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how to become vegan

Why And How To Become Vegan. 7 Reasons And ZERO Excuses.

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If you wish to be vegan or even vegetarian then understanding and practicing these WILL help you indefinitely:

  • It is a healthier lifestyle, makes you look more beautiful, and you can live longer.
  • Helps fight cancer, illness, and diseases.
  • An animal is an animal no matter how cute and fluffy they are.
  • All animals have life and all life should have the right to live.
  • What is your reason or purpose to be vegan and sticking to that reason?

Why And How To Become Vegan. 7 Reasons And ZERO Excuses.

How to become vegan or even vegetarian, is a growing trend or lifestyle that is growing more popular with each passing years. So you’re curious about veganism or vegetarianism, but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you want to try something new in your life, or you’re just bored and have nothing better to do on this so call “internet”?

Allow me to show you how to become vegan backed by personal experiences, scientific studies, and many months of researching. Becoming a vegan can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 or as sophisticated as learning five new languages at once.

benefits of being vegan

Before you decide to transition to a vegan life or try this lifestyle, make sure you have your reasons as to why you want to be a vegan: that could be because you desire to transform your life to be healthier, you genuinely love animals and support veganism an/or both.

Below, I have created the seven most important reasons and powerful secrets in the most effective and quickest way on how to become vegan(backed by case studies and personal experience) that many other sites and writers forget to include or have no clue to what they are talking about.

1. For Health,Beauty, Happiness, And Longevity

2. Fights Cancer, Disease, And Illness

3. Wrong Upbringing

4. All Animals Have A Life 

5. Ways To Become A Vegan. It All Starts Within The Mind.

6. Cons About How To Become Vegan/Vegetarian

7. So What Now?

Allow me to give you a brief story as to why I became a vegan/vegetarian. I genuinely do care about animals, and their lives just like my own and I so badly had to change my health and lifestyle to live longer, happier, and be free from diseases, cancer, and the suffering that daily meat eating has brought me until now. (eating meat is fine, over-consumption is the problem) Which will ultimately lead me to a spiritual way of life because I strive to reach enlightenment eventually.

1. For Health,Beauty, Happiness, And Longevity

Who doesn’t want to live longer and healthier? Many of us just want to enjoy life to the fullest doing whatever and eating whatever. However, it is almost impossible to achieve this kind of dream with a mindset like such.

One does not really achieve true happiness. I call this pleasure, not happiness. Pleasure tends to last for a brief moment, and we can experience billions of pleasurable moments, but they’re not in a constant continuous state while happiness can last infinitely.

You are only experiencing pleasure through your taste bud. There is much more to life than just food as you will learn as you continue to read.

1.1 Health comes first, always

Scientist and researchers are finding out that a healthy vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is much, much, much healthier than that of any meat eaters or people who just eat anything that tastes good. Exercising and staying fit plays an important role too. A study conducted by UCL (1)has shown the amazing effects of eating 7+ portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

They saw that those who ate 7+ portions  (3 oz is a portion) of fruits and vegetables over many years decrease their chances of getting a disease or cancer by 42%.

That means, at any given time the average adult, let’s say 40+  years old has a 50% chance of getting any disease or cancer within their lifetime. However, those who ate the recommended fruit and veggies would only have an 8% chance. I’ll take those chances any day.

This study was done over a 13 year period with 65,000 participants.

Such large and extensive research back by time and numbers should be conceivable. If the study was done in two years with 5,000 participants, then I may not be a believer.  Just make sure the fruits and vegetables are fresh and raw and not canned or frozen in bags to get the most vitamins and nutrients for your body. (Some veggies may be  better cooked you can google the list)

meat eater vs vegetarian eater chart

*All credit, photo, and source goes to

1.2 For Beauty

What if I told you that you could look beautiful, slow down aging, and have flawless skin without visiting the doctors or salons or getting surgery? At first you would think it’s too good to be true but that’s precisely what it is.

Science and personal experience from 1000’s of vegans have proven itself over many times that fruits and vegetables are abundant in antioxidant which fight off free radicals. These bad guys damage your body internally and externally and caused by radiation from the sun and other things like tobacco smoking, restless nights, drinking, etc. Rich foods also age you gracefully and all the vitamins help keep your skin looking clear, smooth, and young. (Yes, even if you have had huge pimples, large scarring, and black head and whiteheads everywhere like me! I’ve had all those issues for over 14 years until I completely changed my diet.)

After becoming a vegan for only 2 weeks, I saw a change in my face, not a dramatic change since that could take up to a few months. Doctors and dermatologist who tell you that diet doesn’t play a role in your acne or your facial beauty are utterly wrong because if they knew you found out about the truth, then they would all go out of business. After all who’s going to pay for their 8-year Phd?

clear acne free face*(15-30 minutes of sunlight in the early morning or late evening is very healthy for your body and skin.)

1.3 Digestion problems

colon disease

Including acne and skin condition, depression, anxiety, gas, and weight gain. For more info, you can read this article (3) Most of which is actually undigested meat, gross!

Fruits and vegetables have so many nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that our bodies crave. Fruit and raw vegetable take 45 minutes or less to digest while meat can take up to 3 hours or more. Fruit and vegetables can be fully digested throughout your entire system within 18-24 hours, on the other hand; meat can take two to three days to digest fully.

Meat is made up of complex protein which our intestine is not meant to digest very well. We as a human being do not need carbohydrates or meat, ever! Don’t believe me, try it for a month and see if you’re still alive. (Actually, you’ll feel much more alive.)

Meat and carbs do play an important role but humans tend to eat those two food groups in excess. Moderation is the key to everything in life. 

1.4 Everything in life is your choice

For some, they choose to be vegan because of health reasons or because they do not support animal suffering or eating animals, but for me, I choose both, which is the better of both worlds.

If someone told you that you could live your life to the fullest, never get any illness or cancer, always be full of energy, happiness, never have to worry or stress BUT you must live as a healthy vegan/vegetarian.

The answer should be obvious. If you are suffering from numerous body and health issues but you’re not willing to give up meat and junk food then you have not learned that your body needs real food, which is fruit and vegetables. You wish to end your pain and suffering yet you’re not willing to pay the price so you will continue to be miserable, fatigue, and have body and health issues which will eventually lead to a slow and maybe painful death.

Becoming a vegan (or at least eat more fruit and veggies and cut excessive meat from your diet) will be extremely difficult because you can not let go of the taste of flesh and eating tasty food makes you happy, just for that short amount of time.

To achieve something greater, a price must be paid!

This was the best deal I’ve ever received in my life. The pros outweigh the cons by 100 to 1. Food is about the body (as in health, listen to what it says or it will show signs of defects and problems). Do you live to eat or eat to live? If you choose the latter, then good for you.

Key Take Away
Being vegetarian for health reason is the most ideal choice.

2. Fights Cancer, Disease, And Illness

Eating meat and junk food produces a ton of acid within your body.
Cancer thrives and lives within an acidic environment.

Research done by Otto Warburg, a noble prize winner (4) has shown that no cancer cells or cancer can live or survive in an alkaline body. Intermittent fasting also has amazing benefits and healing properties to the body that I recommend you try or look into. (5) Pay close attention to the next time you go to a funeral and someone has died because of cancer or illness.

How old were they, were they a healthy eater or ate whatever they like, and what was their lifestyle like? All this can be attributed to an early death (for me, early is under 80 years old) caused by cancer, disease, or an illness. My grandparents on both sides of my family were daily meat eaters and none of them may it pass the age of 72!

They were normal, not fat all at and pretty active yet their lifestyle of eating meat and whatever they wanted to lead to an early death. Many would say that they simply died of old age, which is quite the opposite. My whole family knew nothing about diet and health and they still don’t except for my twin brother. 

2.1 Alkaline vs Acidic body

Many research has been or is being conducted about the correlation between cancer and eating healthy.

There is a direct link that junk food, meat, and processed food increases the chance of cancer along with smoking, drinking, and pollution.
 They have found that eating diet rich in fruit and veg will ensure a body with no or minimal risk of cancer.

Alkaline is the enemy of cancer. If your body is full of alkaline instead of acid, you will not only feel better but live better. acidic body symptomsThese are just a few signs that one can identify if one has an acidic body.

(6) For a list of alkaline foods and start eating a least 5 portions of these foods every day.


I always strive to eat at least 2-3 servings of fruits and 3-5 serving of veggies every day.

For legal reasons I won’t say that it can cure cancer because the government doesn’t want the world to know that most cancer is curable, and I don’t want a bounty on my head. I still enjoy life just a little too much 🙂 I’ll leave it to the viewers to decide on their view about whether cancer is curable or not.

Key Take Away
An acidic body is literally slowly killing you even if you think you feel fine.

3. Wrong Upbringing (what you believe is right may be wrong)

Dogs, rabbits, horses, kangaroo, foxes, bears, fish, etc. What do all these animals have in common? They can both be pets or food, depending on where you live.

It still amazes me how some dog owners when they go to Asia see people eating dog and are disgusted but yet they eat chicken and beef as if nothing has ever happened. The hypocrisy is so apparent and dumbfound here, but the average American and Westerner have grown up eating fish, chicken, pork, and steak all their life while the average Asian eats dog once in a while, however, both worlds have dogs as pets.

Others argue that a dog is part of their family and they are smart but did you know that pigs are actually smarter than a dog. Pigs, cats, fish, foxes and any animal can be a part of our family too. They too have a family of your own and care for.

Doesn’t that mean that they also have a life? Animals eat other animals because of their environment and years of evolution. You don’t see a tiger peeling bananas or a shark putting dressing on salad?

Humans are the most intelligent ( not all of us tho 🙂 )  animal so we can eat whatever we like and do whatever we so please. Animals don’t have that privilege nor were they created to do the things that humans can. It really comes down to the individual and the amount of knowledge they understand and put into practice.

children loving animals

3.1 Backwards mentality

Another reason for this backward thinking is because of the environment and one’s upbringing. If you’re taught to do something for many years it becomes either a  habit or a custom, like eating meat for 30-40 years  but then when you see other  people eating something  that you’re not accustomed to, your mind switches to a state of confusion and is not used to such behaviors and you believe that eating dog is  wrong. (Eating salmon, tuna, and some other seafood is actually quite healthy. Pesco Vegetarians are the healthiest according to the above chart.)

Let me give you a simpler explanation. You write with your right hand but one day the teacher tells you to write with your left hand. What are you thinking right now? Well…that’s impossible.

No, it’s impossible because your mind and body have never done it and you already accepted defeat by saying it is impossible but if you train for years you will become accustomed to such practices. Eating meat has become the norm in your life and veganism seems strange or even taboo.

With practice and patience, you can change this thought of behavior. You don’t have to cut meat altogether but at least eat more fruit and veggies and less meat and make sure the meat is organic and the animals were raised peacefully and humanely. I have found that eating fruits and vegetables all the time and being out in nature with animals has really changed my diet and mind.

Key Take Away:

is eating animals wrong

4. All Animals Have A Life 

Dogs, cats, monkeys, dolphins, and many animals express feelings and emotions, maybe not on the same level as a human being. You can definitely see it in their eyes, body, and actions. If such creatures are able to express complex feelings and emotions, does that not also mean they too have a conscience which then means they have a life just like us humans?

You can see their pain, and suffering when pigs , cows, and chickens are getting ready for slaughter. They are in such shock that before they die, they release a bunch of acidic properties and chemicals all over their body so when you cook and eat this, you are literally eating their acidic properties into your system.

4.1 You make the ultimatum 

animals have lives like us
*animals have families and lives like us human

This goes on to another moral standing. Some religions say eating animals is perfectly fine but others say it is wrong or consumed at a very minimum but what does YOUR religion say about taking a life (not including self-defense)?

This is the EXACT definition of life “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

Before the age of electricity and telephones, people had no choice but to hunt and kill for food. Humans were and still are consider the top of the food chain. We eat anything and everything below us.

We are the masters of this world. Today, we have tons of foods and drinks abundant in vitamin, minerals, fats, protein, etc. for the human body. There is no excuse to eat animals, ok let me rephrase that to make it more gentle.

There such be no excuse to kill and butcher animals in an inhumane way and eating them on a daily basis.

We just like the taste and texture of meat (9). If we kill animals, is it not murder? But the law doesn’t forbid animal killing. So the law is your god? I’ll let you be your own judge on this one.

Key Take Away
What matters most is that you are aware of your actions and how you raise and kill the animal for food in the least painful way.

5. Ways To Become A Vegan. It All Starts Within The Mind.  

It takes years of hardship and self-control to become vegan. Whether you believe that or not, that is entirely up to you but I became a vegan/vegetarian within weeks and you can too. This was after telling myself that I would be a vegan in the next 5-10 year!

Have you try meditating before. It is powerful and life-changing. This article will really help you out on how meditating works and why it works. Meditation was the biggest aid in my quest to vegetarianism (7)

5.1 Practice makes perfect

How to become vegan/vegetarian literally starts within your mind. In order to master something, you have to be committed and have patience. A karate master takes years to become a master, the same way a person becomes a vegan unless his/her family is vegan and he/she was born being a vegan because their family were already vegans.

You must learn how the mind, body, and spirit work in order to achieve great understand and self-discipline. 
For me I’ve always had the fiercest desire to know about how life works, why we are here, why do humans die, etc. Those are some of the questions that eventually made me a vegetarian within a few weeks.

After finding out the answers to all my questions. It made me more aware of myself, all aspects of life on this earth, and the life beyond this world.

you can do anything you set your mind to
*You can do anything you set your mind to.

5.2 The mind, body, and spirit

When your body is healthy it is that much easier for the mind to work in harmony with the body because the body and mind are one. Once you have achieved harmonization and synced your mind and body as one, it is easier to control the spiritual side. The spiritual side is actually quite long and EXTREMELY difficult to achieve.

Becoming a vegan is a must if you want to awaken your spiritual side. As you can see, becoming a vegan is a walk in the park compare to awakening your spiritual side. If your mind and body are working together properly you can achieve great self-control, great discipline, and be able to control your actions and thoughts immediately.

I am far away from mastering my mind but I have found that this was the easiest and quickest route to being vegan because as you already know, it’s truly painful to give up something that has been a part of your life for many years. Once you are able to control your mind you can do anything you want. 

5.3 More options and research on how to become vegan

Other people may need a different wake-up call or more information. You can watch many videos about the meat industry and how your food is made (Study shows that over 71% of the people will still eat meat because it taste good), how animals are treated before they die, how companies make billions of dollars slaughtering BILLIONS of animals yearly (10) while using cute and innocent commercials with kids and happy families. There are so many ways to be a vegan.

Key Take Away
Maybe none of this matters to you but if you truly want to be vegan, then you need a reason, stick with it, and believe it wholeheartedly. 

6. Cons About How To Become Vegan/Vegetarian

bad things about vegan*The best things in life come with consequences
  • Some vegan health food are dangerously bad for your health even though they are label as “healthy” foods. That includes but not limited to soy products, vegetable oil, palm oil, salt, caffeine, simple carbs, wheat, peanuts.
  • Food choices and options is cut by a huge percentage if you are a raw plant-based vegan and almost 25-35% if you are vegetarian.
  • It’s expensive as heck. A pound of chicken is on average $2-5 and beef $4-11. A pound of fruit is about $4-10 and veggies $2-6 BUT you become hungry again and again and again.
  • You need to eat a lot in order to sustain your energy levels, especially for bodybuilding or intense exercises.
  • DON’T MAKE VEGANISM A CULT OR A CRAZY FAD! It’s really amazing for health, body, and mind but don’t let it take control of your daily life.
  • Many vegans eat like crap. Fried foods, sweets, caffeine, simple carbs, etc. I mean who doesn’t want to eat delicious food especially when meat is out of the question.
  • Many quit after a few weeks, month, or years. Going vegan/vegetarian can be one of the most challenging things anyone has ever done, however it can be one of the most rewarding.
  • Hard for travelers like me to find vegan places or grocery stores. That means I have to constantly run to the grocery store every 4-6 days to replenish on raw fruits and veggies otherwise they will rot even in the refrigerator.
  • You must cut out on a lot of food choices assuming you have to eat healthy not just a vegan diet.
  • You lack some vitamin and minerals like zinc, B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iron, and protein.
  • Social life and going out won’t be the same since most or all your family and friends are carnivores. Food has a huge impact on social life.

7. So What Now?

As you have already known, there is no pills, program, course, or anything that can magically make you vegan overnight. Before I left to travel the world, I was already eating 7-9 portions of fruit and vegetables every day while eating meat and drinking dairy and animal products. You must slowly and immediately start incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Your body will get used to the new food and overtime you won’t want to eat meat, junk, or processed food anymore.

7.1 Patience is a virtue

Give your body at least one month to let it understand that you’re going through a new change. If you eat 3 pounds of meat a week, then the next week eat 1.5 pounds, then the 3rd week eat .75 pounds and so on until you have completely eliminated meat from your diet.

Take your time and have patience.

A year trying to be vegan (eating meat and animal product here and there) and succeeding is better than giving up after a month. Do not immediately go thinking you can be vegan in an instant because I can almost promise you within a few days to a few weeks you will go back to eating meat.

try new things
*Try new things, you may like it

7.2 Try new things, you may like it

Maybe going vegan is not the best idea but try being a vegetarian first. It’s easier and eventually, you can work your way to veganism if you so desire.

If you are curious about being vegan for health reason as opposed to animal rights, then maybe include very little meat in your diet (3 oz a day). Just make sure is it 100% grass-fed cows or bison. Free-range, cruelty-free, organic raised chicken.

Same goes for lamb, but not goats (Stay away from pork and sausages/hot dogs). Some seafood like oysters, clams, and some shellfish have minerals that are vital to health. Salmon and other fishes along with a few eggs a week is actually super healthy.

If veganism is impossible for you, maybe a pescetarian-vegetarian life is better (someone that eats fish and seafood but no meat from land animals, although there is a debate going on about this since vegetarians can’t consume any living animals at all, I’ll let you decide. Also, a pesco vegetarian diet is actually the healthiest way lifestyle).


66 days to change the body


7.3 Way of life

How to become vegan is not just about eating, it is a way of life! Not sure where life is taking you, always having random anxiety or stress attacks, can’t seem to fix your health problems even after spending a fortune and wasting useless hours with your doctor, can’t find that ONE thing that will change your life,  and/or negative energy and thoughts taking over your life?

TRY GOING VEGAN/VEGETARIAN or don’t eat meat daily! Just for 66 days (It takes the body/mind 66 days to form and adapt to new habits).

Will you sacrifice 66 days so that the rest of your life is changed for the better?
Key Take Away
If in 66 days a vegan diet does not improve your life, then maybe you just need to improve your mind. (When the body and mind work harmoniously as one, you will feel amazing every day and do anything you want.) How to become vegan is everywhere today.

Thank you

Did this post on how to become vegan make you want to bvegan? There’s a 91% chance of that being a big fat no, but a 99% chance that I have sparked and fueled your curiosity. Thank you for taking your time on reading this article about how to become vegan even if you got nothing out of this 🙂

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