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Setting Goals Gives Us Motivation and A Reason To Live

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What’s the absolute best way to start your mornings? Vague as it seems but that question solely depends on you. For some it may be black coffee with a hint of sugar, for others sex, but for me; meditation and dedicating the first 10-20 minutes to myself on self-improvement.

Let me ask you an even better and more perplex question. Why do you get up… every single morning? No one is forcing you to go to work, get the kids ready for school, or even do anything as a matter of fact.

If your reason is like most others: to pay the bills, provide food and water for the family, keep a roof over your head, security, and comfort, etc. Then those are fine reasons however those are not motivations, purpose, or goals. You do these things because you kind of have too. It may bring no joy or even purpose.


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Setting Goals Gives Us Motivation and A Reason To Live

These are the 4 essential subjects relating to setting goals that will be discussed:

  1. It gives one motivation to start each day
  2. Life is a game and challenges are meant to be completed
  3. Helps you develop discipline and a solid mindset
  4. Not all goals end in success

1) It Gives One Motivation To Start Each Day

Do you remember the second question? Each morning you should be filled with positive energy and ready to take on the day with full force, if not then you may have to change your outlook.

I can tell you for sure that from 2011-2016, my only reason for getting up in the morning was because I had too. When 9:20 am struck, I awoke, sped 2 miles to open the doors to my uncles nail supply store by 9:30 am, thank god it was super close. Each morning felt like a huge boulder strapped onto my back and waking up was just as hard as going to sleep.

For 5 solid years and I know some if not many others go through 10 or even 50 years of doing the same thing over and over. I felt worthless and misguided.  The fear of being jobless, (especially since I left the military only after 1 year of service and never attended university), being “comfortable” but not completely satisfied with my existence, losing my friends, the unknowns and catastrophic events that life could bring upon us was my only reason for working in that hellish place for 5 years.

Being 19-20 years old just after leaving the US Navy with no direction or purpose in life is one of the worst ways to live. Security is actually the real reason why many of us put up with all the BS at our jobs.

Don’t you feel as if sometimes we humans actually do live in a simulated universe? Ashley Hamer from says, ” possibly.” If you do not know what The Sims is, basically it’s a video game that sold 100’s of millions of copies, and you create a human, get a job, start a family, build a house, and whatever we humans do. You control the sims and can even put the game on auto play, but after playing the game for so long, one may start to realize how terrible video games mimic real life. Our work, friends, environment, food, etc. are all basically the same.

Sad to say but the truth is most of us live in a bubble and only a few of us ever leave that bubble.

Sure, many of us may be comfortable simply doing the same thing day and night but what about those that question their existence or purpose here? There must be something beyond this life or maybe if we wait long enough something good will come along our paths! WRONG, and partially correct. explains why people that get what they wish for are the ones that put in quality work and long grueling hours. So the third question is “What is your motivation?” If you haven’t figured it out by now, then there is no better time than now. Think clear and hard for as long as you need to but don’t linger.

My motivation simply is my purpose which I have 2, so that gives me a reason to live every moment; they are: be the best in everything I do and live to serve others. As vague and straightforward as it sounds, it’s no simple task, in fact, it may be the most challenging purpose one can aspire to achieve. Every morning these 2 motivations kick start the day for me.

To know wholeheartedly one's goal in life and waking up ready to conquer it simply is one of if not the best reason to keep on living.

Literally, yesterday night as I was meditating, I thought of two purposes, not for myself but in general. That is, to be the wealthiest person in the world (money wise) and to be the richest person in the world (base on kindness). If either one is your purpose or motivation in life, then you will be set for eternity.

You have to keep working and pushing yourself if you want to become the wealthiest person and remain there. As for helping people, well you know that no matter how much time you put into helping people, it just isn’t enough.

2. Life Is A Game & Challenges Are Meant To Be Completed

You may have figured it out already, but video games mean a lot to me. (Don’t play them anymore, work all day!) Great films take a while to produce and vast hours, and manual labor are needed, video games are not the exception. The video game industry is double that of the film industry, about $70 billion to $35 billion in revenue annually.

My point here is that video games today are so real and in the future, they will become life like. Emotions, facial expression, tone of voice, environments, etc. are created in a way that simulates our own reality. Life like virtual reality is coming and it will be here whether you like it or not. Life is an imitation of a video game except when you die you die for real, and there are no cheat codes.

All video games have challenges and even secret quest or paths that must be completed in order to beat the game. stresses the importance of challenging yourself, ” When we challenge ourselves we mature physically and mentally. ” A level 1 character can not beat a level 99 boss no matter how many times one has tried. Real life is no exception. Each time a challenge is completed we get rewarded, gain experience, and knowledge.

If one has to complete 100’s if not 1000’s of challenges in his/her lifetime, then doesn’t that mean more experience and more knowledge are gained. In life, one can not be a billionaire or reach their goals unless certain conditions are met which could require a vast amount of experience and time.

What makes video games different is that if you want to defeat the boss or complete the game, then one must gain experience and do certain things that are required. In life, however, one can choose to or not to gain experience.

What is the point of a challenge if you can not complete it? Would you rather idly wait until life slips by and before you know it, your last heart beat is just around the corner? Or are you one of those enthusiastic beings that hunger for an adventure, to challenge all that is thrown at you, and live life with no limits.

If you despise video games, then this is the one gift that I bestow unto you. Each time you die, you can restart with all your skills and experience that you have acquired (most of the time). Imagine death and failure as the same.

Each time we fail, we have to get back up and keep trying, we have to learn from our mistakes, adapt and improve upon it.

That is the only way to beat the boss or complete your goal; one must fail in order to improve oneself. People think failure is bad, tells us otherwise, ” Failure is your best friend because it teaches you your mistakes and how to correct them so the next time you do something, it becomes even easier until it has been perfected. ”

3. Helps You Develop Discipline And A Solid Mindset

How much are you worth? If you say $1,000,000 then good for you, if you say $1,000,000,000 then all the power to you, however, if you said priceless then that is the answer that we should all strive for.

Personally, I believe I am the richest person on this earth.

Obviously, I’m no billionaire but the fact that I have a mindset like so sets me apart from others. If you are reading this, then you probably know this quote. 

Feed thyself with positivity, knowledge, worthiness, value, and a strong will. If one practices these things every single day, then one will eventually become that of which he/she practices. Look at body builders, that physique takes years to develop and doing the same thing day and out.

Discipline means “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience”  according to the English dictionary. 

For me, discipline means to be so focus on what one is doing that external factors can not break it or hinder its bondage. Being uncomfortable, doing things that bring mental/physically pain, feeling tire and exhausted, weak excuses and complaining are included in the package, but they are not enough to stop one with a strong mindset. It has nothing to do with punishment or disobedience, at least to me.

No one said developing a strong mindset was going to be easy, but do you want an easy life or a life that excites and pushes you beyond your limit? An easy life is a boring life, and I as hell don’t want a boring life. (don’t mind our site name) Don’t you need to feel that you are alive or have a purpose because everyone wants to take the easy route? Thomas Oppong, Author of Working in The Gig Economy, says that it is natural for humans to take the path of least resistance as well as many other forces.

When you’re dead, you can rest and lay around all day, literally! Just look at all the ordinary people in this world, add 5 more letters and the meaning will have 100 times more impact. (the 5 letters are e x t r a) It’s perfectly fine to be original but for the 5% of us that want to be unique, having discipline is not an option but a necessity like water and food.

When life throws you misery, pain, sadness, confusion, anxiety, stress, and all the goodies, what will be your shield. Discipline is the fuel that hydrates us when things don’t seem to be going according to plan. As long as you have an unbreakable mindset, nothing in life can drain you because you can always refuel yourself with discipline. But here’s the trick. Discipline is something that can not be taken lightly.

One must incorporate discipline into his/her mind, body, and soul every single second.

The moment you let it slip away due to the pain that life brings, know that it’s not going to be easy developing discipline again. That is why only a few percentage of the population has a strong mindset and to keep it that way until their passing is even rarer, but those people always get what they want in life, even if it is only 1 thing.

Ok, so what does discipline have to do with setting goals?, a website dedicated to self-improvement gives us 11 reasons on how it does, check the list out when you have time. What is your goal? What skills are required to achieve such goals? Is discipline not one of them?

Hopefully, you get it now because discipline is the foundation to setting goals.

So how does one develop such discipline? This question has already been answered. How you think, act, and practice something every single day will eventually become habitual.

Aside from the fact that one has to starve for it, I mean really 10X want it! These are the few ingredients that you need to make discipline work but don’t be discouraged if I tell you that only a very few percent of the human population will ever achieve such skill. How great your goal or purpose in life is lies within how well discipline you are.

If your goal is short lived and easily obtainable like getting any regular job then you don’t really need to develop a great discipline mentally; if your goal is infinite like making sure every mouth on this planet is feed daily then it’s going to take every ounce of will and energy that you can possibly image. Discipline is not something that you can fail over and over and expect to regain it once again.

Developing a strong mindset is just as hard as losing it and regaining it.

Do not take discipline as something light. Real discipline is like a baby; one must nurture, care, feed, guide, and teach it everything. How difficult is it to let go of your baby (or someone you love), extremely hard but when the time comes it comes, but discipline will always remain with you if you let it.

4. Not All Goals End In Success

Don’t let that discourage you. wrote a blog and reviewed by Harry Croft, MD titled, “Happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal.” I find it amusing and quite sad that the vast majority of us believe in such foolish beliefs. Happiness is a by-product, which means it is not force or will upon but rather that it must be created by the individual.

When you set goals, it gives you a reason to accomplish it. It gives meaning and purpose to your mere existence. No one really sets goal (real goals) and forgets about them. Millions if not billions of us have goals that we never even dare to achieve or let alone try.

The problem lies in the fact that if you don't try you will never accomplish anything but if you try then you have that much of a better chance of achieving it.

There is no purpose or meaning to life actuallyThat is why there is no greater reason other than to make your own. Everyday bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people and vice versa. Never lose faith or hope if things don’t work out. That path only leads to everlasting pain and despair. Faith/hope may be the only thing that keeps one persevering.

I truly believe that if you work at something for as long as you can, eventually things will work out.

Thomas Edison was not the inventor of the light bulb yet he merely found 10,000 different ways to improve upon it. If everyone had the mentality like Thomas Edison then this world would be 1,000’s if not 10,000’s of years more advanced. But the harsh reality is, even if one is gifted, talented, a genius, and so on; without a clear vision or goal then none of it matters.

One must put in exhausting hours, sacrifice pleasure, family, and friends, push on, and allow no distraction to affect them. Doesn’t sound easy, does it? And you see why the world is the way it is because humans yearn for comfort and pleasure.

We think that doing things that brings even the slightest pain whether physically or mentally is a bad thing for us when in fact that is what matures us and makes us strong.

What doesn’t kill you really will make you stronger. Think of failure as something positive, in fact, think of everything and every word as something positive and see how your life changes.

Have you seen The Princess Bride? There is a scene where these words were uttered

“Get used to disappointment.”

If you can live with such a mentality, then you will have it easier than the rest of us. Whether I’m right or correct… I have come to realize over the few years from self-experience alone that if you own very little possessions and live a life as simple as you can, then you will be content.

Jennifer, a writer from, gives four great life advises:

  • we should let go of certain expectations
  • never let the little things control our emotions
  • focus more on benevolence
  • stop making excusing

All of which will only better us.

Setting goals drive us, but we have to do it manually. Sometimes we get into accidents, fix what we have to and keep driving. Other times the accident becomes our last.

None of us knows when our time will come, if I did, that would be amazing actually because I will know exactly how much time I have left to do what I really want. Don’t try to enjoy life instead do enjoy life and don’t let the bad moments or incident bring you down so much.

Everyone goes through life like so but how you handle it is what it’s going to make you or break you. If your goal or dream is so great, then nothing shall stand in your way. Sure a blockage will occur, and challenges will manifest themselves here and there but use those to your advantage.

Life isn't hard, it's challenging!

If you didn’t learn a thing from this article, then let me give you one last piece of advice. Setting goals provide us with something to look forward to or do. One can sit around all day and live a quiet and comfortable life, that’s the easy route, and the majority prefer that. Or one can make the best use of his/her time and effort to do the things he/she wants in life and making sure every single moment counts.

Thanks for reading this article on setting goals. Comment below, I respond to all comments and love reading them. Share, like, and put this article into your social media or your own site, just credit us, please. Thanks again, now go set goals and live your life and please give us a good star rating, it really does help us out!

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