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How To Make Money 17 Top Ways To Make Money With No Degree

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Making money can be tough especially in this ever-changing and extremely competitive world.

Not all is lost though.

You came here for one purpose so let’s dive in.

How To Make Money 17 Top Ways To Make Money With No Degree

Here are 17 easy ways on how to make money:

1. ASK!

As simple or hard as it sounds if you don’t ask, you won’t receive. This works well for kids and teenagers and young adults living with or off their parents (depends on whose shoes y’all wearing). If you ask for money 2 or 3 times a week, the chances of you receiving money are almost guaranteed. Think about it, after 1 month of asking, I’m sure one of your family members will be un-reluctant. This is a slow way to make money but hey, it works!

2. Beg

Homelessness is no joke, but it is also one of the highest salaries you can make annually, TAX-FREE!


The average being $75K a year and the top 10% make $137K a year. The average US family makes about $60K a year. That means if you beg for money 40hr or 50hr a week, then you are banking and making more than the average Merican! Of course, it may not be the best job but hey you get to work whenever you want, wherever you want, and you are your own boss. You could even say that homeless workers/beggers are entrepreneurs.

3. Babysit

Babysitters can make $8-18 an hour just eating and watching TV all day. What an awesome job. I remember I used to babysit and ate the whole fridge. I got at least $50 of free food each time I babysat (almost). Force the kids to go to sleep early, by all means, necessary (pay them a buck or two, works every time), and you have the entire place to yourself, even during the daytime. Work smarter not harder! Plus you get paid all cash, so you don’t have to declare it on your tax returns. *We DIDN’T say that!*

4. Dog Walk

Who doesn’t love dogs? Dog walking does not only make good money, but you get to exercise and get fresh sunlight, way to kill 3 birds with one stone. According to glass door, dog walkers can make almost $35,000 a year or $15 an hr on average. If you walk multiple dogs at a time, then you can even make even more money. Plus this job is fun and really enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind doing it, too bad I’m overseas.

5. Become A Mentor/Teacher For Your Talent

Are you good at playing an instrument, can you speak another language fluently, how about fitness and sports, etc. If you are great in your field of expertise, then make money. Don’t let your talent go to waste. My uncle paid this one piano teacher $22/hr and he was under 25 years old. He taught 2 hours daily at our house. My other friend teaches mountain biking lessons and charges a premium of $20 an hr. This is free money we are talking about. Go on craigslist or post in your local instagram and facebook ads.

6. Cut Grass

I used to do this with my family. For a 16-year-old back in 2007, $8hr was a lot for me. Don Lok, who is now a multi-millionaire used to cut grass to make extra money. You will be surprised by how much money you can make cutting 5-15 lawns a day. Plus you get to workout and sweat, meaning cutting grass is a full day of work and exercise.

7. Donate your Eggs/Sperm

You can make some money doing this daily/weekly. It’s really good money; however, for girls, they can make even more donating egg, up to $14,000. For competent men (able to do it), we can make up to $1000 a month, and sperm donors are high in demand. I say this is a very stable and a really good side income.

8. Donate Blood

You can expect to make $20-$50 a donation for blood. It’s not really a donation if you get compensated for it, is it? Healthy donors can donate blood every 4 weeks which is not really a stable income, but hey, money is money! And getting the needle doesn’t even hurt, it’s all in your mind.

9. Sell Body Parts

 OK, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUT  when all else fails then you gotta do what you gotta do! Here is what each body or organ is worth right now, but in the black market. You can expect almost more than half a million dollar if you sell your whole body. A pair of kidneys run for $262,000 just in the US alone, of course, the organs must be healthy and functioning properly.

10. Experiment/Clinical Studies

Some company will pay you a good amount of money for whatever research or study. Just make sure you are up for the challenge as some can be lengthy and even risky. I heard that NASA at one point was paying almost $40k a year to the experimenters just to sleep in a room that had the same effect as space. Search online to find a local or state company that is hiring for clinical studies. Who knows, you make end up making some big bucks.

11. Get Items on Amazon For Free to Resell

Ok, from what we know online (since Amazon hates this but who cares, right?), you can review items on Amazon in exchange for a free product. Then you can do whatever you want with the product. Don’t expect to get a free laptop or camera. We believe it caps off at around $100 or maybe a little more. You can do this a few times a day, but most of the sellers sometimes require you to review the product first before refunding you. Having a PayPal account is a must since many of the sellers will use PayPal to refund you. Head over to Facebook and in the search bar, what you’re gonna want to do it type the following words, “Amazon review.” And the rest is history.

12. Wash Cars

This one is a no-brainer. You can do it in your own home, at a church, or rent a place for half the day. It only cost $20 for a basic car wash kit, and you can charge $5 per car wash or $10 for wash and vacuum. If you really want to make more money then do car waxing. It will take longer, but you can charge $30-$45 for a nice wax since that can take an hour or more to do a nice wax job. Washing cars may be a little competitive since automatic car wash cost as little as $3 per wash and they are quick, but they suck. People trust people more than machines when it comes to their cars. If you live in a nice area, then post an ad on craigslist or on the street to wash luxury cars. Rich car owners paid good money to have their car clean, so it is free from scratches and dirt.

13. Sell Lemonade/Juice

The first lemonade stand that was documented was established in 1873. See, people were hustling over 125 years ago. You gotta work hard to play hard(er). It may not make the big bucks but if you can land yourself a spot at a parade, event, game, etc. then you can make some good money. If you sell each cup of 6 oz at $.25 and want to make $100 that day. You will need to sell 400 cups. After expenses and the cost to buy and set up everything, expect less than $75 in profit for a day’s worth of work. No bad at all.

14. Set Up a Stand (Fruit, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Food)

This is the same as a lemonade stand but instead of selling items for $.25 you can sell them for a lot more. New York is full of street stands and some make over $150,000 a year but after taxes it’s horrible. It’s not a hard job at all! You can be 12 and set up your own hot dog stand, in fact, check this story out about a 13-year-old who does it. It requires very little knowledge, and you can start almost right away. Certain states and business will require permits so exercise cautiously.

15. Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube has almost 2 billions monthly users, and there are over millions of people who have a youtube channel. Some make millions of dollars and became very famous because of youtube like Logan and Jake Paul. Justin Beiber got famous from youtube. Don’t be afraid to start something, who knows maybe it will blow up. You won’t know until you try. It is recommended that you have a good quality camera or phone that shoots at least 1080p, no worries most 2017+ brand named phones can shoot 4k. Making a youtube channel can take lots of work and time. Like a full-time job and if you know how to produce quality content, then expect big money. Basically you make money by advertising. Whether you sell products, services, merchandise, etc. You also have adsense which means for every ad shown, and you get about 1-5 cent. Video ads make more money than sidebar or picture ads. Also, companies can sponsor you to promote their ads or brand through clothing or your youtube channel. We know all about youtube because we do it. Youtube is a big world, and Easy Life Journey also has a youtube channel. There are rules and guidelines you have to follow, so it’s not a free for all.

16. Take Surveys/Clicks Online

This one is an easy money maker but doesn’t expect big money. You can get a few cents or so for every click you do. Taking surveys can get you a few dollars depending on how long the survey is. Here are some websites you can try out. Save the student is a website that will show you 21 best survey sites for quick bling bling. Some sites give you instant sign up money and/or free products and prizes. Well kept wallet shows you 50 good websites for surveys. If you literally have nothing to do then why not make 20-50 dollars a day with online surveys. It only takes a few hours, or you can just watch TV all day and waste valuable time.

17. Instagram

Instagram is big now. Today it boasts almost 800 million users. We also are very active on Instagram. If you have a big account, you can charge people for shout outs. Shout outs are when smaller and unknown Instagram accounts pays a bigger account with let’s say 50K-50MM followers a set amount of real money to ask their followers (the bigger channel) to follow or check out the smaller channel. This helps the smaller channel get followers and grow. When your account is big, some companies can ask you to advertise for them, just like how youtube works. Also, almost every celebrity and rich people actually use Instagram. You can advertisement on IG (Instagram) and use its data to run Facebook ads. (That’s another topic) Big channels also sell merchandises or services to their followers. Imagine you have 100K followers and you talk about your book or product. What are the chances of even 1 or 2 followers buying your product? 100% because you have 100k followers if you have 1000 followers then maybe not. Instagram is actually owned by Facebook, and more and more people are switching to Instagram instead of FB because it’s easier and more appealing to the mass. Facebook still has almost 3 times as many users though. It’s not hard, but it’s not fast. Just like youtube, you have to put in the work, time, and effort. Throwing random photos and videos is not going to land you 1000’s of followers, but hey you don’t need a degree to learn how to use Instagram.


If you want to know how to make money fast, like today, then check out these 14 ways to make quick cash. So even if you are homeless or have no money, there’s always a way to make money. Winners find a way and do whatever it takes to win.

There are many ways to make easy money, but we believe these 17 ways on how to make money is the easiest and requires little to no money. You can go to your local library and do some of these that we have mentioned.

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