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how to deal with depression

How To Deal With Depression Beat Depression Today In 4 Ways

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How to deal with depression, is a question that millions have to deal with not on a day to day basis but every waking moment of their lives. As the night falls, only misery and agony consume their thoughts. For you know that sleep only brings forth a new day of bitterness and sorrow. One which I have tasted for too long.

But why? Why do you wish to live like such until your existence is no more and suicide is the cheapest and last answer or will you take a leap of faith and regain control of what was once rightfully yours? The life of happiness, liberty, and the pursuit of all dreams.

How To Deal With Depression Beat Depression Today In 4 Ways

how to deal with depression
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(I’ve dealt with depression for about 4 years, so this article will contain a few personal experiences of mine.) Depression sucks, I mean big time. Depression was my master and I, its pitiful, scumbag slave. No matter how many battles are fought, winning the war is all that matters, as such I did.

Nothing matter and even if it did, I gave it little care because my heart was as cold as the far out of space. Those 4 years were without a doubt, one of the worst time that I had endured. Those moments, what felt like eons, but the fact was, in only 4 years time I was able to escape from such misery.

In this guide, we will highlight 4 important topics concerning how to deal with depression:

1. The origin of depression.

2. Why depression leads to confusion or even worse.

3. How to confront and deal with depression.

4. What you must do to enjoy and appreciate life once again.

1. The Origin of Depression says that scientist believe depression is a brain disorder. It comes in many forms and dwells within each of us if we let it, knowingly or not. Losing a loved one or being away from them, loneliness, physical appearance, having a disability or deformity, overworked, living with someone you don’t like, being bullied, fear of losing your job or possessions, and the likes are generally the leading causes of depression. states that depression is an illness, which seems to have its origin since the creation of time. When one is lonely, and the company of others is not an option, then the only thing left is an empty mind. An empty mind that can be filled with thoughts: thoughts of never finding a friend, being alone forever, fear of rejection, so avoidance is the most apparent answer, etc.

Which only begets more misery and depression. When one misses someone (especially one who has died), one yearns for that person’s presence, daily. Nothing can fill the void but memories, but memories are intangible thoughts that can only bring so much joy before one realizes no amount of thoughts can be compared to the actual physical presence of a loved one.

Life was just as hard as it is today if not more. How do I know? Because today we can buy food all in one place, go from point A to B in minutes, sleep in cold A/C rooms, and have nice hot showers. These luxuries which people take for advantage today didn’t exist until about 100 years ago, at most.

After so many quality years of being around people and experiencing life in general, I have concluded that as more materialistic things and greed are created by humankind so is the same amount of depression and other miseries. The result is of equal proportion.

If you are content with nothing, then you are without a doubt the happiest person, but in today’s time those are the rare and wise!

My point is as soon as we realize something negative about ourselves or our situation, we let 3 things happen to us:

  1. We let that problem affect us daily, or for however many years we let it affect us.
  2. We may ponder on the thought for a while and let it spontaneously fly away and move on.
  3. We can use it to our advantage and do what we must to move on and enjoy what we can out of life.

This is why being positive is not an option but a necessityThe bigger the problem, the more misery it produces once we let it affect us. Being negative about the situation only worsens it and extends its time. Of course, some of us don’t realize that, and only the very few do.

2. Why Depression Leads to Confusion or Even Worse

The reality is that people choose to let depression affect them voluntarily.

There is a choice in life for everything and how you deal with those choices can have a good or bad impact on your life.

Only education, knowledge, and real-life experiences can help you deal with such problems like this. Depression is a critical topic and can absolutely affect one’s life to the core of existence, meaning suicide is truly the only way out! It is human nature for us to grief over a loved one or shed tears when one is emotionally, physically, or mentally hurt.

The main issues lies in duration. As the time is extended so is the chances of being depressed. It may be difficult but the moment something bad happens, deal with it and move on. (We cover more about this below) About 1 million people in the US try to commit suicide annually and another 1 million succeed in suicide annually.

What could possibly be worse than suicide... living with depression every day until your last breath!

Depression hinders us from living life to the fullest extent. It really can and will affect everything we do in life. Trying to succeed at our job or hobbies, taking care of families, communicating with coworkers or friends, and even simple things like eating and drinking bring no meanings or enjoyment anymore.

Depression is a toxic smoke that makes existing (not living) your primary objective until suicide takes over. You see, you have to give 100% to everything that you do, physically and mentally. With depression clouding your judgment, you may not even give 30% effort, and no one wants a 30% effort for anything.

I would instead work with or hire someone that’s lazy and half asses everything as oppose to someone who’s depressed and hasn’t figure out how to regain control of their life. Have you had moments when you were just so fed up and couldn’t take it anymore and you either started saying or doing something which you later ended up regretting?

Well, imagine being downed and feeling blue to the deepest depths that one can image, there is where your ultimatum lies. says that suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people. A common illness that ought to be treated asap.

3. How To Confront And Deal With Depression

Online (cyber), and school bullying is getting quite serious, and the victims don’t even confront their friends or families for help. About 30% of kids 6-12th grade are bullied, and only 20-30% confront adults about bullying. You can’t solve all problems by yourself, especially if you’re not even an adult.

Teenagers believe they are powerful and can handle everything themselves, I know because not too long ago I once was a teenager. I never spoke to my parents about any of my issues because, well.. I believe they were the cause of it (some). My mom was super strict, she didn’t put up with any BS, never repeated the same thing twice, and all her words were absolute.

No one wanted to make enemies with her. I had a very limited childhood. (This is all the past and none of it matters now)

The issue here is that when we have problems, we want to deal with it ourselves because we either don’t want to get others involve or we believe that they don’t care about our problems. suggest that if one has depression they should reach out to others for support. If you have a close friend or even one person you know, reach out to them and see what they say. Friends really are like family, at least true friends are. If they try to help you then you know they are genuine and good at heart, if not then don’t bother with them and ask another person.

Talking about your problems to a group can help tremendously.

That’s why they are there if not they wouldn’t exist, plus it’s free so may as well give it a try. See if there are local groups or even online groups that deal with whatever issue you are currently facing.

I always say communication is one of the most vital aspects to humanity. 

One time (maybe a few times) I had to attend anonymous alcoholic meetings every Wednesday for a few months because I got a DUI, speeding 95 in a 65mph highway. There were people there that drink 6 beers a day (I drink 1-2 beers a week) and they were some of the nicest people I meet. They had a problem and they were determined to fix it and help others out, instead of drinking more they actually got up and said “enough is enough”.

Nothing in life is permanent.

You can’t be afraid to do things especially if they are meant to help you. Maybe you will meet a new friend, the love of your life, or maybe even better; having your problem solved and done with. I had extreme depression at one point but since I graduated HS, I haven’t really ever felt depressed, sometimes confuse and anxious about where life is taking me.

Anyways, here are some key things you have to practice or do if you are currently dealing with depression. Go outside and get some sunlight! Sunlight gives you energy, makes you awake, makes you happy, and is scientifically proven to reduce depression.

Stop thinking about your problems all the time.

Everything is temporary. Everything in this universe is made out of energy, so if you give all your time and energy on focusing on your problems, then your main energy will be your problems.

Meditate because it has been practiced for thousands of years and it will help you to control your thoughts. Meditation is so f-ing powerful and effective, you must practice meditation if you want to end your problems.

Exercising releases stress and makes you feel good. We used to hunt, fish, farm, and gather food which was exhausting as it was. Today everything comes prepackaged and ready to eat in minutes. Exercising will help you focus less on your depression and is known to make you feel good along with 100 other benefits.

Practice positivity. Sure, it may seem impossible because the moment you thought it was impossible, it was impossible. The mind works in great ways, and your thoughts become your powers.  Just by thinking about it, you’ve already won or lost half the battle.

So try, try to practice positivity and see what happens.

You’ve been through so much, and your mind is clouded with confusion, depression, grief, and hopelessness. Plant new thoughts and let those positive thoughts grow into a garden of positivity.

After a few months, things will be better, I promise, but you have to believe it will, and the best proof is through actions and thoughts.

4. What To Do To Enjoy And Appreciate Life Once Again

We were brought here on earth as a human being without choice. Life has 2 purposes; to create and end it, that’s it.

What you choose to do with is it entirely up to you and you alone. If you want to sleep with 100 girls a week, eat all the donuts in DD, impact the lives of others for a greater purpose, do nothing and wither away, cause misery to others, and the likes; then go for it. The only thing or person stopping you is… well you. (at least in 1st and some 2nd world country)

For 13 years, 13 years I was an extremely pessimistic person, and nothing was going to change that.

 Until enough was enough. 

Seriously, my family, friends, and coworkers could see it. Even I could see the monster that I have manifested into. Nothing good happens; I was getting nowhere in life; there was no goal or direction.

I had to change, I wanted to change, and I did. The most influential and top 1% of the people in this world have a few things that make them stand out from the rest of us. I hope these give you some motivation and inspire you to change.

  1. They don’t give up. If you never give up, the chances of you reaching your goal are almost 100%. Only death is stopping you really.
  2.  They work long and enduring hours. Dreams aren’t just empty thoughts. If you want to make it happen then you must put in the hours. Amazon has almost 600,000 employees. The wealthiest man in the world couldn’t do that all by himself!
  3. They are patient. Ordinary people want quick fixes and answers to everything, now. They live for the moment and nothing else. The top 1% know that everything takes time. The universe is 14 billion years old, is 10 years too long for you?
  4. They stay positive. World War II was a rough time, 80 million people died. But life goes on and if you let the bad times and things get to you, then you are wasting your life being entangled by mere thoughts and illusions.
  5. You, you are what matters the most. You have one body, one life and how you treat and do your body is how it will treat and do you. If you live your best life, love yourself, and take care of your body physically and mentally, then nothing will stand in your way.
You don't have to be the 1% but personally for me, I want to be the best or #1 in everything I do.

That gives me a reason to live.

Not all dreams and goals are reachable, and some people never reach their goals, but the fact is that they set goals which keeps them alive and motivated is all that matters.

We can only do so much as an insignificant being in this Universe, but as long as it matters to us, then that’s all that matters.

Life may be short, but it’s the longest dam(n) thing I will ever experience I am going to make sure I enjoy and live every f-ing moment until my eyes close for the final time.

Again, you have 2 choices in life. Choose wisely because at the end of the day, do you want to be remembered how you died, or how you lived?


Every life is worth living because who knows, maybe you can change the course of history if you just go on and live.

“If you save one person, you save everyone” – Aunt May, Spiderman.

I’m not going to hope, but I am telling you to have a great day and to live your life! If you can’t do it for anyone, then do it for yourself. You are allow to share and even use any of my articles/blogs in your own social media or sites, please credit me, thank you for your time on reading, how to deal with depression. You can support us by commenting on this article and give us a good star rating, we appreciate truly it.

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