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how to calm anxiety

How To Calm Anxiety | Stop Torturing Yourself, Start Living

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Anxiety, everyone’s worst friend. No matter how much you hate them, they’re always following or even beside you without you realizing it. Let me show you how to calm anxiety for good.

Living with anxiety can be depressing, however, living with anxiety for 9-10 years can be miserable. That was me. A first-hand sufferer of anxiety for almost 10 years.

I’ve been freed from these chains, yet just less than 300 days ago anxiety consumed my existence. Aren’t you tired of this sh1t? I mean, existing in itself is hard enough but having to deal with added anxiety can make your life a living hell, literally.

Worry no more. This practical guide is exactly how I was able to banish anxiety back to oblivion, where it belongs. This advice may not cure everyone, but most of you will benefit from this guideline. Follow along carefully because lives will be changed today!

A) 85% Of Worries Never Come To Pass


Did you know that at least 85%, maybe even more of the things you worry about NEVER happen! You can’t tell me that’s a lie. How many restless nights and wasted days have your thoughts occupied you? Too many to count. Now, how many of those thoughts have actually come to pass? 1/10, maybe.

You see, stress causes more stress. Useless anxiety causes more happiness and pleasure. No, it creates more useless anxiety. You have children to take care of. You have a project that needs to be met. You have to provide food and water for your family. Blah times 999. Who doesn’t have those things? Remember, no matter how rich or famous you are, we all have our own problems to deal with on a daily basis.

Do you suffer from insomnia? I sure did, for almost 15 years. Thinking about useless sh1t throughout the day was bad enough then having to think for hours upon hours as one tries to slumber can be miserable. It literally ruins the next day even though the new sun hasn’t risen yet.

So what exactly did I do about this? Well first, let me explain that my mom, both biologically and adoptive were anxious beings. Maybe that’s where I got it from, or perhaps it’s hereditary. Anyways, I realize that as each day flew by; I was getting older, but my anxiety was still the same. It didn’t make any sense.

All these years, millions maybe even billions (I kid you not) of these useless, depressing, hating, unhealthy, and life-consuming thoughts that was living inside my mind were not going to cease to exist. So I literally just said, “F** It!”.

Yeah, I know. I’m getting older, unhealthy, and more anxious yet my anxiety isn’t going away. Nothing really changed. My job was the same, my friends were the same, where I lived was the same. Do you see what I am trying to paint for you?

Just look back at all those wasted years due to useless anxiety. I stopped worrying and being anxious. 10 years was damn long enough. Can you fathom another 10 years or even the rest of your life as such?

85% of the things we worry about never happen. As for me, it was like 99%.

No more. I was done with this crap. We all have a choice. You love coke or steak because that’s your preference. You may like fast cars or salty foods, and that is your choice.

I choose to stop being anxious because 99% of it never happened anyways.

So far, I’m pretty pleased and happy with myself and life. You can too!

B) Anxiety Can Cause Health Issues

how to overcome anxiety

Stress is usually a bad thing, but it can also be a good thing. Happiness can be a stress. Stress, “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Now let’s look at the bad stress or unhealthy stress.

*Computing calculation and research…

According to Psycom, anxiety is triggered by stress. That means for anxiety to arise, one must stress out first. But we aren’t talking about anticipation for a promotion or winning 1st place or the likes. This stress is healthy and pleasant. We are talking about everyday stress, which can be deadly. Sure, it won’t kill you immediately but years over years it surely can.

Eating Mcdonalds isn’t going to kill you but eating there every day can. That’s how one of my Tae Kwon Do instructor’s father died. No BS. Stress kills you in precisely the same way, with time of course.

Based on facts and studies from, stress can indeed be lethal. People, I don’t make this stuff up nor do I have the time and want too. I mean, who really goes out there just to write a 3000-word article on lies? But before it kills you, stress can do some nasty things to your body and health. This includes:

  • breakouts
  • having a hard time taking a dump
  • gain weight
  • effect memory
  • lose hair and even turn it gray
  • effect the reproductive system
  • make you tire
So don't worry, be happy. (Say that 50x and see how you feel)

I know it sucks because all these years you’ve been stressing out and anxious without a clue of it being harmful to your well being. Well, now you have a good reason to stop being anxious. I mean, if you want to continue worrying and cause more health issue to arise which leads to more anxiety which will eventually lead to death. Sounds f***ing miserable and a waste of precious life.

So do yourself a favor. Start worrying about your well being, happiness, and health and stop worrying about whether Trump is going to win his 2nd term or if China is going to invade the US. None of that matter because it probably won’t happen, EVER!

A life worth living is a life without stress and anxiety!

C) Execution Is The Key To Everything

how to deal with anxiety

This tip can be helpful depending on the user. If you’re lazy or despise long working hours, then you should pay close attention.

Anxiety doesn't care if you're poor or rich. Everyone has anxiety or deals with it daily.

Which type of people has more anxiety, the rich or the poor? Cambridge Institute of Health studies stated that 60% of women that are anxious tend to be on the poor side compared to their wealthy counterparts. As for men, there was no correlation since men use drugs or alcohol to deal with anxiety.

You have bills to be paid. Your house may foreclose, or car may get repo. You can never afford the fancy life. All this can be solved with work. However, hard work can only get one so far. If working hard meant everything then those in the military and even janitors would be the wealthiest people on earth, but that is not the case, and it never will be.

Learn how to educate yourself and work smart. This isn’t 1566 anymore. Each year will only get more competitive, and inflation will rise.

I can bet $1b or even my life that money can solve most of what you are anxious about.

Am I right or am I correct? If you really want it, you will find a way. Unless you are somehow disabled, then there is no excuse. Some of the poorest people gave rise to the rank of super wealthy elites. If they can do it, you can too!


What if I told you there was another way?

These are just some of the thing you should include in your life to calm anxiety or even eliminate it in its entirety. I practice all those things above so you can take my words as the truth. Anxiety is an epidemic issue not just here in the US but worldwide.

We have so many things to do each day yet we barely ever take the time to solve our problems. Is it not better to sacrifice 1 week or even 2 to better yourself, or would you prefer to exist in an endless cycle of suffering and misery?

Having a big house, fast car, expensive meal, top-grade liquor, a bag of weed, night out with the boys, and so on can wait. Your health should be the utmost important thing in this world. Why? Because a healthy body is usually a healthy mind. A healthy being can do far more and endure more than one who is not.

So the lesson is, take some time away from your fun and other non-work related essentials and start bettering yourself. Even since I’ve started lifting weight, I’ve become obsessed with getting a healthy body and mind. Not to mention, working out is one of the top ways to overcome anxiety. One thing may not be enough, you may have to incorporate many things, but at least you’re not worrying about useless sh1t anymore.

Keep your mind busy by keeping your body active. Also, learn to meditate. It is the gateway to everything and will solve any problems you have. Have you realized anything yet?

All of which I have explained is execution. Sitting down or walking around the house without a purpose will lead to just that. However, when one is focus in their work, trying to improve themselves, and living their life to the fullest. Then anxiety becomes a thing of the past. Trust me, you’ll be so occupied and enjoying life, you’ll probably forget the feeling of anxiety.

D) Enjoy Nature, And What Earth Has To Offer

how to get rid of anxiety

Here’s another one for you, another one! Does sunshine correlate with happiness? Yeah, you bet the hell it does. Here are evidence and studies to back it up. People used to worship the Sun, even today the Sun is still worship. You can believe in your religion and faith, but without our Sun, life, and Earth itself would be nothing but dust right now. You can’t argue with science, especially when it has been researched and backed by many calculations and technology.

Does the sight of bright, luscious, tall grass make you orgasm? It should, just a little. Waking up to a ray of sunshine on my face, wind blowing my hair as I watch the sunrise along with green grassing dancing around me. This is life, this is what happiness tastes like. I’ll take this over a nice, expensive cup of coffee (even if it’s free), any day.

It is in our DNA since the creation of man. We are mammals, are mammals not animals? The ocean, Sun, grass, forest, wildlife, wind, and all the forces and nature of earth; have we not conquered them all or at least use them for our own pleasure and advantages?

Why do you think prisons are depressing and a faith worse than death? If you put all those inmates in a field of green grass or on an island in the middle of the bright blue sea; then surely those prisoners will never want to leave even if you force them too.

Here are the benefits of nature and why we humans REQUIRE it:

  • Gives children a sense of imagination.
  • Makes us all feel equal.
  • Connects us spiritually.
  • Gives us a sense of relaxation and comfort.
  • Teaches us about the circle of life and death.
  • Being outdoors is healthy.
  • Provides us with the necessities like food, water, shelter, warmth.
Try living in a big closet for a year and never venture the outdoors. This is a sure way to become miserable and suicidal.

Even Google has many work-spaces right in the middle of nature. Plants and flowers have so many benefits and can produce productivity by 40%. If you ever feel super depress or suicidal just put some plants and flowers in your home or try gardening.

The sight, smell, and even touch of nature can change the tune of your day or at least brighten it up. So the next time you’re feeling anxious or worry about something that’s never going to happen, just go outside and feel the love of mother nature as she embraces her warmth around your body and soul.

E) To Exist Or To Live?

Existing requires no effort or skills. Sadly, 95% of us are doing just that.

Living. Depending on whether you want to live a good life or live life to the fullest; well that all depends on you and how you perceive things. I’m a minimalist and high on life, so I don’t require money, fancy cars, or saliva dripping foods to satisfy me. However, if you fancy a 5000 sqft house, a 1200HP vehicle, or even the most exquisite wine; then be prepared to work like hell. But hey, if that makes you happy and feel alive, then go for it.

Now, let’s pretend you’re a minimalist or even a filthy rich person with anxiety. So does it really matter what you have or don’t have if you can’t even enjoy it? I can’t say attitude is everything, but it surely helps in ways you can’t even imagine.

This is a real-life example I’m going to share with you. After leaving the military and working every day for 5 years with my uncle, I have come to realize that it isn’t about money, work, friends, fun, or anything really. It’s all about how you perceive things.

I used to eat to live. Drink to cope with my loneliness and boredom. Smoke weed to escape reality. Played and watched thousands of TV and video-games. And I still had to deal with anxiety every day. WTF? I was living or at least enjoying my life, but this demon was still dwelling within me.

So what did I try next? Change.

Change can be the greatest thing or the worst.

Fortunately for me, it was the greatest thing. I’ve learned to live to eat. Pretty much stop drinking unless a friend or family member offers it or it’s a special occasion. Can’t smoke weed since I travel and most places I go to ban any drug use. I watch TV sometimes but no video-games since that wastes so much time. And all without anxiety.

Yeah, as you can see.

Maybe the very things that you do every single day are the root cause of your anxiety.

I’m not you but let’s just say eliminate or change half of the things you do on a daily basis. Just make sure it is for the better or healthier. So an example would be:

  • If you don’t exercise, then start.
  • You eat a little bit of fruit or veggies then start eating more.
  • If you don’t drink then drink in moderation. (Drinking in moderation is healthy)
  • If you go to bed at midnight, then try going to bed at 10pm.
  • Instead of watching 4 hours of TV a day, maybe use 2 hours to walk or engage in some activity.
  • And better yourself mentality and physical.

Don’t be stupid and do things that aren’t beneficial or healthy. An example would be drinking more, eating more junk food, staying inside 24/7, and so on. Change your habits and routines and after a few weeks how do you feel?

Do what makes you happy, feel alive, and beg for tomorrow. Or maybe it’s not what you are doing but the way you think. $1,000,000 may change your life, but for others it means nothing.

My final message for you is this. Anxiety exist, and for some, it can be harder to deal with while others choose not to let anxiety affect their lives. Dealing with anxiety for 10 years cause me mental and health problems. If you truly want change, then you will find a way. If you’re just going to complain and makes excuses on why you can’t overcome anxiety, then that is exactly what you have chosen for yourself. So don’t blame anyone but yourself if you keep living with anxiety because you decide not to help yourself or even try.

Your God or even life itself didn’t decide to one day just put you on this planet so you can suffer and die a pitiful death. You have to do everything for yourself. Glory and triumph don’t come easy, but it sure as hell is worth it. Even at the cost of death! So stop F***ing existing and start living. Tomorrow is the greatest gift, yet for the 150,000 it never comes. (on average 150,000 people die a day!) Stop waiting, seize the moment, and live for the glory.

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” ― Takeshi Shudo


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