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Low Self Esteem Obliterate This Sickness In 5 Simple Methods

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When it comes to life, we are only given two choices: enjoy and take full advantage of its gift or suffer and be miserable in its existence.

Life doesn’t care whether one is simply existing or living; that’s not its purpose. We are given one body, one life, yet countless opportunities.

No one or single living organism in this Universe asked to be born. However one can choose how to live and sometimes how we die.

Here are 5 vital topics that we’d like to cover regarding low self-esteem and how you can regain control of your life and start living once again:

  1. Incorporate meditation daily.
  2. Work out a few times a week.
  3. Self-compliment yourself.
  4. Accept who you are and change what you can.
  5. You actually don’t have it bad (unless you are disabled or disfigured).

Low Self Esteem Obliterate This Sickness In 5 Simple Methods

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Let’s begin by asking you a simple yet perplex question. Why do you have low self-esteem? Did someone force it upon you, did you merely give rise to its existence due to unforeseen circumstances, were you naturally born with it, or just maybe and slowly you developed it over many years of unfortunate events.

Second and final question. Do you care about what others think about you, does your appearance make you insecure, maybe you have social anxiety which can often be a result of low self-esteem, or could it be that you fear rejection due to the circumstances that your emotions could be hurt?

Who knows, and maybe you don’t even have an answer but I used to have all those problems for 10+ years. Living is hard enough for the majority of us but living with low self-esteem is like waking up to a dark, cold, gloomy, rainy day every day. Thousands of nights wither away and as the new rays of sunlight awaken your body; You know that these are no rays of joy but rays that reminded you that each day was nothing but misery and disgust.

I’ve contemplated suicide more than I can recall and there were many nights when only tears could ease my insomnia; you’ve been on the same boat haven’t you? Today, thankfully I have none of those problems because I have learned that everything was actually orchestrated by no one else but me. This world that we create slowly and surely becomes our reality or should I say nightmare. In fact, low self-esteem is a great illusion, it’s all fabricated by you because you “believe” these issues are real.

Here’s a quick advice. People don’t care about how we look, if we get rejected for whatever reason, then it’s just a simple rejection, and the way we feel is all inside our head. I hope these top 5 tips can help you deal with your low self-esteem and allow you to live life to the fullest because every soul has the right to liberty, freedom, happiness, and the right to live their life, however, they so dam(n) please.

1. Incorporate Meditation Daily


Meditation tops this list because it is one of IF NOT the most powerful method to help you deal with low self-esteem.

The millions who practice meditation daily see life changing results. This isn’t new. In fact, meditation was practiced about 3000 years BCE. Were people that bored out of their minds? No, meditation MUST be practice daily if you want to reap all the benefits and greatness that life has to offer.

Remember, most external factors are caused by internal forces.

What we mean by that is how one feels, acts, lives day by day is caused by the way one deals with those things within their mind. Let’s take eating for example. If you order something and it was under-cooked or too cold/hot; how would you react to this? Some people may get angry while others would just ask to have it served the way they wanted. Every action has a reaction as you know, but what you may not know is that the reaction is far greater than the action itself.

Homes, nations, and earth itself can be rebuilt but not your life; once it’s gone, it is gone for good.

Meditation has 100’s if not 1000’s of benefits pertaining to your health, body, mind, soul, and spirit. Here is a list of 141 benefits of meditation, as you can see, meditation is amazing, powerful, and a life saver, literally! You don’t have to become a monk or be spiritual in any way.

I practice meditation in the morning (20 minutes each season), and before bed, every day and I can assure you that it has helped me in so many ways, not just with low self-esteem. It will help you to deal with everyday actions and choices, relax you, make you appreciate things more, develop compassion for all life, and all the 100’s of benefits that it has to offer, for free. You see, the mind is the most powerful thing in this world or maybe Universe. It has created everything in this world: has the ability to bring down nations: can make you its slave or master: and far worse or wonderful things.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”― Robin Sharma

This is where meditation comes in. Meditation allows one to control and master their mind.

It is said that once you master your mind, you can master anything.

One can LITERALLY create his/her own world with their mind which in turn is their reality. That means if you believe you are strong therefore you are. (Actions speak louder than words, so make sure you can also back it up) However, if one believes they are weak, then they are weak. Your opinions and beliefs are your minds reality; if one practices positivity, then he/she will most likely be positive and vice versa for negativity. To get all the information you need about meditation, we advise you to check out the full article here.

Key Take Away
If you’re tire and can go on much longer, practice meditation. It’s not that hard, but it does require patience and time. The first part is always the hardest but once you get it – Oh boy! Welcome to a new world of whatever the F you want it to be!

2. Work Out A Few Times A Week

how to fall asleep fast

Low self-esteem may be a result of being overweight or too skinny, having a short stature, looking unattractive, and so forth. But remember what we said earlier? People don’t give a dam(n) about how you look.

They have enough problems to deal with in their own life.

What makes you think that they have the slightest care to even care about you? And if they do that just means you are worth their time, that’s a good thing!

Sure, let’s say you really are short or overweight; people will stare at you briefly and then continue with whatever they are doing. In 100 years from now, none of any of this will matter, why? Because everyone alive will be dirt!

Exercise ranks #2 on our list because it deserves so and here’s why. When you workout, countless wonderful things happen to your health, body, and mind. (See where we are going with this?) Don’t you have time? Well, try working out intensely 3-4 times a week for 20 minutes rather and 45-60 minutes. Excuses are the same thing as procrastination, everyone has them, and it gets one nowhere.

Intense short workouts are actually more beneficial than long easy/moderate workouts. Not only do you save so much more time, but you reap more benefits. Working out makes you live longer so if you want more time, then there is no better reason not to work out. Plus working out releases nearly all of the bad stress in us, so if you are having a bad day, week, or life then start exercising. Lifting weights, sprinting, swimming, jumping, carrying heavy objects, and the likes are considered intense workouts.

Here is not 99 but 100 benefits of exercise, check this list out if you don’t believe us or don’t want too. I love working out because it slows down the aging process, helps one mentally focus better, makes one physically stronger and more attractive, makes life more enjoyable rather than working all the time, and finally, it just feels soooo good to sweat and work out while listening to some good ass vibes.

If you’re lazy then here’s the short version that hopefully can convince you.

When you work out, you release bad stress and force your body to get in shape. When you have a strong and great body, what naturally happens? You feel good about yourself, people start to notice your change positively, you get stronger and just maybe become more confident, and all the health benefits that your body will reap. Aren’t you willing to give it a try, even if it means there is a 1% chance of it helping you overcome low self-esteem?

A healthy body will more than likely produce a healthy mind versus an unhealthy body.

Let’s say that you believe you are ugly and have an unattractive body. If you can’t change your facial appearance now (with surgery you can but take extreme caution), then work on your body.

We humans are so obsessed with the materialistic world that we forgot the most precious thing, OURSELVES!

Why slave and put in those brutal and unforgiving hours to buy a nice fast car that depreciates the instant it goes off lot or a house that has 2 extra empty rooms that spiders call home?

As far as I can tell, our body is the greatest temple ever built and I will keep it erect as long as I can before it turns to dust. Both men and women appreciate someone that takes care of themselves physically and mentally because it shows that you care about yourself. Confidence is attractive and sexy as hell. Everywhere and to everyone, take my word for that.

Key Take Away
So… if you have low self-esteem it generally means you don’t really care about yourself or body. That is why when you work out you will, in fact, start appreciating your body and care about its appearance.

3. Self-compliment Yourself

complement yourself

Do you remember the last time you said something heart-warming to someone or made their day? Probably so, however, can you remember the last time you complimented yourself?

Our world is extremely busy and in an ever altering state. We love our family, friends, but we often neglect the one person that is the most important to us. I’m talking about you.

Life or God gave us one life, one body (physical), and all the opportunities one can consume. If you are reading this, then that means you are alive and hopefully well. Now how you choose to live is entirely up to you, at least in 1st and most 2nd world countries.

Every morning, if not every time you pass the mirror, just give yourself a few compliments.

“I am beautiful,” “I am strong,” “I am blessed,” “I am healthy,” “I am intelligent” and so on. Make sure to say I am, not I’m, as the first 2 words, so your mind knows who you are talking about and the word “am” gives it more authority and power. Speak aloud if possible, as loud as you want: with joy, power, and energy. Be sure to visualize and feel the words you are saying; it only makes it more real and compelling. If you do this every single day for as long as you can, we promise your life will be transformed radically.

Example: if I look at my eyes or body in the mirror and say “I am wonderful” with no emotions or care then my mind is not going to care either: now, if I say those words and visualize myself as a wonderful person; how do you think my mind will respond? How you say or do something is just as important as the words or action itself. If you still don’t get it then here’s another example: “Love you babe” vs. “I am so truly, madly, and deeply in love with every atom in you.” (While drunk because you know why.) Which one do you think has more meaning, obviously the first one, of course, said no one EVER.

Self-compliment has to do with how the subconscious mind works. Here’s the scoop.

The human mind has 3 levels: the conscious which accounts for 10%, the subconscious which is about 50-60%, and the unconscious which is about 30-40%.

Your unconscious mind is always communicating with your conscious mind through your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. It’s just like meditation. When you repetitively repeat positive thoughts and actions, your mind believes it to be real thus you will slowly become that of which you practice.

That is why people with low self-esteem are always down and pessimistic because they are constantly telling themselves they are not worth it through their beliefs, actions, and feelings. They have created this dark and unpleasant world within themselves, which in fact is real to them but not to others. Let’s say you are walking normality in public; no one knows that you are emitting this dark, toxic aura but you know that you are. Why? Because your thoughts and feelings have made it apparent.

You have many personalities

I can guarantee you that everyone that you have ever meet will know you differently.

Your mom will know you as this person, your friend will know you as that person, your boss will know you as another person, and so on. Only you can know who you truly are, but if you have low self-esteem, then you know yourself as this weak, insecure, worthless, little loser.

I can only help you if you help yourself. Please don’t get the wrong idea; I used to be exactly this way, so I am merely stating the facts. We are here to help you, not criticize you but sometimes harsh words are needed to get to the point. Words win the best wars; not bloodshed, remember that.

Words can have a very powerful meaning. Communication is one of the most important aspects in this world if not this universe. That is why we urge you to compliment yourself on a daily basis. It doesn’t hurt to try if you truly want change.

Key Take Away
Aren’t you sick and tired of being this way. It doesn’t hurt to try if anything it is only going to help you.

4. Accept Who You Are And Change What You Can

benefits of mediation

Would you rather go through your whole life without accepting who you are or accept who you are right this moment? Wouldn’t it be nice to accept who you are but what if you truly can not, then change what you can for the better?

Earlier we talked about exercise and plastic surgery. Money can change appearances but the mentality, no amount of money can alter that. If you do undergo plastic surgery, how can you know for sure that it will change you?

Ok, so do you see the issue or should I say a secret here?

You have subconsciously made something that didn’t even happen into a reality! You are using an external factor/force (plastic surgery) to create this illusion of happiness or pride. Yes, get the plastic surgery if you think it will make you feel better. 18 million people get some form of plastic or cosmetic surgery per year, and it’s not slowing down at all. (I cover this b/c it’s relevant to the matter, and it’s just amazing how we humans think and act like this.)

Why can’t we create this happy world without external factors? Because of lack of education and research. Learn how to get rich quick, pick up 50 women a week, become Mr. Olympia is 5 minutes, lose 500 pounds by tomorrow, and stuff only (rhymes with idiots) unwise people believe in.

“The greatest sacrifice requires the greatest will.” – Thanos 

Meaning… if you want great things then you gotta put in the same amount of effort. Let’s say you can not walk, bound to a wheelchair. Again, you have 2 choices: accept the reality and go on living or do not accept. However, if you do not accept, what can you do? Surgery won’t help (assuming), rehabilitation is out of the question, forcing yourself to walk isn’t possible.

That really only leaves one option, yes? Is it not better to accept who you are instead of making your own life even more difficult? Take it or leave it.

Positive people will turn any situation into a positive one.

Here’s the thing, out of the 107 billion humans that have lived on this planet, no 2 people have had the same personality or looked the same. That makes each one of us special and super unique even if you don’t think so.

How can you start accepting yourself? First and foremost, action speaks louder than words and they always have. If you can improve on what you can not accept but are able to improve it, then do so.

An example would be short stature. (I used to obsess over this, I’m only 5’7) Build muscles or get in shape, it makes you more attractive and sexier (men or women). Have leg lengthening surgery (this requires time and money, so if you really want to be taller then you need money). Hang around with people the same height as you (it makes you feel more belonging). Hang around with kind and loving people who don’t judge you, and lastly just accept being short.

Your going to be here for a while, so may as well get comfortable. As simple as that sounds, it’s really the only choice you have my friend, take it or leave it. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Is it not better to improve just a little bit than nothing at all? Here’s where meditation and self-belief come in.

Start using internal factors to make yourself happy and accept yourself.

I believe these two things can help you, slowly but surely. If they can not then you are doing it wrong. Trust me, I know from 10+ years of personal experience or you are just not trying hard enough.

Key Take Away
If you so badly want to be happy, be accepted, live life, achieve your goals, and let nothing stand in your way, then you will find a way. Winners find a way, and you are a winner!

5. You Actually Don’t Have It Bad

get motivated

I can assure you that whatever problems you think you have, someone else has it worse, or maybe billions of others have it worse. Did you read that correctly, 1  b i l l i o n   p e o p l e   h a v e   s o m e   f o r m   o f   d i s a b i l i t y ! Heartbreaking but that’s life.

That's why we should all accept who we are because when we think we have it so bad, there are others who have it worse and they find a way to be happy and love themselves for who they are.

That is what makes them different from someone who has low self-esteem. Visit a poor nation and see how bad you have it. Earth truly is a small place compared to the Universe, but there are many worlds within this world and if you really want to know how bad you have it, then visit a 3rd world country.

Low self-esteem doesn’t even exist. Food, water, and survival are the only thing that matters, not even shelter! Your perspective will change real fast.

Here’s something to ponder about. Imagine it’s WWII all over again. Ummn, does anyone actually give a flying fudge if Sarah or John has low self-esteem? GOD NO! They are trying to save the world from 2 lunatics. We live in a generation of ____________ (you can fill that in yourself).

We live in a society that is dictated by beauty, fame, power, richest, self-image, lust, greed, gluttony, selfishness, and the likes.

That’s not the issue. Do you want to know what the real issue is? It’s you. You have allowed this poison to engulf your very mind, the most powerful weapon. I don’t want to get too political or controversial but external factors are really really and I mean really hard to ignore and eliminate once it has seeped into your mind.

Key Take Away
Learn how to appreciate what matters the most, money, just kidding, we meant YOU. Our lives will be much happier, better and easier; be thankful for not having anything which is really having everything, and learn to appreciate everything around you even if you don’t possess it.

The End

How many people do you think are successful, get what they want in life, or live the life they desire? 20%? Wrong. 10%? Wrong. Try 8%! Life has 2 purposes, to create and destroy life.

Our purpose? Well… I’m glad you asked. Your purpose is to create the life that you deem worth living. 8% of us get what we want, so will you be that 8% or the other 92%? I can tell you that you aren’t part of that 8% if you have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can not only make life that much harder and can have a negative effect on pretty much anything.

Now the real question is, do you want to start living or simply exist, because 92% of us are just merely existing.

The greatest and single most memorable moment of your entire existence is just before you draw your last breath.

Make all the other moments be just as great and memorable as your last.

That is the key to living life my friend.

We all have one life, one body, and an infinite opportunity. Use it wisely because this offer only comes once in a lifetime! Thanks a billion for reading our article on low self-esteem. Feel free to comment or leave a review; we actually read all of them. Share this with someone or everyone because spreading kindness beget kindness. Have a wonderful day and the rest of your life as well. Please give us a good star rating; it really helps us out. (It lets Google rank us better on search engines, so others like you are able to find us, Thank you!)

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