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Learn Something New Everyday | Knowledge Is The Greatest Gift

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Humankind must strive to learn something new with each waking moment. I remembered vividly as if it were yesterday when I was in Home Depot. A random yet kind stranger no older than 40 was intrigued by my family. Four of us was of Asian descent while 1 was the biological child. He said something so profound and insightful that most six-year-olds would just brush off their shoulder and continue to think about ice-cream and sweets.

He said and I quote, ” Education is the most important thing. ” Being the polite kid as I was, I nodded in empty and clueless agreement. Those words never hit me until recently. Why would a man say such things?

So I thought, and I thought extensively and greatly. It makes absolute sense. Education is the most important thing. Not just of this world but to life and the Universe itself. Of course, such things never occupied my mind until a year or so ago. Fast forward 21 years later, and here I stand, in the same firm position and ideology like that of that great man. Allow me to express the importance of why we humans must learn something new each day (if possible) and never to cease learning, no matter the circumstances.

Makes You Smarter

learn new thingsIsn’t that obvious? Well, that’s if one applies and absorbs what they’re learning. We can choose to continue to work at our day or night jobs years after years, learning and doing the same things without end; or we can learn new things even if we have a stable job.

Elon Musk runs three independent corporations. Mark Zuckerburg practices Mandarin 1 hour every day. No one is ever too old or too smart to learn or try new things. Even if it’s just one thing, it’s still an infinite times greater than zero.

The wealthy, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors, CEO, and the likes dare not to stop learning new things. If they did, then their companies or ideas would be in jeopardy. New businesses arise, and old ones fall. For you to be ahead or with the competition, then fresh, innovative ideas and concepts must be implemented. And how exactly does such a thing occur without learning?

The brain can hold about 100 Terabyte of information.
To put in simple terms, it means you can learn as much as you desire for the rest of your life. Computing and technological powers double every two years according to Moore’s law. But what about the human brain? According to this graph, it shows the age in which a human ability has been peaked, like vocabulary, memory, etc.

Not learning new things doesn’t imply that your intelligence level will decrease. However, habits like this aren’t easy to overcome. Some, or should I say most, prefer to use their hands as opposed to their brains.

Learning new things shouldn't be a punishment, rather, it should be rewarding.

We humans did evolve differently from all other animals. Could it be that over millions of years, we’ve learned to adapt, improvise, and overcome? Humanity started with stones, and look where we stand presently. How about 2 million years later? That is the combined powers of the mind and knowledge.

Isn’t intelligence such a charismatic feature to possess? When you ask a doctor, professor, or whoever about their field of study and they respond with certainty and transparency, then does that not feel convenient? Let’s turn the table. What if they knew little to the questions that you ask? Would this surely not irritate you?

Intelligence is one of humanity’s top tier perks. It is why we can cook with fire, sleep under any weather conditions, make living more manageable, and can build a better tomorrow. Few are gifted with such a treasure. For the rest of us, we have but one choice. To apply and practice what we know and learn. Only then can we achieve great wisdom and knowledge.

Opens Doors To Opportunities

learn something new everydaySo you want to be a doctor, maybe a lawyer, or whatever your childhood dreams were. Just sit all day and stare into the abyss of darkness. There you’ll find no answers. But another alternative exists.

Get up, learn, and try something new. How can one possibly know if he/she wants to be a lawyer or doctor? I, within my wildest dreams, would never have thought that I would be a writer. In fact, writing and reading were my most loathe subject in school. This is what I mean by chance. Did you know that the law of our universe is based on probability?

Yep. Physicist has done numerous test, and they all point to the same conclusion.
Even Albert Einstein didn’t want to agree with this notion yet the truth is the truth, no matter what. Things work the way they do because of chance. I’m no physicist, so I’m not really at a stand to say such things, but isn’t it apparent. The more you try new things, the more opportunities will arise.

You don’t know what to do or haven’t found your passion? You’re not alone. That was me for 25 years ago. After many weeks of studying, learning, researching, and discovering; I’ve finally found my purpose and calling. I tried. I yearned. There is an endless supply of opportunities out there. They want to be found. The only way you can know what you truly want is to go out there and get it. Sitting in the comforts of your home or idling by at work will amount to nothing.

If you want greatness, then you're going to have to work for it.

Building the Great Wall Of China took 2,000 years. I’m not sure how much pain, sacrifice, and tears are needed. However, I can tell you that, if you really want it, then you’ll find a way.

Keep opening new doors. Don’t walk the same road every day. Converse with new people, live another culture, and explore the unknown. Dare to defy the undefined. Increase your odds of success. If you do nothing, then you beget nothing. Opportunities will only open up if you make it happen.

You May Like It

learn something” That looks stupid. “, ” I’ll never do/try that. “, or ” I’ll never marry and have kids. ” Who hasn’t spoken these words before? No one’s hand should be raised. The story is, you won’t know until you try.

Although the saying, ” You become what you hate. ” may be true to some, like me, but the power of trying is even truer. Could it be that we really don’t become what we hate? Instead, we hate and fear things that we don’t truly understand. Is not death a prime example, to some.

Should we not face our fears? Stand up not just for the sake of humanity but also for ourselves? Fear is what keeps the multiple in the darkness. After all, isn’t ignorance bliss

Before we like something, what’s the primary requirement for interest to arise. For instance, the primary requirement for water is oxygen. Think, for a moment if needed. Now, some, or all of you may disagree so let’s agree to disagree. That word is, beauty.

Why do we like animals, cars, houses, humans, nature, life, art, music, TV, food, water, and everything? Functionality is extremely as important. But, I’ll discuss this later. So what exactly do you like? Does it possess or gives out some kind of beauty?

There is beauty in everything.
Try any and everything you can before your last beat, heartbeat. Animals didn’t evolve or were engineered to do that of which the humans can. We can do whatever the F we want. Let’s go to the moon, check. Let’s live on Mars one day, *slowly check.

You may hate math, but if you understand it’s core and fundamentals, then you might have a change of mind. Vegetables make you gag, yet you’ll reconsider knowing it’s healing properties. I challenge you! Do something new today. Not tomorrow, because that gift doesn’t come for everybody. What excites you, releases your goosebumps, and ignites the hidden, indomitable flames slumbering in your vessel (body)?

Then go for it. What’s holding you back? Until then, when you have found that of which I speak. This is the soul of your purpose.

There is no higher calling than knowing and executing your purpose.

For all you Christ believers, am I wrong? Is your purpose not to serve The Lord? Are you doing that wholeheartedly? If you’ve experienced an incredible, uplifting euphoric, then you are.

Keep trying new things. If perseverance is by your side, you’ve eventually discovered something that you wished you had discovered eons ago. There’s no scientific theory or equations that I apply to this, yet it makes too much sense. If you don’t know what you like, then keep searching. One day, you’re bound to know what it is.

It Will Transform Your Life

things to learnMay and can means maybe or 50%. Will means inevitable. Trying new things will alter your reality. Humans are matter-less to the universe yet there’s just so much to explore and do in this universe. Why are we pushing the space age, rocket, astronomy, and outer space? To thrive, we must strive to learn new ways, technology, science, and the unknown mysteries that are just waiting to be discovered.

Traveling the world as a minimalist is a beauty, rare, and golden opportunity, yet here I am. Unfortunately, not all stories end in happiness. But that should be a sacrifice in which all of us should be prepared for. For change to happen, what must happen? Change!

If you want to see the change in your life, then change.
Simple, not quite. Effective, very. Solutions must be met with action. I’ve dealt with countless addictions and negativities. The only technique I could execute was action. Not only did I yearn for a new transformation but I had too. Not all roads have U-turns.

Science says that the chances of you being born are 1 in 400 trillion.

You’ve already beaten the hardest game to exist, life. How many new things is it going to take to alter your life? 1, maybe 10, perhaps 1,000. No one knows until they try. Change your life by changing your actions and thoughts.

Things You Can Do

Here’s 79 (new) things you can learn or try today.

  1. Keep only what you need, not want
  2. Speak a new language
  3. Fall in love with a foreigner
  4. Increase positivity
  5. Eliminated negativity
  6. Exercise more
  7. Drink more water
  8. Became vegan or vegetarian
  9. Practice meditation
  10. Worry less
  11. Stop caring about what others think
  12. Living every moment to the fullest
  13. Reduce junk food, sweets dramatically
  14. Eat primarily organic/raw
  15. Traveled the world
  16. Be a minimalist
  17. Intermittent fasting
  18. Wake up earlier
  19. Going to sleep earlier
  20. Working longer on goals and passion (job)
  21. Accept failure
  22. Make a website
  23. Edit videos
  24. Giving yourself undivided time
  25. Not procrastinating anymore
  26. Reduced alcohol consumption drastically
  27. Reduced tobacco vastly
  28. Listen more
  29. Speak less
  30. Bettering yourself daily
  31. Doing what is best for you
  32. Watch less TV
  33. Go outside more
  34. Spend more time with those you care for
  35. Invest your money
  36. Find your purpose
  37. Rely on yourself
  38. Forgive others
  39. Forgive yourself
  40. Forget the past, live the moment, create the future
  41. Cook
  42. Work overseas
  43. Stand or move more
  44. Walk with a straight back
  45. Eat out less
  46. Say “I love you” to your family everyday
  47. Be organized
  48. Get out of the comfort zone
  49. Think less, do more
  50. Set goals
  51. Take calculated risk
  52. Be confident
  53. Smile everyday
  54. Compliment others
  55. Make a new friend
  56. Do one good deed everyday
  57. Eat less meat
  58. Take up a new hobby
  59. Stop judging others
  60. Walk more, walk everywhere
  61. Use the stairs more
  62. Eat what your body needs, not what you want
  63. Eliminate harmful and useless stress
  64. Plant a garden
  65. Be opened minded
  66. Accept everyone as equals
  67. Life is unfair
  68. Do unto others
  69. Face your fears
  70. Accept rejection
  71. Easy to please
  72. Hard to anger
  73. Think before you speak
  74. Respect others businesses
  75. Don’t believe everything you see or hear
  76. Take cold showers
  77. Improve your strengths
  78. Work on your weakness
  79. Die without regret


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