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fear of death

Fear Of Death – Do Not Instead Fear A Life Without Purpose

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The fear of death is what keeps most of us alive. An oxymoron in itself yet makes complete sense. Humans fear what we do not know, and death is the greatest example.

Fear can be man’s greatest motivator yet its greatest downfall. Today, fear of death shall be your greatest motivator, and tomorrow, and for the rest of your eternity for death shall hath no power nor possession over us. Death is just an illusion, a false glimpse of a futile solution.

  1. Death was never a solution.
  2. Death is not the end or beginning.
  3. Fear a life without meaning or purpose.
  4. Choose your own destiny.

1) Death Was Never A Solution.


Whether one is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and so forth; you do not have the power, knowledge, or experience to tell anyone about life after death. Who wrote your books? Did not man or even hundreds of men over a period of time write such books?

You can arguably say that those words were the words of God or Angels yet, it is in men’s nature to lie, cheat, deceit others, and only benefit themselves. In the end, it was men and only men who wrote such books. There are currently 4,200 religions in the world. Hmm, I wonder which one is the truth; actually, I don’t which leads me to my next point.

Most religious books tell us the eternal glory and everlasting happiness that one shall receive after living a good and benevolent life. It is not in my will or powers to dictate how others live, nor do I give any care because that is their will and own choosing. What I simply wish to convey is this.

How can one know for 10,000% sure that the words in those books are without a doubt the absolute truth!

There are 4,200 religions and even more religious books. How can one possibly know which one is the real truth? Oh, you “feel” or “believe” it is the truth. Every life has feelings including plants and other animals. What makes yours more unique? Long ago people thought Earth was flat and was the center of the Universe. And, get this; during mid-evil times and maybe even still today, people paid the priest money because they were told it would guaranteed them a passage to the Heavens.

Those books that promise eternal salvation and everlasting glory to those who do as it wills and commands are nothing more than good life teaching, messages, and how one should live. I’ve read the Old Testament about 5 times and the New Testament about 7 times. I’ve read parts of the Quran and have studied quite a bit about Buddhism.

So I’ve done my studies and can back up some things I spit out. I will tell you one thing. They all mention hell, heaven, and even life after death, however, they also tell us to do unto others as we would have them do unto ourselves. By the way, I am agnostic.

Here’s the thing that you should know from these scriptures and teaching. They mention that one should live a good life, to serve others and their God(s), and to be a good person at heart. This will ultimately lead to a joyful and wonderful afterlife. I once worship Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The second highest being after The Almighty God himself. Today, I look at Jesus as one of the greatest and most inspiring figure (notice I didn’t say human or god) that has ever walked this earth.

So how can one fear death if they live by such teaching? It’s quite impossible to fear death if one is living life with joy while helping others.

But for the atheist or even those that are confused about life, you can be sure that there is no evidence or real facts about life after death. You can watch all the TV shows, read all the books, talk to all the religious figures you want. Believe in the Bible or the words of Shiva, if it means something to you. However, what awaits you in the afterlife may just be the one thing you were trying to escape from, eternal misery and an endless loop of suffering.

What I can tell you for a fact is that men fear what we do not know or comprehend. Men who fear death surely do not know what lies ahead so they will do all they can to live another day or even another minute but men who embrace and welcome death with wide open arms, do you think they have lived a life worth living? I think so.

Key Take Away
Whatever pain or sorrow you may be suffering from, know that you are not alone. Life is full of hatred, wickedness, sins, and the likes yet is also filled with joy, love, compassion, and so on. Death was never and can never be the solution to anything. You must rise from the ashes and make living the solution. Instead of going by what books and how others tell you to live, why not live on your own terms and pave your own path?

2) Death Is Not The End Or Beginning.

death not end or beginning

Based on the studies provided by WHO (World Health Organization), one million people commit suicide each year. Is that a significant number? No, but that’s one million of our own fallen brothers and sisters that could have changed the course of history but even more importantly; they were suffering and living in misery which really isn’t living at all! Can you imagine the others who contemplate suicide? Maybe these numbers are significant, which could be in the 100 million.

Again, I too contemplated suicide more times than I can recall. The one thing, and I can remember because that was the only keeping me alive. It was the fact that life will get better if I make it so. I’ve always kept that true to heart because pain, pain is temporary, but happiness can be eternal, only if you are willing to create it for yourself though.

Some people can endure pain and even great suffering for a long time while others will bend to its will in seconds.

Of course, it depends on where you grew up and other factors. I’m sure you (the readers) don’t have that problem though of growing up in a 3rd world country filled with violence and death, being hungry and thirsty every day, living in fear and not knowing if the sun will shine tomorrow or not.

Death cannot be the end because energy is not created nor destroyed, only transfer. Humans are made up of energy, and so is this whole Universe. Therefore death isn’t real. Even if the Bible and every religion is false, we still have science. Science cannot be false because it’s backed by thousands if not millions of hours of studies, experiments, logical calculations, and many other extreme factors.

Most of you know that a human being consist of 3 things.

  • The body, which is just a temporary vessel or a container.
  • The mind, which is the ultimate master and controller of our bodies, thoughts, and conscious.
  • And the soul/spirit (soul and spirit may be different but let’s keep it simple), the most important, which is the core energy, the life force of a higher being.
Yes, humans are a higher being because we have free will, thoughts, can alter history, and rule galaxies and hopefully one day, the Universe.

So that being said. We are pure energy of consciousness. There are trillions of spectrum of lights, rays, and waves that the naked human eyes can not see nor detect that passes through us 24/7. The Universe is covered with energy, and there is some empty space too.

So if energy can not be created nor destroyed, then what is the only scientific explanation after death? Transformation or transfer to another vessel or another state of consciousness. I’m sure you’ve watched or read stories about reincarnations. Kids who remember their past lives. The exact day and time they died, where they lived, who (if) murdered them, and so on. How could one explain that?

Maybe you don’t believe in such nonsense, but as far as we know, humanity is the most intelligent and greatest being in this solar system. Do you truly accept death as the final frontier or is death actually a new beginning? Whichever you choose, know that it may not be the end.

Key Take Away
Suicide and death are not the end for us. We are energy, and even if the Bible and other books are the truth, they still mention the afterlife and how one is rewarded based on their actions. Instead of anticipating death as an end to your misery, anticipate a future full of hope and joy. Remember, you will leave a bigger impact on this world based on how you lived, not how you died!

3) Fear A Life Without Meaning Or Purpose.

Yesterday, I was going through my youtube comments and replies. Basically, it was about motivation and talent. I stated that Dwayne Johnson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and other well-known celebrities got to where they were in life because they put in the time and effort, not because they are talented or gifted. To get to the point, some of the replies said I was wrong and that in life no matter how hard someone works or tries there are others who have talent and will always get farther in life.

I didn’t counter-attack with negativity; I just left it as is.

And do you see why 99% of us are just merely existing and doing our time!

When we give into defeat and accept our fate, then we have ultimately lost the will to live and to life itself. It saddens me very much to see how humans as a whole can not learn to rise and conquer life. You are the way you are because you have wired yourself to such beliefs through habitual actions and thoughts.

What brings comfort, is easy, and quick is usually accepted without hesitation or thought, yet what brings suffering is consider bad and seldomly accepted.

The only way for humans to grow is through pain. If it weren’t for the sufferings that I’ve endured, I would still be lost and doing what 99% of what everyone is doing, existing. Do not let others, books, and even Gods tell you how you must live. If you do, then you are nothing but a slave. Then what is the point of life? Be your own master, be one with this Universe.

It is so easy for someone to hand you a book, tell you that this is the book of truth and to follow everything it tells you and promises eternal glory. Oh Boy! That sounds amazing. How about the book of knowledge and education? This book explains how one can create and live the greatest life with no limits or boundaries, yet he will confront many challenges, face and know defeat as well as failure, however if he/she never gives up and keep pushing, then he/she will have created the ultimate life, the ultimate purpose for themselves. Which book sounds more realistic?

Life and the Universe favor the strong and bold not the weak or pathetic beings.

You see what happens to the weak; they are left to die and fend for themselves. Look at the top 1% of the most influential figures that have ever walked this earth. Name me one, just one weak figure! You can not, because that 1% consist of the strongest and greatest beings who have ever lived. They’ve become legends, made a name for themselves, and left a colossal impact on life. They have done what any humans ought to do, live life with a purpose, live life to the absolute fullest!

Once upon a time, I too feared death. Begged at its mercy to let me live as long as possible and just do my time like everyone else. That was the old and worthless me. Today, death has no power or influence over me. If death embraces me this very moment, I will welcome it like an old friend that I haven’t seen for eons. When you live with a mentality of fearing death, well, you live in fear. Is that how you want to live?

Like all idiotic young adults growing up, trying to fit in, and wanting companionship, what did I do? I drank, smoke cigarettes and weed, and wanted to “enjoy” life because I wanted to live every day as it were my last. How foolish and wrong was this notion? Extremely.

Smoking weed only made things more, stupid. Each hit reminded me of youth. I was barely 20 years old at that time and was so glad to be young. Seeing old people made me fear the afterlife and I did everything I could to enjoy my life. I had no dam* purpose in life, just live until I hit the bucket.

So for 4.5 years, I did just that. I worked 9-6 at my uncle’s nail supply store and every day after work was a holiday and every meal was a feast. Yes, I was living like a King a King without direction, wisdom, or deserving of such titles.

You see, like most people in America, we have it good, no, we have it great! We get so caught up in the present that we forget our purpose. The only way for us to create our purpose is to continue reading below because that’s the next part.

Key Take Away
Imagine your life as a book. By the time someone finishes reading it. Do you want them to yawn and throw it into the fireplace if they even finish reading it? Or, do you want that person to give it to their loved ones and tell them that this is how one is supposed to live life?

4) Choose Your Own Destiny.

I saved this part for last because of its utmost importance.

All humans are given free will, yet not everyone can express such gifts. If one is born in a cruel and unforgiving environment, then may God have mercy on you. As for the fortunate ones, we have only two choices. Yes, just two, however the one you choose will dictate your entire life and future.

  • One, believe in other men and the teachings of God(s).
  • Two, believe in thyself and forge thy own destiny.  Ask yourself this question. Are you content with your life? Probably more than 1/2 of us would say yes. But why?

Contentment is good and acceptable for most of us, but why can’t we be in love with our lives. Are you content with your partner or job, or are you in love with them? Everyone and every religion tells us we should be content with our lives and just live as normal beings. 95% of us are already doing that, and the sad part is that this unfortunate event will last centuries or even millenniums to come.

How long will this preposterous ideology keep us humans from rising to the top?

Religion, governments, friends, and family all tell us that we need to be content with that we have. When will we learn that this isn’t about them, it is about you, and only you. This is your life. Whether it is the first or last, it is still your life.

If you want to live your life based on books and the words of men then so be it. That is why most of us will be average and never amount to any greatness. The rest of us, let us do what we were born to do. To forge and create our own destiny for ourselves!

Maybe the reason why are fed up with life, unhappy with yourselves, confused and misguided is because you let others dictate your destiny. I was that very person. When I surrendered my life to God and gave my soul to Jesus, I assumed he would have everything taken care of.

Well, as the years went by, nothing changed, I wasn’t getting anywhere, and I definitely wasn’t as joyful as I thought I would be. As the years slipped away, so did my fate in God. But, the day I took destiny into my own hands, was the day things changed. Never will I let such a thing slip away from my firm and steadfast grip.

I’m fully aware and realize how some men can live like legends while others eat the leftovers from dogs. It is because they are in full control of their destiny and choose to make of it as they will. Men who believe that outside force or external factors control their destiny will be just that. For he who believes it, shall have it!

Please do not get me wrong. We can believe in whatever we so desire too. That is everyone’s right. We all have opinions, and I fully respect that. But just look at the stories of the greatest men(women) in history, and tell me. Do these men believe in God or themselves?

Imagine for a moment, and I know you’ve done this many times before, That you are a God/Goddess. Do you want to decide the fate of your creation or let them shape their own destiny? If you gave them free will and knew that their powers are limited beyond comparison to yours, then why give them free will just so they can serve you when the time comes? Your son/daughter if you have them, do you want what is the best for them and teach them how to live and enjoy life or do you want to control everything they do and dictate their future?

If such is the case, then let eternal death engulf my body and soul, for I was born to discover myself and do as I will, not to be imprisoned and used for the greater purpose of a higher Deity.

Do not stop believing in your faith if it gives you hope and strength, but if you are not living life to the highest degree and your faith is halting you from such luxury, then maybe it’s time to do things for yourself? After all, God helps those who help themselves.

To give you some reassurance or even make more of a mockery of myself, I will tell you this:

  • I was baptized as a Catholic at birth.
  • Re-baptized as a protestant around the age of 14.
  • At the age of 22, I gave up Christianity and religion in its entirety.
  • Age 25, I started to search for the truth. The Absolute truth, it didn’t matter what that was, I was starving for answers.
  • For 22 years as a Christian, nothing exciting happened. I never saw or heard God. I just “felt” he was there because that is what the Bible taught me. Faith is something that was not meant to be seen but felt.
For far too long have I been misguided and blinded by the teachings of men and Gods.

The answer that I found, although it may be far from the truth, however, it gives me full confidence and assurance of my own will and life. The answer is that each and every one of us has the power to create the life that we so desire. And that could be anything. Your purpose is different from mine, yet it gives meaning and life to you. My purpose gives meaning to my life and my existence.

The greatest question that all men utter since the dawn of time, “Why are we here?“, “What is my purpose?”, “Is there a God?”, and like such. These questions that once made me fear death and question my own existence are now irrelevant. So what if there is a God, so what if we only have one life and that’s it, so what if life is just using us? The only thing that should matter is you.

As far as I can tell, we all have this one life in this one body. We can either be chained up and do the will of others and accept our destiny, or we can write our own book and live life without a single f$%&ing regret.

Today I am liberated. Death has no power over me and it shall never again. The notion of eternity in Hell doesn’t stagger me one bit. Why, because back then men had their ways. If you were born a woman, then bless your soul. Today, men and women are of equal in every sense except women are beautiful, majestic beings. Men will use words, lies, tricks, and even religion to take advantage of women and other weaker men. Hell to me is nothing but a wild and vivid fable, just like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

Religion is a way to keep law and order, as you can say. It teaches one how to live life and what we should strive for, however, if religion tells you that men are greater than women, how your life has been written in the stars, and that no matter what you do, your destiny and death are already foretold.

Well, I call BS on that. I mean really, some book is going to be me how I am to die and how my fate has already been foreseen? No thank you. Whoever or whatever gave you life, use it to your utmost advantage and build your own roads. After countless years of listening and taking advice from others, maybe, just maybe it is time to follow your own heart and take your own advice?

In no way should you abandon your faith. However, our surroundings and upbringing shape who we are. Kids who grew us in violent places believe violence is a part of life as oppose to kids who grew up in a monastery will most likely follow that teaching.

Many choose to accept their destiny because they do not know how to set themselves free. This is why suffering exists, because of the lack of education and knowledge. Free thyself from such suffering and burdens. Break your chains my friend and create the path that you deem so worthy. Live your life because, at any moment, it just may be your last! Just because someone hands you a book and tells you that it is the truth, it doesn’t mean you have to be so gullible to believe it. Why not read it and then go search for the truth on your own?

Key Take Away
For so long have I been confused, misguided, afraid, and blinded to life’s meaning, my purpose, and who I was. Fear of death, fear of God, fear of living, and fear itself shall never again have power nor control over me. Do you plan to live life with fear knowing that death is inevitable? Or do you plan on living like a legend, like a God, because Gods and legends NEVER DIE!
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