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how to fall asleep fast

How To Fall Asleep Fast 25 Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Work

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These quick and simple 25 tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you fall asleep fast:

  1. exercise intensely a few times a week
  2. eat healthy daily
  3. go to bed and wake up at the same time
  4. have a comfortable bed
  5. sleep in cold rooms
  6. take a warm shower or bath before bed
  7. drink a glass of warm milk or a slice of turkey before bed
  8. take melatonin or valerian root
  9. sleep in a dark room
  10. no blue light electronics 30-60 minutes before bed
  11. no protein, vegetables, or high fiber foods 4-5 hours before sleeping
  12. practice breathing technique
  13. no alcohol a couple hours before bed
  14. sleep in silent room or use earplugs
  15. limit caffeine and only drink in mornings
  16. meditate
  17. reduce or eliminate stress at night time
  18. read a book
  19. no activities that increase heart rate
  20. use dim yellow lights
  21. practice close eye movement
  22. sleep with a comfortable blanket
  23. have sex
  24. stay happy and positive
  25. sleep with your pets

How To Fall Asleep Fast 25 Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Work

how to fall asleep fast

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How to fall asleep fast is a super power that all of us wish we had. To bad wishing doesn’t do anything but these tips and tricks will! Sleeping is one of everyone’s favorite activity assuming that we can fall asleep fast and sleep adequately.

Without a restful night, our day can be miserable, filled with anxiety, and maybe lead to depression. A good night sleep is one of the best organic medicine that we humans and all animals require. But just how many Americans (worldwide may have inaccurate statistics) have trouble falling asleep? has a huge statistic relating to insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep disorder, etc. Millions of Americans suffer from some kind of sleep problem and most continue this bad habit without realizing that it’s harming their health and well-being. I suffered from insomnia for almost 8 years during my teen and young adulthood years, and each day was like hell for me, especially when you parents demanded straight A’s on your report card without ANY excuses.

Any day and I was going to explode. So I decided to study and practice what I needed to do in order to fall asleep fast. Today I practice these methods to fall asleep fast within 10-15 minutes and the following morning I feel alive, supercharged, and ready to challenge anything that life throws at me.

Easy Life Journey will give you 23 tips and tricks on how to fall asleep fast; beat your sleep problem for good so you can start enjoying life and feel alive again.

1. Exercise

how to fall asleep fast

You must exercise at least 20 minutes 3 times a week or a few minutes every day. Just don’t exercise 4-5 hours before bed, since it can raise your temperature and give you a lot of energy. You want to go to sleep with normal body temperature.

Professor of neurology and director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, Alon Avidan did a study and after 4 months found that those who exercise improve their sleep and their insomnia was greatly reduced. It has to do with temperature because when you exercise your body temperature goes up and after 4-5 hours it becomes drops to normal which in turn assist you in a better sleep.

Make sure you are sweating and feeling the workout. (warming up and stretching do not count) A lazy workout won’t give you any benefits in helping you fall asleep faster.

2. Eat Healthily

how to fall asleep fast 1

Get your daily fruit and vegetables. Eating healthy should be mandatory for the mind and body. High blood pressure, diabetes, loud breathing, internal and external inflammation, and so on can make it hard to fall asleep.

Foods rich in magnesium and potassium help relax your muscle thus helping you fall asleep better. Many vitamins and minerals in healthy food also assist in better sleep. Junk food and sweets interfere with sleep because they cause high blood pressure and all the bad stuff you don’t want.

3. Sleep And Wake Up At The Same Time

Try to stick to a routine and make it constant. If you sleep at 11 pm every day then sleep at 11 pm everyday. One day of not sticking to your routine can ruin your whole schedule.

Your body will remember the time you normally fall asleep and wake up each day around the same time so it will prepare itself to get ready for sleep and wake up accordingly. A study was conducted and they found that sleep latency (the routine of falling asleep and waking up at the same time) works and will help you sleep faster and better.

You won't even need an alarm clock anymore, plus alarm clocks are bad because waking up unnaturally can cause stress and raise your heartbeat.

4. Type Of Bed

I am a male; 130 pounds and 5’6.5″ 🙂 My prefer bed is a 5-inch thick memory foam cushion, not too soft and not too firm. Your preference is entirely up to you.

Try to see which type of bed your body likes the best. Have 2 twin beds if you have a partner. One twin bed for your preference and one for their preference. Also, any movement won’t distract your partner and vice versa thus helping you both sleep better.

5. Cold Temperature Room

The ideal temperature for falling asleep is 62 -68 degrees. For me that’s way too cold. You will need a thick and comfy blanket to insulate your body temperature.

When we fall asleep, our body naturally decreases its temperature, therefore, a cold room will aid you in falling asleep faster.

6. Warm Showers or Bathe Before Bed

Warm showers work wonders. However, it really dries my skin so I stop doing that. Warm showers and bathing work because it has to do with cooling of your body.

Bathing or showering tells your body you are ready to go to bed so it starts to lower your body temperature slowly.

7. Glass Of Warm Milk or Turkey

how to fall asleep fast 3

They both contain tryptophan which helps the body make niacin (vitamin-b). This helps the body produce serotonin. A serenity-boosting neurotransmitter chemical that acts as a calming agent for the brain which plays a vital role in sleep. 

8. Melatonin or Valerian Root

At night, the darker, the better; our body naturally produces melatonin for us which again helps us fall asleep. Your age also affects how much melatonin you produce. The younger you are, the more melatonin your body will produce.

Taking melatonin 3-6 grams 30-60 minutes before bed will greatly increase the chance of you falling asleep faster. BUT you need to keep in mind that it could take up to 2 weeks for melatonin to take effect and taking melatonin long term can be unhealthy(I usually just pop 8-10 grams or about 2 pills 2-4 times a month when I really want to fall asleep fast.)

Melatonin should be the last step since most of these tips will help you fall asleep faster anyways plus it can make you drowsy in the morning and sometimes give you a very mild headache.

9. Complete Dark Room

At night, the darker the better; our body naturally produces melatonin for us which again helps us fall asleep. Your age also affects how much you produce. The younger you are, the more melatonin your body will produce. Yes, I know it’s a repeat. (We proofread each article at least 3 times)

Here’s a study on why it works though.

10. No Screens Or Blue Lights 30-60 Minutes Before Bed

No phones, tablets, TVs, laptops, or anything that produces blue or white lights. Many devices nowadays have the blue light filter but they only reduce the blue light not eliminate it. If 100% of blue light was reduce, the screen would look orange.

Blue light interferes with your body to produce melatonin and disrupt it from getting you ready for bed. Don’t use any blue light emitting devices at least 30 minutes before bed and if you have a really hard time falling asleep then stop using devices 60 minutes before bed. Here’s a research case study and proof for the nonbelievers.

11. Silent Or Quiet Constant Sound

This one is obvious. Loud sound and annoying background noises will help you fall asleep faster. Said no one ever. Fans and air conditioner have soft low dB which is ok for us and sometimes help us fall asleep better.

12. No Protein, Vegetables, or High Fiber Foods 2-3 Hours Before Bed

how to fall asleep fast 5

Our body is doing 2 things. Digesting or repairing. Protein takes the longest to digest and pass out of our smelly butts, especially meat.

So your body is still in active mode trying to digest fiber-rich foods. If you want to eat everything, then do so 2-3 hours before bed and if you eat before bed then chose light meals like a banana, yogurt, warm milk, and a slice of turkey.

13. Breathing Technique

This breathing technique will relax your body and slow down your heart rate. These 2 elements are super essential when trying to fall asleep. I call this the 4x4x4x4 method.

Breathe in all the air you can with your nose for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, release all the air for 4 seconds through your mouth, and repeat 4x.
This slows down your heartbeat and calms you.

I love doing this technique when I’m stress out, angry, or anxious. You can do this technique 30 minutes before bed. When you are laying down as you fall asleep, try this other technique but only 1 time.

This is a yoga technique that has been practiced for a long time. Take a deep breath in with your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, and release it with your mouth slowly for 8 seconds.

14. No Alcohol Before Bed

Drinking alcohol a few hours before bed is fine. Drinking it right before bed may be a problem for some people. Some people can drink alcohol anytime and fall asleep like a baby but that’s the few, BUT.

Alcohol can awaken you in the middle of your sleep and it makes falling back asleep harder. It interrupts the deep sleep cycle, REM or Rapid Eye Moment. 

15. Limit Caffeine

Caffeine once in the body has a 4-6 hour half-life cycle. It really depends on the individual as some can tolerate it better than others. That means if you drink 100 mg of caffeine at 6 am, then at 10-12 pm the remaining caffeine in your body is 50 mg, at 4-6 pm 25mg and 10-12 am 12.5 mg.

As you can see 12.5 mg is quite a lot and can definitely make falling asleep hard. If you have to drink coffee then do so the first thing in the morning and only 50 mg. You want 0-5 mg of caffeine by the time you are sleeping.

16. Meditate

Meditating is not just going to help you fall asleep faster but change your life. I’ve been practicing meditation since June 2018 and will do so until I die.

Meditating empties your mind of randomness and clutteredness which is the root cause of insomnia. It helps you to stop thinking, relax ,and be comfortable. Do it once or twice a day for 30-40 minutes total.

17. Eye Movement

This technique I also practice every night while I’m falling asleep. With your eyes close, move it left, right, up, down, counterclockwise and clockwise. Do this for about 1 minute but slowly, not super slow though. It always helps me fall asleep faster.

18. No Stress

What does stress do to the body. Pretty much every negative thing you can image. Practice the 4x4x4x4 breathing technique and meditate to release that stress.

There is always going to be stress in our lives. Why live with it every day and let it take control of your life? Write down on a paper or computer what needs to be done and plan things out before bed so you aren’t always thinking or worrying about something.

19. Read A Book

how to fall asleep fast 6

Reading a book can be a perfect time to wind down, relax, learn, and enjoy your time. It can help relieve some stress and you’re already  in a comfortable and relaxed position. There is no blue light involve and you’re already in your bed which signals your body that you are preparing to sleep.

20. No Activities That Increase Heart Rate

Stretching is great because it loosen the muscle and can help you fall asleep better. Climbing a 100 step staircase before bed may not be such a good idea before bed. (Meaning if you live in a condo or apt.)

Watching scary movies, eating certain foods like simple carbs and sweets, masturbating, cleaning, drinking, smoking, talking loudly and angrily on the phone, and so on can increase your heart rate which doesn’t help you fall asleep fast.

21. Use Dim Yellow Lights

how to fall asleep fast 7

I like to use only one yellow 30-40 watts light bulb in my room. The dim yellow low light signals our body that we are preparing for bed. Our pupil will shrink as we are in darker environments in order for us to see better. This is evolution, through millions of years of course.

Small pupils help us sleep faster as opposed to a full-size pupil. When using the restroom, don’t even turn on the light, you should be able to see clearly at night, if not just feel your way around the room. We also produce more melatonin since our room will be dark.

22. Comfortable Blanket

I’m not sure about you but I can not sleep without a blanket, even if the blanket is paper thin like the ones they provide you in some cheap Thailand hostel/hotels. It has to do with keeping your hands, feet, and legs warm.

Research shows that warm hands and feet really can make all the difference in a good sleep. This signals our body that we are preparing to sleep and regulates internal temperature

23. Sex

Yes, please! Just kidding, but isn’t it obvious? Sex boost oxytocin which is a hormone that makes you feel connected to your partner. Isn’t sleeping next to someone you trust so much better than a stranger?

It also lowers cortisol; these bad boys are your stress-related hormones. Orgasm release prolactin; this makes you feel relax and sleepy. So there you have it, sex is good and will help you sleep better. 

24. Happiness

how to fall asleep fast 8

Do you enjoy life, or are you just simply existing? Being happy is a top priority for all humans. Going to bed sad, angry, grumpy, scare, etc. is not going to be easy.

There are so many benefits to being happy and helping you fall asleep is definitely one of them. I highly recommend you live each day to the fullest and be happy and positive all the time.

25. Sleeping With Pets

how to fall asleep fast 9

No, that like that you dirty little… Sleeping with your other child (pet) can be a delightful feeling. You both love each other and it’s like sleeping with someone. You both feel safe and sound, comfortable, and it just feels so right to have a companion even if it’s not a humanoid. Sometimes they can be annoying in bed but we still love them.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about how to fall asleep fast. I hope you’ve learned something. Please share and you can even use it on your own website or social media, just credit my website. Please leave a comment and let others know. I enjoy reading and answering every comment and want to spread my knowledge and value to others.

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