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fear of failure

Fear Of Failure —Be NOT Afraid Of Failure, But A Worthless Existence

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Fear, fear is what controls man. Fear of failure can make any man as fragile as one on the brink of death. Why do we fear failure? Simple. It is because we fear what we do not know. You see, it is natural and understandable for all living things to fear what it doesn’t know or comprehend.

However, failure is not all that bad. Allow me to open the curtains for you. Failure is the stepping stone to success. The most successful man/woman has experienced the most failure! What? Yeah. That person never gave up. Your success is proportionate to your failure. Read that again, 10 times.

When you fall (fail), you must lift yourself back up. Failure just means you haven’t failed enough to succeed. There is no exact sum for success. It may take 1 year, 2 years, or 50 years. Success is success; it cannot be defined by numbers.

Failure was never meant as a final barrier. Fear of failure, the most misunderstood ally. He won’t betray you or give up on you. No, the fear of failure will only give you one option. To succeed at any cost!

Here’s what I mean. Have a look and enjoy.

I) Learn From Your Mistakes

fear of failure

The professor or HS teacher returns your exam, you wait anxiously with uncertainty. As he hands you the paper, you see the biggest, fattest, and reddest F. What goes through your mind? Anyways, that’s on you. I’m not here to write a story, but I will tell you there’s goodness from this situation.

You see, I was exactly like that. If I got anything below an A on my exams, not only me but my parents express utter pure disappointment. However, do not exams tell you how to fix your mistakes and what is to be corrected? So, you go back, reread, and fix all your mistakes. You figure out why the answer is B and not C. You research and relearn from your failures.

Is this not a good thing? Most people would just say F it and be done with it, but you won’t.

Learning from your mistakes is worth more than any A on a test.

It shows you care, you are determined to learn, and most importantly, you accept your results but not failure. You are willingly to find a way to better yourself.

This is what separates ordinary from extraordinary. People who use their mistakes to shape and guide them are 100 maybe 1000 times stronger and better than those who let their mistakes shape and guide them. Just because the outcome is not what you like, it doesn’t mean it has to be that way.

Here’s a true story. My whole family, both biological and adoptive are stress and anxiety machines. Except for my fathers. My family would worry about stupid and simple things. Things that never even existed or never did. So naturally, I either inherited such curse or was shaped by their actions. 10 or was it 13 years of this crap plague my mind and ruined my life, but you know what? I learned and studied about stress and why so many people had it.

I wasn’t going to let it affect me any longer. Millions of people, maybe billions have stress, and yet they won’t help themselves get rid of such curse. They choose to accept such a thing and let it consume their existence because they do not learn from their mistakes.

Mistakes are natural and occur every single day. There’s not much we can really do. Some are petty and don’t cause much harm, while others can cost us our lives. You can let mistakes teach you and use it to your advantage, or mistakes can ruin and stop you from enjoying life. What will you choose? No one can escape mistakes, so be wise and do what you seem fit. Don’t let your last mistake be your last. I was referring to death itself.

People spend hours every day watching TV, listening to music, and do whatever it is that makes them feel good or takes the edge off their shoulders. And you see why they get nowhere. Where is the education, self-improvement, maturity, endurance, and hard-work in watching TV or listening to music all day? This is why you don’t learn from your mistakes. This is why you will live like you do until you become dust.

Get up! 9-5 doesn’t mean 5-9 is free time. 5-9 is time for self-education, learning how to better yourself, fixing your past, so your future is secured and bright, and some more. You want to know why your life sucks and why nothing ever goes as planned. It’s because you think your 40 hours of work a week deserves rest, junk food, TV, and going out. Some people work all their life just so they can feed their mouth.

Key Take Away
This is why you fear failure. This is why you will always work for someone else’s dreams. This is why you will never truly live. You are comfortable with what you got. Aren’t you tired of that? You live in a world that allows you to make your dreams a reality. Put in the pain and effort and you will know what I mean when success comes.

II) No Such Thing As Failure

overcome fear of failure

There is no such thing as failure. Failure is when you give up entirety and choose not to go further. That is failure. How many times did Edison fail before he made the light-bulb burn longer? How many times did J.K. Rowling fail to get Harry Potter published before becoming a billionaire? THAT DOES NOT MATTER! The only thing that matters is perseverance.

I truly believe and know it to be a fact. If most people had just endured a little longer, then they would have succeeded. It may take another year, maybe 5, and maybe 50. But guess what, success is closer with each failure.

There is no such thing as failure because failure is just experience.

I use this reference quite a lot; defeating a tough boss in video games. Some bosses take hours or even days to beat, but with each death, you learn of its weakness and your own strength. Failure is the same way. Success is the final boss, and failure is all the knowledge that you have acquired so far.

Do not let your failures be in vain. That is the worst thing in life. To be in vain.

It means all the blood, sweat, sacrifice, and tears you put forth was for nothing.

Instead, take failure as an experience that aids you in your journey to success. I’ve failed more times than I can count, yet I accept failure as an ally. I can not fail until I have accepted so in its entirety, and I never admit failure! Until then, I will fail and fail and fail until only success is on my mind.

You will see that failure is a good thing, a positive thing, or you can see it as a negative thing. Everything in life can be either good or bad. The wise, wealthy, and influential have failed more times than you will ever. Why? Because they know failure and success are the same things. Here’s what I mean.

When you accept failure, you quit. You don’t go forward, you admit defeat. When you succeed, it means you’ve accomplished what you wanted. You don’t need to go further. You’ve become victorious. Although success may take maintenance and more time to keep, like a marriage. It is still the final frontier. Every action has 2 consequences. Failure or success. Am I not right?

If one man is able to do it, then why can’t you. Even though you failed, but he succeeded, then how can that be a failure? Failure can only happen if no one is able to do it. Just because you failed at something doesn’t mean another person can’t triumph.

Key Take Away
There is no such thing as failure, only men who didn’t try hard enough. Only men who didn’t possess enough experience. To them failure is real, but to others, there is no such thing as failure.

III) Keep Going, Success Is Waiting

do not be afraid of failure

As I stated previously, success is much closer than you think. An unfathomable amount of people won’t be able to endure the long and treacherous road. The journey will be filled with impossible challenges. However, at the end of it all, only glory and success await you.

It is easy to give up, make excuses, stop half way or even 99% of the way. You get discouraged, the pain becomes unbearable, you’re not sure what you’re fighting for or why another more, and everything isn’t going as you planned.

That is why you WILL FAIL!

Pain is man’s greatest ally, and comfort is man’s greatest enemy. It is natural for the weak and pitiful to succumb to failure and the pleasures that this world brings. How strong are you? Do you really want what’s waiting at the end of the light or are you just saying that? Is success worth all your tears and blood or just a little bit? How long can you endure?

If you really don't want it, then give up. You say you do, but you really don't. I know because YOUR ACTIONS GIVE EVIDENCE.

You lack self-belief/faith, motivation, discipline, and commitment. Go back, learn from your mistakes, ask for help, educate yourself, whatever it takes to win. Winners do whatever it takes to win, are you a winner?

You have to keep going. There may be one way to succeed, there may be 10,000 ways to succeed. You won’t know unless you get blood on your hands. How many years does it take to sit on the throne? How many years does it take to grow rice? Do you see the difference? The bigger the worth, the greater the sacrifice, willpower, time, and the likes are needed.

The greatest worth/success is worth the ultimate price. I will die for my worth and fight until every willpower and atom in my body has been depleted. Only time itself can halt my actions until then we must fight for what we long for. There is no worst death than a death in vain. You keep going, you make your life the best life you can, and before death overshadows you, make sure you have had your fill of glory and success.

But you will fail. Only 5-7% of us ever get what we want in life, and I’m being generous here, the figure may be even less. It’s been proven, as it has for eons. The strongest, fittest, and wisest will always get what they want. There cannot be 2 kings within the same nation or 2 best of the best. The many can not rule the few for power is not given, but taken or earned!

No amount of thoughts or words can make it happen. You will have to fight for it. Maybe even die for it. Will you die for the greatest cause or will you be like the rest and wither away to nothingness? Only to be forgotten as time goes on. Keep going my friend, success is worth it! If you die fighting for what you believe or while fulfilling your purpose, then is that not a fine and glorious death? I would rather die at youth fighting for something that gives me purpose than to live to an old, miserable age without purpose.

IV) Fear Clouds Your Senses

fear of failure

What is holding you back? Uncertainty, fear of failure, finance, love, pain, death, misery, tears, and so on. Fear, it can be man’s greatest motivator or man’s worst enemy. Again, you have a choice.

Do you fear death or fear a life not worth living? F*** death! I fear not living 10,000 times more than death itself. Death comes to us all, but not everlasting glory.

Few will ever experience the most orgasmic feeling in this known Universe, which is, to live life to the f***ing fullest.

If you are living in fear, stress, worry, anxiety, comfort, and the likes, then are you really living? I feel sorry for you if you do. How can you succeed and live the way you want if such things cloud your existence? You aren’t living, you’re merely existing like every other orgasm until your last breath gives.

I know it is hard. I honestly do. I’ve lived that way, for too dang long. My friend, you let these things shape and mold your life. You believe that there is no help and that your life has already been written in the stars. That is the case, but only if you believe it. I once believed in such a stupid notion.

When you look at the stars on a cloudless and transparent night, what do you see? One of those shining light belongs to you. There are more stars in just our own galaxy than the entire known human population. You make that star yours and write your own destiny.

We humans are but an insignificant organism to life itself. If we all die, the Universe will still continue. We mean nothing to other advanced species. We kill, rape, torture, do what we please, fall to even the littlest things like junk food and cigarettes. Do you think other life has even a care for us? We can’t even get along properly without blood and pain. If things keep going the way they are, then we humans will eventually bring our own destruction. A pathetic and laughable fate.

But here is the thing that will make you go, WOW, I wish I knew that eons ago. It doesn’t matter what anyone or any other life thinks. It doesn’t matter if God(s) exist, if you die tomorrow, or if life doesn’t even exist. The only thing that matters is you.

You have to make your life worth it. Do what makes you happy, gives you purpose, brings you pleasure, and live to the absolute fullest. Your time will come, my time will come, yet no one knows when. Are you really going to take that chance because you think there’s a 2nd opportunity after death? No one knows!

As for me, I’m going to live this life how I deem fit. That is why I choose to live and not exist.

We all have this choice (for the most part). We all have to make the best with what we possess and don’t possess.

Do not let the fear and the likes shape your life. Use them to your advantage. Help and educate yourself. Stop sitting in front of youtube, social media, and Netflix all day. They do nothing but create more fantasies and illusions. That is why you never get anything done.

You want to be like others, except you won’t put in the time nor effort. You are a hypocrite to yourself! You aspire to be a billionaire, sleep with as many partners as you can, be in absolute power, travel the world, or aid every poor soul, then what is stopping you?

Key Take Away
Look in the mirror. That is the person that has the power to make even The Creator himself wet his pants. You do what you want, and I’ll do what I want!
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