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Personal Development Master These 5 Steps To Achieve Nirvana

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We live in a time in which people believe that you need to pay for a class or sign up for courses on personal development. If so then how was I, someone who escaped the path of darkness and was able to achieve this level of greatness without spending a penny?

Through years of self-development and life experiences. The best things in life are free and found through self-knowledge. Would you rather take guidance from an 8-year karate master or someone who studied karate for 8 years?

Well, I can’t say for certain that I have achieved Nirvana. However, I will share with you how my miserable, useless, and pathetic life has transformed into one that is amazing, loving, pure, and limitless.  These are the top 5 core principles that guided me through my self-teachings and experiences. You may have stumble upon other articles and contents explaining to you about personal development in a few hundred words or half a page.

Personal development isn’t something that can be learned or developed in a few months. This is the foundation of your mind, body, spirit, and life itself. Billions of people never find their calling or achieve greatness in life. What makes you think reading a 90 second or 1/2 page article is going to change your life?

Let’s not waste time here since time is the most luxurious resource that we have but if you don’t want to put any action, years of hard work, dedication and commitment then you should hit the back button now. That is not how personal development works, in fact, that is not how anything works. But for those that are missing something or need a miracle in their life and willing to put the time and effort, then this well paved but curve road that I lay before you only needs to walk on.

If these 5 principles can do wonders to me then surely it should be a piece of cake for you. (I was an extremely negative, stressed out, depressed, and life-hating loser.)

  1. Treat your body like a sacred temple
  2. Be in full control of your mind
  3. Get used to pain, suffering, and disappointment
  4. Practice meditation to achieve your desires
  5. Live life on your own terms

Personal Development Master These 5 Steps To Achieve Nirvana

personal development

1. Treat Your Body Like A Sacred Temple

your body is a temple

The greatest home isn't one that's built on riches or luxury but one built with love, sacrifice, and care.

I was not referring to a house but your very own body. It saddens me very much that people treat their own body like a piece of s#!%. Junk food, sitting all day, smoking and drinking until sunrise, and the likes were my addiction. It wasn’t until I realize that my body was actually a temple, not any temple but the most sacred, golden, and luxurious one that made me change.

Can you guess why I listed these things? Everything on that list was what I used to do and pretty much everyone else too, on a daily basis for years after years. All these things become an addiction or habitual.

Whatever gives you pleasure releases dopamine in your brain, and you crave that feeling. Dopamine isn’t bad for you at all, but the issue is some of those things above are bad for your body and health. When you do anything for many hours a day, and many years, well habitual things are extremely difficult to quit.

Instead of saving up $5,000 to get liposuction, complaining about how food taste so good and you can’t help it, wanting quick fixes to everything, needing to watch whatever is on TV because it’s really that important to you, etc. And you wonder why you don’t love your body? It’s because it’s your own fault.

Your body doesn’t get overweight, become lazy, drink or smoke on its own. You programmed your body to be that way, and the aftermath is what you’re left with.

I find that moderation in life makes everything better and even more enjoyable!

3-6 beers a night eventually doesn’t taste as good as 3-6 beers a week. You build a tolerance to everything so overtime your body craves for more and more in order to get the same effect until you eventually die from cancer or illness.

Here is my daily routine:

  • I watch about 90 minutes of TV a day but only when I eat.
  • Drink more than 100 ounces of water every day.
  • Became a healthy vegetarian that eats 2-3 servings of fruit and 5-7 serving of raw veggies daily.
  • Sleeps from 11pm-6: 30 am
  • Exercise intensely 5 times a week for 30 minutes each session
  • Drink 1-2 beers a week
  • Rarely consume caffeine, sugar, tobacco, and no fast food whatsoever.
  • Every hour I get up and move around for 5 minutes instead of sitting all day straight.

I’m not here to brag, but as I said before, this took some time to accomplish. You can’t do it because

  1. You really don’t want too
  2. You think you don’t have time.
  3. You can’t give up whatever is giving you that pleasure
  4. You’ve already lost half the battle by thinking that this is too difficult to achieve.

I can go on until infinity. You don’t want it bad; you just want to do your time here and live life comfortably and peacefully. Really? You think after years of abusing your body, it’s going to pass away naturally and peaceful. Boy, are you wrong! Why do you think cancer, illness, diseases, and all these aches and pains start to happen at old age? Well someone had to say it (the link) and THANK YOU!

I try to tell people this all the time, but they only want to hear what they want to hear, not what needs to be heard!!!

Exactly, you abused your temple for so long; it’s payback time. It’s never too late to start anything. There’s very healthy 80’s, 90’s even 100 years old’s living and enjoying life pain-free.

Don’t worry about the average life expectancy. If you give your body the nutrient, love, care, and resources that not only it needs but wants, then you will begin to love your temple and every day you’ll be at home.

You have one body that life or God gave you. Don’t do as you please with it but make it the best body that you possibly can. We all have 70+ years to do so, that’s enough time to do anything for a human being yet 95% of us will die with a useless, unworthy, and ruined body. Would you prefer to see an erect, beautiful, strong body every day or one that’s overweight, deform, and not pleasant to look at?

Why not have a body and life that you love? Have you ever really, deeply love your body? If not, then try and I promise you, you’ll look at life differently.

Don’t let external factors and things destroy your body. It takes 66 days to see change and 6 months for it to become somewhat permanent.

95% of you reading this will NOT have the strength or will to change your body but the other 5%, I applaud you.

2. Be In Full Control Of Your Mind

be full in control of your mind

The mind is a terrible master but the body a perfect slave.

Everything that your mind wants to do (or should I say bad habits), your body will obey without question. You see, so many things in this world is mentally challenging. For anything to happen, there must be a thought. Thoughts always come first before action.

Eating meat taste good, drinking beer taste and feels good, smoking gets you buzzed, drinking Starbucks every morning just seems right. Habitual routines become the norm. Earlier we talked about programming your body. Same goes for your mind.

You don’t even realize you are wiring your mind through such actions because after doing it for so long it becomes not only habitual but natural.

Life’s short, just enjoy it to the fullest. Well, actually no. Life is the longest thing you will ever experience and if it was short then shouldn’t getting the best body and controlling your mind be easy? And two, there are people like me who enjoy life to the fullest yet we live very simple and don’t rely on external factors and tangible things to influence us.

For me, the only way I was able to control my mind was through meditation which I explain clearly below. When you are able to control your mind fully, life does become that much easier. I thought 8 hours of work a day was enough and stressful; now I work from the moment I open my eyes until I close them and I’m fully ready to do it the next morning again and again with excitement and joy!

Life isn’t about controlling your body, it’s about mastering the mind.

This of course took some time and knowledge to acquire. The nerves in our brains look like the Universe! The mind is so complex and we humans still have not yet even scratch the surface of how amazing and complex our brain is.

Being stuck in traffic, dealing with noisy roommates or family members, having food served in the wrong manner, and all these little things that irritate us, but why? We let insignificant factors like these control our emotionsHumans are tiny, nonexistent to the Universe.

If Earth or humankind were to perish, what would happen? Absolutely nothing. We have to create this feeling of importance to ourselves as an individual and as a whole, mankind; because we are all that matters to ourselves. The world may seem huge, but to the Universe, we are insignificant.

You know when an accident happens in the street, everybody has to stop what they are doing and see what is happening? Are we that bored with life or ourselves?

Learn how to do what you want and when you want instantly and naturally through the powers of mind control. Don’t give in when temptation and addiction become prevalent.

The more you act as a slave to your mind, the harder it is to resist its will.

Master the mind, and you master the body, it’s not the other way around. The mind is the most powerful weapon and machine that this known Universe has produced that we know of. Every day billions of us bend to its will, do as it commands without judgment or thoughts.

Our lives suck because we have no choice but to live inside this prison that we created for ourselves. 95% of us do the same thing for so long. Ever wonder if we are just machines in the flesh?

If you take a pessimistic and an optimistic, have them both do the same exact thing. I can assure you the outcome will be different because one has trained their mind to be positive while the other takes everything they see as negative. The mind isn’t any different. What you plant you shall harvest.

So every morning as you wake up: you begin to whine, make excuses, stress out, become anxious, depressed, confused, and the likes are the first thing you experience, then what do you expect your mind will do? Naturally, it becomes this poison fill with all those negativity so all day you are what you think and feel.

However, if you wake up with a smile, blessed for what you have, thankful for your healthy body, excited to take charge of the day and so on, then how will the mind react? You see how simple it is? Yet, most of us are clueless about how to live a good, simple life.

Looking back, my life used to be somewhat better than it is at the current moment but during those times, I was one of the most negative and depressed person to ever walk this planet. Today I have nothing but positive thoughts, actions, and every day is a gift for me yet if I had to compare this moment to that of 10 years ago, I do truly feel that 10 years ago was better off due to the fact that I was living my with family, so all my necessities were taken cared of.

It really all boils down to how you take each individual thing. Either good or bad, it’s really that simple!

3. Get Use To Pain, Suffering, Disappointment

get use to pain

You reading this, do you know how good you have it?

Half the world lives in poverty while billions go hungry daily.

Yes, it did take hundreds of years for 1st world nations to develop into such an amazing society and they deserve it however you’ll never reach epiphany because you are comfortable with your life. I admit it; I too was comfortable working at my job every day for 9 hours for 4.5 years. Even though I eventually started to despise my work and gave little care to it but the fact is I was comfortable with my situation.

Every week I got paid, came home to a good place, ate and drank whatever I wanted even though I wasn’t bettering myself or actually getting anywhere with life. 4.5 years of doing the same sh!% over and over, you would think that even after 2 years we grow tired and need change. It took 4.5 years to realize that, but most of us are really comfortable with our daily lives.

If any change happens or even worse, some hardship or challenge comes your way, you start to panic, your mind goes into confusion, and you shut down as a whole.

You honestly won't change because you believe having an OK life is so much better than risking it and facing the unknown.

Let me tell you something; the future is unknown… if you do nothing about it! If you think you will fail then you surely will, if you feel scared to change then you will be scare if you aren’t a risk taker, then you won’t be one. You purposely train yourself to be this way, and you see why you never get anywhere in life!

Pain, sacrifice, being uncomfortable, etc. is what grows and makes us ever so strong. What doesn’t kill us really does make us stronger.

Look at the most influential, richest, well-known figures from any timeline. What is it that they all have in common? Hard working, patience, pure motivation, doing things that 95% of you won’t ever dare to do, and so on are just daily everyday actions to them. They have figured out that if you truly, absolutely, so badly want something, then you must offer an equal price.

A man who’s worth a billion dollars, how much time and effort did he put in vs. a man who’s worth 1 dollar? The average person won’t do such things because they believe any form of pain is bad.

Humans are weak as a species, yet a fraction, I mean just a tiny few of us has or can make a difference.

It only takes a few super genius and capable minds to change history while the other 99% sit and simple exist until their clock has stopped ticking. Get used to pain, be comfortable with being uncomfortable, do things that require a little more work, sweat, blood, and tears and I promise you it will pay off in the future.

STOP everything, think for 5-15 minutes (or longer), in 2-10 years from now how transformed and amazing your life will be if you really put in the time and effort needed, or 10 years from now you can keep thinking and wishing for “that” life that will never come. I’m also sure 10 years ago you were hoping for a luxury and fantastic life. The time is now, act before procrastination takes over your soul.

10 years is not far, yet 95% of us aren’t willingly to sacrifice 10 years for 30 years of pleasure! Why that sounds like a deal of a lifetime! All you have to do is endure and work your ass off for 10 years to live 30 years of pure luxury or you can be comfortable for 50 years: living in the same neighbor, looking at the same faces, driving the same road, eating the same food, work at the same job, etc.

Your choice! If you prefer that then good for you, you have found your purpose, and that is all that really matters. Don’t just give in when your time comes, fight for it, yearn for another breath, don’t let death and a comfortable life come for you so easily.

I know you want to be strong and make this life the best life you can possible you can, I know, I’ve been there hundreds of times. But I’m sorry to tell you this, without sacrifice, suffering, and years of hard work and persistence, you just won’t make it. All great things in this Universe take time and effort, there is no other way to achieve such things.

Would you rather have someone hand you a Lamborghini or do you prefer to work for it? Don’t you want to feel an accomplishment, satisfaction, worthiness, or are you that lazy and pitiful to take whatever is handed to you?

Sorry for all the bad news, so here are two good things I can give away. Pain is temporary, no matter how long it lingers, it will subside eventually. And #2 pain, suffering, and hardship become natural and comfortable in due time. Get comfortable being comfortable, that’s not just some quote that someone made up. Remember how daily thoughts and actions become habitual and natural? Well, here you go.

Why do you think rich people get richer and poor people get poorer?!

Duh, it’s because they wired themselves to do what they do through repetitive action.

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to forge our futures. 75% of the world can not due to unfortunate circumstances and bad luck. Yet, 95% of us that posses the opportunity to create this super amazing and orgasmic life, never do! Poor people think money is the root of all evilness while wealthy people know that money can make their dreams a reality.

How you think is how you act, so if you think poorly of yourself, then you are nothing but poor. Begin to think you are rich, humble, amazing, strong, courageous, and all that is good. Now, every moment of your waking existence, and even in the next life.

Pain, sacrifices, suffering, hardship, and so forth WILL become normal and painless, but like all things, the first is always the hardest. When we get accustomed to hardship and disappointments, then does it not become less of a hardship and less of a disappointment?

4. Practice Meditation To Achieve Your Desires

practice meditation

Meditation is a niche in itself or a whole industry, but for the sake of time and length, I will cut to the chase. This was the one thing that transformed my life from a worthless, miserable, pathetic being to one of that which has reach Nirvana like status. No, I have yet to reach enlightenment however my life is what you could say, mine to do and live as I command.

For those that want a “quick” solution to everything then this is it!

For me quick means under 6 months.

Every day is a gift and every moment is a blessing. It feels so good to be alive and know that one day I will make a difference because I hunger for success, wealth, power, freedom, and the likes. It is my will, desire, and personal matter because I am willing to offer what is needed which is time and much effort.

This one body, one life that I have. I’m going to make every moment count, every sacrifice worth it, every tear turn to diamond, and go out with a BANG that even the big bang itself can not rival. You can desire all the riches that this world has to offer, but without actions, words and thoughts become wasted energy and time.

Meditation has been around for almost 5 thousand years. Just look at monks and all those who practice meditation daily. They are calm, peaceful, loving, understanding, and they have created the life that they are content with.

Meditation is purely of the mind (there is movement meditation, but it still involves the mind). This is why I know that meditation alone can change everything. Well, it did for me.

When you realize just how life and the universe works, nothing becomes hard, at all. You start to create your own desires and forge the path for yourself. Meditation unlocks this whole new world and perspective to everything.

What used to be impossible is now effortless.

How is it that 2 men of the same build and stature, one is able to do it while the other can not yet the action is the same? The power of the mind.

Meditation has unlocked these features for me:

  • think positivity
  • eat to live not live to eat
  • enable me to work out consistently
  • not only remove but block all thoughts and forms of negativity
  • appreciate everything
  • love myself infinitely which I have never done so
  • show compassionate to all living and nonliving thing
  • reduce harmful stress and anxiety that aren’t even there
  • empty my mind of clutteredness and random thoughts (thinking too much can be bad)

Again, the first few weeks of meditating are challenging and uncomfortable. Just keep on going, think long-term and how radical your future can be. A man who lives in dirt can be happier than one living on a cruise ship. Meditation forces you to become this new transformed being, naturally.

I still crave power, luxury, riches, pleasure, and all the worldly desires that this world has to offer but yet I am purely content with nothing. How is that possible? All in due time, if you are patient and as long as you work for it, it shall come, with the aid of meditation of course.

Just because I am content with having very few possession and fully appreciative of life doesn’t mean I can’t have a life of luxury or riches.

This is our lives; we can do as we please in certain situations like these. No one can tell you how to live or what is right or wrong. I’m still young, so I can work for it, one lifetime is enough if I have the right mindset. Ask, and you may receive, work for it, and you will receive it.

Practice meditation and you will know what I mean, of course, you still should account in other factors. Learn to love life, yourself and body, appreciate what you have and don’t, work for things if you want it, be content with little things and appreciate even the little of things like water and bread, and so forth.

When you naturally attract goodness, then goodness will naturally come.

5. Live Life On Your Own Terms

live life on your own terms

Speed, rushing, and quick fixes to solutions were my biggest faults. I was that idiot that would buy quick weight gain supplements, make money fast, invest in “scams,” and so on. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that patience truly is a virtue and a blessing in disguise.

Time can and will cure anything. Today I take everything gradually, and I find that this works the best and actually produces results. Sometimes we tend to make irrational, quick decisions that cost us dearly and we hope for the best. Everything about that is just flawed.

The best things in life are worth pursuing even if it takes a lifetime. Marrying the love of your life didn’t take 5 minutes to achieve. Years of affection, time, commitment, trust, etc. gradually blossomed into marriage. If you can take this attitude and apply it to everything, then you will look at life as a whole worth pursuing and having.

You have thousands of things to do, who doesn’t? How many years left do you plan on living? Then do what matters the most, we can’t do everything at once so fulfilling your absolute desires first is a priority. Don’t rush into anything; you may not enjoy the moments.

You won’t get everything you dream of in this life but having something is always better than nothing. Take each day one at a time, seriously. Is it not better to enjoy every moment you can little by little or would you rather rush at the expense of being stressed out, anxious, have a break down while trying to achieve your dreams?

The destination is the ultimate goal, but the journey still accounts for all the doing. What if you never achieved your goals? Why do something without joy or passion so that it ends up in more misery?

Life will continue to exist until something happens, but for now, we aren’t going anywhere. Change takes time, like a long time. WWII happened less than 75 years ago! Stars take billions of years to die out and reborn; human life is 77 years on average.

Start thinking long-term and work toward your passion. Quick fixes and solutions to anything will most likely end up in disaster. Life becomes so much more enjoyable and worth living if you take it day by day. If you start today, imagine 5 years from now how much you can accomplish as opposed to John next door who put 5 years of work into 1  and now he’s absolutely miserable and all worn out physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We live in a time that is more peaceful, filled with abundant, infinite opportunities and the next morning it could all be gone.

Men rarely get what they so desire because they aren’t willing to give what it takes.

You can build a house out of sticks in a few days or one out of stones and gold in a few years.

And you wonder why we live in misery! Because we all think quick fixes are the solution when in fact you have to destroy that stick house to rebuilt your new luxurious house. All quick fixes cause more problems.

Build a firm, solid foundation that will last a lifetime so you won’t ever have to rebuild or fix it again. You tell me what is better, taking 10 years to build 1000 stick houses or 10 years to build 1 mansion?

You know why many businesses and people fail at what they do? It’s because it takes at least 2-3 years for your business to grow. You need to build a brand, a presence, a foundation. A countless number of us are just not willing to sacrifice 2-3 years to see permanent growth or put in the sweet.

24 hours is still 24 hours no matter how you look at it. Go enjoy life, be amazed every day, take chances, be thankful for everything you have and don’t have,  and do what makes you happy.

Everyone has their own time and personal matters. Don’t give your time or matter to anyone unless it benefits you.

Yes, it’s selfish, but it’s not bad.

If you’re always worried about your sick family members or something that probably won’t happen, then all you’ve done was create false stress, worry, and anxiety which can have an important impact to your health and well being.

Remember, 85% of the things you stress over never happens yet they are damaging to your health.

Don’t make Sarah’s dreams come true unless that is also your wish.

If people want happiness in their life then they can create it for themselves.

Creating that perfect life requires so much will, power, time, energy and all of it needs to be solely focused on you. If Sarah expects others to help her out in her journey, then she’s not passionate about creating the life for herself. You need people, you need help, yes we support one another and help one another, but solely depending on someone to reach your dream is a recipe for chaos.

You must live on your own terms. Depending on others can hinder and slow you down or even worse, destroy your dreams. If you truly require support, then get like-minded people that have the same cause as yours. These people are willing to support you because it also benefits them and both of you are working on the same goals.

Worrying about your family is not the solution. Instead of worrying, think of solutions or fix it with action. Your health will deteriorate with each passing moment when you worry about your family or things that don’t matter. Plus why keep worrying if it can’t be fixed or if you’re not going to do anything about it.

If you really care about your family then take care of yourself first. Afterwards, you can do what you can to support them because if you’re sick, miserable, and unable, then how will you to be able to help them out? How will you enjoy life and live the way you want if all you do is worry and stress over something that has already happened or cannot be fixed?

Once you enter this maze, finding the escape route will be difficult, and you may end up in the same situation as the ones you care about.

As selfish as it sounds, I give no worry or energy to anyone, not even my own family. If they truly want the best for me, then they shouldn’t bring their problems or worries unto me. We all want what is best for ourselves and others but if others are bringing us down along with them, then does it seem just and fair to go along with it?

6. Bonus

If you’ve made it this far then, you are truly committed. I didn’t spend 12 hours of my valuable time writing this article for nothing. So I’m going to give you some free and valuable advice to personal development in exchange for your time.

Actions speak louder than words. Anyone can say ” I want to be a billionaire,” ” I want to make a difference,” blah blah blah.

When thoughts become words, and words become actions, then dreams will become a reality!

It doesn’t matter how many times you say or think of it unless you are willingly able to put in the effort then nothing will happen. You’re only wasting time, energy, and useless thoughts.

Whatever nonuseful things you are doing during your free time:

  • watching TV
  • checking social media
  • going out with friends
  • smoking/drinking
  • and the likes

Cut it in half and start focusing on your self. That includes:

  • eating healthy
  • working out
  • educating yourself
  • meditating
  • working on your goals
  • and the likes.

After a while, you can devote all your free time to yourself which is the best time.

99% of us use external factors and tangible things to bring us happiness, at least that’s what they truly believe. When you learn to bring love, joy, happiness, companionship, and all the wonderful things that this world has to offer through your own self, then you will experience a whole new life.

And that is when real joy and enlightenment will begin to surround you 24/7. Every day is a gift and every moment is a blessing. With this mentally, you can’t do wrong.

I once despised life and contemplated suicide numerous times, so I know exactly and precisely what I’m talking about. Accept everything that is so and is not, let go of the past, forgive everyone no matter how evil their sins are, forge your future, think positive always, and live life to the absolute fullest and enjoy the most pleasurable desires that you can crave.

With this in mind, you will be transformed, and a new life shall begin, are you ready to awaken?
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