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think and grow rich

Think And Grow Rich A Great Secret Hidden Inside Our Minds

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Think And Grow Rich A Great Secret Hidden Inside Our Minds

For millennium humanity was no different than your average everyday pet. We took orders without question, worked literally like a slave, hunted and gathered our food just like any other wild beast, and eventually faded into nothingness. Today can be said the same, yet things have improved a little to some point, at least for some. Why do I say this?

Because mankind as a whole has not yet figured out to be truly free and independent.

You see, humanity thrives on leadership, guidance, security, and comfort. They can not find this within themselves nor possess the skills required to handle such positions. The average human can not even conceive such powers as being a president or stand on top of millions… until now.

This great secret think and grow rich has been known and past down to the elites, wealthy, wise men, and those with great ambition. But today is your luckiest and greatest day because today is the day that you will become the most exceptional person you can possibly conceive.

The greatest kept secret unknown to most of humankind lies within every human being. Our very own mind. Possibly, if not the most powerful weapon that this world has produced. Sadly, the majority of us may never and will never achieve our true limitless potential.

1. Your Thoughts Are As Real As You Want Them To Be

The first word of think and grow rich is, think. Depending on the context, in this case, it means thoughts which is the exact same thing.

The Matrix, one of the finest movie ever produced and contains an epic story. Even though everything inside the Matrix is unreal yet it is real at the same time because of how those living in that reality believe it to be. Our dreams are no different.

Our conscious mind and subconscious mind can not differentiate the difference when asleep, yet the moment we awake, everything becomes apparent. Have you ever had that one special feeling for someone or a special moment and each time that thought comes in mind; you experience real pleasure or satisfaction.

There is nothing physical, only the figment of imagination yet such things has the power to produce an effect both good and bad. Our thoughts are our own thus it is very real and unique to us.

For example, if I believe beer is the best drink in the world, then it is, yet to some, it may not be. But why is it the best drink in the world?

There could be a few logical reasons:

  • You acquire a taste over time due to repetitive actions
  • You believe it to be the best drink because of its effects
  • Each time you drink beer it produces a pleasurable feeling that you enjoy which makes you want it more and more

It doesn’t matter what others think, beer is the best drink and as long as you believe it to be then so it shall be. Do you personally know a pessimistic or an optimistic person? The thoughts, words, actions, expressions, and so on of a pessimistic is generally negative and vice versa for the optimistic.

There is no clearer explanation. Their world has become their everyday actions and thoughts. How can a pessimistic have positive thoughts and how can an optimistic have negative thoughts? It’s physically impossible and contradicts each other.

Your thoughts are indeed special because only you can know what they are and how profound they can be. You can take away my rights, arms and legs, dignity, sight, hearing, but no one can ever take away my thoughts. (unless they damage my brain)

You didn’t marry the love of your life, do what you do, become who you are today without thoughts, right? Thoughts are like reassurance for us. We ponder about the consequences whether good or bad because if humans didn’t have free will thoughts, then we may as well be wild beasts or machines.

The moment you think you can’t do something like speaking on stage, winning the race, or completing a task; then the outcome will usually follow the thought. The same can be said about one who is determined and believes that they will accomplish their task unto the very end; they usually will do so.

Your thoughts are your slave, and your mind is the master. There are many thoughts (slaves), yet there can only be one mind (master). To become the master and control the slave, well that’s no simple task.

Continue reading to learn how to control your thoughts. We live in a world dominated by the extreme few, like less than .01% of the people control how the other 99.99% live. Out of every single species, there can only be one that is the very best.

No slave can have two masters and there can not be such a thing as 2 of the best.

You are either #1 or #2. Men who control the world not only know they are the best but they really do think they are the best. Such position and power require great minds and thoughts. No one is born or can inherent such gifts, that is what makes these power so valuable and great. It doesn’t choose you, you have to choose it.

The strongest man in the world (physically) must think he is the strongest in the world even before he became that of which he believed. One can not be something that he/she has never conceive before. Your thoughts are very real, and the only way to make then even more real is to make them happen.

How can one think he/she is able to master something without visualizing the final moment or try to produce a physical image of the final moment. Before he had the right to claim such title, what do you think he was doing and thinking every day? Was there at any point in time that he didn’t think about actually becoming the strongest man?

No, he thought of it every single day until it became a reality. His thoughts were clear, vivid, and direct; to be the strongest man in the world. He believed it, so he became it. His actions manifested such beliefs which is the most critical aspect of one’s thoughts.

I will never be the strongest man (physically) because I do not honestly want that and I do not visualize/think about it every day, therefore, it is not my reality nor my desires. My thoughts are to serve others and help each person go beyond there limits; my thoughts directly present themselves on this site which are my actions.

Thoughts alone can not and will not ever accomplish anything.

You can aim to be the greatest basketball player, but without action, it is but a hopeless and wasted dream.

2. You Must Want It More Than Anything

Why are most of us unsuccessful and never get what we hope for in life yet there are others who get what they want and live up to their dreams?

It’s because they know exactly what they want and they aren’t going to let anything stand in their way of accomplishing it.

Everyone has something they really want; I’m not talking about a long-term goal but something like a car, house, or a bf/gf. These things are quite easy to achieve with some effort. Yet not everyone has an ultimate goal or purpose? Or at least they haven’t found it yet.

Are you willing to work for an extended period of time along with difficulties and failures to achieve your goals? For many the answer is no, but for a very few, it’s a yes. When an unbreakable action and an unstoppable thought become one, it’s quite impossible to separate the two. Reaching that level is the final step which we covered below.

2.1 Setting Goals

Goals, if one sets goal(s) in life, it makes his/her life that much more worthwhile. Life can be meaningless or full of meanings. Only you can give it meaning though.

Set a goal: one that is reachable even if there is a 1% chance of success. Make sure it is one that you truly, really desire, and most importantly there must be a purpose for that goal. Focus on this goal, give all your energy, time, love, work, presence on this goal only.

Do not do not set another goal until this one has been accomplished (or just have one big goal in life). Reassess your whats, whens, wheres, whys, hows, etc. Here is the hard part, the hardest part actually.

How far are you willing to go for this goal, how much are you willing to sacrifice? If you are not sure or won’t give it your all then forget it, you’ve already lost and failed due to your thoughts. For those who are willing to go above and beyond; you must always remember your whats, whens, wheres, whys, hows, etc. Those are your reasons and purpose.

They bear the most weight because honestly, anyone can truly want something even if it is magnificent but if you are not willing to work for it, then it may as well be empty dreams. They are the fuel that will keep your flames burning when the time gets hard, and trust me when that time comes; there will be an ultimatum.

You will give up just like 95/100 people, or you push through until the very end. This will be the greatest choice you will ever make in your life, so make it count. If you haven’t figure out your greatest goal or purpose in life then that’s fine, some people never do.

If you want to be unique, extraordinary then find your purpose or set a goal. It gives you something to do and look forward to in this life. Remember life is just life, it’s not supposed to do a dam(n) thing nor does it have too. We are all existing, yet a few of us ever truly lived. What will set you apart from everyone else is that you have established a grand goal and are willing to do everything it takes to accomplish it.

“It is the ultimate thing that you desire thus creating a purpose, a reason to live and fight on.”

When humankind has a reason to do something, it only makes us stronger and that much more un-reluctant to accomplish it. Unfortunately, some goals end in failure, and that’s what I call life. The only thing one can do is move on and learn from the experience but make sure it is a positive one.

If you think it was in vain, then it will be due to your thoughts. When one has worked years, and even their whole life for a purpose yet failure is the final results, it can break some of us to the point of suicide. Hopefully, it didn’t cost you your life.

Nations, jobs, homes, etc. can be rebuilt but not a life. You get one life, one body, however you have all the opportunities in your life to accomplish whatever you so desire. Just remember no matter how bad you think you have it, there are millions if not billions of us out there that have it 2x or even 100x worse.

Just because one thing doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean the world is going to end.

Sometimes hardship and failure produce effective results and make men crave for more. Because some of us just won’t give up until the task has been completed, and that my friend is what makes one unique and great.

3. Daily Habits Will Produce Desire Results

Step 3 is worth more than all the riches in this world. Everything you see around was made possible because someone thought of it. And many had to build it or create it. It only takes one intelligent mind to think of something big, but many have to create it. For example, someone thought of trains, yet 10,000’s worked to build it and make it globally usable.

I believe that thoughts are vital to accomplishing something, but there is no greater proof than action itself. Everyone thinks about being super rich yet do absolutely nothing to produce the desire results. Such thoughts are a waste of time and imagination.

Energy is not created nor destroyed, only transferable. Why do people think about something only to produce unnaturally feelings? I understand it is human nature and curiosity plays a significant role but if one thinks about something too often without being able to achieve it, wouldn’t that make one kind of miserable or sad?

One can think about being rich but to grow into riches is the main point I want to clarify. Some people don’t even think about being rich, yet they grow into riches. Look at Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos, if you read their biography they had no intentions of being rich, yet they are super wealthy. Please understand that thinking can only make one go so far. Everyday people think about extraordinary and wonderful things yet rarely does anyone apply their thoughts through action.

Let’s say you really want a lambo. Your screensaver, walls, bed sheets, shirts, and basically every personal thing you own has an image of a lambo. As the years past, has your interest been the same? By now you should of either own a lambo or got rid of all your lambo images. If you are obsessed or crazy about something, then there is no finer example than your actions.

Why do we call masters, masters and professionals, professionals? Obviously they excel in what they do. Over a very long period and 10,000’s of hours of practice. (More or less)

After years of failure, confusion, and desperation; I’ve found that if one possesses these 5 extraordinary skills, he/she will achieve whatever they so desire.

  • How bad do you want it? It must be one thing, the more you want it, the more you will go after it.
  • How much are you willing to sacrifice? Friends, money, parties, family, etc. Do they mean more to you than your life purpose?
  • Time and endurance. How long can you last? 1 year, 5, maybe a lifetime, but that is all on you.
  • You must believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter if everyone believes in you if you do not believe in yourself. You must believe every single moment that you are able to do anything you set your mind to.
  • The most important skill is to NEVER GIVE UP. It’s not how hard you give it or want it. What will really set you aside from all the losers and failures is the fact that you never gave up. It gets harder with each passing moment, that is why very, very, very few people in this world ever get what they truly so desire. (I’m not talking about a snickers bar)

Discipline, sacrifice, dedication, a strong will, and many other skills is an absolute must. Just because one thinks it doesn’t guaranteed one will become it.

It fact that’s just wrong.

The best things require the greatest sacrifice and will power. Go ask the strongest man in the world if thoughts alone made him the way he is, I guarantee he’ll slap you just for asking such a question. Physical or mental actions with produce the same results base on what is it but when you combine those two habitually then you will become a master at it.

Just like no one is born naturally evil. Through repetitive actions and thoughts does one become evil.

If you really want to be the best at something, then you have to put in the time and effort over the years or maybe even a lifetime. The Universe itself is in a constant state of repetitiveness. It destroys and creates new stars and planets. Humans do the same thing over and over.

Let me rephrase that; humans do the same things over and over that are easy or is comfortable for them.”

We fear that of which we do not understand and most of us are in our comfort zone. The comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean a happy zone. The comfort zone is more of a thought that we have created within our own minds. So basically we do the same things over and over every day without growth or maturing our minds or physical bodies because we have grown to believe that the unknown is bad and we have naturally developed a bad habit of being in the comfort zone.

Step 3 is not only the most vital but also the most challenging part. To practice something whether physically or mentally every day is not an easy task. That’s what successful people know and do.

Normal people contemplate every day about being wealthy, strong, powerful, sexy, and whatever delusions their minds are able to conceive. Successful people are no different, yet they are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Understanding something and doing it is two very different thing. What do you think is harder: thinking or doing? Doing something will always be harder because it requires time, maybe money, thoughts, and real action.

In Conclusion

How bad do you want it; I mean like to the point where you’ve gone 9 days without a drop of water on your tongue! Sex, boozes, parties, even money is of no concern when water is the most precious thing now. That is how bad you gotta want it but only this time it’s not for a moment but for a lifetime. Can you do that, how about, will you do that?

Pain is temporary but glory is eternal.

If you ask 1,000 men to sacrifice 10 years of pain and misery for 50 years of pure happiness and pleasure, how many would be willingly able to do so? Maybe all of them, maybe 10% of them. However as the years progress, how many do you think will actually succeed, not many, not many
at all.

If you think 1,000 men are numerous, imagine if I tell you this is happening to the world. I’m telling you right now, that those 10 years of pain are temporary and so worth it for that 50 years of glory. Pain doesn’t kill you; it only makes you stronger. Maybe you need a good beating or something to make you feel alive and appreciate life when you think you have it so bad or that over 40 million slaves currently exist in this world!

Look at MLK, he changed a nation and the course of history with his own life, and look at him now. He is revere by billions. Sometimes we have to do the things that are right even if we know that it may end up costing us the thing that we love the most, our very own life.

However, is it worth if for the future generation? You need to think big and grow big not only with wealth but compassion and love because truthfully if you do something out of love, it is going to be easier to accomplish it instead of doing it for greed.

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