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19 Online Business You Can Start To Make A Good Living 2/2

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Online business is taking the world by no surprise.

As more computers and fast WiFi are becoming free and readily available, so is the online world.

The great thing about many online businesses today is that they don’t require a degree or a higher education.

Online business is the way to go for entrepreneurs and people who are sick of the 4×4 cubicle life.

Be your own boss, work when and where you want, but how much time and effort you put will show the true outcome.

I’ve learned everything about the online world by myself, although I did pay a little for the front end cost and lots and lots self-learning.

If you have the money but no time then all of these have online courses you can pay and that will help save you a vast amount of time and you will actually learn faster and more precise on how to start that business.

In fact, after knowing the business, you can even hire someone to manage your business and slip the profits 50/50 or whatever you deem fit.

19 Online Business You Can Start To Make A Good Living 2/2

Let’s get started on these 20 awesome and simple online businesses you can start. (Part 2 will only cover #8-20) To see part 1/2 go here. 

  1. Amazon FBA
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Online Blogging
  4. Drop Shipping
  5. Youtube
  6. Kickstarter/Indiegogo Campaign
  7. Stocks/Investing/Cryptocurrency
  8. Web Cam
  9. Twitch/Video gaming
  10. Coaching/Online Course
  11. Free Lancing
  12. Digital/Social Media Marketing
  13. Web Designer
  14. Language Teacher
  15. Fashion/Arts & Crafts Online Store
  16. Motivational Speaker/Coach
  17. Online Dating Coach/Expert
  18. Online Fitness Trainer/Course
  19. Writer

8. Web Cam

Webcam or web modeling is becoming ever so popular, especially when all laptops and smartphones today have built-in cameras and girls are finding easier and “smarter” ways to earn money. (remember it’s not the quantity of work but the quality of work that matters)

Webcam is as easy as it sounds but it can get “mature” to a degree but that depends entirely on the girl, so if you’re a girl that has good looks, a nice body, or a do special things that other girls or men like (let’s say a fetish) then you’re good to go.

I’m not saying men can’t make a living on webcam but here are the facts by

Due to plagiarism, we can’t copy and paste everything but here are the basics.

Men can make money but not as much compare to women since the gay audience is still emerging and it is still dominated by young adult girls.

Women can sell their clothing, text the viewer, viewers can send gifts or tips, and so on which means is more income to the girls.

The longer a girl works as a webcam model, the higher the chances of her becoming known thus attracting a bigger audience which will result in higher pay.

If you are over 40 and still attractive, then go for it.

However young girls will make more than older girls but not always.

You can lie about your age, especially if your 42 and look 35 then state that you’re 35.

Even tell the men that you are single and whatever they want to hear, it’s business here.

If you want to stay fit and look young, then you have to read this article. 

So how much can a girl make as a webcam model?

Depends, really.

For starters, don’t expect much but top earners can make about $5 a minute or $100k a month.

But here’s the catch, these girls have built up a huge fan base, work longer than average, and know the ins and outs of the business.

If you are interested in this work, then check this site out on how to become a webcam model.

The average webcam model salary is $39,500 a year.

9. Twitch/Video gaming

Twitch is like youtube, but mainly for video-gaming, people get paid to play video games.

I mean nowadays you can watch someone do anything and get paid for it.

How to start a Twitch channel and get paid.

Set up your channel, it’s easy trust me.

Once your streaming is live, you can ask for donations.

You can receive Bits, I guess you can say it is Twitch’s currency.

So whenever you do something good or if the viewer likes your action, they simply type “cheerxx”; the xx is the amount of bits they can give you.

1000 Bits equals real $10.

Getting subscribers on Twitch is not as easy as Youtube.

For each Twitch subscriber, you can get about $2.50 a month but you have to sign up for Twitch partner.

So how do you get subscribers, just like how you do anything.

You should also start a youtube channel to get more exposure as well but, you need to go all in on social media.

That means IG, twitter, youtube, pinterest, maybe your own site, facebook, etc.

Start posting content and interacting with your viewers and audience.

It could take a year or two to see results.

Play games that are popular, not games that you want.

Be funny, actionable, cool, or whatever to make your viewers like and engage with you.

There is no average salary because it has to do with many factors like how many subscribers you have, how often you live stream, how much donations or Bits you get, and so on.

Video gaming is big, no I mean HUGE.

A good friend of my Mike Brown wrote an in-depth guide about the video game business, head over to see what he has to say.

The Rise of eSports: Just How Big Can This Business Get?

10. Coaching/Online Course

There are literally 1000’s of courses and coaching for every niche.

You can charge as little as $10 to as much as $100,000’s once you become a big player.

I know the ins and outs of Amazon FBA, Shopify, Facebook ad’s, creating a website/blog so I can create a course no problem.

In the course, you can create step by step PDF or word files, and videos to show the customers exactly how to do it.

I mean they bought the course so you need to show them exactly how to do everything but it only takes a few weeks or even less to create the course.

Once your course is detailed and provides all the steps, the next step is promoting it.

Facebook ads are definitely going to be your top choice.

There are many ways and websites where you can promote your online courses.

If you already have followings on youtube, IG, twitter, or other social media platforms then you can promote it there as well.

Do you see how important social media is?

It is everywhere, and I highly recommend you to start some type of following for your social media.

Who knows, maybe in a year or two you may want to sell a course, start a coaching call, or even sell your own lines and brands.

Coaching is not harder, but I believe credibility is a must, however in today’s time “fake it til you make it” is just as credible.

To get started on how to start a coaching call, go here.

Even if you are not a “real player”, you still need to make it look like you are one because no one is going to want to take advice from amateurs.

What if a high paying client wants to visit your office?

You should be in the top of your field, already have an established website/business and maybe a name for yourself but it is not required.

Coaching can be as little as $.50 a minute to $100 a minute, and that depends entirely on you.

One can even attend seminars or webinars and get pay to speak there as well.

We couldn’t really find the average salary for coaching/creating courses because it really boils down to what you are selling, how many clients sign up or buy your product/service, is it recurring or one-time payment, and so on.

11. FreeLancing

Do you like to travel or work abroad?

Then freelancing is perfect for you.

Even if you have a full-time job, part-time job, or just need some extra dough.

The great thing about freelancers is that they can work whenever and wherever usually.

This is a huge industry actually because many small businesses and 2nd class people are looking for people to do something for them (online) without paying for a big price tag.

I’ve used fiverr many times and peopleperhour for my business here and there.

Sign up for fiverr, peopleperhour, upwork, and many other sites where you can promote your skills.

Again, social media and your own websites are highly recommended.

You need to make a presence for yourself, the more sources you have the easier it is to land a freelancing job.

Here’s the thing about free lancing; don’t expect big payouts unless you’re in a difficult niche like programming, CGI video editing, and the likes.

If you write a 2000 word essay for a small newspaper company, do you think they are going to pay you a handsome amount vs. creating a high-end design website for a big company which can run for up to $10,000+!

Not many freelancers become millionaires, but it can be an easy and satisfying life.

2nd and 3rd world country can make much better living than 1st world country since the payout is the same regardless of where you live.

If this field interest you then go here to learn more.

Freelancers who work at least 36 hours a week can expect to make about $39k as the average salary.

This is extremely high for 2nd and 3rd world countries.

12. Digital/Social Media Marketing

Managing other peoples or business social media accounts and websites can earn you a big paycheck biweekly or monthly.

This can be a long and tedious task especially if you have many clients and work alone.

Not all of this can be done automatically with bots and computers.

Social media requires a lot of manual work.

Do you think bots can automatically post 100’s if not 10,000’s of photos or videos with an excellent description and be related to the niche?

Not right now, maybe in a few years or so.

Bots can comment, follow, unfollow, like, unlike, subscribe, and so on but to post content regularly; it needs to be done by humans.

That is why if you have a company you can leverage this work to your employees and give them a cut.

Leveraging your money and work is the best way to make an income but we won’t cover this topic here.

Social media is big enormous like I said.

1.4 billion daily facebook users, almost 1 billion instagram users monthly, and 2 billion youtube users monthly!

Snapchat, linkin, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, mix, reddit also get 100’s of millions of users daily and they are also a great way to do digital/social media marketing.

This is another niche that is difficult to determine the average salary due to how many clients you have, how much work you put in, are the clients high paying or average, what niche or social media platform are you using, and so forth.

13. Web Designers

2018 is a great time to be alive… for non-programmers, like me.

Back then building websites was a long and difficult task.

One had to know coding and some programming, but today that’s not the case but it helps.

All websites can be designed with drag and drop feature which requires no coding or hmtl knowledge at all.

Oh yeah, web designers can make some serious cash if they know how to make the website look appealing and professional.

You can charge as little as $100 to make a simple one-page site or $10,000’s+ for a professional website with many pages.

Unlike social media marketing or other ways to make money online; as a web designer, if you are a professional then building sites is a breeze and can be done quick (dealing with the client and how they want it to look may be the hardest part).

I remember the first time I built it took so long do anything and I had to ask for support from the website theme developer many times.

Now I can do all this myself and it’s becoming easier each time.

You (the clients) do have to pay for each website design. However, you can buy monthly or yearly plans that include multiple domains/websites and hosting service which will save you tons of money.

Web designers can make some serious dough, about $76k a year on average.

14. Online Language Teacher

Are you fluent or even semi-fluent with a 2nd or even a 3rd language?

Knowing 2 or more languages can mean more business opportunity, travels, making new friends, and so on.

You can even teach online through your webcam and smartphone without actually meeting the clients thus saving you much time, gas, and money.

Here are 6 sites that you can sign up for and get started.

Oh, did I mention that you can make up to $30 an hour all in the convenience of your home or chugging a beer on the beach.

You can teach anywhere, set your own rates, and teach whenever you like.

Forget going to college to get a teaching degree or some certificate.

You seriously don’t need to go to school on how to become an online language teacher, although it does help.

Teach English to foreigners.

English is still highly in demand and will be for quite some time.

Depending on the language, your yearly salary average may fluctuate but $55K is about right.

15. Fashion/Arts & Crafts Online Store

You already know that Amazon sells literally everything.

But did you know that you can sell your own clothing, arts, jewelry, etc. lines or brand online?

Many people are doing this and one day you could have your own big line or brand.

You won’t know until you try, right?

Etsy, eBay, Shopify, google shop, Amazon, your own website, and so many other sites are a great way to sell your products.

You can even sell locally on FB, craiglist, 5miles, offerup, Let go, and so on.

The more websites and apps you partner up with, the more exposure you have, which means more sales.

Even brick and mortar shops can benefit from this, especially locally.

You will have to learn how to advertise and pay for cpc/ppc (cost per click/ pay per click) with google ad leads and facebook ads if you want to take it even further.

This helps customers know about your product.

It’s super simple actually, the website itself will show you step by step.

Honestly, newcomers have to spend money on ads to get their items known, if not then your products could be collecting dust for months or years.

Trust me; I’d rather make $.50 than nothing at all after spending money on ads.

I sold random stuff on Amazon and eBay for 2 years and actually make some money but as things got more competitive, I had to use cpc/ppc to get more sales.

Use USPS to ship and get the best rates.

I use  it’s free, and they give you the lowest rates plus you won’t ever have to wait in line again!

This one is impossible to know the yearly average salary, too many factors.

16. Motivational Speaker/Coach

One of my goals in life is to become a motivational speaker or coach.

My twin brother does this for a living, but if you want to be known and recognize, then you need to be certified.

There are certain levels of certification, and it takes time.

Of course, if you’re a natural and build up a following, then a certificate is not required.

Speaking to an audience is one thing, but speaking to them with passion and motivation is another thing.

The reason that most motivational speaker or coach need some kind of certification is that in order to receive your certificate, you have tasks and skills that needs to be met.

For example, you may have to speak with 50 people online one on one, speak at your local school or church, participant in a event, and the likes.

The program that host this wants you to get comfortable around people, speaking publicly, and doing uncomfortable things at first, and especially speaking on stage.

Yes, this cost money, I believe my brother said that he got the highest certificate for around $3,000 with 250 hours of work that was required and it took about 2 years to complete everything.

There are some sites online that says you can do it for a few $100 and as little as 12 weeks. (Giving you a certificate fast and cheap.)

Honestly, do you think those sites are even real and can you inspire and motivated people in 3 months?

Unless you’re a natural, then I wouldn’t attend your seminar.

If you want to be a motivational speaker or a life coach, don’t you want proper training and develop the skills needed for that, which of course takes time.

Teach and speak about what you know and love, that’s the important thing.

Have speaking skills and motivational skills.

Can your words, story, and presence bring power and motivation to the people around you?

No one wants to sit for an hour listening to an inanimate person talk.

Wow! Motivational speakers can make on average $107K a year and some 100x that!

17. Online Dating Coach/Expert

If you have not gotten at least one online dating advice from youtube, then you must not be the norm because there are so many online dating advice and guides there.

What is surprising is that many of these youtubers don’t have or even need certificates.

I mean really, do you need a certificate on how to pick up chicks?

That comes from experience, skills, confident, and just doing it.

You can set the rates for as much as you want.

There is this youtuber known as SquattinCassanova.

He offers his coaching service in Las Vegas where the clients stay in this apartment for the 2-3 days, and he goes to the clubs/bars with his clients.

He has a mic where he tells his clients exactly how to pick up girls but he charges $1000-3000 per package depending on which one, and it seems to work.

Even girls are giving advice on how to pick up girls or how guys can pick up girls.

I can’t tell you exactly how to pick up girls/guys since that’s not my specialty but I can tell you from plain knowledge that you don’t need a coach, course, videos, etc. to pick up girls or guys.

If you want to be a coach for this niche, then skills and knowledge are highly appreciated; people don’t want to waste their time or money.

It is not to say; you can’t develop these skills on your own and later spread your teachings.

If you want to be an online dating coach, then start social media.

Show your clients videos, photos, tips, and tricks on how to pick up girls.

Lure clients in with free and good stuff but tell them they will get the best and exclusive stuff when they sign up.

One can expect on average $50k annual salary in this type of field.

18. Online Fitness Trainer/Course

You can be overweight, rich, tall, short, etc. and your client can’t tell if your a motivational speaker, artist, dating coach, driver, programmer, etc.

But, if you’re a fitness trainer looking like an elephant, then no one is going to believe half a word you say.

Experience, skills, and knowledge are shown on your body, not on some piece of paper.

P90x which sells fitness DVD has sold about $420m since 2005.

I’m not saying you’re going to become rich or anything, but there is a demand for fitness and health, always.

If there’s junk food, vanity, and people who just want to be healthy in general; then there’s going to be people who want to lose weight or want to tone up.

If you have private high-end clients like movie stars, business workers, etc. then you can make really good money, but the average online fitness trainer is not going to make crazy cash unless they have many clients.

An online fitness trainer can make $19K-$79K a year with $49K as the average.

19. Writer

These requirements are mandatory for a writer.

  • Possess great imagination.
  • Work long hours.
  • Expect little to no pay at times (months to years).
  • Be passionate about what they do.
  • A nice comfortable chair and pleasant environment.
  • Express words and give life to its meaning.
  • Perseverance because the first 10-100 books/guides/articles may be a total failure.

I can proudly say that I am a writer and these requirements are the bread and water for us.

As a writer, one can be in many fields.

Writing books, ebooks, online courses, blogs, online news and events, local newspaper and the likes.

The more one writes, the better chances of them getting more exposure but quality over quantity, always.

J.K.Rowling was denied 12 times by publishing companies before Harry Potter became an epic success.

Not everyone gets to be as lucky as her, but perseverance, hard work, and a positive attitude can increase your luck or chances to be successful.

As a writer, don’t expect any money.

I’ve worked on this site for 4 months along with building my social medias and have not made 1 cent, in fact, I don’t expect anything for at least another 6-12 months.

I want to build my credibility, presence, portfolio, and skills so that when people go to or hear about Easy Life Journey, they know it is a legitimate source and trust what’s written.

If you want to make quick money as a writer, then write for companies, the news/press, other blogs/article, more prominent websites since writing for yourself isn’t going to put food on the table.

According to the average annual salary of writers is $50k, I’m not going to bet all my chips on that though.

Sometimes after all the hard work, we get nothing, that’s just life.

Very few writers ever make it big, especially to Hollywood status; don’t aim for the stars when you haven’t even touched the sky yet.

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