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how to be happy

How To Be Happy, Create Your Own Happiness Rely On No One

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How to be happy can be quite tricky and different for each person.

  • Enjoy the moment and the journey of whatever you are doing and don’t focus too much on the end path.
  • A healthy body and mind will help you achieve happiness easier.
  • Interact with good people, nature and animals are a must if you want to be happy.

Happiness starts with you; it is a state of mind, therefore if you think and want to be happy, you will be!

How To Be Happy Part 1

How To Be Happy Part 2

How To Be Happy, Create Your Own Happiness Rely On No One

how to be happy

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How to be happy is without a doubt the most of second most asked question in life after what is the meaning of life. After all, isn’t happiness what we are all looking for? Of course what is the meaning of life is very important but knowing your purpose may not make you happy.

Understanding how to be happy seems a little bit more important to me than my purpose in life. Unless being happy is your ultimate purpose in life. You may never find your purpose in life but finding or knowing how to be happy can make all the difference in this world.

Happiness differs for everyone. Your age, sex, environment, culture, thinking, position, etc. all have major impacts on how happy you are. For instance, a young girl likes to put makeup and dress barbie dolls, while an aged man likes to smoke a cigar rocking on his wooden chair on his porch.

Both give them happiness, or pleasure for that brief moment. You have to understand there is a confusion and a difference between happiness and pleasure.

Pleasure is something or an instance that only last for a moment. An example is having sex or watching a movie.

Happiness is something that brings joy continuously. An example is being with your family or enjoying life because you are living.

In this article, I cover the five major points about how to be happy and stay happy through my years of personal experiences and evidence/facts from other articles and well-known teachers.

FirstHappiness is the journey, not the destination.

SecondUsing and leveraging meditation to boost happiness.

ThirdHealthy diet and lifestyle contributes to a happy/ier life.

FourthInteraction with people, animals, and nature is in on DNA.

FilthHappiness is a state of mind.

Let’s get into it about how to be happy.

1. Happiness Is About The Journey Not The Destination 

it is about the journey

Dandapani is a Hindu priest-monk that has reach enlightenment! That’s the same feat as becoming a billionaire (factoring in hard work, dedication, knowledge, and will). I’m sure most of you know what enlightenment is and how very few people EVER achieve it.

In this video/interviewhe talks about his life and why he became a monk and basically how to be happy, it’s really worth watching. I am basically telling you the exact things he is saying in this interview, and his reputation really does exceed him. He says that many of us think that happiness is the destination or goal that we are all trying to reach  for.

The problem with that is some of us never reach it, and we work, live in misery, sacrifice and live our lives just to reach happiness. Happiness is the journey. 

 If you don’t remember anything else then that sentence is the only thing you should take away from here. 

The destination is just the goal. However, the journey is everything.

The journey is 99% of the work and sacrifice while the destination is just 1%.

Dandapani says that people focus way too much on the destination and they forget about the journey. They have no passion or love for what they do, and they don’t realize that until it’s too late because they really believe that once they reach their destination, all their problems will be solved.

1.1 Find Your Reason(s)

Whatever you are doing in life even if you have not found your purpose, you must have some sort of happiness when doing it.

If you hate your job and can’t wait for 5 pm to ring then all day the only thing you are thinking about is negativity, how you hate your job, and when will 5 pm come. You are wasting your life and valuable time. Let’s say you are working because you want to buy your dream car.

Driving that car, having it parked in front of your home, even the thought of it brings you happiness. Instead of thinking about the negativity your job brings you, start thinking about the car. All day and every moment, just think only about the car and what you can do to achieve (get) it faster.

I guaranteed many things will change when you look at the destination but enjoy the journey.

1.2 A Little Story To Put Into Example

A young father works tirelessly day and night for years in order to feed his family so that they don’t have to worry about being in debt, losing the home or car, being able to go on vacation and small trips, eating out and being able to live the life that he can provide for his family. The work he does bring him no joy, purpose, or a sense of completion. He questions his existence as to why he must work so much.

He rarely spends time with his family, and if he does, he doesn’t feel real joy, and after many years he has had enough. This father is a good father but he’s empty inside, he truly doesn’t know how to be happy. His journey the whole time was being with his family, but he was looking at the destination which was making sure their future and present were secure.

He never realized that while he was with them, he forgot to cherish the moments and the time of being together. He was too focused on work and what he needed to do. What he didn’t know was that his family didn’t really care about vacations, fancy meals, a nice home or car, but he assumed providing those things would bring them happiness even though he never asked.

What they wanted was his presence and time. That brings real joy, not a piece of paper that has enslave billions of people.

If you look at poor people who are happy, doesn’t it make you wonder how they can be happy?

It’s because they are content with their life, family, and belongings.
Key take away
The journey is what brings happiness, not the destination!

2. Meditation To Boost Happiness

If you want to be happy as much as possible, then daily meditation is not an option but a must.

The benefits of meditation are just astounding. (1) (2)

  • reduced depression symptomsbenefits of meditation
  • reduced somatic stress
  • reduced hostility and conflicts with peers
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduced reactivity
  • reduced substance use
  • increased cognitive retention
  • increased self-care
  • increased optimism and positive emotions
  • increased self-esteem
  • increased feelings of happiness and well-being
  • improved social skills
  • improved sleep
  • improved self-awareness
  • improved academic performance
  • Reduce metabolic syndrome
  • Helps manage the effects of Trauma Extended longevity Lower blood pressure in at-risk teens
  • Reduce atherosclerosis
  • Reduce thickening of Coronary Arteries
  • Reduce myocardial ischemia
  • Help manage and prevent anxiety
  • Helps manage cholesterol
  • Help treat epilepsy
  • Helps you stop smoking
  • Creates a state of deep rest in the body and mind
  • Increases skin resistance
  • Clarity of thinking
  • improves your focus, attention, and ability to work under stress
  • gives you mental strength, resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Mindfulness practices decrease depression
  • Meditation practices help regulate mood and anxiety disorders

Meditation literally reduces so many issues and improves the body and mind. You can check out this super packed guide about meditation on how and why you should meditate, especially if you are a beginner and not happy about the way things are going in your life.

When you have stress, anxiety, worries, etc. and everything is just too overwhelming then it’s time to meditate. 10-20 minutes in the morning and 10-20 before dawn or sleep is the best time.

 There are many ways to meditate, but one of the main reason for mediation is to achieve happiness. 

How does one achieve enlightenment which is the ultimate meditation without practicing meditation? The most simple answer to that is one can not. That is like passing all your university classes without studying.

I practice meditation daily and it has helped me tremendously. I try to think about nothing, literally just empty my mind of all thoughts and let the sunlight hit my face and feel the refreshing wind touch me as birds sing and feel the world spin.

2.2 Meditation Also Changes The Way You Think.

What you practice and think, you will become. You practice negativity; therefore, you are negative. You practice positivity and happiness; therefore, you feel that way.

It’s just how this world and our mind and body works; I don’t really need to source or explain more. If you practice driving a car, you eventually can do it blindfold (not literally). Meditation is all about relaxing, controlling oneself, removing negativity, and embracing happiness and all things good. Just give it a try, see how you feel after a week or two.

Key take away
Happiness and meditation go hand in hand. When you combine two attracting forces, you create something unimaginable. 

3. Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle 

3.1 Diet

diet for healthy life
*Diet for healthy life and happiness.

Diet and fitness is one of the top niches on the internet. Why? Because people really need it since generates YEARLY 80 billion dollars global industry.

You are what you eat. I’m sure we’ve all heard of that expression before but have you actually taken the time to analyze the meaning. If you are eating whatever you want and whenever you want and not exercising. That could be the reason why you are not happy.

If you have 15 minutes, then check out this article about healthy eating and maybe trying a vegetarian dietWhen you eat junk food, your body gets no vitamin, minerals, or the nutrient that it actually needs. So what does your body do? It shows sign of sickness, illness, diseases, mood swings, lack of energy, etc.

However, when you give your body plenty of fruit, vegetables, healthy raw oils, fish with omega-3s, and some good whole grains, how does your body react? You have more energy, little to none health issues, your mind is focus, you have the desire to actually do things, you’re more positive, and maybe just maybe you feel happier and more often.

Overall, I can not stress how important diet is to maintaining a happy life, that is why it is on my list.

3.2 Exercise

When you exercise, you get a fit body.

exercise boost happiness
*Exercise will boost happiness.

When you have a fit body, you feel good. And when you feel good, you’re happy. Right? Right!

I don’t know how else to explain it, but exercising is golden! I know, I know… many of us just don’t have the time after our hectic schedule.

Try intense but short work outs. 20 minutes every other day but it must be intense, and you should be dripping sweat when you are finished. When starting use 60% of your energy then after 2-4 weeks (depending on how fit you are), you can use 100% of your energy.

If you can’t take 60-80 minutes a week to get fit, then why bother trying to achieve happiness?

No need to go to the gym, just do some sprints, really fast jumping jacks, jumping, swimming, intense workouts. Short, intense workout has proven itself to be much better, faster, and more efficient than longer workouts. And it slows down the aging process too, killing 2 birds in 1. 

Here are some awesome benefits of working out:

Improves Your Mood. Helps You Sleep Better. Strengthens Your Memory. Boosts Your Creativity. Reduce Your Risk of Cancer. Makes You More Confident.

Humans used to hunt, fish, gather, and farm for food; that was our daily exercise. Today all that is provided in a single grocery store. The downside to that is most of the stuff is garbage and harms your body in the long run.

Key take away
Exercising is like adding sprinkles to ice-cream. It makes achieving happiness easier, faster, and better.   

4. Interaction With People, Nature, and Animals

Spending time outdoors
*Nature, sunlight, and the outdoors make us happy.

Picnics, concerts, movie theaters, malls, and so on. What do these have in common? A bunch of humans gathering around in one place.

You see, humans need interaction and communication with one another.

Being alone is what many of us are afraid of, but we can help you overcome that by loving yourself like no one else. Seniors die primarily because of loneliness not because of old age (old age is part of it too). Shocking but 100% real!

It is wired in us the moment we were born (communication). A baby in the womb already recognizes their mother or fathers voice. By 12 months or so, most babies learn their first few words.

I mean, if that doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what else will. That is why we have friends, families, and co-workers. Very few people and I mean very few like to be alone in complete isolation.

When we socialize with friends or family over dinner or drinks, doesn’t it make you warm and comfortable, especially over wine or a cold glass of beer?

The more we talk with someone or is in their pretense, the more we start to develop trust and a bond forms.

Just look at newly couples and how happy then can be.

4.1 Sunlight

Sunlight makes you happy, period. Fire is one of the main sources of life, in fact, humans are made of star dust! Sunlight makes us feel safe. Back then we did everything while the sun was out.

Once darkness falls, bad things started to arise.

Some people are still afraid of the dark, but how many are actually afraid of sunlight? Sunlight has vitamins and chemicals that your body needs and wants. Benefits of sunlight. 

Being outside with nature makes you feel good. Why do you think monks like to meditate in sunlight and with nature? Because of the benefits and good feelings, it gives off. Doesn’t seeing the sunrise or sunset give you a cozy feeling?

The refreshing breeze, fragrance smell of flowers, the flow of rivers rushing down stream, the awesome feeling of grass touching your feet, seeing wide open mountain ranges and space, the beautiful beaches and oceans that radiate green and blue, and so much more that this beautiful earth has.

The outdoor niche generates 21 Billion dollars a year just from the US, with over 63 million users. You can’t tell me people are going outdoors for nothing?

4.2 Animals and Pets Are Our Friends

Animals, pets, and wildlife; don’t they make you tingle inside.furry animals I just love furry animals because it makes me and you want to hold and cuddle them. Humans are attracted to cute and furry things.

Almost 70% of US house holds have pets! We treat them as our own; they are more of a family than a pet.

Why do we have pets:

  • We are lonely
  • It makes us happy to see and play with them
  • It brings more interaction and “life” to our lives
  • To protect our home
  • A nonhuman-nonsexual partner for love and comfort
  • They are always there for us
  • They are happy to see us even when others reject or dislike us
  • You mean the world to some pets
  • and whatever reason you may have

I had a white Shiba-inu for a year. I loved him just as much as any other human being. His smile was like injecting heroine into my body (I don’t do drugs!). I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world but I had a passion for traveling, so it was either him or the world.

Key take away
Humans need many things in our life to make us happy and give us a sense of fulfillment. Pets, other human beings, nature, and external factors can help bring more joy to our lives. Find out what you need to bring that joy out.

5. Happiness Is A State of Mind 

Have you heard of the expression wealth is a state of mind? Happiness can be applied the same way.

A man who has $1 can be the richest man or a man with 100 billion dollars.

What I want to convey to you is that happiness is based on the individual. I can’t tell you going to the movies will make you happy, it does for me, but you may hate it.

5.1 My negative past

negativity is not easy to change

I used to be pessimistic! From middle school until my early 20’s. I always made something more negative than it actually was or never looked at the good side to anything. I had no passion to live other than to drink beer, smoke cigarettes, eat delicious food, play video games and watch a whole bunch of movies. (I did have some suicidal thoughts in my teens, but I also wanted to see what the future brings, so I’m glad I overcame that hardship.)

That was my life after high school except I had to work almost every day because I gave money to people and had money stolen from me. That made me hate humans and life even more! In middle school, until even now, I had acne like really bad, it wasn’t the normal teenage acne, very oily skin, big zits all over my face, and to make things worse.

My mom was a very religion Christian and super strict, she never repeated herself. She made me do activities after school, and we had a landscape business to take care of on the weekend. So I hated that, and I hated the after-school activities.

Everything in my life from middle school until my early 20’s was hate, dislike, and pure negativity.

All that changed when I meet my roommate. He was much older than me and was always negative. Very vulgar but he was not a bad person or anything.

 “It takes a monster to know a monster”, a famous quote someone said. 

That was when I realized what I was and how horrible being negative really was. I decided to spend many months studying and practicing positivity. It wasn’t easy but meditation, exercise, healthy diet, having a pet, going outside more, making new friends, and completely erasing all negative thoughts for good. It worked but it wasn’t simple or quick, and no one taught me, I had to learn everything through the internet or books.

Today, I am a completely different person from 10 years ago and I can say without a doubt, being positive is so much better than being negative.

5.2 Reflecting on life

How you view your life each day can have a huge impact on your happiness. Imagine if I had spent that 10+ years being positive. Who knows what changes or how different I could have become, but I don’t regret my past because it defines and shaped who I am right now.

Wake up every morning and be thankful that you are alive, healthy, and richer than 90% of the world.

There is NO REASON TO BE NEGATIVE. It just makes things worse. Don’t look at your past or ponder on the bad things you’ve done. Instead, reflect on it and learn from it.

Everyone makes a mistake, it's the ones who keep on doing it without change are the ones bound to be doomed.

Take it from me, someone whose been on that dark side for over 10 years! I know what I’m talking about. I am always thankful for everything now, and I don’t need to chase happiness, why?

Key take away
Happiness has always been inside of me, I just never took the time and effort to let it out nor truly seek it. 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about how to be happy. I hope you’ve learned something from this. Please share and you can even use it on your own website or social media, just credit my website.

Please leave a comment and let others know. I enjoy reading and answering every comment and want to spread happiness and positivity to others. Please give us a good star rating; it really helps us out. (It lets Google rank us better on search engines so others like you are able to find us, Thank you!)

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