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99 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest Everyday Part 1/2

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Three types of people exist in this world: those who are existing, those who are living, and those who are living life to the fullest. Just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you’re truly living. Live your life because this may be the only opportunity you get!

Who knows? There may be life after death. However, I’m not going to take such a risk. Here are 49/99 things you can do to enjoy life to the absolute fullest before you become dust.

1) Learn A Hobby

Have you always wanted to know how to play the guitar or even learn how to speak a new tongue? If so then what the hell are you waiting for? I used to be able to speak Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Spanish well. Studies show that certain hobbies can boost brain power, especially in old age. You don’t lose your brain power it just degenerates as one gets older. However, learning and engaging in hobbies can help improve synaptic connections which means you won’t lose your memory as fast as someone who’s idling all day.

2) Work Out

You don’t work out because you always tell yourself you don’t have the time or it is a waste of time. When you do this day after day and years after years, then it becomes permanent. Try telling yourself every day, yes, it must be every day though, that you will work out. There is just way too much goodness to list out on exercise. Every since I’ve incorporated working out, I have noticed a tremendous boost to my overall well being. If we can’t convince you then maybe this article will.

3) Travel

It’s on everyone’s bucket list. Fortunately, for someone like you, I’m sure you can. I am currently living and traveling abroad. It sure beats staying in the same State years after years after years. Live in a new world. Interact with a unique culture. See new faces. Open your taste bud to a whole new flavor. Also, even learn a foreign tongue. Once you start, you won’t ever want to stop. Just don’t blow all your hard earned work.

4) Start A Business

You’re not ever going to be wealthy unless you start a new business or invent something extraordinary, which in turn is a business. Don’t be afraid to open a new business. Everything is hard at first but becomes second nature after some getting used to it. I’ve started 4 businesses in a short span of 3 years. 2 which ended in a disaster. You can expect to develop new skills, learn things you’ve never even thought of, and so on. Let me give you a piece of advice. When you start a business, plan for long-term. If you start a business just to see what it’s like then that’s precisely what’s going to happen. 80% of new businesses failed within the first 18 months so don’t be alarm.

5) Help People

The five best feelings in the world are drugs (to your liking), sex, love, living life to the fullest, and helping others. If you’ve never helped anyone then, of course, you don’t have a clue to what I’m saying. I can’t really describe it. The feeling is somewhat like worthiness. Whenever I help someone, I feel like I’ve done a good deed or made this world a better place, even if it’s just a fraction of a fraction. Anyways, it would help if you tried it. Go volunteer during the holidays or even give a hand whenever one of our brothers or sisters need it.

6) Educate And Teach People

Is not an education one of the most critical aspect if not, the most essential aspect of life? Every nation is equipped with the deadliest weapon, schools (education). Apparently, it must mean something. Without education, everything you see, touch, and feel within your perimeter would be nonexistent. When you educate someone, even if it is your own kin, it does make a difference, to yourself and the rest of us. Pride yourself in education as well as teaching others. Educating others is not only helping them but giving them an opportunity that they may have never had.

7) Write A Book

81% of Americans want to write a book or become an author. Do you have capable hands, are you able to render thoughts? If so, then write a book. I don’t see the problem here! Stephen Kings, J. K. Rowling, and others have become the top in their field, but before that, they were rejected not once but over 10 times! It didn’t stop them so unless your book gets rejected 10 times by publications, then what are you procrastinating for? Did these authors think they were going to be incredibly wealthy and famous? Perhaps but they wrote because it was their passion. Don’t write for the money, write for the passion and money will come. (sometimes)

8) Throw The Biggest Party

Depending on your age and taste, throwing an epic party just may be the craziest bucket list. If you haven’t seen Project X, then I suggest you do so. (If you’re between the ages of 18-66 and like to partayyy) It’s a once in a lifetime thing. May as well live it to your fullest right? Being rich isn’t a requirement. I’ve been to some radical parties with less than $20 in my wallet. Have you been to the full moon party in Thailand yet? Well, I have and let me tell you, it is indescribable. Just GO!

9) Drink In Moderation

2 daily servings of alcohol for men and 1 serving for women is healthy. A 2005 study from Dutch has shown evidence that drinking in moderation can reduce type-2 diabetes as well as increase longevity! WTF! It doesn’t mean you should drink every day, but it also doesn’t mean you should wait until the weekends to catch up on the 6 days that you missed out. Doing this is stupid and can wreck your health. I don’t drink as much as I used to because it does age you physically. Youth is more important to me than getting buzzed, but whatever makes you happy, right?

10) Try Cannabis

Let’s keep religion and politics out and science in. Cannabis has helped me in many ways, both good and bad. There are three types. Indica which gets your body high and is great for working out or sex. Sativa which gets your brain high, so all you do is think about Aliens attacking us and how maybe none of this is even real. Lastly, the hybrid. Stay away from this if you’ve never tried cannabis before. This will F you up. Here are 50 benefits of cannabis. It’s a plant, not a drug. Sugar, alcohol, and tobacco is a drug that kills millions of people each day. Cannabis, ZERO!

11) Sleep

Sleeping is a part of life. Humans spend 25%-35% of our lives in slumber. Did you know that people who sleep 7-8 hours a day are more prone to happiness than those who get away with 6 hours or less? Studies also indicate that people who snooze for 4 hours or less are more likely to get into a fatal car accident. Not just to themselves but to others. Sleeping at certain times can also uplift your mood. 9 pm is when melatonin production starts, and by 6 am it is virtually gone. So try to sleep during those hours to reap maximum health and happiness benefits. Here are study and research to back it up.

12 ) Meditate

Meditation is like opening up the gates to Heaven, partially. The best time to meditate is dawn and dusk with absolute silence except for the sounds of nature. Sunlight is proven to make humans happy or at least boost their mood. Meditation is hard, I mean at first, it’s almost impossible. Mostly because you’re just sitting in one spot trying not to think of anything when in fact your brain is vacuuming every single thought and image that has ever existed to man. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to meditation and 2 months to start feeling its effect. I’ve been meditating since June 18′ so almost 6 months. Meditation is huge, so it’s quite impossible to describe in one paragraph, but this guide should suffice. Start now if you haven’t. You’re very welcome!

13) Learn To Cook

Going out for a meal can be costly and deadly. So much amount of salt, oil, and whatever ingredient are thrown into your plate to spice it up. Does it taste good, absolutely! That’s why you go there. I cook every day, twice a day. I practice intermediate fasting and only eat at 1 pm and 5 pm. Lunch takes less than 10 minutes to prepare since it is mostly veggies and grains. For dinner, I have eggs and just plain vegetables and other carbs. I’m a vegetarian, so that helps me save time and money. If you can learn to cook, then you can make whatever you want when you want. It’s easy to cook unless you prefer to learn how to build a spaceship? Learn to eat to live, not live to eat, and you will enjoy life even more.

14) Eat Healthily

You are what you eat. Put crap into your body, and you will become crap. Put wholefoods and foods from nature, then you will become whole and one with nature. Unhealthy foods taste delicious and healthy foods taste awful. Your taste buds have been altered since birth, and so have your thoughts. If you do anything long enough, it becomes permanent. Food is not just food. Taste, smell, texture, looks, and so forth are what makes food, food. Things that are of even shape like carbs, meats, junk food, etc. look appetizing. On the contrary, foods that are irregular in shape like most veggies don’t look all too tasty. Many unhealthy foods also create pleasure, in the mouth but not for the body. Here’s a fascinating article on why we like unhealthy foods as opposed to healthy foods.

15) Make Good Friends

You want friends for the heck of it, or you want good old buddies. Is it not better to have one good friend than 100 fake or bad friends? Friends are like family, sometimes even more. How far is your friend willing to go for you. You’re so-called “fake” friends, are they really there for you or are you just a backup plan. Being alone is not a bad thing like everyone perceives it to be, yet having friends can be a delight, anytime. Like family, friends are a part of human lives. Ever since the dawn of time and until our extinction, humans have and will always depend on and need a friend. If you’ve never had a truly good friend, then it will be difficult for you to comprehend what a friend really is.

16) Be Positive, Always

There is a positive side to everything. Let’s say for instance someone is bashing your brains senseless into smithereens. Maybe you deserved it, or perhaps you really did want to die? Pessimistic will say that everything has a bad side to it, duh. When you take an outlook on life as a whole, does it seem better to be positive or negative? I used to be negative, for about 12 years or so. Man, was that irritating. From personal experience, I will tell you that being positive is a trillion times better than being negative. Never will I walk that path again.

17) Love Yourself

You can’t truly love others unless you start somewhere, and that’s with you. You may believe that loving others is the greatest feeling, but if you’ve never ever truly been madly in love with yourself, then you may want to reconsider. Love for others come and go, but you will always be here so enjoy your own presence, moment, joy, and pure love. Self-love makes you want to enhance every aspect of yourself and become perfect in every way. Please give it a go. You’ll see life in a new way.

19) Appreciate Everything

Men take everything for granted. Air, water, light, comfort, and so forth. What ought to suffice does not. Thus, we want more and more until we’ve had our fill. This path leads to an endless cycle of misery and lust. Learn to appreciate what truly matters, money. What I meant to say is value. Is not the quality air, fresh water, good friends, warm family, and life itself not the most important thing? 15% of humans are disabled, and half the world lives in poverty. Are you one of these people? Maybe you should be disabled or poor. Your attitude will change instantly!

20) Be A Minimalist

Like #19 but these are your possessions. Here’s an actual example. I live abroad and travel. I possess 2 medium size luggage and 1 laptop bag. As you can see, there’s not much room for materialistic things. I’ve come to realize that enjoying life gets easier if one possess only what matters. When you own a house, 2 cars, and a 50ft container full of stuff in your home; what does it force you to do? Live there, for years and years. As a minimalist, one can transverse the world and go wherever they please in as little as an hour.

21) Stop Making Excuses

Pretend that excuses are the excrement that excretes from your bottom every time you make a fuss. It doesn’t get you anywhere, does it? All it does it either make you look like a fool or a pathetic loser. Excuses are just words. Then have no meaning without some sort of action. You complain about life and how you’ll never be rich. You complain about how you’re fat, short, or disfigure. Everyone has some type of deformity, physically or mentally. It’s how you choose to deal with them that changes the outcome. Do you want change? Then work for it. Words can only go so far before they wither to nothingness.

22) Enjoy The Little Things

When you begin to be grateful for even the littlest things, then it will just be that much easy to live your life to the fullest. A man’s who content with nothing will of have everything. Thus, he will be the happiest man alive. It’s ok to want things if you work for it. Don’t be so attached to this materialistic world. Everything physical comes and goes. They eventually break down and turn to dust, however sentimental values and feelings last forever, in our hearts. Try this for a change. Have a few things (physical) that you indeed adorn, and cherish those things and make them last. For me, that would be my laptop, blender, phone, headphones, and the same clothes I’ve worn since High-School.

23) Get A Massage When You Can

Massages are a great way to start or even end the day, yet they can get pricey. If you’re in Asia then money is not the issue, quality however is. Most of us know how massages feel. If we were all wealthy, then most of us would get a massage every day. I definitely would. Earlier I listed out the 5 best feelings in the world. Maybe getting a massage (from an expert) could be number 6. This one is self-explanatory.

24) Don’t Sit All Day

The average person sits 8 hours a day, and that’s just the statistics for work. We watch TV (Average person watches 4-5 hours of TV a day), use the PC, eat, read a book, drive cars, take the metro, and so forth. It’s literally non stop sitting, all day every day. Haven’t you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Sitting is not bad, but anything in excess over time can become a hazard. Sitting is no exception. Standing is 3 times more beneficial than sitting and can build more muscles and improve posture. Our ancestors walked and ran everywhere. Fishing, hunting, farming, gathering, and the likes all require movement and no form of sitting. That’s what we humans used to do, now it the complete opposite.

25) Try New Things

You won’t know if you’ll like it until you try it. That’s what makes life exciting. There are just so many fascinating things to try out before our passing. Even if one lives to a ripe age of 1000, you’ll never experience everything that life has to offer. In school, I was not too fond of English and writing classes. Today, well I’ll let you be the judge. If you don’t know what you want to do in life or have not found purpose, then keep trying. Eventually, you’ll bound to find something you were made for.

26) Read A Book

When we watch TV or play video-games, the images and imagination are laid out before us, no need to use your brains. On the other hand, reading a book forces us to open our minds and imagine anything to our liking. Reading not only makes one wiser but can also reduce stress and is a great way to wind down after a long day. Bill Gates and Mark Cubans read pretty much every day. They read about 3 hours a day or 50 books a year. Does this mean anything? Yes but only if you apply what you learn. Reading is self-education, the best education there is.

27) Set Time For You Every Day

What is the point of living if you can’t give yourself time or do what is good for you? Set aside at least 10 minutes a day for yourself. This can be meditation, exercise, self-compliments, and anything that improves oneself. We all have one body, maybe one life so take care of what matters most in this world, you. Do this every day, and in 10 years pass, you shall see a tremendous transformation, both physically and mentally.

28) Don’t Think Too Much

The ability to think beyond realms and universes; that is what separates humans from all the other life forms. Like anything, too much can be unhealthy. Thinking random, useless thoughts does nothing but clutter your mind with unnecessary information. That is why I recommend mediation because it will help you to ease and rest your mind. Over millions of years, we humans have evolved not physically but mentally. Today we are bombarded with trillions, and trillions of images, noises, rays, waves, and thoughts and not all of it is healthy or beneficial to us. Over-thinking can cause stress and many other unwanted problems.

29) Practice Fasting or Intermittent Fasting

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Yes because that’s what you heard and were raised to believe since birth. Those who practice intermittent fasting would say otherwise and experience much more health benefits than those who eat breakfast daily. I’m not saying breakfast is bad. If it works for you, then don’t stop, but intermittent fasting and regular fasting is one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies. I’ve been on the two meal a day fasting since February 18′ and have seen more muscular growth, less aging, money saving, mood uplifting, and the likes as compared to eating 3 meals a day or whenever I was hungry.

30) Drink Tea or Coffee Every Day

Coffee and tea are quite healthy, and billions of people drink it daily. Too much coffee is unhealthy but 1-2 cups a day is perfect. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee in the morning has been shown to boost good mood, vanquish stress, and can alleviate some restlessness. Tea is healthier than coffee, and tea contains less caffeine. It’s cheaper and has anti-aging properties too. How you prepare tea and what type of tea can make all the difference so be sure to research on that.

31) Drink Water Every Hour

This one is self-explanatory. Just drink water whenever and wherever. Be careful with fluorine. I don’t want to get too controversial, but it’s terrible, like really bad. Anyways, water does much more than just hydration. It can boost brain power, enhance your mood, reduce stress, and much more. Don’t drink water after a meal. The best times to drink water is first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before meals, and 30 minutes before workouts.

32) Get Sunlight

Sunlight contains Vitamin D which helps with bone structure and the regulation of calcium and phosphorous in the body. It is vital that young growing children get adequate sunlight. Studies show that sunlight can make one happy. People who live in hemispheres that get more sunlight are known to be happier than their peers who don’t.

33) Go To The Beach

Who doesn’t like sunlight, crystal clear water, seagulls flying over their heads, and the joy of everyone in the vicinity? Depressed and down people. Whenever I get an opportunity to go to the beach, I make sure to savor each moment to the max. You know that feeling, especially when you only go a few times a year. Everything about the beach spells out happiness. People, sand, weather, atmosphere, etc. are the key ingredient to what makes a beach a beach.

34) Talk To People

Communication is the most vital aspect of life and reproduction. How do we meet the love of our life? How can one make friends? What are the requirements to become an effective leader? Communication! Talking about your problems to others really does help. Humans interact with one another every single moment and is the key to a prosperous society. Social media and phone usage have risen a billion folds since 2000 B.C. The average person is communicating via a device 24 hours a week, that’s nonverbal!

35) Stop Eating Junk Food

#14 I discussed eating healthy. Let’s emphasize the importance of not eating garbage. It’s labeled junk food for a reason. You already know the harmful effects it does to you mentally and physically. You want to look and feel good, yet you won’t do the work that is required. You have no one but yourself to blame. You don’t have to stop eating junk food entirely but at least start eating healthy, every day. Over time this will compound and as the years pass you will see good changes to yourself. Start now so the future you will thank you.

36) Don’t Stay Up Late

Sleeping with a routine before 10 pm is ideal like I mentioned before. Staying up late causes you to miss out on the important hours of recovery and other health benefits. Even if you sleep for a full 8 hours, you won’t be as well rested as someone who sleeps 6 hours during normal times. Here are the dangers of staying up late. Please don’t say I didn’t warn you!

37) Take Things Slow

Rushing causes more mistakes than taking your time. When you make mistakes, you have to go back and correct it. Doesn’t this produce more wasted time? It doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as you do not stop, you will eventually reach your destination. I’ve learned that over the years. My first retail business caused me to lose $35k in pure profits because I didn’t study about the market and my business partner was someone who I barely knew. So yeah, take it from me. There’s no such thing as a get rich today, lose 50 pounds by tomorrow, and the likes. Things take time, and the best things require the most time.

38) Have Sex Whenever

Sex shouldn’t be a routine or done periodically. It is natural and the key to life. Of course, everyone has their own opinion but as long as you’re not married or committed to anyone, then why not have sex with whomever you want and whenever you want. At any given moment, over 15,000 people are having intercourse. Does it make you jealous or mad if people have sex with whomever they want or whenever? If it does, then I feel sorry for you. As long as you’re not harming others then why not, live your life because it just may not come again!

39) Don’t Overwork Yourself

Work is what makes a civilization advance to new heights. Without work, there would be no progress, technology, or innovation. However, we humans are not slaves nor machines. Our body was not designed to work continuously. You will break, mentally or physically. Overwork can even lead to death or suicide! Life is all about balance. Work hard play harder. I first heard this when I was serving in the US Navy. We sure did work hard, but we also played harder! If you’ve never seen a drunken sailor, then you are missing out on life. Life is meant to be enjoyed and treasured. In today’s time, known as the Golden Era, take every advantage you can. Alternatively, love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life, like me!

40) Use Your Non-dominate Hand

I’m almost 27 years old, and I started using my left hands about 4-5 years ago. Brushing my teeth, eating, using the PC mouse, holding cups, and sometimes cooking are done by my non-dominate hand. It surely pays off. What if one day your dominate hands become unusable, now what? Little things add up to a whole lot if done day by day for years. It’s never too late to start anything. At first, it feels so bizarre and uncomfortable, but after 6 months it starts to feel somewhat tolerable. After 2-3 years it becomes almost normal but not natural. I still don’t feel natural using my left hands, maybe after 10 years, I will.

41) Be Yourself

There is nothing sexier than being yourself. Being yourself radiates confidence, self-love, and is extremely attractive. We live in a world with familiar faces but unknown traits. No one wants to be around two-faced people, and no one trusts them either. Plus, it is so much easier to be yourself. Lying about it will do more harm than you realize. Everyone wants to be somebody they aren’t, but we forget that we all can be someone. In life, there is only one you. Why try to be someone you’re not? You are unique in your very own way!

42) Surround Yourself With Positive People

You can’t change people. I thought that just because I was a right person I could change those around me who were bad or negative. It turns out you can not, and those people actually ended up hurting me. Negative and bad people are that way for a reason. Even if you can change one. It’s only 1/100 or so. Surround yourself with positive people only. They will uplift you and help you out in times of trouble. Plus your life will be happier and much better. They say, your environment makes you who you are.

43) Turn Off The TV

Americans watch 4-5 hours of TV a day. Don’t be ashamed. I’m an American, so I too partook in such rituals. Unless you’re watching something educational or it’s your job then turn the TV off completely or limit your watch time. Netflix and chill is great, but once it becomes a daily habit, then it becomes a danger. You’re not improving yourself in any way. Watching too much TV can kill you! Dang, I guess everything can kill us nowadays. Imagine someone going to your funeral, and everyone finds out that the cause of death was an overdose, on television.

44) Adopt A Pet

Having a pet can reduce stress. Humans are drawn to cute and fluffy things. Having a pet adds an additional member to your family. They are always there for us and are the first one to greet us, except for cats. Cats are unknown and do as they please. Being single all my life, having a Shiba-Inu was one of the best things that have ever happen to me. No matter how bad my day got, just looking at him made everything ok again. If you’ve never a pet that depended on you, then you don’t know what I’m talking about. It gives one a purpose and more meaning to life. We have “someone” that we must care for.

45) Improve Yourself (Mentally/Physically)

How can one live life to the absolute fullest if they are not in tip-top shape? You feel depress, overworked, worn out, and you have no idea why? Maybe instead of changing or blaming your environment, try changing yourself first. Be the best that you can be. Never stop improving yourself. Humans bear no quantify limits. No one knows what they are capable of until they try. The fastest man can run 27 mph. The strongest man can squat over 1200 pounds. Humans can conquer anything we set our minds to. If you want to change the world, then start with yourself.

46) Believe You Are Something

Everything begins and ends with you. There are currently 7,632,819,325 souls on earth. More being created by the second. That’s a lot of mouth to fed and competition to face. 7,632,819 people make up the top 1%. If you want to be the best then you must believe in yourself, every single moment. The top 1% are there for a reason. I’m sure believing in themselves had something to do with it. If you don’t have self-belief, then you will never amount to anything.

47) Laugh And Smile Everyday

Laughter is the best medicine. Smile! Right now. It doesn’t matter why just do it! Don’t you feel a little better? Laughing and smiling expresses happiness. We all want happiness and more joy in our lives, so laugh and smile until you’ve had your fill. It’s also healthy and good for us. Start your day with a smile and end it with laughter or the other way around.

48) Don’t Be So Easily Angered

Unless you’re The Hulk, then stop being angry, so easily. If you’re impoverished, disabled, and have $hit happen to you daily, then that’s a logical reason to get worked up. If you are easy to anger, it just shows that you lack specific discipline. Being angry is good. It releases built up stress within the body, but if you’re constantly angry, it can be unhealthy. You’re not living, not at all if anger is taking control of your life. Stop it. You need help. Go here to see how anger affects your well being.


21%, that’s how much oxygen is present in the air that we breathe. Increase oxygen has shown to boost mood, enhance thinking, work out longer, and much more. There are oxygen bars (started in Asia) where you breathe oxygen but at 40%. I’ve never tried it, but from the reviews, I’m definitely going to, if I can find a shop. The 4x4x4 technique alleviates stress and other alignments. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4, and repeat 4 times. Do this whenever you feel like you’re about to explode.

Continue to part 2 of live your life.

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