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how to stop being lazy

How To Stop Being Lazy —This Is How You Finally End Laziness

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You’ve searched all corners of the world. Even the internet, friends, family, and coworkers alike are deemed worthless. Until now. You want answers on how to stop being lazy. The sun shines brightly upon you today.

Laziness and procrastination. They are brothers in arm till the end. A deadly combination and inseparable. Overcoming laziness isn’t going to be simple. Don’t expect to read half an article, take a few advice, and all is well. There are steps and even things you must rise up and challenge if you wish to vanquish the powers of sloth.

I can honestly say I was never really a lazy being. My parents made me work for my meal and roof. Even in my adulthood, I labored extensively because it filled the hollowness and boredom that this daily life has brought upon me.

Ok, so enough with the chit chat. I’m not going to waste precious time by listing 50 ways on how to stop being lazy because we’re not making cake or chicken pot pie here. What I will provide is informative personal life experiences as well as facts and sources for you to overcome laziness. If you yearn for the feeling of livelihood and regain purpose once again, then pay close attention to the wisdom which I am about to spread.

I) Laziness Is A Personal Choice

how to stop being lazy

We all rise from our slumber as each new sun rises. Yet, is that not a choice? Will the authorities lock you up if you don’t work or decide to waste your entire day sleeping? In this dawn of age, no, but centuries ago, maybe that was a different story.

Like happiness, which is also a choice in itself. Hell, everything you feel and do is a choice. You eat meat every day because you love the taste. You smoke because it gives you a nice kick. And whatever it is that you habitually do.

So, have you deciphered the puzzle that I’m trying to manifest? Daily actions become habitual. Dr. Joe Vitale along with other motivational speakers and helpers study and write books about this. It’s actually science as well as how we humans program ourselves to do things without any realization.

You can’t and won’t stop because, after years or even a lifetime of doing, it has become almost permanent.

Embrace and welcome change. It will do wonders.

But change progressively and slowly. Meat eaters can’t be vegans overnight. Building a 6 pack ab takes months. Changing your mentality could take a year or even more. A single journey begins with one step. Unless you get your feet wet, you aren’t going to learn how to swim. Meaning, if you want change, then you must be the change.

Most of us work because let’s face it, bills and food don’t pay themselves. However, 85% of us either despise or don’t care about our jobs.

That’s quite sad spending 1/2 of your waking moment in misery. Is death not a better option?

Instead, some of you choose not to work because you can’t stand the fact of slaving thousands of hours. What if you put those thousands of hours into doing something that you like? Here’s a real-life instance. I am the primary writer and founder of I’ve already put over 1,000 hours into this website, and I’m probably going to put another 1,000 hours every few months. Surely, I can not do such a thing if I hated what I do? No, I can not and will not. I love what I do even though I’m not making even a penny (for now). However, it brings me joy, satisfaction, and my ultimate purpose. To help others reach epiphany and near enlightenment.

Does any field or topic spark an interest? These must be one? Oh, it’s too hard, you need a degree, or you’re required to study hours upon hours. Who said anything about it being easy? Would you rather linger for another year or even a decade, or would you rather start now in order to create a prosperous future?

Being rich isn’t easy, inventing new things or ideas isn’t easy, in fact, the most successful people are those that sacrifice the most. If you’re still living in your mom’s attic or shed, wondering why life sucks and how everyone hates you; well look in the mirror. That’s the person you should hate and blame. You’re an adult now, it is time to accept your own responsibility and move forward.

The first step is always the most difficult. From there it only gets easier and easier until it has become second nature. If you think your job is hard, then try becoming the president of a nation. Nothing in life is hard, it can be challenging. Many or all challenges can be overcome. However, that is completely up to you. You can continue to wait and let your life wither to old age, or you can stop being a self-pitying weakling and make your dreams a reality.

II) You Lack Purpose

how to overcome laziness

Having a purpose for living, is this not the definition of life? The 4th deadliest sin, sloth. Those who practice such sins bear no purpose for living, yet they fear death. Truth be told, you are dying with each breathe you inhale. You are merely existing, not living.

What motivates you, what excites you? Probably nothing if laziness has consumed your existence. Isn’t fascinating how each one of us has different goals and purpose in life, that is if we do?

My purpose didn’t come to me until almost 1 and a half years ago. It was quite the surprise actually. Here I was, pondering on why I exist and what my purpose was, then it naturally manifested itself. You see, I wanted to know the truth, the absolute truth to life itself.

Does God exist and if so what is the true religion? Why do humans speak and think the way they do? Is it wrong to love another man if I too am a man? So much was running through my mind, it only created more chaos and confusion. Instead, I read books and studied on successful, wealthy, and super influential people from this time and the past. I have found the most valuable answer in which each one of these individuals possesses. One which is worth more than time itself, for you know that there is nothing more precious and valuable than time, except for one thing.


It is purpose. It doesn’t matter if God exists, if my neighbor a homosexual, or even if the world hated me.

The only thing in this life that matters is your purpose.

It will give you the absolute truth, meaning, and the most important thing of all, a reason to live and yearn for another tomorrow!

My purpose as I have stated many times throughout my website is simply to serve humanity. No, I am not Jesus, Muhammad, or The Messiah. I am simply another soul passing by. A hot, burning soul with the passion of ten thousand Large Hadron Collider (google it if you don’t know what that is).

I do not need love, food, water, sunlight, or this world. (hypothetically speaking duh!) I possess purpose. When one has such a thing, do not let it slip away from your grasp. Finding your purpose may be as simple as 1,2,3 or can be the second most difficult thing in this life. Fulfilling it would be the most challenging thing.

So how does one find their purpose? Sit, watch movies all day, eat everything, and hope it comes to you. That’s if you’re lucky. How does one find treasures? By searching and looking for it. You read books, search online, watch videos pertaining to your passion, communicate with others, go and explore places you’ll never dream of, get the f*** out there and expose yourself.

The more opportunities you open up, the higher the chance of you finding your purpose will be. Ask your family, neighbors, friends, coworkers, or even people online on what their purpose is. You will eventually find it if you look long and hard. It took me almost 26 years to find mine. Unfortunately, some never do, but today, today you will start because if you don’t, then procrastination and the 4th sin will engulf you like a baby slumbering in the warmth of a mother’s chest.

III) The Easy Way Is Your Way

why am i so lazy

Based on my other post, as well as countless studies, and even by evolutionary standards; humans are naturally lazy and are inclined to choose the easy life. It’s not quantum physics. Babies prefer sweets over veggies. The poor spend billions on lottery tickets. People prefer to take pills and use devices to lose weight rather than putting forth the effort. I could literally spend one year writing down all the lazy sh1t that humans do rather than putting in even 1% effort.

You hear and read so much about how the 1% own 99% of the wealth, 5% of people are living life to the fullest, 85% hate their jobs, on so forth. It’s all facts, my friends. I know you don’t want to hear it because it makes you grind your teeth and crumble into a ball. The reality is, out of every single species and living thing on this earth and even the Universe, only the very few become the strongest or extraordinary. Do you know how many species have gone extinct since the creation of time? It is tough to know but every year 10,000 – 100,000 species become extinct.

Luckily for humans, we are the masters of this world, and we aren’t going anywhere soon. The fittest really do survive the longest. It is a dog eat dog world, at least in this world it is. We’ve made it this far. It took a while, but here we are. Did our ancestors take the easy way out? If they did, we would still be living in caves and building houses out of sticks.

Think about it. If 99% of the population control the other 1%, 95% of people live their fullest, and 85% loved their job, would not the natural orders of things be in chaos or even total confusion? Life itself created small, medium, and big animals, as well as carnivores, omnivore, and herbivores for a reason. Everything is just right, maybe not perfect but right.

With that being said. The easy way is your way because that is all you know, truth be told. Your parents are probably average and grandparents too. Perhaps your whole line of ancestry was average. Your surrounding and parents made you the way you are, for now.

Living the easy and comfortable life for 2 or even 3 decades becomes quite comfortable, hint the word “comfortable.” This is why is it so hard to let go. If you have ever truly loved someone of something, letting go was probably one of the hardest decision you’ve ever made. However, did it not changed you? Made you stronger, wiser, and better? If so, then is this not deem as a good thing?

The easy way isn’t the wrong way. The easy way, however, isn’t always the right way. Just because you grew up eating pizza every Friday doesn’t mean you should continue to do so. Just because you drink coke every day doesn’t mean you should. Just because you smoke every day doesn’t you ought to continue. It is straightforward, even a 4th grader can understand this.

When you practice something for so long, it actually becomes permanent. I’ve stated this twice now. You chose the easy way because it brings comfort and contentment. Isn’t such things overrated already? This generation wouldn’t even last half a f***ing second if it were the 1940’s. First world countries really do have it great.

Do you have 2 legs, arms, eyes, ears, and in healthy condition? If so, then get up, move your ass and conquer your dreams. Those who are born disable are very unfortunate, yet some refuse to allow their condition to hinder them from enjoying life. The next time you think you have it so bad, try eating with no arms or watching your family and friends run wild and free as you sit bound to a wheelchair for eternity.

NO F***ING EXCUSE! If you are able, then you can. You just don't want too because the easy life has shaped you and sheltered you all this time.

Did you know that 15% of the people in this world are born or have some kind of disability whether it be mental or physical? That 1 out of every 7 people in this world. Most are in shelter homes or at home trapped inside a 4 by 4 wall. Did they have a choice, did they have a say on how they were to be born?

You have the opportunity. You can create your own happiness and life. You can do whatever you want. BUT you chose not to because you can’t let go of the past. If you are healthy and able, then it is 100 times easier for you to accomplish such things.

You possess physical strength but not mental strength. The disabled possess mental power but not a physical one.

Isn’t life very ironic sometimes or just an a55hole?

You have two choices. Live your life as you’ve always had and continue to exist in your way peacefully. The other alternative is to live life to the fullest, defy the unknown, destroy all challenges, and embrace epiphany. If you prefer the easy way out then, by all means, go ahead.

Live a little, make the world your home, and end it all with a big bang because 25-50 years from now when you look at your soulless body as you stare from above, what do you want to say to it before your final departure? For me, I’ll say, “You did well my friend, so long until we meet again.”

VI) Discipline Doesn’t Exist For You

how not to be lazy

This is the final step in this guide, yet certainly not the last as a whole. If you’ve never watch Bruce Lee or some Asian action movie then obviously you won’t understand. The infamous quote, “You Rack Disciprine” is usually geared towards a rookie that ultimately becomes this badass killing machine. But before he’s (she) becomes such a thing, they must endure many years of hardship. You’ve seen Kill Bill, haven’t you? A prime example.

Laziness and discipline are two mortal enemies. Completely polar opposite of each other. No masters lack discipline, and no bums lack laziness. This final step is, of course, the most difficult one. Finding your purpose is the second hardest part, fulfilling it is the hardest. This is where discipline comes in.

Again, 95% of you will falter and taste utter defeat, and shall never rise again. The other 5% or even less shall persevere because nothing, not even the almighty himself can hinder you from your purpose.

Discipline will be your most hated friend and best friend.

Each day as you spill blood, sweat puddles, break bones, and hunger for even a piece of bread, you will come to terms and know what true discipline is. Discipline is enduring hardship over and over until a desirable result is produced. Image a schedule, but on steroid and daily cocaine. If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger. Discipline will do that for you.

Well, how can I develop such discipline? Good question! What’s your goal or purpose? How bad do you want it? What’s going to stop you, and how easy is it to give up? If you are not willing to die, then how the hell can you go to Heaven? If your goal doesn’t require the highest price and willpower, then you’re already tasted defeat.

If you’re not willing to die for your purpose, then discipline will not come easy. Sounds scary as f*** right? If you fear death, then you essentially fear living. Death is a part of life and to live is to die. An oxymoron in itself yet makes absolute sense. Is your purpose greater than death itself, if not then you will never achieve success!

Your current lifestyle, can you sacrifice 10 things or even 100 things. That is discipline. Let me give you an example, so you understand. I left America about a year ago which forced me to become a minimalist. All my possession fit in 2 medium size luggage bags. I became a vegetarian for 8 months, but now I eat just a little bit of meat here and there after extensive research (specially raw red meat). I eat to live, not the other way around. I put in an extra 4 hours of work every day, and train 6 times a week. By 10pm I’m dead asleep, and try to meditate 20 minutes a day as long as it’s not too noisy. I am satisfied with my health and life itself. I sold or gave away most of my possessions, and as I did, it felt like as if I was genuinely beginning to experience life and live for once.

Materials and things don’t control me, I control me (myself). Food, entertainment, pleasure, and all that this world has to offer has no power over me. It’s funny how humans have let non-animated objects take control or influence their life or way of thinking. Sure, a whiskey and coke here and there is refreshing, the touch of a beautiful woman can be quite orgasmic, and an endless buffet to stuff your face till you’re dead can hit the spot. It’s OK to enjoy ourselves, but when we do this every single day, then where is the fun?

You can’t stop, you won’t stop because you possess no discipline.

You love all the pleasure that this world has to offer, yet you can’t create it within yourself.

I’m not saying completely give up all that brings you pleasure or joy. Everything in moderation is the key to longevity and happiness. What’s harder, to be disciplined and follow a strict set of guidelines that you created for yourself, or indulge in the sins and pleasures of this world without remorse? The latter of course, and this is why most of us will amount to nothing. Do our time and be done with our existence.

The mind can be the greatest servant or the greatest controller. Once you’ve mastered your mind, you have essential master the Universe. I believe that is the final frontier of humanity. Once you do, all that is impossible becomes possible. Good luck and Godspeed!
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