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Overworked, Overwhelmed, Overstressed | Work Like The 1%

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What happened to the good old days when we hunted, farmed, gathered, and fish for our food instead of being overworked? Long gone are the good old days. Presently, we live in a society that is governed by a man’s labor. Some of us work like slaves, yet we reap no joy. While others put in what is required and reap all the pleasures that life has to offer.

I have known that life. To toil years after years without improvement or maturity. Working hard and long hours isn’t the issue. Laboring at a job that brings no joy or purpose is. If you love what you do, then can that really be called work? It is easy to put in 100 hours a week doing something that gives you passion and happiness. It is difficult to put in 30 hours a week doing something that brings pure misery and agony.

This guide on overworked, overwhelmed, and overstress shall stress the utmost importance of how not to fall prey to what 95% of us are doing. What’s your favorite thing to do in the world? Imagine getting pay while doing that. Let me show (tell) you how.

The Power Of Not Working

 being overworked

Why do companies give most of its employees 2 weeks paid vacation and 1-2 weeks off during the end of the year? Bill Gates and other super wealthy moguls dedicate an entire week a few times a year of just relaxing. No phones, laptops, work, and so forth. Just relax, have fun, eat, and wind down. They do it because it increases productivity, releases all the stress and tension, and enhances work ethics studies suggest.

Life must be a balance. Everything that goes up must come down. Stocks, investments, temperature, human emotions, hunger, and so on do just that. Too much goodness of one thing eventually becomes bad. Excessive exercising, eating the same healthy foods daily, drinking too much water, overthinking, and so on. These are healthy and beneficial to the body but in moderation.

When you are not working, you give time to your body, mind, and self. Extensive labor whether physically or mentality must be feed with nutrient. That nutrient is nothing. Literally, just relax and turn off the switch to worldly matters.

Humans are strong yet fragile beings. We all break at some point, no man can labor day and night without rest. Find your balance. If working 5 days a week while resting 2 makes you comfortable then don’t change. If working a month straight with 1 week off seems doable, then why not. For me, I work every day. When my friends want to go out or if I have to catch a flight to the next country, then that is considered my break.

Working for a company or having specific deadlines can complicate matters. Unfortunately, no one can just take a week off without first notice, however, note that even misery comes to an end. Work hard, do what must be done, then when rest day/week comes, then you feast and live like a king. Work hard and play harder. That’s what we like to say in the US Navy.

Here’s what you must know. Don’t think about work when you aren’t working. Don’t even talk about work. Do all things work related when you are at your job. When vacation or temporary rest comes, just relax and enjoy every moment. Stressing overwork only creates more harm. Why overwork and over-stress, that’s double murder?

Dangers Of Overworked

feeling overworked

When you over-train, you can hurt a muscle, dislocate a bone, and recover poorly. It goes to say in all aspects of life. Overworking can lead to the one thing which some fall victims too, suicide. Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese have the highest work-related suicide rates. Here’s a PDF of the study. Their rapid modernization and advancement don’t need numbers or statistics as evidence.

A man’s wealth is measured by his intensive labors. I do genuinely believe that. However, no one cares about the pain or suffering that you’ve experienced to achieved such statue. Progress doesn’t matter, the final result does.

Suicide may not be as bad as living a life not worth living. At least with suicide, it may be the ending. Working too much can lead to and cause severe miseries. Miseries that worsens your emotions and pains. Here are some dangers associated with being overworked.

  • Feel worthless and unappreciative
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Increases stress and tensions
  • Uncertainty, not sure what you are working for
  • Restless nights
  • Lack of proper food and nutrient
  • Can lead to death
  • Long night hours can lead to cancer
  • Excessive sitting increases the risk of a stroke

What’s even more frightening is that the above list only contains a few examples. It’s all been scientifically studied and proven. You can research further into each one during your free time. The 40-hour a week isn’t just a random number. 40 hours a week has been proven to be super effective for most employees and even higher-ups. 8 hours goes into work, rest, and other personal matters. A perfect balance.

I can’t speak for the future but I can for today. We live in a nation that allows one to work as much as they please or none at all. At the end of the day, you reap what you sow. Is it better to labor intensively, so your bank account grows or is it better to labor adequately, so your body, mind, and spirit grows?

We forget the most important thing (person) to us. That’s us. Working for someone else’s dreams is bad enough, but having to break your back and even sacrifice your soul for their cause is absurd. So tell me, do you work to live, or live to work?

Set The Mood


My job involves the internet, a laptop, and anything else to lighten the mood. Working as a cashier may not be a great example. Listening to some music, munching on cookies or a piece of fruit, drinking coffee or your favorite beverage, and anything to set the tune may reduce work stress. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you should give your absolute and undivided attention to it.

We are not machines in the flesh, well, not yet. Being a minimalist traveler has given me great freedom. Sipping on freshly, roasted, robust cafe while listening quietly to peaceful music as I sit in a place filled with warmth and comfort. Watching locals do whatever it is that they do and gazing in awe at unfamiliar faces. That’s why I love my job. Not a day goes by that doesn’t excite me.

Sitting in a windowless basement while slaving for your boss is something that I can not register. Food, shelter, and family comes first, but however about you? You work day and night, to please someone else. If it’s going to be a while, then change the setting.

Pictures, colors, material objects, plants, flowers, and anything to lighten up the atmosphere. Working outside and around plants increases productivity by up to 40%. Sunlight increases happiness. Just seeing others work can motivate you. Do whatever you have to in order to make your job more lively.

Your surroundings is just as crucial as the job itself. Suppose you had the option to work on a beach or in a storage closet, which would seem more appealing? See my point. My father loves coffee, so he drinks it every day at work. I love music, so I listen while I work. Overworking is already demanding as it is. Offset misery with a little bit of comfort. A little bit is still far better than nothing at all.

Energy And Movement

working too hard

Going to work on 4 hours of rest isn’t the wisest move, especially to the person being operated on. Being overweight and stationed to one spot for 8 hours a day isn’t healthy or jolly. Dwayne Johnson sleeps 5 hours and starts his days early and happy. I like my 7 hours of sleep. Others may need 8 or 9. Find what works best for you.

A healthy mind and body is a productive mind and body. Working at peaked energy and strength only makes your job easier. Drink coffee, water, tea, juices, or whatever in the morning to start your day. Working 12 – 14 hours a day is miserable enough. Try doing that while you’re exhausted and tired.

Working 40 hours a week while frequenting fast food is an American thing, yet a recent 2018 poll shows that 85% of them aren’t satisfied where they work. Could it be that food and physical activity play some kind of role? Yes, times infinity! Burgers, Chinese, Mexican, and potatoes are not real food.

Why do you think the average American is overweight and tired all the time. 40 hours of work a week is a joke. We can’t even do that efficiently, yet we think we’re overworked. And you see why you don’t like your job. No matter how many times I lecture someone, they still refuse my generosity. How you look and feel is caused by what you eat. You know exactly what’s healthy and not, and you know this to be true, yet you can not accept it because the power of gluttony and sloth has dominance over you.

Physical activity and working is a match made by heaven. Exercise increases energy, memory cognition, creativity, motivation, releases stress and tension, and so much more. Sitting all day is killing you, literally. Some scientist are saying that sitting is the new smoking.

The average person sits roughly about 12-16 hours a day, sleeping not included. That’s a whole lot of sitting around. The only way to counteract that is by physical activity. It will offset the unhealthy ratio of sitting to exercise. 20 minutes or even 10 if you’re a real bum is all you need.

Stretch, yoga, dance, cardio, and anything that moves you. Just get up and move. Remember a few million years ago when our ancestors walked everywhere? Physical activity will make you live longer, even if you smoke and drink. That’s how potent physical movement is. We are biological beings. Eating, moving, and exercise all require physical labor.

Even if you are overworked, try incorporating working out into your routine. If you want miracles to happen, then you have to work for it. It’s easy to work 12 hours a day if you’re moving. It’s unbearable working 8 hours a day when you’re glued to one spot. CEO and super influential people like Tony Robins, Hugh Jackman, Oprah, and the likes start their mornings with meditation or exercise. I do both. It is vital to success and long working hours.

Love What You Do

working too much

This technique surely isn’t for everybody. It’ll take more than just money and strength to face what I’m about to tell you. I worked retail for 6 years, manual labor for 4, and with computers for 3. Guess where and what I’m doing? At this very moment, I’m in Israel writing this post. This is the 3rd country I’ve visited within 9 months. Yeah, I love what I do.

I know what’s it’s like to work retail. Hard manual labor implies what it means, but you know, that doesn’t mean anything. Everyone has to work, for the most part. If you’re still working where you are, then you really don’t hate it. If you do, then you’d be long gone. The truth is you’re comfortable. Right smack in the middle of the comfort zone. It feeds the family and provides a roof for you. That’s all it takes, for the multitude.

I worked hard and played hard, but I also saved my money and put in many hours of research. Working online while traveling is a dream job for many. However, it’s not all unicorns and pudding. Traveling has its perks and flaws just like any job.

Traveling, working abroad, and doing anything my American passport grants me is a dream come true. It didn’t come easy. I’m finally reaping the seeds of my hard labor. What I’m saying is you can do anything and work anywhere you please.

No one forced you to work at Amazon or Walmart. You believe that you can not own a company or you’ll always do another man’s job. There you go. You believe it, and you shall have it. You’re not willing to take risk or try new things. Putting in 12 hours a day for years will eventually make any man go mad unless he loves what he does.

You’re not overworked, you just don’t like your job. You have one life, one body, and unlimited opportunities. Do what you want and love. If it takes another 4 years of college, then so be it. If it requires you to sacrifice a few things, then is that a risk you’re willing to take? You have to do what gives you absolute joy and meaning. You’ve worked too long to make someone else’s dreams a reality. Isn’t it time to make yours a reality? That isn’t the final question. The last question is what is it going to take for you to do just that?

Share this to someone that needs it.

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