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drug addiction help

Drug Addiction Help | What Everyone Needs To Know About Drugs

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A drug is a chemical that can change the way our bodies work and we will discuss about drug addiction help. You probably already know that drugs are dangerous for your physical and emotional health. But what does that mean? And why exactly are they bad? Here are a few things that children and adults need to know about drugs

What are the legal medicines?

When you fall sick, you often have to take medication that is prescribed by the doctor. These medicines are also considered to be drugs. But they are legal drugs, meaning that the doctor is allowed to prescribe these medications to cure your illness. This also means that stores are allowed to sell them, and you are allowed to buy them.

However, it is important to remember that even legal drugs should be used safely. They cannot be consumed without a doctor’s prescription, and a person who sells these drugs without prescriptions is doing so illegally. Legal medication can be used in harmful ways.

The most common types of drugs

The most common types of drugs being used for over centuries are cigarettes and alcohol. They have led to numerous deaths around the world for many years. In the United States, it is only legal for an adult above the age of 18 to buy cigarettes.

To buy alcohol, a person should be 21 years or older. It is important to note that smoking or drinking are addictive habits. An addictive habit is something that you keep repeating. This is often a harmful habit and can indescribably destroy your body and mind.

Another common drug that we see being used today is Marijuana. However, Marijuana can be prescribed legally to treat certain medical conditions. Using it extensively for other purposes will cause harm and make you addicted to the drug.

Some states have passed laws that govern the sale and use of medical marijuana so that it can be used for good intentions in a safer way.

Illegal Drugs

An illegal drug is something that cannot be manufactured, sold or bought legally. These are the drugs that cause the “drug problems” in your city that you may have already heard about.

The most common types of illegal drugs are LSD, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and ecstasy. But there are many more harmful drugs out there. Note that destructively using a legal drug makes its use illegal.

Why illegal drugs are dangerous

Illegal drugs aren’t allowed to be used simply because they are harmful. People who care about each other will suffer when their loved ones start habituating drug use.

They often become isolated and don’t want to be around their friends or family. They will remain friends with those who help them stick to the habit by partaking in it with them.

Illegal drugs can harm the mind to a great degree and cause different mental illnesses that will progress and worsen with time as we age.

But illegal drugs also affect your body. The heart, brain, liver and many other vital organs that keep the body working well are affected in a hazardous way. For example, a drug as potent as cocaine can cause a heart attack even in a child or a teenager.

A person who relies on drugs heavily will start to see their progress in life decline. They won’t be able to do well in sports, in academics, or any other passions and talents they were once so good at.

Drugs also affect a person’s ability to make good decisions. People often do stupid things that could injure them severely or cause problems in their social life.

The worst part is that people who do drugs become a harm to other innocent people around them as well.

Why do illegal drugs exist? Why do people use them?

Often, a child or a teenager will want to try out a drug just to try something new or more often, to fit in with a particular group of ‘friends.’ It might be an adventurous act, or it might be a case of peer pressure.

Perhaps someone who is really upset will use a drug to escape the pain of their reality. But this causes problems that come back double-fold. A drug can only temporarily give you a ‘high.’

Once it wears off, its effects on your body and mind start to take hold of your normal functioning.

A drug can never solve a problem. It can only prolong or worsen it. Plus, the use of drugs comes with additional social life problems and health issues as discussed earlier.

A drug makes you dependent on it. This means that you will want to use that drug repeatedly, all day, every day. You will often need more of the drug to satisfy your high as you become accustomed to being high all of the time.

More drugs in a body’s system means more damage. And over the course over time, drugs slowly start to kill us from the inside.

When a person tries to stop taking drugs suddenly, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. This means that they will experience tremors, excessive sweating and throwing up.

Some people experience an immense amount of pain. These feelings continue until the person is drug-free once more. The body will eventually rid itself of all the toxic substances if given time, provided the usage hasn’t already been at a lethal level. There are some things our body cannot recover from.

How to know if someone is using drugs?

When a person you know starts to use drugs, you will be able to notice certain changes in their behavior and looks. Sometimes depression can cause similar results, so it is important not to get the two mixed up.

A person who does drugs will lose interest in school, college or work. They will suddenly change their friends and start hanging out with people who fuel their drug habits. They will become overly cynical, cranky, worried and moody. These people will want to be left alone.

They often have trouble focusing on a task or conversation. Some heavy drug users might sleep during, work or school. A few other symptoms of drug abuse are red and puffy eyes, sudden weight gain or weight loss, excessive coughing or a constant runny nose.

How to help someone who may be using drugs?

If you know that someone in your life is using drugs, then the most helpful thing you can do for them is to inform a responsible adult who you trust.

This could be your parent, teacher, coach, counselor or even a relative.

Only an adult will be able to help the individual find the right treatment. This is often done by sending the person to one of the many drug treatment centers in the country.

Another way you can help is by not trying drugs. This is an excellent way to maintain a good friend circle and focus on your life instead.

Important words to know

Addiction – A person is said to have an addiction when they are dependent on a substance that they crave for regularly.

Depressant – A depressant is a drug which slows down a person. A doctor will prescribe depressants only to help people who are incredibly anxious, angry or tense all of the time. A depressant can relax the body’s muscles and make people sleepy. Depressants also reduce stress. Some people use depressants illegally and can seriously harm their bodies.

Hallucinogen – This a type of drug that can change a person’s mood and make them hear or see things which aren’t really there. LSD is a hallucinogenic drug.

High – This word refers to a feeling that the drug users want to achieve. It is a temporary happy or blank state that makes a person feel like they are in control of things that are beyond their control. Some dangerous drugs make people so high that they think they can fly. These people can injure themselves badly or even die if they jump off of high surfaces under the assumption that they can fly.

Inhalant – An inhalant refers to substances like gasoline or glue. These are sniffed or huffed to get an immediate high. An inhalant produces a feeling of being drunk. This is followed by uncontrollable sleepiness, dizziness, staggering and confusion.

Narcotic – Narcotics are substances that dull a body’s senses and leaves the person less alert or aware. It relieves pain and stress, but narcotics can make a person go into a coma. They will cause convulsions at times. Codeine is a well known narcotic and doctors will prescribe them to treat pain. But some narcotics like heroin have seriously dangerous side effects, and they are illegal.

Stimulant – A stimulant can speed up the body and the brain. Cocaine and methamphetamines are known as stimulants, and they display effects that are totally opposite to depressants. Stimulants make a person feel energized and high. However, when its effects wear off, the person feels incredibly sick and tired.

Drugs are incredibly harmful substances, and even legal drugs should be taken under the care and supervision of responsible adults. A drug ruins not just a person’s body and mind, but their entire lives and the lives of those who love them.

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