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how to deal with stress

How To Deal With Stress Need A Quick Fix Try These 77 Ways

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How to deal with stress, why does such a thing even exist?

How one deals with stress on a day to day basis can make or break their day.

Are you willing to do anything, even if that means using unorthodox or shocking ways to reduce or eliminate stress?

We have 77 proven methods are that 100% guaranteed to work or at least reduce stress.

  1. Eat something you like
  2. Punch or hit something
  3. Drink cold beverages
  4. Meditate
  5. Use this 4x4x4 breathing technique
  6. Drink something alcoholic
  7. Talk to someone
  8. Work out
  9. Have Sex
  10. Smoke a cigarette/cigar
  11. Listen to music
  12. Take a nap
  13. Play with your pet
  14. Watch a movie
  15. Help people
  16. Change your mindset
  17. Get some sunlight
  18. Dance
  19. Masturbate
  20. Smoke cannabis
  21. Limit caffeine
  22. Play games or video-games
  23. Eat healthy
  24. Eat ice-cream
  25. Take a walk
  26. Get a massage or spa
  27. Write it down
  28. Be positive
  29. Be appreciative
  30. Scented candle
  31. Yoga, tai chi, qi gong
  32. Drink tea
  33. Chew gum
  34. Hug someone, anyone
  35. Kissing
  36. Visualization
  37. Laughing
  38. Consume honey
  39. Watch cute animals
  40. Try stress balls
  41. Stretching
  42. Go to sleep
  43. Take a whiff of coffee
  44. Be around people
  45. Get more oxygen
  46. Shower/Bath/Swim
  47. Compliment yourself
  48. Read a book
  49. Crying
  50. SCREAM/let it out
  51. Forgive but don’t forget
  52. Drink water
  53. Eat dark chocolate
  54. Don’t multi-task
  55. Reflexology (foot therapy)
  56. Be around plants
  57. Plant a garden
  58. These foods reduce stress
  59. These food increase stress
  60. Vitamin C
  61. Doodling
  62. Magnesium
  63. Singing
  64. Eat small meals
  65. No tight clothing
  66. Be around positive people/areas
  67. Take your time
  68. Paint/draw
  69. Massage your ears
  70. pressure point 
  71. Stand more
  72. lie down or on a hammock
  73. Play an instrument
  74. Give 5-10 minutes to yourself
  75. Be organized
  76. Crosswords or puzzle
  77. Smell flowers

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How To Deal With Stress Need A Quick Fix Try These 77 Ways

Eat Something You Like:

If you’re craving that 99 piece KFC bucket, then go for it. Eating your favorite foods or snack is a sure way to reduce stress and make it last. Tasty foods can reduce stress because it gives us pleasure just like having sex and other things. But watch out in the long run, it can have a huge impact on your health.

Punch or Hit Something:

Put on some gloves or foot pads and just have it your way. Beat the living $#!t out of that person that who’ve always hated square in the face, I mean the punching bag. Hitting things relieve muscle tensions that build up over time. So swing away!

Drink Cold Beverages:

Cold drinks can relax your tight muscles and help lower blood pressure plus each 16 ounces of cold water burns 17 calories.  So don’t be afraid to add 3 or 300 ice cubes to your drinks.


Well, meditating is a quick fix only after you know how properly meditate. Meditation has unlimit benefits, reducing stress is only the tip of the iceberg. Meditation is free and one of the best way to reduce stress not only quickly but effectively and indefinitely.

Use The 4x4x4 Breathing Technique:

Breathe in slowly with your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, exhale slowly out of your mouth for 4 seconds, repeat this process 4 times. Trust me this technique works wonders. This will clear your mind, unclutter those useless and stressful thoughts, and relax you like a baby.

Drink Something Alcoholic:

If you’re an alcoholic, then you may want to reduce your intake because your tolerance level is way too high. I mean you need more and more to feel the buzz as compare to someone like me that can get a buzz off 1 can, you may need 6! Alcohol is a great way to reduce stress, tension, pain, bad feelings, and so on. Just don’t get hook on it or depend on it. It’s a sedative and depressant which affects the central nervous system.

Talk To Someone:

Communication is vital to not just humans but life itself. Expressing and letting out your problems through oral communication can really and effectively lower your stress. It can make one feel better and even relaxed. Sometimes the best medication is a quick communication.

Work Out:

Duh! Stress stays in your body unless you have a way to release it. Working out is one of the best ways to deal with stress quickly and forever, as long as you don’t stop. Working out has over 100 benefits alone so if that doesn’t motivate you then I’m not sure what will. Working out releases endorphins, feel-good feelings that feels good!

Have Sex:

I think this one is obvious; you can “google” it! Do it whenever you want. It not only relieves stress but sex is so healthy and beneficial to practically everything. It’s part of life what more can we say?

Smoke A Cigarette/Cigar:

I know, you’re thinking I’m insane for recommending this. Try a cigar then. Believe it or not, I can smoke cigarettes at will. This year alone I smoked only 2 packs of cigarette, the average person smokes about that much in 2 days! (let’s just say I control my mind, and I practice meditation daily) Cigarette affects the brain, gives you a little buzz, and can calm you down a bit, of course daily smokers know this, that’s why they do it! Try cigars if you want they aren’t addicting. DON’T EVER TRY OR SMOKE cigarettes if you have never done so. NEVER EVER TRY CIGARETTES. It took me a while to control this habit; you will falter, believe me! It releases dopamine which in turn gives off this short pleasurable effect.

Listen To Music:

Who doesn’t listen to music? It’s part of human life and everyday function. Each type of music can produce a different type of effect. Not all music is created or gives off the same feeling. You know which type makes you happy and calm. Listen to it daily, music is good, music is life. Music is linked to our emotions, that is why it is able to affect us so much.

Take A Nap:

What’s the best way to deal with a problem? Forget about it! Nah, that will only make it worse. Taking a nap has a vast amount of benefits. Not only with it recharge your body, mind but can help one focus clearer, reduce stress, get more work done, make one feel happy, etc. Take a nap whenever you need it, no more than 20 minutes though. Studies show that napping is extremely effective.

Play With Your Pet:

Your pet is your family, treat them like a being, not an animal. Pets give us joy and often times meaning to our lives. They are the first to greet us when we open the door and when no one is there for us, they are. Petting or playing with animals may increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin and decrease the production of the stress hormone cortisol says

Watch A Movie:

What a better way to wind down the day/night than watching a movie. Horror movies may be out of the question though. Watching a movie alone is good but watching it with friends or at the cinemas is even better. Watching movies is fun which in turn releases endorphins. Just don’t do it so much like 6 hours a day which is the amount of time the normal person watches TV a day!

Help People:

Helping people, doing small favors, and volunteering is not only a great way to reduce stress but feel good about oneself. Plus helping others makes you happy, well it does for me at least. Doesn’t helping another human being make you feel alive or worthy? If everyone can just do one small act of kindness each day, then this world would be an even more beautiful world.

Change Your Mindset:

Like meditation, changing one’s mindset is no easy matter. It may take a few weeks or even a few years, but every single moment is worth it. A positive person can take any situation and make it a good one while a pessimistic is the complete opposite. How you react and deal with things is all in your mind. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure; the same can be applied to how one deals with non-tangible situations.

Get Some Sunlight:

The Sun, it is what gives life and will one day end it. Without it, nothing would be possible. Most of us don’t realize how magnificent and wonderful the Sun really is. During dawn or dusk, sit or stand right in front of the Sun (not literally!) and just be awed in its glory. Dr. Mona Johnson, Senior Clinical Lead at NHS Digital who works as a GP in Heaton Moor said, “There seems to be two main reasons why the sun makes many of us happy. Firstly, biology. An increase in sunlight produces a chemical reaction, limiting melatonin production making us more alert and awake and increasing serotonin release, which is connected to feelings of wellbeing.


Dancing is a sure way to zap away those bad stress instantly. Dancing alone can be great but for extra benefits try adding music and a partner or some people. says, “The scientific reason for why dance has the ability to act as a stress reliever stems from the idea that when the body feels good, the mind does too. Any physical activity releases the endorphins.”


Hmm, I guess you could say it has similar effects as sex, but it’s limited. Masturbating is not bad it’s actually good and natural, but in excess, it can become a habit, an extremely dangerous and life-threatening habit. Take extreme caution and only do it once a week for maximum pleasure, increase testosterone, and reap its benefits. (Watching porn can alter the mind very negatively so use your imagination or look at still images) No STDs included!

Smoke Weed Every day:

If you want too. Just look at Snoopy: he’s famous, rich asf, influential, very hard working, and smokes weed err day. But seriously take caution. Smoking weed can become an addiction. My friends swear it isn’t even though they smoke it every day. I don’t see any logical sense in that? Like alcohol and smoking cigarettes, do it very sparsely to reap maximum pleasure. Scientific studies have proven that cannabis can reduce stress, anxiety, and can be good for you. Here’s an article published by for more info. You can’t fight science especially when it’s backed by studies!

Limit Caffeine:

I admit I love me some caffeine. But every morning is a big no no. Caffeine is actually very healthy and beneficial however anything in excess can become an addiction or unhealthy. Excessive caffeine can increase wrinkles, heart rate, cause inflammations, insomnia, nervousness (same as stress), and become a daily habit. That’s what the FDA has to say. Not to mention $5 for a Starbucks coffee is insane!

Play Games or Video-games:

Release endorphin, enjoy that dopamine. Video games were once my favorite hobby, but they don’t pay the bills. Boardgames are also fun and enjoyable. Play these with people, communicate and have fun! Playing games can help alleviate stress because many young people use it as an escape mechanism, to escape from reality into another reality. It really does help cope with stress, oh yeah it’s backed by research too.

Eat Healthy:

You are what you eat, really! So eat crap, and you will feel like crap. Eating your favorite foods can make you feel good due to the dopamine effects but afterward don’t hate your body for doing something that you purposely did. Eat healthy, and you will feel healthy and think healthily. Eating junk food will definitely make you feel good which in turn reduces stress however in the long run, there are many serious and life-threatening side-effects.

Eat Ice-cream:

Who doesn’t like ice cream? It’s cold, sweet, and brings joy to all ages. Cold things have the ability to make one happy, especially when it’s like 8 million degrees outside. There are also tons of studies, and all of them agree that ice-cream equals happiness.

Take A Walk:

Did you know that humans use to walk for hours, every day. Today we think that’s punishment. Walking is healthy, builds muscle, and 100 times better than sitting. Walking isn’t a form of exercise unless one is walking with a purpose, but it reduces cortisol levels which is stress. Walking clears up the mind and helps you breath better.

Get A Massage or Spa:

If you haven’t gotten a massage, then you are missing out on life. There’s 100’s maybe 1000’s of varieties of massages. If something like this has the ability to relax your muscles, mind, body, and can make one fall asleep, improve mood levels then, we are for certain that getting a massage is one of the best ways on how to deal with stress plus it reduces cortisol levels.

Write It Down:

Insomnia and that stupid stress can be caused by numerous factors. Writing down your problems or activities that needs to be done during the day or before bed can definitely reduce stress and help you fall asleep fast. When one’s mind is cluttered with worries and thoughts, which is stress then writing it down can unclear those thoughts. Instead of it being stuck inside your head, it’s stuck on wood now. (lol)

Be Positive:

Similar to changing your mindset, being positive takes time especially if one is also surrounded by negativity. Being optimistic or a pessimistic can affect how you enjoy and deal with life. Life isn’t supposed to be hard yet for a pessimistic not only is it hard but a pain in the azz for themselves and others. No one likes a pessimistic, not even other pessimistic.

Be Appreciative:

If one is able to learn how to appreciate even the smallest of things, like sunlight and water then living will become so enjoyable. You see, some people can handle stress so well while for others it can actually ruin their very lives. Don’t get so caught up over little things; everyone has bad and good days. Be blessed that each meal fills you, your thirst is quenched daily, there’s a roof over your head, and most importantly you are healthy (we hope).

Scented Candle / Aromatherapy:

Sure they may help but again, take caution. Some scent can be poisonous to your healthy overtime. Pollution is one of the top human killers but slowly of course. Scented candles can be very relaxing, soothing, and puts you at ease. Make sure it is natural, organic, and safe. Lavender, rose, and vanilla along with some other scents have the best effects. says, “Some studies have shown that specific aromatherapy scents bring about neurochemical changes in the body that make us feel more energized, less stressed, clear-minded, and also helps with managing pain.”

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong:

These have been practiced for millennium, why because it’s useful and works wonders. Not only does it increase your life expectancy, but also creates a calm environment, improve blood circulation, relaxes the muscle, increase flexibility, and blah blah blah. See where I’m going with this? says, “Studies, conducted by researchers from Coventry University and Radboud University and published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, reviewed 18 studies published over the last decade, focusing on the effects of mind-body interventions on our genes. It revealed that MBIs such as yoga, qi gong, and tai chi induce molecular-level changes to our gene expression, resulting in improved psychical and mental health. Gene expression is the process through which genetic information is activated to produce proteins that build up and drive the body, brain, and immune system.”

Drink Tea:

Living longer, possessing a healthy body full of antioxidant, increases blood circulation, reduce inflammation levels, and so on are just a fraction of the benefits that one shall gain if they drink tea daily. Make sure you boil it for 1 minute then seep it for 5-10 minutes for maximum benefits. Drinking HOT drinks can cause esophagus cancer over time. Any warm drink can give a relaxing and soothing effect on our bodies. Green tea has amino acids that only amplify that effect.

Chew Gum:

Chewing gum can also help with your academic scores, but the reason why it helps with stress is because it increases blood flow and alertness in the brain. Research proves that, not us.

Hug Someone, Anyone:

Humans are physical and emotionally beings. A rare few can survive or live alone. A 10-second hug may boost the immune system, decrease depression while a 20-second hug reduces the harmful effects of stress. Hugging releases oxytocin which is the happy feeling. 


Kissing lowers the cortisol levels and increases oxytocin. Kissing is known to reduce blood pressure, prevent baggy cheeks, reduce weight, improve immunity, and kissing for 20 seconds can have the same benefits of hugging someone you trust.


Sight and thoughts are something that we humans take for granted, seriously. Thinking about bad images and actions may have a negative impact on us while thinking about good things and actions can have a positive effect on us. You could say it’s similar to meditation. Visualize your favorite or relaxing settings: that could be the beach, top of a mountain, next to a tree, and so on. You can even use music or guided visualization CD/tapes to aid you. Science once again proves that visualization reduces nervousness and improve relaxation response.


Is it even possible to laugh if you’re under stress? Like a serious, genuine laugh? Laughter is one of the best medicine. It can reduce stress levels, increase immune cells, and increases one’s health.

Consume Honey:

Like all sweet things, it can give off a temporary good feeling. And honey is no exception. Honey is known to reduce anxiety and nervousness plus it has anti-bacterial properties and super health benefits.

Watch/Look At Cute Animals:

Japanese research (hmm, go figure) suggest that seeing cute animals produce a warm and pleasant feeling, thus reducing the effects of stress overall.

Try Stress Balls:

The very first word such give us a big hint, STRESS balls. These work, I’ve personally tried and liked it. When we are stress, the body’s action is to tense up and clench. This is where squeezing comes in. Squeezing helps transfer that negative energy and tension to the ball.


Stretching will relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and pressure, eases aches and pains, and so forth. Plus it’s super healthy for the body. Stretching loosens the tense muscles and holding each stretch for 15 seconds can release those stress.

Go To Sleep:

What better way to end it all by shutting down. Some of us become irritated, piss off, even depress if we lack sleep. Sleeping consists of 25%-35% of our lives, so you best bet it helps alleviate stress. Oversleeping can be just as bad as under sleeping. When asleep, every single problem and life issues are nonexistent. Although the next morning may be a different story.

Take A Whiff Of Coffee:

Quite possibly one of the best way to wake up, to the smell of fresh brewed/roasted coffee. This PDF has some amazing insights on coffee like increase intelligent, lower suicide, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, make one a better athlete, make you feel happier, and other goodies. But the main thing about the smell of coffee is that when one is sleep deprived which produces stress, the aroma of coffee causes positive changes in brain proteins tied to that stress.

Be Around People:

Earlier we mentioned that only the very few can be alone. It isn’t human nature to be alone, why do you think having a family is one of the main purpose of life? Cinemas, malls, clubs, coffee shops, etc. what do they all have in common? They are places for millions of people to gather in or around on a daily basis. Working with and around people makes it easier and more enjoyable. This, in turn, can alleviate stress, 100%.

Get More Oxygen:

Although it only accounts for 20.95% of the air we breathe and 1% of the water on this earth, it is vital to everyday living. Increase oxygen can have countless benefits to our wellness. Oxygen bars (didn’t even know they exist until now) sell oxygen mask which one can breathe at 40% instead of the 21% which does the following: boosts energy levels, increases endurance, provides relief from stress and pollution, increases your concentration, helps you relax, and eases headaches and hangovers.

Shower/Bath/Swim (Aquatic Therapy):

As one age, movements are limited, and certain actions become difficult to perform. Being submerged in water enables one as such to move with much more ease and less pain. Being submerge (aquatic therapy) can reduce weight tension by 90%! (Holy Moses). It is known to help ease muscle tension, improve range of motion, and a great way to relax and cool off/down.

Compliment Yourself:

(For even more details and knowledge, skip down to the 3rd section on self-compliment in this guide that we recommend.) Stress can be caused by millions of reasons and factors, yet self-motivation positively encourages one to keep going. We ought to tell ourselves daily that we are worth something, life is worth living, and sometimes we let things that really shouldn’t matter affect us. Complimenting yourself releases positive energy, and thus you start to feel good. We recommend complimenting yourself every day for 5-10 minutes.

Read A Book:

Reading has unlimited powers: increase knowledge, relaxation, boost brainpower, reduce stress, a great way to wind down, and so forth. Reading is fun, or it ought to be. Read, read anything that gives you pleasure. Studies at the University of Sussex indicates that reading may be better than listening to music, drinking tea, and can reduce stress up to 68%, that’s a passing grade in HS!


Yes, let it out, let it all out until you are dry as a prune. Only a few mammals have the ability to produce tears. Be glad we are one of them. Sometimes we cry because we are happy or extremely glad about something. Crying reliefs whatever feeling is bottling up inside us. It also releases stress hormones, frustrations, anger, sadness, tension, and toxins in the body.


The worse thing one can do is trap their rage or let it build up. That has to go somewhere, so why not let it out. SCREAM, cuss it all out until there’s nothing left inside. Screaming helps one feel better, also scream therapy is a form of psychotherapy that aids in anxiety, trauma, and stress. Cussing can help one unwind. In one study, studies have shown that cussing increases pain tolerance. I used to be a Navy Sailor (Hooray), so please take my advice as truth and nothing but the truth.

Forgive But Don’t Forget:

Forgiveness seems impossible especially if the blame is on your own family or closes friend(s). It’s happened to me personally not once, twice, but seven times if I can recall. We all make mistakes, but learning to let go of the past WILL transform your present and future for the better. The thought of betrayal by someone who you once call a family/friend does nothing good but bring more stress and negativity into our lives. I’m not supposed to tell you this (and many won’t care) but Easy Life Journey is all about helping people achieve their dreams and live life fulfilled, but I’ve lost over $100k from the age of 18-22 which was 85% of my very hard earned money. Today, it does not affect me, whatsoever. It’s not worth it to hold that grudge or hatred inside for so long. Over time it becomes so poisonous that it may take over your life and thoughts. If one truly desires to pursue their dreams without fault, then forgiveness is a must.

Drink Water:

Drink water every day, every hour if possible. 65-70% of our body is water and vital to the proper functioning of the organs. Dehydration can lead to higher cortisol levels. 85% of the brain is water and dehydration causes loss of energy generation which produces anxiety, stress, and even depression. So drink up as much as you can, like 80% of water body weight in pure water liquid every day to stay hydrated and stress-free.

Eat Dark Chocolate:

In moderation, doesn’t mean chow down on 50 snickers each morning like a savage. Current research points out that chocolate is known to make one happier, improve memory function, and of course lower stress.

Don’t Multi-task:

Confucius once said that it doesn’t matter how long the journey is, as long as you do not stop. (or something like that) Multitasking can actually produce more confusion and disorganization. Prioritize your goals or task. Do what matters the most then proceed to the next process. Great things take time to achieve and complete. Overworking or multitasking can lead to some serious health effects along with stress. In short, when one overloads their abilities or capacity, something bad is bound to happen. If you take 2 exact cars, drive one for 100 miles a week vs. 1000 miles for the other. What is bound to happen? Same goes for the human body and brain.

Reflexology (Foot Therapy):

Like massages, there are varieties of foot therapy. I still haven’t gotten my foot eaten by those little fishes. There are thousands of nerve connections that are linked from your foot all the way up to the top of your head. You can try these 5 methods for instance stress relief absolutely free!

Be Around Plants:

Plants are known to help with air quality, breathing, focus, improve sleep, mental clarity and may increase work productivity 20-45% however, did you know that plants can also relieve stress, headaches, and other health issues? Yup, plants do more than just that says the CEO of GreenMyLife, Gitanjali Rajamani.

Plant A Garden:

Take all the benefits of plants and some more! Not only is it a good form of exercise but eating healthy is a sure way to live longer, happier, and more cost-efficient than any grocery store. Increase Vitamin D with sunlight. Vitamin D has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, depression, fatigue, and high blood pressure. Studies show that people who garden get more benefits than those who read and reading is better than listening to music which is very beneficial so… this means gardening can make you invincible. Also being with nature has been linked to decreased stress.

These Foods Reduce Stress:

These Food Increase Stress:

  • Sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Too much alcohol
  • White flour products
  • Processed foods (proof here)

Vitamin C:

Oranges are packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C boost the immune system, fight off cold or the flu, lower cortisol lever and weight, detox bowel movement, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of heart disease, and oh yeah relieves stress.


Don’t tell me you haven’t done this, especially doing school. Such a relief it was. Doodling is when you draw out your emotions which in turn can improve concentrate, release negative thoughts, aid memory function, and reduce stress. Doodling has almost the same effect as talking to someone.


An essential dietary mineral great for anxiety and stress and responsible for over 600 metabolic functions! We aren’t scientist but magnesium increases relaxing GABA, reduces stress, anti-inflammatory, removes heavy metal inside our bodies (some heavy metals can be life-threatening), it increases brain plasticity, lifts depression, and keeps blood sugar level stable. These foods are a good source of magnesium:

  • almond
  • spinach
  • cashews
  • shredded wheat cereal
  • soy milk
  • black beans
  • edamame
  • peanut butter
  • whole grain bread
  • avocado


When one sings, it usually signals that they are in a good happy mood, unless you’re into some satanic or heavy metal music then good for you. But here are some great benefits to singing:

  • boosts the immune system
  • a workout for the lungs and body
  • natural anti-depressant
  • lowers stress level, ofc
  • may improve mental alertness
  • enhance communication skills
  • boost confidence

Eat Small Meals:

Eating 7 cows at once may be the best orgasm your mouth has ever experienced, but the aftermath is one hell of a ride. You see, when you eat a big meal, your insulin levels skyrocket past Uranus (I had too) which is highly unhealthy for the body and if done in excess can actually be life-threatening. Long story short, insulin can make you gain weight, increase the chances of diabetes, feel fatigue, and other stuff you don’t want to know. Eating short meals more frequently throughout the day has the opposite effect. One is able to digest meals easier, smoother, and is less demanding on the stomach and colon. It also lowers the cortisol level and boosts fat burning.

No Tight Clothing:

It restricts movement for sure. Don’t you hate it when you can’t bend over or wipe your buns? Having to re-adjust yourself every 5 minutes at work because your pants keep suffocating your baby makers. The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which is compress when one wears tight clothing can cause numerous health effects not to mention increase stress. Read the full scoop here. 

Be Around Positive People/Places:

Would you rather be in prison alone, freezing, hungry or in heaven? There you go, you can’t argue that. If you like the beach then live near it, if you like the woods then live in it. Be wherever you want that makes you happy, everyone has their own preference, you know yours. Be and hang around with positive people ONLY. Negative people are that way for a reason, helping them is one thing but drinking, laughing, going out with them is a whole different story. Positivity attracts more positivity.

Take Your Time:

Multitasking and rushing go hand in hand. In this ever so competitive world, quality beats quantity 10 times. Would you rather possess 1 Lamborghini or 20 Toyota Camery’s? Is it better to go slowly and achieve some success rather than rush and falter, thus one will have to redo the task which actually means putting in more time and effort. The Great Wall of China took over 2,000 years to build. Of course, a huge sacrifice had to be made (Over 1 million peasants died building the wall, and most are buried in the wall itself!) but what a view. Running this website, along with our Youtube channel (please check us out and support us by subscribing), other social medias like instagram, and my Amazon FBA business full-time. These require nonstop work, every day. I could write 100 articles a month each with 500 words, but that brings no value or write 10 articles a month each at 5,000 words. Both ways produce 50,000 words a month, but nowadays people and GOOGLE care about quality. (FYI this article is about 6,000 words).


Drawing increases creativity and imagination. Albert Einstein did say,

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”
New hobbies can add more meaning and value to life. It can help ignore negative thoughts and outside distractions. Painting therapy has shown a direct link to self-care, reduce anxiety and stress, and become more aware of oneself.

Massage Your Ears:

Massaging one’s ear feels good but having another touch is even better. Ear massages release endorphins, boost immune cells, reduce anxiety and stress, release toxins, improves circulation, etc. Try these ear massage techniques to help you release some stress.

Pressure Point:

Like massages and foot therapy, pressure points are no different. If you’ve never had a session, then you need to get one asap. If you’re cheap or poor, then these methods are suitable although quality over quantity! Anything to help reduce stress, right?

Stand More:

Sitting more than 8 hours a day can kill you, literally! Ever heard of sitting is the new smoking. Every hour one should get up, get a drink, use the toilet, stare into the abyss, do some push-ups, whatever you want but sitting is so unhealthy for us, especially when we do it every single day! Standing increases blood flow and circulation burns more calories, is 3 times better than sitting, relaxes muscle tension, etc. Standing improves productivity, brain function, posture, and maintains core strength. It reduces the chance of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and billions of other things.

Lie Down/Use A Hammock:

A form of relaxation which in itself is a stress reducer, wouldn’t you agree? Hammocks provide zero pressure point on the body, improve sleep and achieve deep sleep, and what I just said in the first sentence.

Play An Instrument:

Somewhat like painting, learning a new hobby is fun, rewarding, and opens up our brain and creativity. Take all the benefits of listening to music, singing, and painting. Now combine all those benefits, that’s a lot!

Give 5-10 Minutes To Yourself:

How you start, your morning is how you end your day! Honestly, if you don’t have 5-10 minutes for yourself each day, then why are you even living? You are the most valuable being in this Universe. You get one body, one life (maybe) and you can’t give 5 minutes to yourself each day. And you wonder why the human race has stress, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, ZZZzzzz. Love who you are, compliment yourself, meditate, and whatever it is that you do in your alone time. Hug yourself for 20 seconds, workout for 10 minutes a day. You have time; you make excuses which ultimately makes your life worse.

Be Organized:

Being organized can make you live longer due to being less prone to accidents. You get things done faster because you can find what you need instantly. Living in a room that looks like a 99 magnitude earthquake just hit it can be unhealthy for the body. (FYI a 99 magnitude earthquake would probably destroy Earth) Living in a clean, organized room produces good positive vibes. A messy environment has a negative subconscious effect on the brain. You become less aware of your surrounding. Being messy can cost you, or $89 billion annually. That’s how much resource and money is lost due to the average employee spending a grand total of 38 hours a year looking for stuff. Doesn’t it just pizz you off when you can’t find the stuff you’re looking for?

Crosswords Or Puzzle:

Think, concentrate, use those brain cells, become wiser. When the brain has to think (I know some of us don’t like to “think”) it can lead to a reduction of momentary anxiety. It takes your mind away from worries. When you complete the game or puzzle, you feel good which reduces stress.

Smell Flowers:

People have been inhaling flower scent since ancient times. It helps reduce stress and depression, fight inflammations, and induce sleep. Scientists in Japan are reporting the first scientific evidence that inhaling certain fragrances alter gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that can reduce stress levels.

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