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6 Safe, Natural, And Super Effective Herbs For Anxiety Or Stress

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Dealing with stress and anxiety makes living, well… not worth living. We’ve searched deep and far and have come up with 6 of the most potent herbs for anxiety. Stress is the norm, especially in this era. However, you have a choice on whether it affects your everyday life and actions or not. Start taking control of your emotions and life, natural and safely.

Stress does not seem very complicated in the beginning. However, it can pile on with time. Something that will only make you tense, in the beginning, will give you a headache after some time. That happens when you do not take your mental health seriously.

Mental health is as important as physical health, and there are medicines to help you get through the day. Since some time, people have been avoiding medications, especially the ones that are for their stress. The reason is that medicines can cause you to become dependent on them. It has also been studied that such medications can raise your mortality rate by a certain percentage.

So, what is the solution? Tons of natural remedies can help you out and also do not pose any threat to your health. These remedies use natural plants and herbs that have their own inherent benefits. Have a look at some natural remedies that can reduce your symptoms of stress.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm belongs to the mint family and is considered as a calming herb. This herb gives off a natural mint flavor with a taste of lemon. Lemon Balm reduces your stress hormone known as cortisol. As a result, it relaxes the body without causing any drowsiness and elevates the mood. This means you can take it in the morning when you are going to the office, and you will remain active.

Research has been done on lemon balm, and the results so far have been positive. Lemon balm has positive effects on relieving conditions like stress, anxiety and other mood disorders. According to some news outlets, safe use of lemon balm daily for a week can improve your mood, and boost calmness and alertness. If you have a panic attack, drink lemon balm in tea form, and it will calm your nerves in less than a few minutes.

Mitragyna Speciosa

Mitragyna speciosa or kratom has been a topic of research for many years since the past decade. Most of the uses of kratom are related to relieving any discomfort and ending any sedative compulsion. Another well-known benefit of kratom is its use for uneasiness or anxiety and stress-relief.

It accelerates the moods of relaxation and creates euphoric sensations and calming impacts. Kratom can initiate the mu-opioid receptors of the central nervous system because of the mitragynine it contains. These receptors are considered as the binding site of the painkiller morphine.

Kratom also helps and balances the thinking pattern. We don’t usually realize how fast our thinking can turn negative, which increases our stress and anxiety. Kratom can control negative thoughts. If you want to know more about kratom, look here.


Valerian herbs have been used since generations all around the world. One of the reasons why valerian root is often called nature’s Valium. It is a known herb that helps with anxiety and helps you sleep better. It is considered as one of the most well-known natural remedies as it promotes feelings of calmness and peace. You can use valerian by drinking it in the form of valerian root tea.

A study that was done on the matter found that a combination of lemon balm and valerian could very well reduce anxiety. However, it is recommended that a high dose of the supplement should be avoided as it can end up increasing anxiety.

Peppermint Tea (Menthe Piperita)

Peppermint tea is a prevalent natural remedy among people. It is an aromatic tea that is very capable of reducing the stress and relieving you from anxiety. The peppermint contains menthol, which is a natural muscle relaxant. A stressed out or anxious person can feel very tense and irritable, and the peppermint tea can treat that.

When you drink peppermint tea, it helps you become calmer. The tea contains a relaxing effect but also lacks caffeine. This makes it an excellent option for people who have trouble sleeping. You can drink the tea at night, and it will not meddle with your sleep. In fact, it will only relax you and help you have a peaceful sleep, something that we all need after a crazy day.

Peppermint tea is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, but mommies-to-be need to avoid it as it may not be safe for them.


It is an amino acid when combined with green tea can help create clean energy and makes you stay focused and awake. Theanine has become a fantastic stress reliever.

Studies suggest that theanine can support brain health, create calmness and boost your cognitive function. It is also believed that Theanine is safe and powerful because it is becoming available on the vitamin aisle at many pharmacies.


Chamomile has endless health benefits. If you are feeling a little anxious or jittery, this herb will help relax your muscles as well as reduce anxiety. It even helps with insomnia, which is one side effect of anxiety. It can also improve your digestion and decrease any headaches that you may be having. The most popular way in which people use chamomile is in its tea form.

After a hectic day at work, nothing will provide you more comfort than a soothing cup of Chamomile tea. The herb increases serotonin and melatonin levels, hormones that can eliminate stress. You will be given an instant relief from migraines.

Never take your stress lightly as it can be an early symptom to a more significant problem. Use these natural remedies by consulting your doctor (in case you are taking any medicines), and reduce your stress right away!

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