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take care of yourself

Take Care Of Yourself (Helpful Guide For Body, Mind, Spirit)

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Take care of yourself now because your present and future depend on it. Health comes first, always. No health equals no wealth. Wealth can usually be measured by a man’s age. Of course, if you’re unfit, then wealth should be the least of your worries.

Self-care is just more than eating good and looking good. Taking care of oneself starts from the body to the mind, and ends with the spirit. No one has the time nor care to assist you. Thus it would be best if you made it a priority to put your health first.

This life-saving guide to health, wealth, success, and life will be the fundamentals to a beginning of a long and prosperous life. As long as you can apply these techniques, after-all, action is the cure to anything. Here are 15 ways to take care of yourself.

Sleep Well

Sleep is the first and last thing we all do. Whether 12 AM is the start of the day or 6 AM, most people are asleep during those hours. Biological creatures must rely on sleep in order to repair and recharge themselves. A good night sleep will determine the rest of your day.

How you start your day is how you end it.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep, but before 10 PM. If you sleep 8 hours then by midnight is fine as well. Here’s why you want to sleep around 9 PM – 10 PM. Quality is more important than quantity, always.

Sleep is also known to give out unlimited benefits and longevity. Slaving 60-80 hours of work a week on top of your daily activities can be stressing and miserable. That is why sleep is one of the most vital components for taking care of yourself. Loads of factors can affect your quality of sleep. Look here on how to improve your quality of sleep for a well rested night.


Meditating, the answer to many problems, yet few ever apply it. While sleeping is for the mind and body: meditation is for the mind and spirit. The spirit (soul) is the most critical aspect of a higher life-form. Our body is just a temporary vessel while the mind can be transferred to another conscience or vessel.

The spirit is eternal. It is energy, and energy can not be destroyed, only transfer. Meditation will improve your mentality. You will come to know that life may be more mental than physical. Of course, this will take quite a while to learn and comprehend.

Meditation was first practiced about 5,000 years ago. Yeah, it must mean something if it’s older than most religions. Most of your mental state and thoughts are purely of the mind. Meditation allows one to relax or even control the mind.

Life comes with stress, worries, fear, hatred, anger, and all the things that make living, not worth living. With meditation, all these can be reduced or eliminated at its core. Trust me. I’ve possessed them all. Now I carry none.

Ten minutes, although 20 minutes is preferred. For what it’s worth, meditation should be on the top of your list on how to take care of yourself. The sooner you practice meditation, the sooner your life will change for the better.

Work Out 3 Times A Week

Exercise does more than just make you look fit, sexy, or confident. Exercise increases longevity, productivity, creativity, and pretty much anything you can ask for. I get it. You have limited time — the more reason to start working out.

Studies do prove that short, intense workouts are actually better or just as effective as 45-minute workouts. Get the same results in half the time.

Put in 2 hours of exercise a week to reap thousands of hours of benefits.

Working out increases longevity 7-12 years depending on the individual. That’s a number no can resist. When one age, mobility can start to deteriorate. Well, working out is the cure to such things, not pills or medication. That’s the lazy and ineffective way out. You may as well swallow air, at least that’s free!

Start young or now. When death draws closer, do you want to be erect and walking straight or in a chair/bed immobilize until death engulfs you? Not a pleasant way to end the last few years of life, right?

Think Positive

Positivity can be the key to a joyish and great life. The same incidents and happens don’t differ much between each human. A lost of a loved one is the same to everyone. Eating ice cream gives pretty much everyone the same butterfly feelings. What I’m saying is we can choose to make the situation positive or negative.

When $h1t hits the fan, well for some that’s hilarious whiles others may think that’s gross. We have to find the best in everything,


Do you mind if I ask you a simple question? Only two choices are available. Be positive for the rest of your life or be negative. Life has given you pain, failure, suffering, blood, and fear so how are you going to counter-attack such destructive forces?

With positivity. Pain makes us stronger; failure makes us smarter; suffering makes us never to forget; blood makes us bathe in glory; fear makes us courageous. Just think of all those unfortunate situations you let happened, yet when you think back, things didn’t really go that bad huh? Do you wonder why?

Time. Time is the evilest force ever to exist. It brings an end to all things, life or not all without emotionless judgment, not even The Maker can face time. However, is time not gentle and kind as well?

Have you forgiven anyone recently? Does time have anything to do with it? The worst thing that has happened so far has such feelings subsided or does it still linger in your soul? Let the past be that of the past. Let our present be great. Create a future for the next generation.

Negativity was my way of living, for 13 years. Such aura radiated all over my body. That life is not for me, anymore. I like being positive. Truly makes living worth it. Try it, see what happens?

Eat What Your Body Needs

The flesh will manifest itself by external consumption. Your appearances, emotions, thoughts, and all the senses that we are gifted with is absolutely caused by what you eat and drink. It would be wise for you to remember and take caution.

Why do the Mediterranean people, Japanese, and Koreans live to such an impressive age? It is because they eat food, real food — foods that heal you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Being vegan, carnivores, or whatever you feel so obligated to call yourself doesn’t make you healthy. However, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, goat milk, herbs, and natural, raw, organic foods does.

Oh but there’s a slight problem. You love the taste of junk, sweets, and fats. Who doesn’t? I love girls, but it doesn’t mean I can respect them all. Food didn’t walk into your mouth.

You feel worthless. Look like garbage. What are you eating? Eat what mother earth gave us, not man. Man cares for one thing only, money. Earth cares for its children, just what child likes to listen to his mother? It is in our DNA to rebel, has not that been evident yet?

I can not stress the utmost importance of a healthy diet. Your sex life and life in general demands it. Strength, beauty, motivation, and health deteriorates with each passing breath we take. However, eating a healthy diet will slow down its pace.

Listen to your body. When signs of pain, tears, soreness, headaches, and the likes show itself, then you must turn to food. Give the body the best medicine, nutrients, care, and love that it so wants. Don’t just take care of your needs, your body’s needs are just as important, if not more.

Go Outside

Do you know why the Sun has been worshiped since man first walked the Earth? As far as I know, our Sun gives us life. A beautiful, worthy, and abundant life. It shelters us from the harsh weather and dangers that this Universe holds. You need sunlight.

Does living in a room without windows give you pleasure and happiness? Direct sunlight can be harmful if done in excess. Too much rainy days may eventually start to dampen even the best of us. Both have there ups and downs.

Most of us work or work in an environment with minimal sun exposure. If so, then even seeing the outside world can give us hope. Tomorrow comes for most of us, but one day it won’t. We are like eagles, wild and free. The world is our home. What would living in a cage mean for us? Is not death a better outcome?

Put your work desk or office next to the windows. Unfold your curtains. Let the sun embrace you. Feel its loving and gentle rays because, without her, Earth wouldn’t exist. No Earth, no humans, no good.

Humans once held onto something so wonderful, something which has eventually wither from existence. That something is called appreciation of life. What once gave us appreciation has now been taken granted for.

Eat outside for a change. Do you hear what the birds are gossiping about? How about them squirrel always stealing my nuts? Oh, don’t forget about our waters. Blue, lagoon, transparent, and filled with gorgeous and unknown life, the Ocean. Scientifically, you could say, that’s where we all originated from, scientifically.

We are humans, not who’s man. We belong to no one; our Earth is our home, and also our mother; The Sun is our God. Pretend you’re reading a fable, it makes it more believable… get out there and live!

Think Less, Do More

Why 1+1=2? Why life exist? Why we have two eyes? It just is, don’t ask, accept and move on. It makes living easier and better. Try it. Only worry and focus on what makes you happy. Nothing but the will to live a great life, and do the utmost best that you can be your primary concern.

When the critical and essential things matter too much to give waste to petty things, then you, my friend will know peace. Cats own nothing. They grow up to be so carefree and live life. Sleep when and where they want. Eats whatever it feels like — and not give a damn about anything. What a good life.

So be like cats or even better, be the best. However, eliminating such a habit can take some time and effort, why not read this article to help you get a better picture. Here’s the thing you need to know about thoughts.

We, humans, evolved so differently from all other animals on earth. We possess intelligent, wisdom, a higher conscious, will, purpose, true love, and all the presents that the Maker bestowed upon us. However, not all treasures are what they seem to be.

Endless, useless, dark, random, helpless thoughts that plague our minds with each waking moment. Well, I got some good news. 85% of those thoughts never happen. Also, we humans are meant to think. Think about the ones we love. Think about enjoying life. Thinking about our purpose, our why’s, and most importantly, is there a God?

So don’t worry if Taylor next door is banging her drums. If tomorrow comes. Why nothing rhymes with orange? It doesn’t matter. Tomorrow, you’ll have another 10,000 thoughts of random, stupid thoughts — 99 % of which you’ll forget.

Just try it. Concentrate, go ultra instinct. It means to go and try beyond your breaking limits. One in which even death is not a barrier. Concentrate on your whys and whos. My why is because of love. My who is humanity. Nothing else shall dwell my thoughts. When you reach this level, impossible opens up into two words.

Appreciate Life, Don’t Fear Death

We are life. Are not trees, animals, the ocean, wind, and everything which lives and dwells on this planet? Life is just so beautiful. Living in a society that employs corruption and prevents the happiness of its citizen does make it hard to accept such things. I know, I’ve visited a few unfortunate areas. Areas in which everything is going to be all right is spoken by the very few.

So if you are living in an area, not like such, then enjoy and appreciate life. Start living. Why must we exist? Give me death. Existence is for slaves and insects. What are we humans? We can choose to be whomever the hell we want to be.

The time in which I live, making an impact on others as well as my own life sheds light on my existence. We possess purpose, a will, and everything being a human means.

Who gives if your neighbor is 1,000 times richer than you. He probably suffered 1,000 times more than you!

Quit stressing over your mortgage or loans. You put yourself in that situation. You get yourself out. We all have $h1t to deal with. Many of our of brethren fall each day only to reenter the cycle of life and death. Life has given us immortality.

Woooh. I know some of you at this point think I am hysterical, but have a look here. The truth holds no opinion. So what is the truth? No one knows, no one has to know. The truth is the truth. Just like God is God. Not all questions hold answers. All the better.

One moment we were all just born and living. This language we speak makes perfect sense. The foods we ate was so good. The friends we cherish were just there. The family we always love by our side. That is call life. Unfortunately, it is short lived. That’s why it imperative that you live your life to the highest degree that you can impossibly conceive. LIVE. It is so easy to exist. If you are living your life, then death should be the least of your worries.

Stop Sitting All Day

This one can be tough, especially as a writer and someone who lives, eats, and works with computers. Exercising, cooking, going outside, and standing helps with this epidemic. Humans used to walk everywhere, for miles and miles, days and days.

Now even the remote control is too far for your reach. Sitting is terrible, like super bad. When you do something in over excess, or double kill, then you go to the point of no return. We sit all day and then sleep another 8. I frequent about this issue on my website often. Yes, it’s that vital.

Sitting leads to loads of adverse effects on our lives and bodies. Excessive sitting will lead to an increased risk of stroke. Drink lots of water. It will make you want to pee. I have a 2-liter glass of water next to my laptop. I pee about 8-10 times a day; you should too. Later, we’ll discuss more about water in length.

If you have to sit all day with a computer, then keep your back straight as possible at all times. Repetition makes perfection. In this case, we do not want to do that. So get up and move. Work out, refill your water 15 times a day, pee every waking hour, stand up. Your body needs it. Take care of yourself and your body.

Break Bad Habits

Not easy, gonna tell you that as simple as a straight man can say it. Having outside forces and factors aid your quest to redemption is much needed. A road that’s walked too much on can one day be the only road you walk. And I believe many of us do already.

Most 3rd world countries live this life. Those who are barely making a living. Those who have not found their purpose or answers to the questions that they ask themselves daily. Breaking your addiction, overpowering the comforts of life, overcoming emotions without a try, mastering your mind, and make fear call you its God.

I want you to have this knowledge. So please pass it along to those you love and know. I have come to realize and know it to be true in my short existence, so far, is that. People who control life instead of allowing life to control them; they are the ones that reap the benefits, eat the fruits of their labors, and live however he/she pleases.

It is easy to do that of which you have since birth. We want an easy life. But not all of us get what we want. So we have to fight for it. Even if it takes a lifetime. What do you want in this life? Ask yourself, seriously?

Are you going to let bad habits die hard or die with a vengeance? Choose the first. Set free yourself from this endless cycle of torment. Life is too precious and beautiful to destroy. So live it while you can. If you really want to quit smoking, then you’ll find a way. If having money is want you what, then work like hell. If you wholehearted gave it your everything then what da problem?

If you want to enter the gates of Heaven, then first you need to die. If Heaven is real and everyone wants to go there, then why isn’t everyone dead? Because they still want to linger on to life. That is what bad habits are. If it doesn’t benefit you, then be gone with it.

Rely On Yourself

Basically, the same thing as taking care of yourself except in 3 words. Relying on mom and dad is a strategic and wise move, yet, in the long run, it may backfire. We are cared, feed, loved, and educated in the first 18-24 years of our lives. Afterward, it’s all on you.

18 can be 1/3rd, 1/4th, 1/5th, or even 1/6th of your life. Quite old truth be told. Most animals are defending and taking care of themselves when they have reached 1/10 of their life expectancy. That is why relying on yourself isn’t naturally easy.

Being a human means that pain, love, joy, hate, anger, death, rage, lust, and all the things that life brings with us must be felt and dealt with daily. Eighteen years being sheltered, guided, cared for, and loved only makes it more difficult to fight such things alone. Yet, it can be done.

Many people would go insane living alone. My uncle has done so for 20+ years, and he’s fine. Being away from your loved ones can bring agony, yet time heals such things. Feeling worthless because nothing ever goes as planned and living itself is already hard enough. That is why you ought to rely on yourself 99% of the time.

If you want something, then you have to do it yourself. If you ask your good friends and loving family, then hopefully they’ll offer you a hand. Don’t always count on such things though.

We must learn, educate ourselves, try new things, never stop learning or giving up, rely on and care for the one person that should matter the most to us, ourselves. Working 9-5 at your job for 20 years, then watching TV and relaxing afterward yields no nourishment or maturity to the body, mind, or spirit.

How are you going to tackle future challenges and hardship when you do nothing? Moreover, this is why people lose hope, grief, exist, and die with regrets. No one can make you happy but you. Happiness a by-product. One can create their own happiness at will.

When you learn how to rely on yourself more than others, then you may see better changes to your life. If you wish to live in a mansion, then work for it. If you desire to marry a beautiful spouse, then start talking. If you yearn for happiness, then create it. What’s the big deal? Too lazy, unmotivated, not sure how to start, what if I fail, it’s too hard, I can’t do it right now, blah blah blah.

Believe me, that was me five years ago. That’s why I was working for someone else’s dreams and doing things and favors for others without returns. I never got what I wanted. I wasn’t willing to work or put in the sacrifice. That’s why things never work out for you. You rely on others too much whether that be Gods, other humans, fate, luck, or coincidence.

It may be better if you just get up and make it happen for yourself. Action is the cure to all things. The more we humans move, learn, do, and apply, then natural we get better and better. The same goes for the opposite. A straight line will keep going straight until an outside force blocks or alters its course. Your life is the straight line, but you hold the pen. Go where you please, do things you’ve never dared, and take control.

Drink Water All Day

Drinking is just as important as eating but 100 times easier. When sodas are cheaper than water, then you know you got a problem. Open the bottle and drink. It’s so easy to drink beer, sodas, juices, and non-water beverages because of its addicting taste.

Your body requires water. Pure 100% H2O. Other drinks should be a rewarding factor or consumed once or twice a week. What have you done all day? Do you deserve a hot, fresh cappuccino or do you just drink it because you have done so for the last ten years?

Water is bland, boring, and overrated, yet without it, we humans wouldn’t last a couple of days. Water gives life while fire takes it. Water truly is life. Most of your organs are made out of water. For life to exist, water molecules must be present. (For the most part)

Humans are lazy by nature and choose the path of least resistance whether that be by choice or natural development. Drinking water all day isn’t easy when there are millions of beverages out there that taste better and makes you feel good.

Try coffee, tea, infuse fruit drinks, or anything with water as the main ingredient. Water is super healthy for us. Water has loads of benefits physically and mentally. Eat right and drink well. You are what you put into your body.

You think you deserve a coke after 3 hours of work. You think you deserve rest because you worked 8 hours a day. You think you deserve food because you are hungry. We humans deserve nothing, yet we want everything, without the work or effort.

If you honestly want to take care of yourself, then drink just water. Add lemon juice, apple cider vinegar juice, tea, light coffee, and fruits to make it more enjoyable and healthy. You look and feel old, overweight, and miserable. Many internal and external factors are the cause of such things, not drinking enough water could be one of those causes.

Education Is # 1

Religion is not #1. Love is not #1. Food and water is not #1. Without education, we wouldn’t be able to comprehend such things. Who wrote the Bible? Did not man? Where does true love come from? By finding your other half? How does one prepare food or filter water? Through knowledge?

Education is the answer to everything, even more than action. How do we know what we know? How can we not repeat history? How can we be better and care for ourselves? With education.

With the internet and super intelligent AI, everything you need to know is at the tip of your fingers. How do I lose weight? How do I become rich? Why can’t I sleep at night? All these can be answered and become a reality with education.

Education is vague for it implies to all things, yet the advancement of a civilization is measured by their knowledge. 1st world nations have a much better education system than 3rd world countries. Am I not correct?

The more you study and learn, the more you know. What does your body need? How are you going to face your fears? What must you do to live this life with meaning? Educate yourself and the answers will be revealed in due time. Of course, watching youtube and Netflix all day is the preferred option for many of us.

I genuinely believe with all my might that education is the single most important thing in this Universe. Long ago, our ancestors relied on stick and stones but times have changed. Today, the more educated you are, the more you are worth. Never stop learning, and never stop bettering yourself.

10 Minutes For You

The wealthy, successful, and influential give themselves at least 10 minutes a day. That could be meditation, yoga, stretching, thinking, exercising, deep breathing, and anything that gets them ready for the day or better themselves.

During this time, focus and care for yourself. The world is full of turmoil, noises, and distractions. Shut the outside world and go into yours. Relax and breathe.

How do you expect to enhance yourself if you can’t even set aside 10 minutes a day for yourself? If you want to take care of your body, mind, and spirit, then it is crucial that you set even more time. Ten minutes is the minimum. You know what happens when you put in the least effort, right? You get in return the same proportion that you give.

How many hours a week does it take to improve yourself? I don’t have an answer for that because I am not you. Before, I needed 1 hour every day to myself. Now I need 30 minutes. The more time and care you put into yourself, the more you will get out of it.

Be the best that you can. There is just too much ordinary in this world. The only way for you to do that is by giving yourself time. Some people devote their whole life to themselves. What’s more important? How others feel about you, or how you feel about yourself? When you stop giving a care about what others think and start thinking for yourself, then it will be that much easier to live and improve yourself.

Realize That Money Isn’t Everything

Happiness is the most sought after wish. Fortunately, happiness doesn’t cost a thing. Unfortunately, billions believe it is, therefore it is, to them. I work whenever I get the chance to because my job is my passion. Others work because mouths need to be feed and shelter must be provided.

Becoming a minimalist makes living easier and frees you from many materialistic torments. I’m a minimalist. I have two luggage and one bag. That is my work and life; the world is my home, and my feet is my transportation.

Money helps and one can get anything, materialistically. However, money can’t solve all your problems. You can be happy whenever you want. You can love the world or hate it. You can be optimistic or pessimist. No amount of wealth can cure such illnesses.

What is the point of being the wealthiest guy in the world if you can’t even enjoy living? What’s the point of being the poorest guy in the world if everything brings you joy? It all boils down to the individual. Your attitude and perception to everything can alter how you live your life.

Some people hate the rain, so it ruins their whole day. Some people work very little yet are happy with what they got. Some people work nonstop and get everything they desire while others waste their time and complain that they have nothing.

Taking care of yourself could mean that money is involved. However, it is not mandatory. Our ancestors survived for millions of years in a cashless society. Now, a piece of paper controls our lives. Are you willing to surrender your happiness in exchange for a billion dollars? Alternatively, would you rather surrender a billion dollars for happiness? Happiness has no value. Only you can give it such values.

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