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Minimalist Living 21 Reasons To Become A Minimalist For Life

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If you’re up for a challenge, then have we got a huge one for you! Minimalist living can be quite impossible for you if money, cars, fame, luxury, and all the pleasures of life are difficult to surrender to. We live in a world fill with misery, and joy at the same time. How is it that a man with nothing can be the most joyful one, while a man with everything can be the most miserable one?

Could it be that things actually don’t give us a real sense of happiness? Could it be that life itself a the real joy? All things must come to pass. However, our soul is eternal and the memories that we treasure to heart.

We are attached to this world because what we see becomes our wants. What we hear becomes our thoughts, and what we feel becomes our reality. Are we not forgetting the most important aspect of life? To live! A man who truly appreciates his surrounding and himself will go a thousand times further than any man who has never found himself.

We have made a list of the 21 most useful way to minimalist living. Discover yourself, and the beauty life has to offer. Materialistic things come and go and can only bring so many sentimental values. Earth, people, and you are a billion times more valuable than all the treasures in this world.



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1) Save Money

I want this, I want that! Who doesn’t want something in this life? The average person will spend pretty much all their income within the year. It’s not bad to want things if we work for it. However, it becomes a problem if you’re just slaving so you can have the newest phone or fastest car. It adds up. 5 years or even 20 years from now, do you realize how much you can save. $1,000,000! It’s possible or even more. Try this. Buy only what you really need. You’ll be surprised to see how much junk can add up over time.

2) More Free Time

If you want things that means you have to work for it unless you’re the world’s greatest thief. We all know that the average person works about 40 hours a week, which is actually not even close to what CEO’s or entrepreneurs put in. However, that is purely your choice. With minimalist living, one doesn’t have to stress over useless things like being stuck in traffic, waiting in line for the latest products, checking when our favorite TV shows or movie is playing, and the likes. Cleaning the house, washing the dishes and car, mowing the lawn, and the likes are nonexistence. This is one of the top perks of living a minimal life.

3) Appreciate Nature

Being a minimalist pretty much forces one to enjoy their environment. Luxury, cars, mansions, and even the finest champagne becomes nothing when you have everything you need, nature. Our planet took a billion + 3 more to form into what we call the greatest planet in the universe, Earth. Yet, a seldom few really take the time to appreciate it’s eternal beauty. What once made a man yearn for another tomorrow now has become a thing that most take for granted. Once you learn to appreciate nature instead of things, you will come to know what real joy is.

4) Worry Less, If Any

What could possibly be running through that mind of yours? You’re living a care-free and straightforward life. Water is free, the earth becomes your bed, so the only thing that you should worry about is food. I just described a homeless person, didn’t I? Minimalist living is kind of like that. Fewer bills, debt if any, even food and water isn’t much of a concern if one lives as simple as they can. Minimalist people start to enjoy living instead of worrying. Things and wants bring worries and stress. The less we want, the less we worry.

5) Work Less

Working is mandatory. If humans are ever going to be part of an advanced civilization, then we must work, without rest. When we work, we contribute to society. Some of us prefer the easy life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Truth be told. When I became a minimalist, I’ve actually put in more work. I enjoy what I do so it isn’t work. Being a minimalist does have its advantages. Working less is definitely one of them. As long as you don’t hurt others and live a good life, then why not?

6) Be More Organized

The only way one can become a sloppy pig is if they have stuff. Naturally, when one lives a life with as little as possible, they are bound to be more organized. All my belongings fit in 2 medium size luggage. I’m pretty sure you have at least 100 times more stuff than I do. One doesn’t even need to search for their belonging. Everything is where it ought to be, and always there. No more worrying about if it’s in your car, attic, basement, or back shed because people like us don’t have those things! Studies show that being more organized can bring longevity and health. Plus it creates a habitable and pleasant living environment.

7) Move About Easier

Wanna go to Tokyo in 24 hours? Minimalism allows one to transverse the globe in a matter of hours, where the average person is taking a few hours just to prepare and pack their belongs! You’ll never forget anything because you have everything. Who likes rushing the last hour or even minute? Most of us usually end up forgetting something or create more panic than needed. Humans are constantly on the move. Work, cooking, playing, taking care of family and kids, going to school, and what not. Doing this year after year can get a bit frustrating. If one wishes to ease up their life, then try going about it easier.

8) Earth Is Home

We live in a world with an unknown amount of cultures, languages, foods, and faces, yet we forget that earth is everyone’s home. Just because it has a roof and 4 corners does not make it a home. That is called a house, a home is wherever you want it to be. Why suffocate in a 1,000 square foot home when you can have the world, literally! Churches, hospitals, homeless shelters, and so forth may not welcome everyone, but earth always will. Sleep whenever and wherever just don’t become a bum.

9) Experience Life The Way It’s Suppose To Be

We’re all going to die. Some painfully while others peacefully, but what’s more important; how you died or how you lived? Do you prefer to sit in a 4×4 for 1/2 of your life slaving away, if so for what? You love the beach, forest, rivers, waterfalls, and everything that earth has to offer for free, yet you choose to sit about at home or inside a building most of your life. No wonder you’re not living. No one knows when their time will stop ticking. Don’t take that risk, it will cost you your very life. Go outside, enjoy life before it’s gone, for good!

10) Discover Yourself More

If you don’t know who you are, then why are you even alive? You are with yourself 24/7. Can you not sacrifice even 10 minutes a day to improve or get to know yourself? Life is hectic. We live in the busiest times, yet we never have time for what matters the most in this world, ourselves. If you give your time and resource to others, then you’ll never have any for yourself. Becoming a minimalist allows one to discover not only themselves but their purpose and desires. One has even more time or all the time to work on themselves. Isn’t this the true meaning of life? Nothing in this life is more valuable than a man who truly knows himself.

11) Be Healthier

Research proves that a minimalist living increase health and overall well being. I mean, we became a minimalist not just to get rid of materialistic things but everything as a whole. It’s not like we can carry a whole shopping basket on our backs. We eat only when we have too and buy foods only when we have too. Sometimes we are forced to eat unhealthy things, but it isn’t like we can add more salt, oil, or sugar whenever we feel like it. Our diet is usually nonperishable food or foods that must be eaten within days. Fruits, snacks, granola bars, bread, and the likes are much healthier than a box of donuts or a big mac don’t you think? Plus as a minimalist, we aren’t buying the most expensive item on the menu nor grabbing a 2-liter soda off the shelf. We are often forced to walk everywhere. It sure gets tiring, but it beats driving everywhere. Over the years this can add up. Haven’t you hear that sitting is the new smoking?

12) Realizing That Only The Essentials Matter

The 5 things that I couldn’t live without TV, bed, coffee maker, refrigerator, and laundry machine. Today, I have none of those things. Does it make life harder? No, because I don’t need those things anymore. They cost money and eat your bank account. Only 5 things matter to me now: laptop, phone, hygiene supply, clothing, and me. Having materialistic things can make some of us happy after all aren’t you working all day so you can pay off your car or phone bills? Being a minimalist, I’ve can to realize that the less you have, the more you have. Huh? Let me explain. When you have 100 things, you give attention to all 100 things. When you have 5 things, you give attention to 5 things. However, each thing gets 20% attention instead of 1%. That means you will make sure it last, take care of it and use it only when you need it.

13) Living Life With Risk

Life itself is a risk, yet when we have only the things that we need, it becomes even more of a risk. You start to depend on others, your surrounding, and pretty much everything. If you own a car, laptop, or something that needs fixing, then you better learn to fix them. There’s nothing worse than having your car break down in the middle of a desert and being a clueless car mechanic. I have excellent knowledge of laptops and a moderate understanding of many things in life. It didn’t come easy. I had to educate myself and learn. Living in another country where you don’t speak the tongue can be challenging yet knowing even a little bit of their language can be very beneficial. It’s already hard enough to depend on your neighbor, friends, or family, and it’s even harder if you’re halfway across the world from them. To minimize such risk. Study and educate yourself on literally everything because there will be a time when you’re going to say “&^$%^$*&^%$#$%^&.”

14) Think More

When one is independent or has to rely even more upon oneself, does it not mean that they must think even more? Minimalist living is supposed to be more comfortable than living a “normal” life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re less intelligent than everyone else. What happens if they got injured, something broke, bad weather that suddenly arises, or some big catastrophic mishap occurred? Would you know what to do in a dilemma like that? We live in a world where one can get wifi virtually anywhere. Becoming a minimalist may not be the best option for you if you can’t go 24 seconds without wifi. Some of us minimalist don’t even have a phone or data plan. Being abroad can get frustrating at times since I do require fast internet 24/7. However, this isn’t the case, especially in developing areas.

15) Less Debt = Fewer Problems

House, car, stuff, and whatever normal humans possess are no more for us. We strive for simplicity. Good luck going through your mail and bills monthly or even weekly. I can tell you with no BS. I have no bills whatsoever. (I set everything on auto-pay, but it’s dirt cheap since I’ve canceled many other subscriptions) It feels so good to close my eyes knowing that I’m the one getting paid, not doing the paying. If anything doesn’t convince you, then this should, a little. What is the longest time you’ve gone without paying for a bill? Probably 4 days at most! Another perk is that one doesn’t have to keep a schedule or reminder. It’s already stressful enough doing all the things that one must do to survive. Missing payments can cause late fees, or if you’re fortunate, the repo guys and the sheriff would love to have a word with you. Less debts really does equal fewer problems.

16) Meet New People

Minimalist living can be lonely at times, actually most of the time, even if one has a pet or is with their partner. So, that only leaves one choice. There’s even meet up spots for minimalist people. Is it better to have one permanent good friend or a thousand temporary good friends? Not an easy choice but it’s the only choice really. Meeting new friends can mean more than you think. They may have a few wild adventures to share or useful advice. Who knows, you might establish a temporary bond and venture the world together. You won’t know anything unless you go out there and explore.

17) Boost Mind Power

As a minimalist, with more free time on hands. It usually means one is curious about life and themselves. Therefore, at one point or another, one will either learn or be curious about meditation. Being a minimalist means living life with ease, and meditation only enhances that feature by at least a trillion folds. You can learn more about meditating here. If you think meditation only improves mind power, then you are gravely mistaken. Meditation will transform your life, mentally and physically. Meditation has over 100 benefits, all free. However, it will require the utmost patience and virtue. You have all the time you need. Why not give it a go?

18) Environmental Friendly

One water bottle, spoon, fork, charger, laptop, shoe, toothbrush, and so on is all that we need. Although we would love to carry a 65″ inch TV or a washer on our back, it just looks funny as hell and impossible. Carrying around a garbage bag is not an option either. I believe once you become or try the minimalist lifestyle, you will have a better understanding of your surrounding. Wouldn’t being environment-friendly be a trait of a minimalist? We are not only trying to make our lives easier but also the earth as well. We use 10 if not 100 times less things than anyone else. Not having a car or a house already means that we are helping the environment by 50 folds.

19) Help With Weight Control

I lose weight naturally, gaining weight is a real challenge for me. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian, but that’s just a retarded stereotype. We minimalists eat to live, not the other way around, which everyone else is doing. We are required to walk, a lot. Walking is one of the healthiest things for humans. Unfortunately, in today’s time, there’s not much of that going on. Most of the time, there’s no A/C so it will be in your best interest to be as fit and slim as possible. No A/C means constant sweat. Sweat means you are losing weight. We don’t have many belongings. It doesn’t quite mean that we leisurely sit around all day doing absolutely nothing. Instead, most of us minimalist are learning how to better ourselves in every way.

20) Improve Relationship. (If you’re in one)

You must be absolute, madly in love with your partner, if the two (or three if you swing that way… I meant your pet, you filthy animal) of you decide to live together as a minimalist. It’s a known fact. When humans sleep, eat, talk, and bond with one another 24/7 for months or even years; I think it is wise to say that two things are bound to occur. One, they will be crazy in love with each other until the Universe itself collapses. Two, over time they will have come to realize that they may not be fully compatible with each other. Even two or more straight people will develop a strong bond or a broken one as the time passes. Time either heals you or breaks you. Especially when it comes to relationships.

21) Increase Self-confidence

It is without uncertainty that minimalist living may produce self-confidence. Let me ask you this? Is it logical to ditch your previous life to live a minimum life if you lack self-confidence? That is, one must venture the world, do most things on their own, meet new faces, interact and experience a new culture and maybe new tongues, develop skills, and discover things they’ve never imagined they could. Or are minimalist people hiding behind their bags every chance they get trying to ignore everyone and just be themselves? Being a minimalist is not for the weak. Very few people are minimalist, that goes to show you it is not for everyone. Numbers may not prove much evidence so how about you try it first. Actions always speak louder.

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