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Positive Thoughts Create Happiness W/The Powers Of Your Mind

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Positive thoughts can dramatically change every action, situation, consequence, feeling, and how we live day by day. This universe is made up of energy, so are we, and so is everything. When we send out negative energy, then according to Newton’s 3rd law, there is an equal or opposite reaction. I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

And the opposite is also true to positivity. We will show you why positive thoughts is not a force to be reckoned with and why you must start thinking positively in every single moment of your life.

Here are 4 top reasons why positive thoughts should be incorporated into your life.

  • You will enjoy life more
  • Is healthy and can cure illness, diseases, and practically anything
  • Radiate positive energy and good vibes
  • Can have an impact on your career and reaching your dreams

Positive Thoughts Create Happiness W/The Powers Of Your Mind

positive thoughts

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1. You Will Enjoy Life More

1.1 Don’t Dwell On Negativity

Life is full of challenges, surprises, hardship, hatred, work, violence, love, sex, murder, and an endless amount of other tangible and intangible things. As each negative and bad thing that arise into our lives, we tend to ponder on its negativity.

You know when you lose your phone; you get scared, anxiety, worry, maybe even sad or angry. But after getting a new phone and 1 to 6 months down the road, everything seems normal, doesn’t it?

I’ve lost more money than what the average American makes in 2 years but today everything seems normal, yet during those times; I had felt feelings that were indescribable. Looking back, if those memories did anything it was that they wasted more time and brought more sorrow and negativity.

We get sucked into the bad times and we forget that everyone has sh** happen to them, every single day.

Some people have it worse than others, while some pay the price with their lives. About 150K people die a day. The message I want to convey to you is that we really only have 2 choices whenever anything happens to us.

We can be negative or positive about it. (or sometimes be normal and say “meh” or “whatever”) When uncle Joe dies, some will grieve and take it as a bad thing while others rejoice that he may be in Heaven or will be reborn again. It is your choice to decide; I can not tell you how to feel or what emotions to express.

But I do want to tell you that the feeling of sadness, anger, worry, and so on are not comparable to the feelings of love, happiness, thankfulness, etc. The more you practice something, the better you get. So practice negativity, your mind will naturally act that way in most bad situations.

When we practice negativity for a few days or even a few weeks it eventually becomes a few year until it’s habitual.

Instead of waking up and groaning about taking care of the kids and being stuck in traffic, think about how beautiful the weather is, how you are healthy and alive, you have families that care for you, you live in a decent house with adequate food and drinks that fill your belly daily. Doesn’t that seem a little better than half of the world’s population that lives less than $2.50 a day! 

1.2 Be An Optimistic

positive thoughts

Every day, you must practice positivity. Wake up by meditating 10-20 minutes in the morning in pure, good, richness, and warm sunlight. There are a couple of ways to meditate but practice transcendental meditation; it is one of the easier ways.

Just say something positive in your head over and over again but visualize and feel those words. You can say: “I am strong”, “I am thankful/blessed”, “Today is a good day”, “Today belongs to me”, and the likes. When you say these words inside your mind, it starts to think that it is real.

Your mind and body work pretty much the same way, through repetition. It’s amazing how the mind works but stick to one short sentence and repeat it for a few weeks, then go onto another word or sentence of your choice. Life is hard enough but to be in misery and negativity all the time wears you out mentally, physically, and spiritually. You have the rest of your life to live, why go another day like that?

Key Take Away
Try to be positive and see how your life is? Is it better than a negative life, did you accomplish more things, did you enjoy new or old things more than you did previously? You won’t know until you try and see for yourself!

2. Is healthy, Can Cure Illness, Diseases, And Practically Anything

2.1 The Power of Positivity

Your mind seems to have thoughts of its own.

Dr. Joseph Dispenza has written a few books as well as spoke publicly about curing diseases, cancer, and illness with your mind. He has been in this field for many years, and so I’m sure he knows what he is talking about. To make it really short, he got into, and accident and the doctors said that he would probably never walk again.

He couldn’t imagine being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, so he thought about walking and imagining himself walking every day. He practiced walking therapy every day slowly and little by little to where now he is able to walk perfectly. There are many Christians out there who also believe that faith can cure their illness and prefer not to see the doctor.

And it seems to work for some. The power of mass prayer is powerful, full of energy and positive vibes. These healing waves and light rays are invisible to us, but they are there.

How does the subconscious mind work? It’s a long article but very informative and precise.

Here’s a short summary from ,  “It’s from these memories and experiences that our beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed. The unconscious constantly communicates with the conscious mind via our subconscious, and is what provides us with the meaning to all our interactions with the world, as filtered through your beliefs and habits”. 

To make it even simpler, it means what you think and believe will be your reality and truth. Through many years of repeated same thoughts, your mind will eventually have to correlate it with something. That something is either false or real.

When you do something that you enjoy over and over, doesn’t your mind already know it is enjoyable? If you believe you are ugly and dumb, then your mind will believe it to be so. If you keep believing you are strong and healthy, then your mind will also believe it to be. Of course, action speaks louder than words, so incorporate action with thoughts to produce the desired results that you want.

2.2 Negative Effects of Negative Thoughts

positive thinking

Here is scientific proof that negativity is bad for us. Studies conducted on Chinese Americans concluded that they died earlier than White Americans because of their traditional beliefs in the Chinese Zodiacs. Their thoughts of earlier death actually made their bodies sick and so they really did died earlier than the White Americans. (Traditional Chinese Americans)

When you focus on the negativity and the bad situation, you are putting that energy into your body and mind. This negative energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transfer.

So you are taking external negative energy and putting it into your own body which is toxic!

When you think more about negativity, you start to develop those feelings associated with your thinking patterns. These include depression, anxiety, worrying, suicidal, loneliness, unworthy, useless, and so on. Your emotions start to change, and every day becomes a living hell.

This can have a domino effect (A domino effect or chain reaction is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of similar events. ). Which means one negative thought will lead to another and another until it’s stopped or changed.

Key Take Away
A child believes in Santa Claus and does so fully and happily without any doubt. Why can’t we adults do the same for health and wellness? Think healthy and you will be healthy.

3. Radiate Positive Energy And Good Vibes

3.1 People Like Good Energy

Guy 1 – “Hey Jeff”. vs.

Guy 2 – “Hello Jeff, how are you on this fine and sunny morning”!

Doesn’t the second one sound better and so would you rather talk to guy 1 or guy 2? If you’re positive then guy 2 any day. People are naturally attracted to other people that bring good energy and vibes.

Why? Because generally, those people exhibit trust, confidence, positivity, and a sense of closeness and friendliness. Pretend for a moment that you are a walking magnet. You will attract what you are. So in a typical day or a week, have you notice anything unusual?

 Do you normally have good or bad things happen to and around you? 

If bad, then start changing how you attract things because your life may depend on it. If you live in a bad neighbor with bad people and you know it won’t get you anywhere in life, then change. Do whatever you can to save money or live with another friend or family member.

Surround yourself with good and positive people. They say you’re the average of the 5 closest people you hang around with. Jim Rohn said that, if you don’t know who he is, then please google him and spend a good hour or so studying his works. He is such an influential character, really positive, and uplifting. Sadly he passed away in 2009.

So if your best friends are lowlife drug addicts then you must be a billionaire in charge of a few multi-trillion dollar companies, yeah in your dreams pal.

3.2 Good Attitude

This has a lot to do with attitude. A good attitude will get you very very far in life, work, relationship, and everything. In the corporate world. Who are the ones that get hired first? The motivated, good attitude, good energy, and positive people.

Even if you are highly qualified and ready to work, if you lack attitude then no one is going to hire you. Big companies need a face or a main spokesman. Consumers are not going to trust a negative, bad character, greedy, selfish person.

Many of us exist and do what we have to to get by daily. As bad as it sounds, the US is ranked 18th this year in the happy index, it never even came into 10th place! That tells you a lot about money. Money really can’t bring long, lasting, or stable happiness. That comes from within, you.

Money can bring some happiness and stability into your life but being wealthy is another story for another time. So how you decide to live each day will affect your present, future, emotions, life, people around you, your work, your friends and families, and everything that you could possibly think.

Make each day your day. Did you conquer yesterday? If not then conquer today, and tomorrow, and every single day until your last breathe.

How you start each morning can affect your whole day.

That is why we highly recommend either meditation or exercise first thing in the morning!

Key Take Away
A bad morning with bad energy will usually bring forth a day full of misfortunes and negativity. But a morning with a good attitude and positivity will bring goodness all day.

4. Will Impact Your Career And Goals

4.1 If you don’t like your job, Quit!

random thoughts

Working for someone else can be fun, life-changing, and amazing said no one ever. Most of us have worked for somebody else and how much effort do we actually give them or the company? At first, maybe 100% then as the years diminishes we start to give less and less until absolutely zero f’s are given.

Your manager, boss, and company know because of your performance and attitude. If you are really passionate and love the company/person that you work with, then wouldn’t you give it your all and eventually someone of higher up will notice your work ethics and promote you? Eventually but if you don’t like where you are working or who you are working for, then quit.

I don’t know any other simpler ways to explain it, but things probably won’t get any better and if they do then it may be a while. Not right away but in the meantime look for alternatives. Maybe start your own business; work online; the internet is enormous; you can find everything there.

You’ve already worked for someone for 10-30 years, and you’ve had enough! You’re not getting anywhere, are you? That huge promotion that you should have gotten years ago never came.

Well… are you still going to continue working in misery until you’re fire or wait for something bad happens? It doesn’t sound easy because you’re comfortable at your job even though you hate it.

4.2 Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

negativity is not easy to change
*Negativity is not easy to change.
Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

It will make you stronger and successful. No wealthy person became wealthy in 2 days; they put a lot of hard work, time, and maybe many of them fail. However, if you never give up then you will eventually succeed, it’s just common sense for the most part.

Look at Thomas Edison, after over 1,000 fails. The light bulb finally stays lit without turning off too quickly. I wonder what he ate every day!

Remember half the population lives under $2.50 a day, and most of us in the US have it really good. If you don’t take risk, then you will never experience the reward. Wealthy people take risk all the time, but they do it wisely and effectively.

Being negative doesn’t make you want to succeed or move forward in life. Actually it does but you won’t take any action. Your words are meaningless without some form of action.

I know because I’ve been there and done that. Being negative can confuse you, hinder your thoughts and actions, make you procrastinate, become unfocused about your paths and goals and so forth. When you put in long hours, do things out of your comfort zone, able to deal with pressure and stress calmly, etc. then life and work becomes that much easier.

Key Take Away
Work and life comes with ups and downs. How you choose to deal with them will ultimately decide your future and path.


We hope by now you realize how positive thoughts can change your career, work, goals, and life. It’s now easy to go from being negative to positive overnight. Everything in life takes patience and progress.

Try being positive for as long as you can (forever if possible) and we promise you will see better things and events come into your life.  Still need not convinced? Try these quotes and affirmations out! (source) (source 2) (source 3)

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