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overcoming addiction

Overcoming Addiction 101 | This Is How You Can Overcome ANY Addiction

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Overcoming addiction is no simple matter because countless factors can influence its origin. Meat, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, weed, laziness/procrastination, staying up late, masturbation, video-games, Youtube (social media), watching TV, you name it, and that was my addiction. You see, I was addicted to everything that you could possibly be addicted to. I was addicted to being addicted!

I came, I saw (did), and I conquered, no self-pride intended. You are not alone, not even close. Everyone suffers from some addiction unless you’re Jesus and I know you ain’t Jesus. Anyways, if I can overcome 10+ addiction, and these were severe addictions I’m talking about, then you will too.

You’re in for a special treat for this session. I’m going deep and all out. Yes, I’m going to describe in full detailed on how I started and overcame each addiction on the above list. These were the addictions that overtook my soul for 5, 10, even 15 years. It may, or may not work for you, however, let me assure you that I was one of the weakness earthlings to exist. You must put in the effort and sacrifice if you want to see the results. Let’s dive in.



Ahh, nothing beats a freshly cooked steak oozing with hot red blood with a glass of red wine, of course. Isn’t it sad how we use another being’s suffering for our own pleasures? I was born in Vietnam. That right there should give you a hint. When I was adopted and came to America, nothing changed. I ate meat every single meal: my father, a steak lover. Every few days, we would have steak — big, fat, chunky steaks.

Now, meat isn’t bad. The issue is when you cook meat and eat it every meal, especially on the grill where it gets charred. Cancer and many other diseases have been linked with excessive consumption of meat, especially cooked red meat. As of now, I eat raw red meat, in super moderation, a little bit of fish and seafood.

Since birth until now, 27 years, I’ve been consuming meat for almost every meal. Sounds like the average being, right? So what did I do to stop meat consumption by nearly 99%? I’ve always had an interest in meditation. For one to get more spiritual and discover themselves better, the elimination of meat or at least most of it is necessary. A sacrifice which I was willing to offer.

Fish, raw red meat, salmon, tuna, seafood, and the likes are a much healthier option than cooked chicken, pork, or beef. The first 30 days was quite hard. The aroma of grilled meat make me high as F. I watched a documentary on the farm animals and the production of meat. Pure evilness and heartbreaking. Made me stop eating land animals completely.

A lot of the truth is hidden from us with false advertising and lies: research youtube, google, and the whole internet. You will not want to eat meat after this. Just because you don’t kill the animal doesn’t mean you aren’t supporting it. If you eat meat, you support the cruel farm meat productions. That was what made me stop consuming meat.

Junk Food/Sweets

how to help an addict

Junk food is everywhere now, even in the remote villages of jungles. My middle school years was the worst. I craved sweets, chips, cookies, beef jerky, sodas, ice cream, oreo, and all the top class junk food.

I didn’t know, and the dermatologist told my parents and me that diet has little to do with acne and breakouts. They’re all liars. If they told the truth, then they would all be out of business. What made it worst was the fact that my sister and mother was also junk food and sweets addict. Which meant our closet was always stocked with that crap. The school cafeteria didn’t help much either. Every day, I drank chocolate milk and ate whatever my taste buds commanded me too.

My face broke out so much, became super oily and sensitive. I now have to live with deep, indented acne scars, and my nose always has red marks. After three years I got worried and scared. After ten years I was desperate for a cure. I tried all kinds of diet, creams, even had my face painfully laser. Perhaps the most painful experience I ever felt, for 25 minutes straight. I cried like a little b1tch during the whole treatment.

Beauty. I love all things beautiful, so junk food and sweets had to be eliminated. We all know that junk food and sweets is unhealthy and causes numerous of health and beauty defects. I couldn’t bear the way I looked. Luckily, I wasn’t born ugly or the likes, however, I could have been much more handsome but what’s done is done.

To this day, I still suffer from mild breakouts, very oily and sensitive face, and the scars from the 13+ years of acne. Yeah, it sucks. If I keep eating junk, then my face will continue to look like junk. If I wanted a beautiful girlfriend or even a wife, then looks absolutely matter. I don’t care what anyone says. Girls are attracted to attractive guys if they say they don’t then have a look at this article or have a look at yourself. I’m at that age where marriage and having kids are prevalent, so for my future and wife, eating healthy is not out of the question.


how to overcome addiction

Alcohol is without a doubt my favorite drink. Combined with marijuana, well, even God himself couldn’t refuse such a potent combination. Please don’t get any ideas 🙂 Honest to God; I never had a full glass of beer until I was 22! After that, it was game over. Not a single night slipped by without me consuming a drop of alcohol.

Being single and working literally every day made it that much harder to quit. A 24pk for $17-20 that can solve all your problems, temporarily for a week? Well, that was why I drank. All my friends were Spanish and Hispanics. I resided in Miami, FL for seven years. People here drink until they cash out! Oh yeah, I got a DUI. $5000 straight down the toilet. What an experience. Don’t drink and drive, period!

Fun and feeling good was my ultimate high. After work was play, it was so hard to quit when you’re young and want to f***. Apparently, that didn’t happen, at all. Anyways, there wasn’t ever a party that I refused. Being around beautiful girls, expensive homes and settings, around amazing friends, and living in a city that never sleeps, well, you get the point.

So exactly how did I stopped drinking. It wasn’t just a 24pk a week. Wine, rum, and other liquor were expensive. Going out to clubs and friend’s home added up. I opened a business, so naturally, I had to invest and concentrate on work and my future. Drinking and going out every night isn’t possible or wise when one has a business to care for.

On top of that, I was paying $1600 a month just for rent without making a single profit! So my circumstances forced me to give up alcohol. I wouldn’t have done it naturally. I still drink, but ten times less than when I did.


how to stop addiction

They say once you start, you’ll never quit. That’s the spirit. Don’t give up, unless it’s smoking tobacco. I started because literally, all my friends were smoking. I kid you not. What the heck, why not. It may be a waste of time to nonsmokers, but for us, it is an excellent way to kill time.

The addiction started in 2014. Basically, it was just puffing with my mouth — no inhaling whatsoever. After a few months, I began to inhale. Smoking after a meal or while one is drinking makes the feeling even better. However, smoking after each meal is equivalent to smoking ten regular cigarettes due to your stomach digesting the nicotine with the food.

If you’re a drinker and a smoker, then you’ve just done the near impossible. You can quit alcohol first, but you can’t quit smoking first. After each drink, the urge for a cigarette is somehow ten times more than it typically is. By 2015, I was on about two packs of cigarettes a week. Two packs may not be much since some people smoke two packs a day.

Two packs is still bad considering how I was on two packs of cigarettes a week for about two years. By 2017 I was down to 2-3 cigarettes a week. That was the only way and best way to stop, slowly and steadily. I also rewarded myself. It felt better and tasted better. I didn’t go anywhere that sold cigarettes, instead, I stayed home and worked on my dreams and goals.

I became more focused and goal-oriented as I grew older. Seven years of living in Miami went by fast! That’s where most of my addictions started. I knew that old habits die hard and some never do. It was now or never. I may not have completely quit smoking altogether, but today I smoke 1-2 cigarettes a week. Most people can’t maintain such self-control. That’s why I must limit my alcohol consumption. Your health and bank account will thank you, indefinitely.


overcoming addiction

My favorite addiction. If you put a gun to face and told me to only stick to one addiction, this would be it, no questions asked. I first tried weed when I was beginning to drink heavily. The first ten tries were the worst. Your lungs have to adjust to the chemicals. It burned, and coughing was painful. After that it becomes tolerable. There are 3 kinds of weed. Sativa, which is for brain activities, thinking. Indica, which is for a body high. Also, the hybrid, the most potent. I wasn’t sure what I smoked since I never bought weed for the first two years. Finally found out it was mostly the hybrid and sativa. I was not too fond of them. I only like indica.

Indica made me feel worthy, powerful, and very happy. I would smoke just a little bit every day with my dinner while I watched Netflix or a movie. Playing video-games, going out, working, and the likes was out of the question. Once I hit the joint, it was pure entertainment and relation until I fell asleep. Working out while high on indica made me feel immortal. I’m not saying you should try that, but it really felt like that.

OK, enough with the boredom. May 3, 2018. I packed my bags and left the US. I’m traveling the world, so it’s quite challenging to acquire weed, and I’m not going to take any chance or getting my passport/visa revolt for such a stupid thing. Would I still be smoking weed if I was still in Miami? Hell yeah. It’s that f***ing good.

It’s a plant, and it has 100’s of benefits. It’s quite impossible to overdose, and no one has ever died from smoking cannabis. So traveling and changing my environment made me give up weed. Maybe it’s not you, but your surroundings that makes you do what you do. After all, our surroundings shape and mold us, especially at a young age.


By the time you reach 25, you should concentrate solely on your goals and future. When you hit 35, you should be wealthy or successful. So when you hit 50, you can retire like a king. These words were spoken by Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba. He inspired me to do just that. Sounds like a plan right? Let’s rewind a little bit.

Laziness was always in my blood since birth. I got freaking D’s and C’s in elementary school. When report card came out, my Vietnamese grandma expressed joy when she saw a C, tears rolled down her face at the sight of a B, and an A, well, we will never know.

Going to America was different. No C or even a B was acceptable by my new mother. A’s only. I had to study every night even if there was nothing to study. Like all rebellious teenage demons, what did I do? I got all A’s, but I also did it least productively and lazily possible. I took the most comfortable classes, put in the minimum effort, and just did what I had too. I never cheated but once during my senior HS year.

After HS, I honestly thought I deserved rest and entertainment. I worked and after that was pure fun. I was drinking, smoking, playing video-games, watching TV, etc. I didn’t study one bit, take on a new job, or improve myself in any way. I was still a young adult. Life was good now, why should I put in the extra effort?

This continued until I opened my first business in 2016. I had just turned 24. Before that, I was working 9 hours, seven days a week for almost 4.5 years. That’s 23 hours more than the average American. The average American has a family and maybe studying/school to complete, I didn’t. For 24 years I procrastinated and took every easy turn I could.

Why? Because I possess no motivation, goals, purpose, or passion. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was afraid to put in all that work only to come out unsuccessful. That was me. I was living in the shadows and only went out when it benefited me. Time was going by way to fast. It was unfair. The only way to halt such thing was to work, work, and work. Sure, I could die tomorrow, however, what I do now gives me joy, purpose, and a reason to live. Laziness and procrastination was so 1992-2016.

When I’m 50 and looking back at all my accomplishments and success, I’ll be the one laughing and eating until I’ve had my fill. What will you be doing when you’re 50 or what are you doing?

Staying Up Late

Staying up late is unhealthy because our body does work on natural cycles. Studies show that 9 PM until 4-6 AM is the best time to sleep. For every hour you sleep before midnight, add another. For instance, going to sleep from 10 Pm – 5 Am is actually 9 hours of quality sleep.

On the days I was not partying or going out, 1-2 Am would be my usually slumber time. It wasn’t uncommon to find me drunk and almost passed out as soon as the roosters started making noises. The night sheltered me, and make me feel comfortable. Sunrise was not the first thing I wanted to see. Now it is.

When I left my family to go to the military and support myself, I would stay up as late as I could. For about five years this continued. Staying up isn’t the worst thing you can do. However, if it’s just to drink, smoke, watch TV, and the likes, then yes it is unhealthy. Most people stay up late to finish their favorite show not because they have a project to be met.

Sticking to a strict sleeping schedule helps me sleep better and increases my productivity and work. You want to sleep with a schedule because your body will become accustomed to it and schedules make living so much easier.


You can skip this part if you want if you don’t have this addiction. I knew that one day I had to let it out. It’s not like this article is going to get a million views, or is it? This addiction started in the 3rd grade! Yeah, that early. It got much worse once I learned how to use the computer and out of control when phones/handheld mobile devices became mainstream.

My masturbation didn’t always involve pornography. My dad was a computer expert, and I was always worried that he would catch me in the act. Once I left my family and went to support myself, that was when it became an addiction. No, I didn’t do it once or twice a day. It was more like 3-5 times a week.

To me that was excessive. Masturbation is healthy, and many articles prove it. 1-2 times a week is healthy and recommended, not 1-2 times a day. Once a day was just too much for me honestly. I felt filthy and miserable. No girlfriend, no relationship, sex without a partner, and the likes was eating me alive. Believe me. I tried dating apps for years, talking to girls at clubs, but to no avail probably because I was so damn picky!

I yearned for real flesh and intimacy. So how did I stop masturbation? I didn’t stop it altogether, but I was able to reduce it drastically. Masturbation can make you unfocused, unmotivated, physically weak, not want real sex, and other goodies.

Lifting heavy weights 5-6 times a week requires a strong body. Working 12+ hours a day requires a focused and steadfast mind. The feeling of sex and intimacy is much better than masturbation. That is why I forced myself to stop.

Truth be told. Marijuana is my favorite addiction while alcohol is my favorite drink. However, masturbation was unlike anything else. It was almost impossible to stop. Really impossible. Sure, I could go a week or two if I tried, but usually no more. I would tell myself that this week I wouldn’t do it, yet only to fail in a few days. But how much is bad? 3-5 beers a week is very healthy. 3-5 cigarettes a week is ok, but masturbation 3-5 times a week? Do you see my point?

Traveling and living in other people’s and family’s houses helps a lot. I feel disgusted and ashamed if I plant my seeds in someone else’s property. I’m not embarrassed to tell you all this because I want to help you, plus I know I’m not near as addicted as some of you.

Loving beautiful and hot woman, their smooth, curvy, silky bodies, and the sexiness in a woman’s voice make it so hard not to do it. I feel as if there’s a lustful demon inside me that wants me to do it all the time. I have to tell myself no, continue to focus on my job, lift weights, and be solely focused on my future and passion.

When I have a permanent girlfriend, it will become so much easier to stop. However, until then, traveling, staying at other people and family member’s houses, meeting new people, and not staying inside will help you tremendously. Smoking weed and drinking alcohol only makes it worse, at least for me it did. Thinking about it can influence you so try as hard as you can to not think about it. Some disabled people can do the impossible, so why can’t we?


Playing video-games was only allowed if two conditions were met; straight A’s on all my school assignments, and Friday through Saturday or holidays only. I’m an Asian male what fantasies about violence and wielding the strength of Gods quite often. Yeah, imagine that. It made me happy to know that video-games was my addiction.

Each moment that I was allowed to play, I made sure to reap every moment. Playtime was about 10-12 hours a week or an average 30-35 hours a month. Now much at all. After leaving my family to be independent, that’s when I started to frequent video-games, especially in the military.

Video-games is quite beneficial. It may help one process faster thinking. Surgeons who play video games were known to perform procedures more accurate than their non-counterparts. Video-games is a gateway non-drug to legions of people, including myself. This physical world begins to fade and another reality enters our mind.

It is one of the highest revenue generating businesses in the world, so that should tell you something. When my parents gave me a PSP for Christmas in 04′, that was when my addiction became obvious. I would secretly play whenever I used the toilet, sleep, in school, and everywhere. Remember, I was not allowed to play video-games on weekdays.

So this addiction became a nightmare about two years ago. My first retail business, I slept in my office for a whole year. So to past the dark, lonely times, and to cut down outside spendings, I just played video-games with every chance I got. It aided my insanity. Being alone with minimal contact for a whole year isn’t something that one wishes for. This was the blackest chapter in my life… so far.

Again, education and purpose allowed me to quit this addiction. I watched and researched the successful and influentials. What did they possess that most didn’t? A hard work ethic, like backbreaking work. That means the 2-4 hours of video-games that I was playing about every day had to be stopped. All those hours had to be put into good use. So naturally, I worked on my dreams and goals because some dreams take a lifetime to fulfill. However, with every hour that I put into my dreams, I become that much closer to making it a reality.


When youtube first came out, I was there. If only I had started a channel in 07′ when one of my friends had asked me too. Of course, I didn’t since I was a lazy and unmotivated bum. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I became addicted to youtube. I was streaming it at work, during every meal, when I had free time, and even when I was dropping logs.

Youtube mobile only made it worst. My phone would get so hot that I couldn’t even use it until it cool down. Youtube was special. You can watch and research literally anything you want, from learning a new language to how one can alter their sex. Having a curious mind didn’t help one bit.

I started two channels a while back only to quit after uploading a few videos. August 18′ was when I officially got serious and started uploading and making videos on my youtube channel pertaining to this website. Watching video is the super simple part. Producing, editing, uploading, keyword research, getting subscribers, and much more is the challenging part.

Making a living on youtube is not easy, far from it. It is a full-time job. Millions of videos get uploaded, and thousands of new channels arise daily. Only 1% of the channels even make it past the 1,000 subscribers mark. The success and smiles you see behind these successful youtubers isn’t all ponies and cupcakes. They put in painstaking work and dedication to their job. That was how I quit youtube and other social media. I still have to use youtube and many other social media platforms to spread awareness of my brand and work, yet not for entertainment.

Watching TV

The average American watches about 7 hours of TV a day. Movies and cinemas are my favorite pastime. If I had all the money in the world, I would frequent the cinemas every day. I’ve always had a thing for CGI, special effects, acting, and everything pertaining to movies and TV.

We sit for 8 hours at work, 1 hour to drive there and back. Another 1-2 hours for meal times, and four more hours watching TV and other forms of entertainment. Do the math. That’s  14-15 hours of sitting plus 8 hours of sleeping. There’s no exercise or any health benefits.

Watching youtube, playing videos, and watching more TV. That was all me. Sitting all day and night. I was clueless about how dangerous it was to be in this position for so long. Sitting is the new smoking. It is killing us, sitting causes numerous health and illness issues.

I understand that most jobs, entertainment, and even daily activities involve sitting. That’s fine, but when we don’t exercise, go for brisk walks, and enjoy the outdoors, then that is where the problem lies. If you can watch TV for 4 hours a day, you can work out for 30 minutes while you watch your favorite film or show, no excuse. I currently workout 5-6 times a week.

Luckily for me, traveling has many health benefits, and watching TV is not one of them. Traveling can take up time, so during my free time, I made sure to work on my dream and purpose. If all I do is travel and watch movies all day then how can I afford such a luxurious life? That’s how I was able to stop this addiction. Traveling has aided me in many beneficial ways and eliminated many unhealthy activities.

Other Addictions

I’m sure other activities or addictions are not on this list which you currently have to deal with. Masturbation was the most difficult addiction to quit (reduce) for me, yet if I can do such a thing, then surely you can too. You have to find your purpose and make that your priority. When your purpose out-weights your addiction, then it will become easier to quit. You have to want it though, like really f***ing bad, if not, then it won’t work.

If you are dedicated and motivated to your purpose, then love, and passion for life and the destruction of your addiction will naturally follow. The challenging part is finding your purpose; it took me 26 years since birth to discover mine. Some will take longer while others never find their true calling. If you haven’t found such a thing, then is it not better to keep searching, or do you prefer to continue to rot in your addiction and exist without life?

Everyone has problems, addictions, faults, makes mistakes, and whatever it is that we are not proud of. We’re humans, not demi-Gods or Deities. Pondering on and continuing with such acts will only make it worse until there is no turning back. Find your passion, your purpose, your own meaning to life, and whatever it is that brings you absolute joy. Work on your dreams day and night until nothing but success is on your mind. Do that, and I guarantee you things will work out.

Take it gradually. If it takes a year or two to quit your addiction, then is that not better than not quitting at all? I had many addictions, believe me. Quitting all of them at once would have made me exploded mentally. As the months’ progress, your addiction should start to wear out. You should begin to heal mentally, emotionally, or physically like a scar. Heed these words, you have to want it bad, and enjoy what you do. If not, then things won’t work out as you had hoped. These aren’t my words but the words of the wealthy and influential.

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