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19 Online Business You Can Start Now To Make A Good Living

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Online business is taking the world by no surprise.

As more computers and fast WiFi are becoming free and readily available, so is the online world.

The great thing about many online businesses today is that they don’t require a degree or a higher education.

Online business is the way to go for entrepreneurs and people who are sick of the 4×4 cubicle life.

Be your own boss, work when and where you want, but only much time and effort will show the true outcome.

I’ve learned everything about the online world by myself, although I did pay a little for the front end cost and lots and lots self-learning.

If you have the money but no time then all of these have online courses you can pay and that will help save you a vast amount of time and you will actually learn faster and more precise on how to start that business.

In fact, after knowing the business you can even hire someone to manage your business and slip the profits 50/50 or whatever you deem fit.

19 Online Business You Can Start Now To Make A Good Living Part 1/2

Let’s get started on these 19 awesome and simple online businesses you can start. (Part 1 will only cover #1-7 due to the length of this page)

  1. Amazon FBA
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Online Blogging
  4. Drop Shipping
  5. Youtube
  6. Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign
  7. Stocks/Investing/Cryptocurrency
  8. Web Cam
  9. Twitch/Video gaming
  10. Coaching/Online Course
  11. Free Lancing
  12. Digital/Social Media Marketing
  13. Web Designer
  14. Language Teacher
  15. Fashion/Arts & Crafts Online Store
  16. Motivational Speaker/Coach
  17. Online Dating Coach/Expert
  18. Online Fitness Trainer/Course
  19. Writer

On this list #1-7 we (I) have actually done or are still currently doing, so I can give you personal experience and tips and not random, made up information from all around the web.

1. Amazon FBA (Full-Fill By Amazon)

amazon fba
*This is what your Amazon FBA dashboard will look like.

Amazon FBA tops this list because it’s mostly passive and I am currently doing it and it’s the reason why I can be a full-time writer and blogger.

I’ve been selling on Amazon Since Early 2017.

40-50% of the items on Amazon are actually sold by 3rd party sellers like me and not actually from Amazon.

Although 95%+ is made in China, but good quality and good price!

Like all online business, some require more time and more knowledge and Amazon is no exception.

Let’s break it down 1 by 1. How to get started on Amazon FBA.

  1. You need about $3000 to start. (I went beast mode and started with 3 items for a total of $30k my first time, I suggest you don’t do that!)
  2. Buy or download all the require Amazon software to track keywords and top-selling items that are not very saturated or competitive.
  3. Step 2 is VERY important. If you sell saturated or competitive items, you will get WRECKED! (Do your research diligently and do not skip on this step. Sometimes it could take you 1/2 a year to find a really good product)
  4. Once you think you have a winning product, it’s time to test order.
  5. I suggest, find all the Chinese sellers that are selling this product. Make sure they have been in business for 3+ years, have a good rating, and good quality assurance (meaning the item is good quality, and they will refund you for damage goods for most reasons.) You may have to contact 5-30 suppliers.
  6. You must order a sample quality and test to see if it is to your liking. To be honest, out of 10-20 suppliers you contact maybe only a few will reply back, only a few will actually give you a good price, and only a few will have that item in high quality. So don’t think you have to test order 50 of the same items. You will usually only deal with 3-5 suppliers for that particular product. And then finally 1.
  7. After testing the product (takes 1-2 weeks to ship from China) from the 1-5 suppliers, you need to see which one has the best quality and price. Always go for quality!
  8. You must start low, test order 300-500pc and ask the supplier for the lowest and best price since you will be a long time business partner with them. (Just write that in the message even if you don’t plan to be in this business in the long run b/c of whatever happens.)
  9. Here is the long part. Amazon FBA is becoming more and more competitive and Amazon is not BS’ing anymore. They require sales and state tax. If your state requires sales tax to be paid, then you must do so. Set this up as a real business and get all the licenses and requirements to start a business.
  10. You can modify or even add more items to your original item to make it a bundle on Amazon. Let’s say you sell facial creme then add a brush along with the facial creme. Amazon customers would rather buy everything at once than look all day through out Amazon. Make a logo for your brand and put that on the package and the item so you stand out. You have to create a descriptive summary of your item along with 7 good images. (Hire someone to take photos.)
  11. The Chinese Supplier will air ship your first order unless it is big then they will sea ship it. For sea shipping you need a local customs agent and 3rd party freight forwarder (do the shipping part), you can search on google and they can help you. If you want I am using Caribex, they give me the best sea shipping rates and they are also a customs agent (do the paperwork). Sometimes your supplier can do sea shipping for you.
  12. You have to ship the 1st order to your house or near your house so you can inspect it. Make sure everything is in sell-able condition and nothing damaged and if so, email your supplier to fix it. My 1st item took me over 1 month to re-fix everything.
  13. After all item is in good condition, you want to put the barcode (make your supplier do this, all items need a barcode which is the FNSKU which is required by Amazon). When you make a shipping plan on you can print out the barcodes. Signing up for Amazon gives you your own personally dashboard to upload inventory and do everything you need to. You have to put the shipping label on each carton and ship that to Amazon. Amazon has rules about the carton size, weight, and how many items can go in each carton.
  14. Once you ship these cartons to Amazon, then you need to get reviews for your item. If no reviews then usually no sales. People want social proof. Ask friends and family members that DON’T have the same last name as you to buy and review your item. BUT Amazon is getting strict, to be safe, for every 3 item bought, you can have 1 review. If you have 3 friends,/close family members leave a review then that triggers Amazon algorithm and the review may not be counted. Delete these people from your facebook friends.
  15. You have to pay for PPC (Pay per click) at first in order to rank for the keywords and get people to know about your item. I spent over $3000 on PPC for my 1st product in 6 months. Today I spent $0 and it sells very well.
  16. That’s it! If after 3 months this item does not sell well then go to another item. Not all items are winners. That’s why product research is so important. You will lose money at first but that’s ok.
  17. Tips:
    • Sign Up for the monthly membership, it’s actually cheaper in the long run.
    • Sell items around $20-49.
    • Prime Day is the biggest sale day for Amazon. Make sure you don’t sell out and get as much inventory as you need.
    • Learn how to do lighting deals on Amazon, (selling your item at a discount with a fee of $150-$300 for 6-8 hours) you can make extra profits if you do it right.
    • Don’t sell seasonal items like toys, summer, Christmas, etc.
    • Don’t compete with Amazon or big brands. Make your product high quality and have a logo and create a brand for yourself.
    • If your item is a winner, ship in 20ft or 40ft container, you will save an insane amount of money on shipping. (Look for a 3rd party warehouse storage and shipper, I travel the world and have my items shipped from China to Los Angeles, they take care of everything! It’s call PCI logistics.).
    • Q4, which is Oct-Dec is when people buy on Amazon like crazy, but storage fee is 3x more than any other month so plan accordingly and don’t sell out of inventory but also don’t rack up a huge storage fee if your inventory is just sitting there during Q4.
    • Amazon has all the rules and guides on how to get started selling on their platform. You can even sell as an individual if you don’t want to pay the $40 monthly plan but for each item you sell, Amazon takes $1 extra on top of their other fees. So if you sell 40 items a month or more, then the $40 monthly plan is better.
    • You can even sell the same item from your home or a warehouse meaning more money. The same item can have 2 different listing. That’s what I did.
    • Expect 20-40% with 30% as the norm for your profit margin.
    • You won’t make money the first few months so don’t worry, you need to get exposure, reviews, and momentum before sales start pouring in and if it doesn’t then move on to a new item.

2. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Amazon, Shopify, ClickBank, and many websites and online companies deploy people like you and me to make extra business for them.

Many bloggers and online business rely on affiliate marketing to earn an income.

Easy guide on how to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you sell a physical or digital product/service through your website store/social media/blog and get a commission for it.

  1. Write a review site or a blog on your website/youtube/instagram/or anywhere online about that product.
  2. That product will have a special URL that points to Amazon or whatever website when the readers click on the link.
  3. If they buy it, you get a commission. You have to set up all this beforehand but it is easy.
  4. You have to sign up with whatever company that you are affiliate with. (Here are the top 30 affiliate companies you can start with)
  5. You can sell anything today and get a commission. Real estate, insurance, banking, investing, products, services, etc.
  6. BUT it’s not that simple. Your site needs to look legit and professional. You have to create a clean site and have photos, nice reviews, and a legit description about that item. What makes this item stand out from the others?
  7. Don’t skip on a clean and professional website, no one will even read your reviews or blog if it looks like a 3rd graders side project.
  8. Sell higher price items. If you sell a $1 item and it makes 5% commission, that’s $.05 each sale. Hmmnn, unless you’re selling like 1000 piece a day then go for it but imagine selling a boat or a high end item at $25,000 and getting 3% commision, that’s $750. Not bad at all!
  9. Tips:
    • Affiliate marketing takes time but can make you good money, it’s passive income.
    • Set up your site like a real site but you don’t need a business license or deal with people like Amazon FBA.
    • Sell high price and quality items.
    • Have multiple sources like a website/youtube/instagram/etc. Don’t rely on just your website to make you money, more sources mean a higher chance of getting a sale.
    • Work with as many affiliated partner sites/company as you can.
    • Get active on social media and you can even sell affiliated products using social media.
    • Create a name or brand for yourself. Everything is getting more competitive and only the best will get results.
    • Check out sites like, or here is a list of the top 19 affiliate sites which you can mimic and learn from them.

3. Online Blogging

easy life journey wordpress
*WordPress the most use software to start blogging, affiliate marketing, and building websites.

This is another easy and time consuming online business.

  1. Write what you love and are passionate about. It makes it so much easier and more enjoyable. If you love cars and write about houses because it makes more money (assuming), but have no passion for houses, then the chances of you succeeding as a blogger will be quite low.
  2. we write about how to make your life easier and live better. We don’t include things like travel guides, hotels, picking up girls even though these niches make great money. Stick with one niche and expand on that. Trust me one niche can have 100’s if not 1000’s of topics.
  3. Again, you need to spend some time, like 6-12 months. Write as many articles, blogs and/or reviews about your niche. We write about health, wealth, inspiration, and lifestyle but it ties with the name and brand of our website. The more info you have on your website the more credible and trustworthy it looks.
  4. Think long term like 1-100 years. In just the last 30 days I have put at least 12 hours every day of serious work on my website and social media for Easy Life Journey. In a year from now, it could very well pay off. Many will give up because they need or expect quick money, but online blogging is not the case. One of the best ways to earn money is through passive income, but it takes time to see results and perseverance.
  5. You need visitors on your website. In order to get that, you need information on your website. Google SEO will pick up your site when someone types a keyword so if you don’t write anything informative then no one is going to bother even reading your blogs. However this can take time. Don’t expect to see results for at least 3 months and that is if you are a really good writer with well-written keywords and have a great SEO in place. Google SEO and how to rank websites.
  6. Do keyword and SEO research! Super vital! These are the 6 tools/sites that we use to help us write. Let’s be honest, do you want to write in your niche about what people are searching about or do you want to write about whatever comes to mind? We thought so, don’t spend months writing about something that won’t get you nowhere or make no money unless you really love helping people or have a bunch of free time or money!
  7. Here at 6 FREE SEO/keyword sites to help you write about your next blog, you may have to sign up for some but it’s easy and worth it:
  8. Sign up for wordpress and you need a hosting provider. We use siteground, after many reviews and testimonies, I believe siteground is the best (so far). I have used godaddy and bluehost before and they are also cheap and have great support. If I don’t like sitegound then I will update this part. A hosting provider stores your info like blogs, photos, and so on in their file. You also get to create as much email as you want. Also your control panel allows you to update and config some changes to your website that are required. You must get a hosting provider, this is not an option. There are plans you can choose but start with the cheapest then upgrade if you want, also do auto-renew so if you forget a year later then nothing happens, but if you decide to shut down your blog then just cancel the renew service.
  9. Tips:
    • For starters go for keywords with 50K searches or lower a month.
    • Go for less competitive and less CPC (cost per click, like PPC for Amazon).
    • Each blog needs at least 1800 words (this guide has about 5700 words).
    • You want to get to the point and provide extra useful info but don’t rant uselessly.
    • Provide credible external backlinks and internal links from your site to boost SEO. (I recommend 2-5 external links for every 1,000 words)
    • Spend at least 1-3 weeks learning about SEO and keyword ranking!!!
    • Make your website look AMAZING, don’t get a free website, paid for a good design and for tools. You have to spend money to make money.
    • Making a website can be hard especially for beginners and if you don’t know any html or css or java coding like me, then it could be a little hard. When you get a theme for your website make sure there is good support.  I have revolution theme by themeforest which is only $49 and has free unlimited support for 6 months and $15 extra for another 6 months of support. It is a drag and drop theme which means no coding. It can still be confusing at first but after a few weeks it will be easier.
    • You should learn how to create your own website anyways since it will be faster in the long run if you need to fix or add something. Going through support can take a few days.

4. Drop Shipping

*This is what your Shopify dashboard will look like.

Drop shipping is like Amazon FBA but for stoners.

We meant it’s more chill and maybe a little easier.

You don’t even need $500 to start, no business or license documents, no customs agent or shippers, and you don’t even need to inspect the items unless you want too, you just need literally a computer and internet.

Drop shipping is mainly used with through Ebay, Amazon, Shopify itself and many other sites.

You can sell physically anything from shirts, to services, to whatever you want!

Basically you sell items directly from the seller without them even knowing, they ship the items to the buyers, and you make the profits.

  1.,, and are one of the top sites that people use for drop-shipping.
  2. You create your Shopify site which is $29 a month and a 14 day free trial or your own. You upload items on the website and make the images, reviews, and description. Make it look professional like a real online retail store. Visitors should not know it is a dropshipping store. Softwares like Oberlo can do all that for you and save you time.
  3. Now here’s the thing. In order to attract customers, you have to do facebook advertising. We can write a whole new page on facebook advertising. Learn the ups and downs of FB advertising, almost everyone who dropships uses facebook advertising to advertise their products. (or hire someone else to do it for you)
  4. You have to create an effective and eye-catching video or image slide ad. You have to learn how to target certain people, demographic, niches, and so on. If you just throw a random facebook ad then expect nothing in return. Facebook is even cracking down on stolen videos or other copied ads so you may have to start making your own ads or you can use a few other ads and combine them into one but only take out the vital info from each ad without their logo appearing on your FB ads.
  5. You can sell your items for as much as you want, but make it fair and sell high-quality in-demand products.
  6. Drop shipping has 2 parts, the product research and facebook ads. You must master both!
  7. Tips:
    • Product research is vital.
    • You may have to test at least 50 products before finding a real winner.
    • Drop shipping is a very competitive online business now.
    • Everyone is selling the same crap over and over, make your website or product stand out. Maybe add an add-on or do whatever to make the item more “unique.”
    • Also if you don’t know how to effectively use FB ads and scale it, then you are doomed.
    • I spent over $3K on FB ads and 5 months with 8-12 hours a day on drop shipping and tested at least 20 products and was never successful. Maybe because I was selling saturated or over competitive items or I didn’t test enough items. (I received many high relevancy scores of 8-10 on facebook dashboard. The rating scale for how good your ads are from 1-10.)
    • Just don’t get overwhelmed if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Move on, live, and restart a new journey!

5. Youtube

easy life journey youtube
*This is your Youtube dashboard.

Youtube has become the #1 online place to go for video and even for news, reviews, education, etc.

In fact, it ranks as #2 for the most visited website in the world with 24 billion users a month!

You can make serious money on youtube but long hours and time is no exception.

We started our youtube channel in mid-August 2018, so we are still in the very early stages.

Youtube is very simple out of all the online business that we (I) have tried.

It requires little skill, no need to set up any licenses or business, requires very little money to start, but it takes time to notice results.

  1. If you’re serious about youtube then get a real camera. Preferably one that can focus on objects and people. New phones are good as well if you are on a budget.
  2. Think of a name and stick with that. Make a nice logo and also set a brand for yourself.
  3. What niche do you want to get in? Pranks and trolling is always big, self-learning is great, makeup and fashion are huge on youtube, video gaming is everywhere now, and so on.
  4. Learn how to do video editing with premiere pro; if you want to get super advance then adobe after effect is your go-to software but it requires professional skills and knowledge.
  5. Post regularly, the more the better but put quality videos. Quality over quantity for everything in life. 3-5 minutes is the ideal length otherwise viewers get bored but some videos require 10+ minutes like documentaries, how to’s, educational, and so forth.
  6. Learn how to do youtube keyword and SEO just like writing a blog.
  7. When your channel starts to get views and attraction, this is where you can start youtube ads or some big brands or small companies can use you to advertise for them. You can also sell your own items or merchandise or even do affiliate marketing or drop shipping with youtube.
  8. A few people got famous off youtube and are actors/actress within the youtube community that attracts millions of views per month just like a regular Netflix show.
  9. Justin Bieber, Jake/Logan Paul, Pewdiedie, and a few other youtubers got super famous and make millions a month from their channel and endorsements, but this is not the norm.
  10. You need to get REAL views and subscribers to a certain level before you can start ads. Use facebook communities, your own website, other social medias to build a following and get noticed. It’s not create a channel and expect millions of viewers. In fact, there are millions of dead channels on youtube that never make it past the 1,000 subscriber mark.
  11. Getting your first 1,000 subscribers may be harder than getting 10,000 subscribers because you are just starting out. Unless you create a crazy vital video or collaborate with another youtuber that has 10,000’s of subscribers.
  12. Tips:
    • Think long term, your videos and channel will get very low views unless you pay or advertise your videos online.
    • Make as many high quality and valuable videos per week; there is no limit.
    • Collaborate with other well know youtube channel, you may have to pay but it is worth it.
    • After 6 months of consistent uploading and putting high-quality content, if you are not getting views or subscribers, then something is wrong.
    • Comment and interact with your followers.
    • Read the comments and see what they want, maybe they want you to do a specific video or a vlog or answer a comment?
    • Follow all rules of youtube because after 3 strikes you could be ban, also if you are suspended because of spam or whatever, then it could take a few months to a year to get your channel reinstated. (IMPORTANT! Create 2 channels, just in case your 1st one gets suspended or ban because you are not allowed to create another youtube account if one of your youtube channels gets banned or suspended.)
    • If you want to use videos or music that is not your own then make sure you use a few seconds 5-10 seconds max and change the speed, pitch, color, etc. so youtube’s system doesn’t send you a strike.
    • You can use these sites to get FREE videos/pictures for your youtube videos. Also if you type “no copyright music” on youtube, you can use those in your videos as well.

6. Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign

indiegogo campaign launch
*Kickstarter is similar, this is where you set up your campaign.

Do you have an idea (product), innovation of a product, or a new invention that needs funding?

If so, then Kickstarter or Indiegogo is going to be your best friend.

These 2 platforms are big business with 1000’s of new products added every year and both have raised billions of dollars in combine sales so far, just from your money!

Basically you sign up for these 2 sites and fill in the required field of your product.

You product can even be in prototype or even in the brain storming stage.

You can launch the product whenever you want or whenever it is ready.

  1. Sign up on either platform (You can do both at the same time but Kickstarter has a bigger audience).
  2. Read about which platform you like better since both have different rules and how you get paid.
  3. (Optional but highly recommended) Start a lead page or landing page to collect emails and let people know when your product is ready for launch.
  4. Do facebook advertising or advertise with other websites or social media, or even set up a booth at an event. You want as much engagement and to spread as much knowledge about your product as possible. It is recommended you do this 3 months in advance before the actual launch.
  5. Create an ad video on the product, how it works, who is it for, and so on. The ins and outs of the product. You also want a short video within the product advertisement of your company and team. Show the blueprint, design, take the product apart, and everything vital about the project. You want to make the anxious buyers thirst and crave your product as if they are in the room. (Some company spend $10,000’s on a kickstarter campaign, we meant just the video itself, so don’t be surprise if you spend $100 and your project is a big flop.)
  6. You can set the duration of the launch. Some products are only on the platform for a week while others remain for up to 45 days. You get to choose.
  7. Set up a bio about you and the company or team in the bio section part. (The video ad too.) Create the best and super informative page about your product. Both these platforms allow you to add videos, gif, photos, and all kinds of cool things to your product description, so do not be lazy on this part. It will be time-consuming and it may be better to hire a designer since doing it yourself can take 100’s of ours. I know because I did everything myself except for the 3D CGI animation and a month just on the description section.
  8. Set up special offers for customers who buy 2 or more or early birds. Set a fair price, no one wants to spend $100 on a new phone case unless you have like a laser shooter on there.
  9. If you don’t reach your price goal (i.e., $50,000 for your project) you can collect what is available and ship out to the customers, or it’s all or nothing meaning if you don’t reach your goal of the total asking price, you get $0 and ship nothing to the customers. These 2 platforms take a fee though but it’s fair and quite low about 5% of total sales. It’s free if you do not ship anything to the customers. You can also re-launch your product or new ones as often as you like. Which is great!
  10. The shipping part is on you. However you will have the buyers email, address, name, and other info which you can print out the shipping labels and mass ship to all your buyers.
  11. Tips: for more tips on how to start a kickstarter go here
    • A few months before the launch, collect as many emails and pre-customers as you can.
    • The first few days of the launch are the most vital. You want to get as many buyers so when other customers look at this item in the later days, they will see that it is in demand and popular. I recommend at least 30-40% of your final total price of the item, i.e. $3k raised in 2-4 days out of $10k is fine. (Have family and friends buy your product and refund them, you don’t even have to ship it to them, even you can do it!)
    • Sell something that people want.
    • Do your research, you aren’t starting a business but you are selling a product. If you think putting any product on this platform is going to make you money then you are dead wrong.
    • I can confidently say that put as much money and work into the video, description page, and advertising part. If you do those successfully then you could your project funded and maybe even make some profits. (There are companies who have mastered project funding and make huge profits each year selling way overpriced items but consumers trust them and know them.)

7. Stocks/Investing/Cryptocurrency

*Coinbase Pro is a popular buy/sell crypto site that I use.

The best time to invest in stocks or crypto was 1-100 years ago, the 2nd best time is now (maybe).

If you had invested in crypto as early as the beginning of 2017 or before then the chances of you being rich or even a millionaire was highly possible.

Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and other stocks have 5x or even 10x in the past 10 years.

You can check out NASDAQ stock market daily of the top companies you are interested in.

Apple became the first 1 trillion dollar market and Amazon will be the 2nd.

Investing is an extremely vast business, many people have lost a lot and a few ever make a huge profit.

If you are patient and invest in the right company at the right time, then you are golden.

How to invest in stocks for beginners.

If you want to invest in penny stocks which are less risky but less rewarding, then go here to learn all about it.

For penny stocks, is basically what it sounds like.

You invest in these smaller start-up companies and buy 1,000’s or more shares.

There are tons of penny stocks, not much different from the traditional stocks besides the price of the shares.

Traditional markets rise slowly, very slowly actually.

Cryptocurrency can rise and fall at alarming rates so you have to always watch it but is highly manipulated.

Bitcoin can rise and fall as much as 15% in a single day and some altcoins can rise and fall even more!

I have invested almost 6 digits in cryptocurrency since the beginning of 2018 which was one of the worst times to invest so I haven’t made any profits.

Many people worldwide saw how cryptocurrency skyrocketed late 2017 and super early 2018.

During this time many got into crypto which was the worst time and sold a few months later losing lots of money.

With stocks, being patient is the #1 rule to success and cutting your lost before it gets worse.

Meaning, it is better to lose a little than a lot, or it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In fact, I’m planning on the long run, to sell all my altcoins as soon as they go up or if I’m able to get back what I put in and just put most of my investment in bitcoin since bitcoin is the main coin that dictates the price of altcoins.

Also, bitcoin is the king of bitcoin, so if any coin is going to rise safely, then it’s bitcoin.

The higher the risk, the higher the reward, but don’t get too excited.

More people have lost money with investing bitcoin than making a profit.

How do you expect profits to be made if everyone is winning?

You can’t, it’s just impossible, stocks rise and fall.

No machine or human can predict 100% or even a 51% of being correct each time.

There is really no exact way to invest but there are tips.

Buy low, sell high is the #1 advice I can give you but when is low, low and when is high, high?

That’s where you come in.

Investing isn’t easy, not at all.

It requires lots of manually research, some luck, and great timing and knowledge.

You don’t have to invest with stocks or crypto.

The housing market is a great investment.

It always goes up and down, but it’s not as volatile (liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse) as traditional stocks and not even close to cryptocurrency which is the most volatile market.

With real estate, you may have to get your hands dirty. (We don’t want to cover real-estate, so let’s stick to stocks)

Do your own research and only invest in what you can afford to lose and don’t let emotions drive you crazy.

People have committed suicide and put their life savings in the stocks and crypto and have lost everything.

Bitconnect is a great example, at an all-time high it went to $509 and now it is about $1.

Lots of scams and hacks happen daily with crypto and ICO’s (initial coin offering like funding for a new business start up) where millions, if not 100’s of millions of dollars are scammed or hacked!

Other Ways To Make Money

If these seem too hard or time-consuming, maybe you can see if these options work better for you?

How To Make Money Fast 14 Easy Tips To Make Quick Cash Today

or How To Make Money 17 Top Ways To Make Money With No Degree

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