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how to make money fast

How To Make Money Fast 14 Easy Tips To Make Quick Cash Today

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Struggling to pay the bills, maybe you owe someone money, looking to buy that new phone or camera, or maybe just to save a few bucks?

Our guide will help you on how to make money fast.

We are not talking about this week or next month.

Many websites and articles tell you that starting an online website, a youtube channel, or a side business will make you money fast.

That’s all horse shiznits.

Some sites will even claim online gambling, betting, and other dirty ways will earn you quick cash.

I would advice from gambling because the chances of you losing more money than earning it is obvious.

How To Make Money Fast 10 Easy Tips To Make Quick Cash Today

These are 13 legitimate ways to make cash fast.

1. Pass Out Flyers/Business Cards

Back when I used to live in Miami, FL, in every intersection there was at least one person passing out flyers or business cards. You don’t have to talk to anyone. You give the cards to everyone even if they don’t look at you. If you’re shy and don’t like people and want to get a good workout, then you could also just leave the cards on the car window but make sure it’s not raining. You can go into shops directly or when they are close and tape a card on the front door. In Miami, I would get a ton of promotional flyers and cards in my mail also. Look on craiglist or local businesses that are hiring.

2. Pressure Washing

Lowe’s and Home Depot lets you rent pressure washing equipment for a fixed price. If you rent for a day, it is cheaper than a few hours. Driveways get black and discolored all the time. You can easily walk around any neighborhood and just ask to see if they need their driveway and walkway pressure wash. It’s easy to use, and you can charge easily $15-30 an hour (remember you need to pay for the pressure washer rent cost). You can also wash cars this way and charge a premium amount like $8-10 a wash instead of $5.

3. Cut Grass or Become a Gardener

My family used to own a landscaping company, and that was my first paying job. I was in 7th-8th grade that time, so I made good money, but it wasn’t worth it. I had little to no childhood. Anyways, you don’t even need any equipment or tools. Walk, bike, or drive around your neighborhood or other neighborhood and see which house needs their lawn cut. Dress nicely, and appropriately, knock on the door and politely ask to mow their lawn using their equipment. Maybe you can strike a deal like every 10 days you mow their lawn for a 15% discount or something. Post an ad on craiglist or search on craiglist to see if there is anyone that needs lawn or gardening work done.

4. Stand In Front of Home Depot

If you don’t know what I mean by this, then it means you need more sunlight, my friend. Hispanics, blacks, whites, and all colors and races stand in front of Home Depot daily from dawn to dust. There are painters, landscapers, construction workers, contractors, etc. who come here daily; they pick up the men who are waiting, and the two agree to a set price and hours and then off they go to work. Sometimes a big job can require a few days or weeks or even a few months to complete. I used to pick up a few guys every week from Home Depot for my uncle’s beauty and nail supply business, and they usually ask for $10/hr or $100 a day. We also gave them lunch, so you can get $100 a day plus free lunch, not bad, HOWEVER, don’t expect every day to be like this. Show up early, bring a book, charge your phone with extra battery because you may be standing outside all day on some days.

5. Look In Your Local Facebook, Craiglist, Local Ads

There are tons of apps out there. Apps like Let go, OfferUp, Shpock, 5 Miles, etc. allows you to find out if people need services or are hiring for the day. If you go through all your local ads, I am 100% sure you will find at least 1 thing to do that day to make some money fast. There are literally dozens of apps and websites you can use to see if anyone needs services done.

6. Hold Stuff For People (Storage)

Ok, so strangers may not trust you unless you are a business or actually have a warehouse. My uncle had a warehouse that he wasn’t using, so he stored people’s stuff for a fixed price a month. It was cheaper than local storage warehouse and more convenient. If you have lots of close friends that need to store items or equipment, you can hit them up, and maybe you can make a few bucks from them.

7. Sell Snacks or Drinks On The Street

Another easy and no hassle way to make fast money is selling stuff on the side of the road. Well… at least in Miami, everyone did. Cops aren’t going to stop you or ask for your license. They know you’re working and trying to make a few dollars. You buy water, soda, and juices like Gatorade in big packs to get the best price. Put them in a cooler with wheels and fill it with ice. Stand on the side of the road by the light post next to a bustling intersection. You can have a sign that says you sell drinks and snacks but what works best from what I see is that you walk between cars during red lights and yell out, “Snacks and drinks for just a dollar.” This works best during summer or in areas that are hot. Make sure you get there early and regularly so the drivers who use that route see you daily and will eventually buy from you.

8. Sell Yourself

Literally sell your services or talent. Post on local ads stating that you can help out with any work or service. Be an extra for a movie or an event. Help and get paid for helping out at a church or event and so on. You could even be someone’s friend for a day or whatever it is that people need. Do you have a talent like speaking a 2nd language, able to play an instrument, good with sports, and so on? Well, don’t let it go to waste. There’s also someone that could use your talent or need mentor-ship. You can make good money for your talent.

9. Rent Your Room/Car

You can use AirBnb to rent out your room or house and Turo to rent your car. These services take a fee but if you have a spare room or if you don’t drive your car daily, then why not make extra cash today. On the other hand, if you have a car, you can always drive for Lyft or Uber. They take about 20% for each ride, and if you live in a populated city then you are good to go. You decide when to drive and work as much as you want. Be your own boss for once!

10. Drive For Amazon Flex (optional – paid weekly)

Be your own boss and work when you want too! If you have a car, you can drive for Amazon and deliver packages. It’s called Amazon Flex, and it’s available in about 50 cities. Expect $18-$25 an hour depending on how much you want to work. You get paid weekly, BUT up to $25/hr is insane. Especially with no degree or experience required. This one tops the list for sure.

11. Freelance

Are you good with online jobs? Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour and so on are websites that allows people to pay online freelancers to do online jobs and services like video editing, photoshop, writing an article, and anything online related. You can make good money daily if you are in a high-end niche like video editing, CGI, programming, etc.

12. Shine Shoes

You’ve seen it in movies, airlines, and probably big cities. Go buy a shoe shining kit and start shining them shoes. Anyone can do it. Just make sure you buy a good quality wax and study a little on how to shine shoes. I was in the US Navy, so I really know how to shine my shoes, but it takes about 45 minutes.

13. Cut Guys Hair

If you have friends, colleagues, or close neighbors who just need a haircut then why not charge them $5-6 for a haircut. That’s 66% less than the average guy’s haircut with tip included. A good trimmer and hair cutting kit can run for about $30-45, and the best ones can cost $300+. Cutting hair is really easy, I did it myself in the US Navy, and no one even noticed.

14. Hold Signs

This was all over Miami. The young adults did neat spinning tricks with the signs. They would spin the signs for like 10-30 seconds and throw it way up into the air about 5-15 feet then catch it with their backs and other neat tricks. Boring sign holders get minimum wage but if you know how to spin signs and do neat tricks then expect a little cha ching.

Check Out Other Ways To Earn Cash (Some are not fast):

  • Ask your family
  • Beg on the streets
  • Babysit
  • Dog Walk
  • Become a mentor/use your talent
  • Donate your eggs or sperm
  • Donate blood
  • Sell your body parts
  • Experiment/Clinical Studies
  • Get free Amazon items and resell it
  • Wash cars
  • Sell lemonade
  • Set up a food or beverage stand
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Start an Instagram account
  • Take surveys online

So you probably thought you were going to make some cheese quick and effortlessly?

Well, let me tell you that nothing in this life is free, not even death!

You can waste all day online clicking on surveys and ads, watch people play video games, sign up to websites that gives you sign-up bonuses for a couple dollars a day or you can do real work like these 14 ways on how make money fast and make some good money for the day.

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