheek and follow another path, then you will be lost. If you think about giving up, then you will.

You have to think about your goals and keep going, every day. If not, then you may go down another road. It is easy for one to lose faith because staying true to your words and cause isn’t easy. However, the most precious things in life are worth going after, even if it takes a lifetime. Just because one loses faith doesn’t mean he/she is lost forever. If one keeps walking, they shall find the road to salvation. The path may be long, enduring, and filled with hardship, yet if you never give up, then the light of success and everlasting glory will await you.

45. Only You Stand In the Way

The final piece to the puzzle and the most important. You, you are the sole controller and dictator of your life. You have the power to create your own success, happiness, pain, sadness, and anything you so desire. No one else has the will nor care to do such things.

If you give up, then that is entirely your own doing. If you become successful and live exactly the way you want, then that is because you made it so. Men who let Gods, faith, destiny, and the words of other men control and influence their lives are the ones that never get what they want. They are the ones that complain, make excuses, and find fault in others. They don’t take responsibility or fault for their own actions and doing. Men who live like such shall never see the light because they are too busy living in the darkness.

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