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Motivation The Ultimate Force To Health, Wealth, And Beyond

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Motivation is the feeling living inside you that makes you yearn to achieve your purpose. It is the energy that keeps you awake, forces life to bow down to you, and have your foot on top of your dreams and success.

Motivation is your best and most trusted friend that will always be by your side when you need it. Find your purpose and reason in life and motivation will pave the way to your destination.

Motivation Part 1

Motivation Part 2

Motivation The Ultimate Force To Health, Wealth, And Beyond


Motivation is the driving force that keeps you going even in the most challenging times; it has over 1 billion results on google itself! That means there are millions if not billions of people out there that really need guidance and direction in their life.

School and even university never teach us about this stuff, but yet they have the time and money to teach us about false history and evolution? The most important things in life force us to learn it ourselves or required a skillful mentor to show us. Luckily for you, you have internet access unlike 52% of the other people in this world, so there should be no excuse to make your dreams a reality and reach for whatever it is you desire in this life.

The most successful people in life are motivated by what they do every single day. That’s what makes them stand out between the rest of us. They know exactly what their heart desires and what they need to do to get it done.

Long hours, sacrifices, loneliness, stress, tears, all these do not affect them yet for the rest of us we succumb them without question! What do they have that you don’t? Well… allow us to show and teach you.

This in-depth guide filled with facts, evidence, and personal experiences will cover four vital elements for motivation.

  1. How to find your reason and will
  2. How to stay motivated
  3. Don’t EVER give up because life is too hard
  4. The end will be glorious

We want to stress the significant importance of quality and results.

The vast majority of us in life never get what we or get anywhere because let’s face it, giving up is easier than going until the end. Failure is not the enemy, in fact, failure is your friend, giving up is the real enemy.

The best things in life come with sacrifices, blood, sweat, tears, pain, and a burning desire to lets nothing stand in its way.

I don’t care what anyone says. For many of us, love and happiness are the best things in life but do they come for free or even cheap?

1. Find Your Reason and Will

Why do you wake up every morning? what is motivationWhat sensible purpose does it bring you? Well, for obvious reasons like working, eating, taking care of the family, going to school, and so forth.

But have you ever thought about your desires, for your own life and happiness? Put family, love, work, and everything else aside unless they are what you so desire. So many of us live day to day with no passion or motivation.

 We just simple exist.  

The number one reason WHY we live is quite simple, yet at least 95% of us don’t know. Survival, if given any other choice this pertains to all life and species: will choose survival as the number reason for living.

1.1 Reason(s)

Definition of Motivation
The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

It says general desire, but that’s a little understatement. Fierce burning desire makes much more sense and gives it a solid meaning. If you don’t know or have not figured out what your reason in life is then, of course, you have no motivation.

My friend, what you lack is motivation.

Motivation will drive you to conquer your reason at any cost so if you have none how will you develop motivation? Here is some motivational quote by truly famous people that know exactly what they are talking about. I highly suggest you watch some of there interview and read up on them.

 “If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you don’t, you will find excuses.”  Jim Rohn

 “If you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do.” Michael Phelps

 “A year from now on you may wish you had started today.”  Karen Lamb

 “Work like hell, I mean you just have to put 80 to 100 hours per week. This improves the odds of success; If other people are putting in 40 hours work weeks and you are putting in 100 hours workweek, then even if you are doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.”  Elon Musk

There are hundreds of famous people that will give great advice, but Elon Musk is the number one figure I admire the most. (You can google and research about him whenever you have time if you don’t know who he is.)

get motivated
*What is your reason to be motivated?
For me, my motivation is to simply help humanity and pave the way for a bright future.

As you can see that’s extremely vague but powerful. So what are my whats and whys about my motivation to help humanity? Simple yet disheartening. My motivation is to give love, benevolent, kindness, smiles, education, and a secure future where humanity WILL live as one and fight as one.

This is what drives me every single moment to work, wake up, make money so that just maybe in 5 years or 50 years from now I will do something extraordinary to change the lives of millions of not billions.

Your motivation could be as simple as supporting your mom or wife. To buy her a beautiful home, so she never has to work again could be your motivation.

And that is how simple motivation can be however talking is 1% of the walking.

Finding a reason is the same as finding an excuse. We all have reasons to do things even if we don’t want too. You need something to manifest that reason, and that is call willpower.

1.2 Willpower

 Any one can have a reason but the willpower is everything. 

How many times have you thought of an idea or an invention? 100’s maybe 1000’s but no action was implemented, you merely form the thought that becomes a void. The will is what truly will break you or make you.

motivation definition
*Your willpower will everything.

One must develop a strong will. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come out of the blue. It takes time and much practice. Developing willpower is hard work and requires practice and consistency.

How long your willpower remains lit is up to you. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light-bulb, he merely improves upon it.

It really did take him over 1,000 fails to succeed! The willpower and determination in this guy was burning furiously 24/7!

How can you improve your willpower?

  • Eat healthy because a good body produces a good mind.
  • Meditate, and you will learn so much about yourself, life, and the universe.
  • Believe in yourself because you are the only person that matters.
  • Exercise because it makes you strong and confident.
  • Get good sleep every day, so you are well rested and have a sharp and clear mind.
  • Stay positive as much as you can.
  • Be grateful for what you have and don’t have. Learn how to appreciate yourself and others before materialistic things.
  • Be true to yourself and show faith.
  • You have one life and one body, don’t ***k it up. One bad decision can literally end your career in life. Be careful want you wish for and do in life.
  • Love yourself MORE THAN ANYONE because when you realize this, you will do great things.
  • Read and learn from other notable figures because learning from the wise, and the best is the wisest and best decision you can do.
  • Practice, practice, and practice more until you have achieved perfection. About 10,000 hours or 5-10 years.

2. How To Stay Motivated

I served in the US Navy for 1 year, and during that time one of my training Petty Officers during boot camp wanted me to enroll in the Navy Seals since I was the second strongest guy in my boot camp. It was not my thing nor did I have any interested however the drop out rate is infamously 75%.

I already knew that, but during that time I wanted an easy life especially if I was going to be in the Navy for 4 years (I thought I was going to serve 4 years). The Navy Seals is extremely demanding both physically but more mentally.

So how does one stay motivated to achieve their goals?

Here are just 7 examples but there could be 100’s that will help you stay motivated or keep you on track:

  1. Talk to your friends, family, coworkers. They can encourage you. Reach out to them as they will give you advice or even guide you. Just make sure they are positive and supportive as you don’t need jerks or negative people in your life.

  2. Think about your goals every day and every second. This will ensure that your brain and mind knows exactly what it wants. If you only think about it a few times a week, then it is not important, and your mind will start to question and maybe lose interest. Be clear as to what you want and tell your mind this is my goal and you will obey my command. Remember, you are in control of your mind and body.

  3. Pretend that you have succeeded. What did you accomplish? Visualizing about your success can be difficult since you’ve never achieved it however just image the rewards and end result of your success. All your years of pain and sacrifices lead up to this very moment. Don’t let all this be for nothing. Reach your goal!

  4. Practice meditation and believe in yourself. The power of meditation is just incredible. You learn new things and start to develop your mind, body, and spirit. This ultimately leads to believing in yourself which is super critical for reaching success and to achieving anything you desire. (You can check out this super guide about the powers of meditation.

  5. Keep a schedule. Write down what you need to do and set aside time for it daily or weekly or even monthly. If you don’t have a schedule, you may end up forgetting what you need to do to succeed. Every plan and moment is vital. Make sure you know what needs to be done and when and the exact steps and formula to each part of the goal.

  6. Be happy; you may as well keep your mood up as much as you can because this is going to be a long and may be a difficult journey.  Staying motivated can be a challenge. You want to be in your best shape and mood. Being angry, stress out, depress, and all the negativity that life throws doesn’t make staying motivated easy. However, you can do many things to combat such negativity, and being happy and positive is a great sword and shield for that.

  7. Take it one step at a time. If you’re going to rush, you may falter and make mistakes which is fine but if it’s going to cost you time and money then rethink about your progress. Patience is a virtue. Billionaires and the most successful people didn’t do anything overnight or over a year. Some are still working and trying even to become better! Even if after you have reached your desires, are you done? Is that it? More goals and challenges will await you so just take life easy and slow. Don’t force things and disrupt the cycle of life or progression.
Key Take Away
Find you reason and use your willpower to fulfill it. 

3. Give Up Now Because Life Is Too Hard

never give up

This guide is not meant for the faint of hearts as you can tell by now. Giving up is for losers and the pathetic weaklings!

Are you a loser, no, you’re a winner and winners do whatever it takes to win.

Giving up is the worst 2 words mentally and physically. You fail and fall down, but you must stand back up.

John Paul DeJoria is an exemplary figure. He’s the owner of Paul Mitchell and Patron company. He was homeless not once but twice, and now he’s a billionaire.

Giving up is the easiest thing in the world, it literally takes 1/10 of a  second and no effort!

That’s why millions if not billions of us are doing it every day. If you google “never give up”, it has 3 billion results. Well dang, it must have some significant meaning. 1000’s of songs, movies, plays, books, interviews portrait the power of never giving up.

Learn from the best and strive to be the best. The best don’t give up because that is not in their nature. You can quit (and find another way), fail, make mistakes because that’s normal and everyone does it, however, don’t ever give up if you want to achieve your dreams!

Ever heard of the famous expression, “The best things come to those who wait.”? In no way am I saying to wait for your dreams to come true.

What I’m saying is that,

as long as you are consistent and work on your dreams, whether it’s 5 years or 100 years, you just might be able to achieve it, that is if you don’t give up.

Life was not meant to be easy or hard. One spontaneous moment in this universe you’re born and must learn how to read, write, speak, cook, use your brain, meet people, get a job, eat, learn how to do everything, and just be a part of society.

No one asks to be born. Just be thankful that (hopefully) you are not suffering from hunger like 1 billion of our fellow earthlings. I am assuming you not from a 3rd world country. That means you literally have NO REASON to be poor or not achieve the dreams you crave.

Only losers find excuse.
 You are the way you are because you chose to be that way. 

If you are sick and tired of your miserable, pathetic, meaningless life, then find a way, any way to get what you want, BUT YOU HAVE TO WANT IT BADLY as if your life depended on it! (Don’t kill, cheat, steal, lie, etc. Stay true to yourself)

Start now because procrastination will eat you up and spit you out alive over and over.

 Procrastination is the #1 enemy of success . 

Key Take Away
You must work hard and wisely, be consistent, stay motivated, be passionate and happy with what you are doing, and most importantly never give up. If you follow those exact step, your dreams will be awakened.

4. The End Will Be Glorious But Is It Worth It

the end is glorious

The Great Wall of China took almost 2,000 years to build and at the cost of over 1,00,000 innocent souls. Today it is one of the seven wonders of the world and everyone marvels at the site. It attracts millions of visitors yearly. And China is proud of its accomplishments but at what price?

Millions, maybe billions of people are clueless and don’t even realize the amount of torture and cruelty that happen during the building of the Great Wall of China.

To achieve something monumental, great sacrifice and pain must be made.
People don't care about the past or how you did it, they only care about the final results.

Every year millions of people renew their phones because they want the most up-to-date and best quality. Do you think for even a second if the consumers even care about the amount of work or how it was made?


What many of us don’t realize is that if we start something today and 1-15 years later we look back at all the things we did: It makes us glad and feel relief that we actually took the time to do it. However, if we had wasted those time and look back, then the only thing we have is regret and wished we had started back then. I know that no matter how hard I try to persuade you, it ultimately depends on you.

PLEASE start whatever that you have always wanted to do, NOW.

You will be so thankful and relieve that you did because I can’t stress enough about procrastination. Procrastination will always win over success if you wait and it has destroyed billions of dreams and hopes. Don’t let this intangible object control your life.

Are you up for the challenge

When humans succeed or accomplish something whether it’s a short or a long-term goal, we feel happy and confident. On the other hand, if we fail, then we feel depressed or bad about ourselves. Failure sucks, and no one likes dealing with it but accepting it and controlling it will make you stronger and smarter.

I like to think that life is a game where someone or something put you here on auto mode, and you decide your outcome. However, you have 1 life, and if you die, you die for real. As you sit reading this and are on your way to work or lunch or maybe relaxing at home.

Ask yourself this question? Have I made any progress or changes in my life that has made me a great human being or someone worthy? If the question is no, why? Maybe you are in your comfort zone.

You work 40-48 hours a week; you have kids or a family to support, you have chores and work outside of your normal working hours, you want to spend time with family and friends, you are comfortable at where you are in your life. That is absolutely fine! Really.

But for those who feel like something is missing or not right with your life, then I urge you to get motivated and find your desire. Honestly, you have one ****ing life, live every day to the fullest, not live each day like it was your last.

If you have that mentally, then no wonder you are just existing, start living.

What a horrible quote that people use and they actually think it’s inspirational. Why would you want to live every day like your last? WTF! I want to live every day full of joy, love, gratefulness, etc.

Key Take Away
Are you up from the challenge, if so press START whenever you are ready, just remember there is no second life, no rewind or fast forward or pause buttons and no difficulty settings!

Thank You

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