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Be A Risk Taker 13 Reasons To Take Risk | Life Is A Huge Risk

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Becoming a risk taker has altered my life, for the better. I’ve lost more money than most Americans make in 3 years, yet I’ve gained something far more valuable than money. Experience and knowledge. Sure, I had to work extra hard, maybe 100% harder to earn the money back in order to eat and sleep well. At least I have my health and happiness, isn’t that better than all the money in the world?

I was never much of a risk taker until a couple years back. I haven’t made it big, in fact, I’m still at a lost. Life is the biggest risk. Every day, you have a 50% chance of death. 151K people die every single day! (That’s only those that are accounted for) Did you think they had even the slightest idea?

You’ve won, literally the greatest prize of all, life. If you don’t take risk, you won’t make it big. Sure, taking the risk could cost you everything, and maybe even your life. However, is it not worth it, or do you prefer to sit back and relax until death knocks? Take the risk, enjoy life, learn from your failures, and make it big. Tomorrow may never come, that’s a risk I’m not willing to take. So I’ll take all the risk I can now and until my time comes.

1. Go Big Or Go Home

risk taker

You’ll never be wealthy, famous, influential, or the likes if you do nothing. Living a comfortable life isn’t risky at all. Working your day job takes no risk whatsoever. That’s why the 1% control the 99%.

Amazon, SpaceX, Alibaba, and a few other multi-billion dollar companies almost lost it all, but only to come back even stronger. Why? Because they took big risk. Calculated and wise risk.

There’s another story here. Just because you risk it all, doesn’t mean you’ll get it all. When you risk big, expect to win big, or lose big. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread it out and risk it when you believe it. I never risk big unless I’m willing to accept the consequences.

You may get into debt, lose your car or home, become homeless or abandon. So what? You have your health and yourself. There’s always another chance. Go big, or stay home and live in comfort until your passing.

2. Gain Knowledge

So you’ve lost it all. Most or all of your earnings and hard work is gone. Not quite. You gained knowledge and experience. Now you know not to take that same risk or implement other tactics so that the next time you come out winning.

Most people would just quit and go back to get a normal job or do whatever they can to recuperate their losses, without ever going back into the game. But not you. You’ve gained valuable information. Don’t let it go to waste. Use this to your advantage.

If all the wall-street traders quit the first time they lost, then wall-street wouldn’t be wall-street anymore. Knowledge is just as important as the game itself. When you first took that risk, I can guarantee that you didn’t know everything that there was to know.

That’s what I did with Bitcoin. Bought a few coins at $7K in mid-2018. I was 1,000% sure it would never go below $6K per coin. Well, it’s about $3.3K per Bitcoin at this moment (February 2019). I had studied cryptocurrency for many weeks. I really didn’t know as much as I presumed I did. However, the knowledge I gained was so worth it and not in vain.

Don’t ever take anything as a lost or a failure. At least you got to experience the risk or learned from it. You can be a sore loser and accept pure failure and never try again. Most will do that. With each risk that you take and lose, you gain more knowledge, and closer to victory.

3. Make Calculated Risk

take risk

Risk isn’t just a risk. You have to make sure you know some info before you take the bet; otherwise, the chances of you failing is much higher. For instance, some investor tells you to give him $100K for a new startup, and you’ll get your initial investment plus 15% profit from the company for the first year. The 15% profit instantly hooked you. Do you see where I’m going with this?

No risk is 50/50. If it were, I would risk everything that there is to risk and so would every investor. 50/50 is like heaven on earth. Thousands of companies have come and go, and even more, people had invested in those companies. You must have a plan. An extra month of planning and researching will minimize your risk of failing.

Trust me, I learned that the hard way when I first opened my retail company. Within 3 months everything went to the gutter. I trusted my business partner and current sale experiences. That was it. I didn’t research about the location, the demand, and supply, or the likes. I just took a swing without really looking and missed!

So if you start anything whether it be a business, gambling, investing, etc.. Make sure to put at least 2 weeks worth of research and study. If it is a big risk, then maybe 4 weeks. This strategy has saved me a tremendous amount of time and money. When you open a business, for example, you have to sign a lease for 1-5 years. Imagine that. Leasing a business for 5 years only to pay the rent because you didn’t take the time to study the competition or your business in its entirety.

4. Taking Risk Makes You Rich

You best bet it does! It can also make you poor, ruin your career, destroy marriages/family, and all that good stuff. If you studied or read about billionaires, you will see that they took big risk. They persevere and worked their asses off. The wealthy will have taken way more risk than the average person.

If you’re going to invest $10K and expect a return of a million dollar then you must be disillusion. You’d have to be super lucky or know some inside secrets that others don’t. However, many wealthy people have taken their fair share of risks. Eventually, after enough trial and errors, you may go home with both your hands full.

You start a company, invest in real-state, trade stocks, and whatever it is that you do; is that not taking a risk? What do you do all day? What is your job? Can you become wealthy? How big of a risk is it going to take to make it big?

Opening a flower shop isn’t really a great example. Buying a house in the middle of the woods isn’t going to make anyone rich. Buying a flat in the city could be a wise decision, after 5-10 years when you rent or resell it. The bigger the risk, the greater the reward, and the greater the downfall.

With that being said. You’ll never be wealthy if you just work at Wal-mart all your life, take care of children, fix cars, and so on. Those are minimal risk with minimal rewards. You’re completely safe, have nothing to worry about or lose. You’re in the comfort zone! So don’t complain if you’re never rich, or why nothing exciting happens in your life.

5. Makes Life More Exciting

taking risk

What’s the point of living if you just want to be sheltered all your life? A life with no meaning, rewards, sacrifices, experiences, excitement, and all the goodness that living brings. Wait, let me guess. You prefer to do your 9-5, 5 times a week, then have fun for 2 days. Rinse and repeat until you’re dead.

That’s what everyone is doing. Exciting, not! Almost 75% of the world can’t travel or wish they could take even one risk. You have the opportunity. Like I said before. You won the biggest risk in life, by being born. Even if the risk is 1 in 100, it is better than 1 in 400 trillion, right?

If you wonder why your life is full of boredom and nothing great ever happens, then look in the mirror. No one is going to knock on your door and tell you that you won a 365 days trip to see the world, or how you’ve randomly inherited half a million dollars. You wait, and wait, and wait. Keep waiting and see what happens.

If you want an exciting life, then go make it happen. Take chances. Do something exciting. Risk doesn’t just involve money. I took a huge risk when I traveled the world, alone. Best F***ing decision, ever. Is it worth it? Is it going to change you for the better? Is it going to make your life exciting and vibrant? If the answer is yes, even a little bit, then you take it. You’ll never know unless you try.

6. Becomes Easier

Everything becomes easier after each failed or tried. Working at a new job can be stressful at first, then becomes a headache, miserable, boring, and finally repetitive. Now you’re dying to quit. Same goes for being a risk taker.

The more risk you take, the easier it becomes. One will become two, two will become five, and five will become a hundred. When you get to a point where you’ve taken so many risks, it may become so natural. No fears, worries, or sweat. You just do it.

Everything becomes natural, in due time. So, if you never start, or try something new, then what do you have to worry about. A single journey always begins with one step. You’ll wish you started earlier, once you get to that point. You’ll be saying, “I wish I had done that years ago.”

7. Gambling Vs. Risking

be a risk taker

Ever gambled before? Did you have to study or put in hours upon hours of research or thought? No. Gambling is often instantaneously. Gambling can make you rich or make you an addict.

Risking is when you can research, take your time, and even have an idea to what the outcome may be. Risking is not the same as gambling, far from it. Gambling requires luck, timing, and luck. Risk may require luck and timing, but it is not enough to factor in such causes.

The feeling of gambling is short and not so intense. You know the outcome within the minute. It’s a lost or a win. Risk can take days, months, or even years to see results. The suspense builds up until the very final moment. Either pure sweet victory or utter defeat.

I’m a risk taker, but definitely not a gambler. You’ll never become a risk-taking addict, if you do, it sounds cool and pleasant. Being addicted to gambling sounds terrible, and we all know that.

8. Change Your Life

On May 3, 2018, I sold everything, stuffed all my belongings in 2 medium size luggage plus a laptop bag. That was my world, work, and life. I don’t plan on looking back.

I was nervous and excited. The world is now my home. I get to live where I please, go where I want, when I want. This risk could have gone in the opposite direction. When I took that risk, I didn’t express negativity or false hopes; instead, I wanted to travel, meet new people, and discover other worlds. And in return, I got what I had hoped for.

Being mental about it is vital. If you’re always anxious, stressing, worrying, and checking on your risk every 5 minutes, then what good does it do? You took a risk when you married the love of your life. Are you worried, stressing out, regretting, and the likes? If so, then how can you be happy?

If things aren’t going the way they are, then change. Do something new? If it isn’t going to end your life, then why not? When you hit 75, you’ll be wishing you took all the risk that you could have.

If you hope for a better life, wealth, happiness, a new beginning, meaning, purpose to life, and whatever it is your heart so desires, then be a risk taker. You can talk, contemplate, and wish all you want. If there is no action, there is no effect. Just take caution. I said change your life, I never said anything about guarantees. Sometimes change can be the worst thing you ever did. It’s called life.

9. May Be The Best Thing For You


Being a risk taker may be the wisest decision or the most unfortunate. I’ve taken some risk, most ended up in despair and misery. Very few had a positive outcome. Assuming you took 4 risks, and they all ended up sideways, then maybe the 5th risk would have been something positive.

Just because one thing doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean the second or third won’t. The more risk you take, the more opportunities that open up. Taking risk may be the only thing that changes you for the better. If you’re overweight, depress, suicidal, confuse, and in misery, then what other options do you have?

Continue to live like such and hope for a better tomorrow, or change and do something new. Take a leap of faith. Try a new diet. Converse with others that you usually don’t. Work out for once in your life. Read a book a week. Whatever it takes to succeed.

If you’ve done the same things over and over for the past 5, 10, or even 40 years, then it is time for a change. You have habitually programmed your mind to such actions without even realizing its dangers. You have one life (maybe), one body, and so many chances to change yourself. It all starts and ends with you. Go on, try new thing, and do it for you!

10. Does It Give You Purpose?

This one may be hard to swallow. Taking risk is an everyday thing for many of us. Just getting out of bed is a risk. Driving your car down Green Ave is a risk. Eating KFC is a risk. Everything in life is a risk.

It gives me purpose because my purpose is to live, not exist. If you never take risk, stay in the comfort of your home, and do the same things years after years, then where is the purpose in that?

I do not fear being homeless, losing a limb, going a few days without food or a roof over my head, and the likes. A worthless and meaningless life, I fear that. Taking risk makes me feel alive and energetic.

Living life to the fullest force me to be a risk taker and do things which many dare not to. Sure, sometimes the outcome makes me disappointed, worried, and feel bad. However, I still possess my health and conscious. As long as we continue to live, then why not explore the unknown, dare the impossible, and live life to the fullest?

Unless you prefer to be a machine in the flesh. A human with no purpose or self-guidance. If you’re not dead, then you keep trying new things and taking risk. That’s what I plan on doing, for the rest of my life.

11. Is It Worth It?

Is checking your phone every 25 minutes worth it? Is eating that big mac worth it? Is complaining about trivial matters worth it? Apparently so since most of us do these things every day. Being a risk taker is absolutely worth it.

Let’s just say after 50 risks you finally obtained what you worked so hard for. Was the other 49 risk worth it? You sure bet it does, if not then all would have been in vain. It sucks to fail, taste defeat, and know pain. However, is the ultimate taste of success worth it? You be the judge.

Actually, you’ll probably never know. You’ve tasted failure a few times, and that was enough. It’s too hard, and the feeling is overwhelming. It’s not your style. You and pain don’t do well with each other. But, for others who are so focused on their goals and dreams that they’ll let nothing stand in the way.

What is a few punches to the face, missing digits in your bank account, or even a missing limb going to do to you? Is the risk going to cost your life? If so, is it worth it? The ultimate glory is the ultimate risk. Many will never experience such feelings, the price is too high, and definitely not worth it for them.

Everything you risk is worth it, why? Because you do not want it to be in vain. Each risk that you take, it brings you that much closer to success. You have to fail until you succeed. Success is worth it, believe me.

12. What Do You Have To Lose?

Definitely not your baseballs. Some people are dying just to walk, which billions of us do without a second thought. The homeless yearn to work without complaint or question. (for the most part) They have lost everything. What have you lost?

Your feelers? If you have a family, a business, or people that depend on you then it just means you’re going to have to be extra smart and careful. Money, friends, and family come and go. Beauty only lasts for 40 years at most. However, your life, there is only one.

Do with it as you will. If nothing then all the power to you. As for the others that want to give it their all before their last departure, then listen carefully. My past was not something that I can say I was proud of. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect or control me anymore. Lazy, self-procrastinating, comfortable, and worthless. That was all me, 100%.

I just wanted to live and do my time like everyone else. As the years wither away, my conscience began to rise from its slumber. My past forced me to alter myself. I had something to lose which was laziness, procrastination, comfort, and worthlessness.

So why not? I took the risk, opened a business, travel the world, became a vegetarian for some time, started lifting weights like crazy, stopped smoking, drinking, and consuming cannabis, went to bed early, and so on. I risked it all, and from that, I gained a whole lot.

That is why you want to be a risk taker. Not everything will work out, I can assure you that. However, what more do you have to lose, especially if you’ve lost everything or have nothing more to lose.

13. It Isn’t Always About The $$$

Risking your life is one thing, but when we hear someone say taking a risk, we often associate it with money or business. Such is not always the case. Life itself is the biggest risk after all. Every day we come closer to death.

Risking doesn’t even have to be associated with money or wealth at all. Why do we take risk? To hope for a better outcome, to change our living situation, to make way for a bright future, to provide a means for our family and the world?

The ultimate risk, what do you believe it to be? Risking your life in the front lines for humanity and to make the world a better place. I believe that is the ultimate risk. How much is one human life worth? Ok, how about your family? Would you trade all the riches in this world for their souls?

You have to find your reasons for living. What risk will you face to achieve your purpose? I can say without hesitation that money is not the answer. Unless your reason for living is money. All the more to live, huh?

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