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surround yourself with positive people

Surround Yourself With Positive People. You Are Your Environment

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Make our friends and the world a better place. Sounds easy enough, right? However, change changes rather, slowly and progressively. Surround yourself with positive people and only positive people. Negative people are that way for a reason.

Research once again has proven itself very valuable. Our environment indeed does shape and influence us both mentally and physically based on studies. Even the most influential and wises have said that you are the average of the five people that you mingle with. How accurate is such a bold statement? Do you resemble any similarities among your five closest peers?

I have had my fair share of optimistic and pessimistic friends. Being a pessimistic myself for 13 years; I can conclude that, being optimistic is vastly more convenient and better. Below are the very reasons on why we should surround ourselves with positive people. Remember, not everyone can or wants to change. Why? Continue onward, and the answers shall unveil themselves in due time.

You Become Your Environment

Back by many data and years of studies. Humans are shaped physically and mentally based on their environment. Through thousands of years of migration and evolution, our outward appearance is shaped by climate and region. Orientals rule the east, Caucasians the north, Negros the south, and so forth.

Were you raised as a Christian/Catholic or did you choose that path? Do you eat meat daily because your family and friends do as well? What is the median income of your neighborhood or county and does your work ethic reflect that number? By now you should have figured out the message I am trying to convey. We do the things that we do solely base on people, places, and things close to us.

Take religion for instance. Why is Israel predominately Jewish? (I’ve lived in Israel for 3 months BTW). Why do 80% of Indians practice Hinduism? Why are 85% of Vietnamese practicing Buddhism? Through hundreds if not thousands of years of culture, practice, and environmental upbringing. I was born in Vietnam and raised as a Catholic. Guess what? 99% of the people in my small hometown are Catholic as well. Hmmn… what are the chances of that?

Being only 9 months abroad, I have traveled to 3 countries and over 8 major cities. Everyone is just average. The majority practice the same religion. Everyone wears the same cloth and eats the same dishes to a certain degree. Language, culture, and way of life are practically the same. Not only humans but everything in this universe will choose the path of least resistance. The simple and most comfortable route will always dominate the path of pain and misery, for obvious reasons.

If one lives in a wealthy or well 0ff community, then how important is it to maintain such status? How about violence and war? Does not such acts beget more violence and war? Children who grew up in war-torn areas usually end up taking arms as they grow into adulthood.

Of course, nothing is 100%. There are those that choose to be different and create their own life. However, that number isn’t drastic. As a kid, we have no choice but to eat, drink, watch, do, and learn the things that our parents and the environment lay before us. As one approaches adulthood and independence, then that is when the real challenge begins.

Ask yourself. Why do you do the things that you do? I was a Christian for 22 years, ate meat every day for 26 years, yet today I am no longer a Christian and can go months or even years without eating meat. Our environment shapes us, and that is a huge fact, however, if your environment is hindering you from your passion or fulfilling your purpose, then change or move. It really is that simple.

Positive People Bring You Up

There’s just something about positive people that draws my attention. Their aura, vibe, mood, and presence can alter any situation into one worth experiencing. Positive and successful people want others to succeed and live a good life. Isn’t that what we should all strive for?

My adoptive American dad possesses such a trait. It doesn’t matter how cloudy or damp the day may be; he always had something good to say. Unfortunately, his hectic work life meant that he wasn’t around too much. On the other hand, my mom said that her mom told her, “If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Fair enough, I guess.

It’s quite astounding that after a while of associating yourself with positive people, you start to decipher who’s positive and negative in a matter of minutes. Quite honestly, you’ll never associate yourself with negative people after surrounding yourself with only positive people.

You’re having a bad day or even a horrid day; what’s the last thing you want to hear? Maybe, ” Get over it. “, or ” It could have been worse. ” Doesn’t sound very uplifting, does it? What do you think an optimistic would say? Maybe something along the lines of, ” Everything is going to get better with time. “, or ” Relax, don’t be too hard on yourself. ” Any sensible person would choose the latter.

Positive people will transform your mentality and lifestyle. How is it that 2 men given the same situation can handle it with a different outcome? One negative, while the other positive.  There’s usually a positive side to everything, and the opposite is true as well. Next time when something bad arises, try to change the outcome to something positive. See how you feel and deal with it. Studies published in 2012 concluded that stress, confusion, anxiety absolutely does affect your behavior and proper decision making.

Positive people are fun to be with. You’re having a drink, dancing, and everything just seems to right. The thing about positive people is that they care and hope the best for you, in all aspect of life. Can we say that about an optimistic?

Good beget good, and vice versa. If you seek happiness and positivity in your life, then perhaps you should reconsider the people that you surround yourself with. They’re not doing anything but hurting you and bringing you down. Is it better to be alone without negativity or surround yourself with a bunch of pessimistic? I think the answer is quite apparent.

Negative People Don’t Change

I’ve tried, yet I can’t recall how many times I’ve tried to change someone. It doesn’t work perhaps it never will, at least for me. Negative people are that way for their own reason. How do I know? Because I was a pessimistic for 13 years.

The pessimist doesn’t give a dang about anyone but themselves. They actually like being negative. It makes them feel authoritative, alive, and gives them something to do. That’s how I felt during those years. Some people prefer blue while others red, what else can I say?

Don’t try to change a pessimist! They’ll probably change you. Here’s the thing. Change takes time. Sometimes a long time. Unless you have hours to spare each week then nothing but futile awaits you. It took me almost a year to transition. However, I purposely choose to be positive. The only way you can change them is if they absolutely yearn for change.

Do you want to do a good deed? Then be with those that make you happy and gives you meaning. There is no greater deed than self-joy and love. If you’ve never actually experienced true self-joy and love, then, of course, you’ll disagree with me. All that useless time that you spent trying to change a pessimist could have been used for other meaningful purposes.

Negative people are toxic, and they’ll contaminate you. Earlier I stated that your surrounding shapes you. Don’t linger so long in their vicinity. Eventually, you’ll become the very thing that you wish to extinguish. Instead, just let them be. They’ll eventually get to a point in their life where they’ll want to change or die a miserable death.

They also won’t stop talking and often bring up needless information. I’m sure you’ve heard one of your friends or family members rambling on and on about petty matters. Negative people often tend to be bad or mischievous. We shouldn’t judge others by appearances but being negative isn’t something one can see with the naked eye. At least that’s what I’ve personally experienced first hand, not once, but over 6 times.

At the end of the day, the ultimate choice rest in your hands. No one can tell you who you can and can’t associate yourself with. I’ve lived half my life as a pessimist as well as encountering many alike. I personally choose not to be around them nor have the care to change them.

Goodness Attracts Goodness And Vice Versa

If one practices positivity, then what is bound to happen? They will become positive. On the contrary, the opposite is even truer. It is easy to be negative, yet hard to be positive. It takes time and effort, especially when one has walked the path of darkness for more than a decade.

What seems worthwhile? To take a risk by changing the mindset of the pessimist, or to improve yourself even further by associating yourself with positive people? It’s a no brainer for me. Why should I waste my precious time on the likes of them? Oh, I already have, 6 times.

I know what you’re contemplating. But that was me. No, it’s everyone. People don’t change. That’s a fact. Well, at least not immediately. Time heals and destroys. A negative person will not change simply because you ask them to or whatever your reasons may be.

When you start caring about others, then that’s when your life will go down the drain. Give attention to yourself, worry about things that benefit you, and help those that actually need help. If you desire to see even more positive changes in your life, then surround yourself with all positive things and people.

Negativity is a cursing. It causes stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and the likes. All of which is unhealthy and harmful to the body and the mind alike. Yes, being negative can literally kill you, science swears by it. The chemicals and cells present in your body will alter its state depending on how you feel. Why does everyone say that laughter and smiling is the best medicine, perhaps it indeed is.

Smart People Are Positive

There is a direct correlation between one’s intelligence level and positivity. That’s right. Being smart means, you’re more likely to be an optimistic. They express more motivation, productivity, and general happiness overall.  That’s an offer no one can refuse.

Kids who express positivity tend to want to learn and improve their academic skills. Thus, enhancing their future and enabling them to succeed later on in life. A 2018 Standford University study shows that a positive attitude reduces anxiety and enhances memory thinking. I guess it would be in your or your kids best interest to be an optimist. After all, positivity only breeds the better things in life.

Of course, not all pessimist are dumb, in fact, some just may be more clever than you think. They will find the fault in any situation and proceed to give it a solution. Perhaps even improve upon its mediocrity. However, at the earliest stage of life, raising a positive kid will always produce a better outcome.


Being negative or positive is a personal choice. If you choose the first, then at least use it to your advantage. Take heed. Negativity can harm your body, mind, and spirit. Being positive is not only healthy but makes living worth it.

Give careful consideration for those you frequent with. Your 5 closest friends may indeed not be a friend but a fiend. Be with those that make your life fulfilling and gives you a sense of purpose. Change takes time, so don’t expect anything immediately. You’re better off being with positive people rather than wanting to change the negative ones around you.

For change to happen, you must be the change. For more positivity and goodness to occur in your life, you must put forth the action. Good will beget good. So surround yourself with good people and only good people. Do yourself this favor and save a ridiculous amount of time. Focus on you and improve your faults. Forget the rest. If they really want change in their life, then they’ll make it happen, until then, it’s just nothing but talk.

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