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how to manage time

Time Management Skills —11 Wise Ways To Leverage Time

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Time management skills is so vital in this age, yet it bears even more importance as one ages. The wise know that time is the most precious asset one can have. No amount of money, education, or power can be traded for time, for time answers to no one. Time is its own master and slave.

If you wish to know how to convince time to be your ally, then you’ve come to the right place. Everyone has the same amount of time for the most part. It becomes even more valuable when one uses it wisely. Master these 11 time management skills and you have essentially master life itself, after all, isn’t life itself time?

I) Sleep More

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Not physically but mentality. Here’s what I mean. Studies show that the best time to sleep is around 9 pm until 4 or 6 am. (factoring in sunrise and sunrise times) For every hour one sleeps before midnight, they will experience about an extra hour of freshness and rejuvenation. So If one goes to bed from 10 PM to 4 AM, they are essentially getting 8 hours of quality sleep since there is 2 hours before 12 AM. That’s exactly 730 hours extra a year. You can watch TV, work more, cook, exercise, and whatever you like.

In fact those who sleep after 12 AM experience tiredness even after a full 8 hours of sleep. In this case, it isn’t about the quantity, it’s about the quality. My father and his wife has been on the 9 PM – 3 AM schedule for years. That’s 9 hours of quality sleep. They have no problem working 8-10 hours everyday and doing other activities. As a young adult, I would sleep around 1 AM and rise at 9 AM. The first thing I would have is breakfast and coffee. ( This continued for about 4-5 years) I now sleep around 10 PM – 5:30 AM without ever eating breakfast or drinking coffee. I’m more energetic, focused, and even happier. I am living proof.

Your schedule and hectic life may not allow you to sleep early but even if you sleep for 11 PM to 5 AM, that’s still 7 hours of fresh sleep.  Of course many other factors influence the quality of sleep. Exercising before bed may not be a good idea, eating certain foods, worrying too much, room temperature not to your liking, and so forth.

A good night sleep can also affect your mornings and how you start your mornings is how to end your day.

If you feel like crap all day, then you won’t want to do anything, a complete waste of time.

II) Prioritize What’s More Important

how to manage time
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Is it more important to spend time with your family, or work on your business and goals? That’s not for me to decide. This task rests on your shoulder. You can have hundreds of businesses and goals, but can you have a hundred family?

Time is short, very. What brings you more joy and livelihood? Working day and night at your business, or seeing the smile and warmth on your spouse/kid’s face? Is it worth it to take every weekend or holiday off? Whatever makes you happy, right?

When your friends or other family members ask you to join them for something, just tell them directly you don’t have time. If they care and respect you, then they will understand. Everyone knows that time is precious. You waste my time, and I’ll waste yours.

Does driving an hour to work and then another hour back home worth it? Maybe moving is an option. In the long run, it will save a tremendous amount of time and even cost. Most are comfortable with their surroundings and making new friends isn’t easy. Is it a trade-off you’re willing to give? I travel quite often. That means my friends, family, and even home was left behind. I love traveling but I also love my friends and family.

Sometimes the greatest sacrifice requires the strongest will.

There’s only so much one can do and handle. Prioritize what brings happiness and meaning to your life, but also don’t forget that bills and food don’t pay themselves. If you prefer to work 100 hours a week like Elon Musk, then why not? If you prefer to be a bum but it brings you joy, then why not?

III) Take You Time

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Rushing usually ends up in a disaster. That’s how I ended up with a DUI. Karate masters take years to achieve the perfect kick. Ballet dancers have to keep practicing if they want to maintain their flexibility and toe strength. Even though it may take years or decades to achieve something, the likelihood of failure is slim.

Is it better to rush 10 things with a 20% success to failure ratio, or do 2 things and have a 200% success ratio. Both scenario taking the same amount of time. Work on one or two things at a time. You’re not Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs. They can multi-task and handle heavy work loads. Women are better than men at multi-tasking, a study shows, but multi-tasking can end up hurting you more than intended.

No one miraculously becomes a billionaire unless they inherited it or won the lottery.  Everything takes time. It takes 9 months for babies to develop fully in the womb, less than that is not recommended. School is 12 grades and college 4-8 grades for a reason. It takes more time to maintain a marriage than to get one.

When rushing, more mistakes are bound to arise. You’ll have to go back and fix the mistakes, which means more wasted time. What was the whole point?

It is always better to start slow and keep going than to rush and never finish the race.

Some of the biggest corporations in the world took decades or even more to become big. Of course, effort and other factors play a role. It doesn’t matter if you work 1-2 hours a day on your goals or business. After so many years, you will get to where you want to be. Just don’t give up, ever!

IV) Work Insane Now

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40 + 40 = 80. 80 is 2 times 40, right? That’s the average hours the average American works. So let’s just say you’re hardcore and bad as F. For 5 years, you work 80 hours a week. That means, you will have done 10 years of work in only 5 years vs. the average American worker. How many can actually maintain such schedule? So many can, not.

When you’re 50 and retired as oppose to your friend who’s 70 and still has 5 years left until retirement, assuming you both start at the ripe age of 25. More American seniors are working now than they ever have! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The young ones think I must be insane. Time flies my young-lings. 10 years will go by in a flash. When you hit 50 and are working for someone else’s dream while your best friend is sipping gold from his cup, you will know what I mean.

No one has to work 80 hours a week or even 1. If you expect to live long and prosperous then it would be in your best interest to do so. For those who want to enjoy life and just live it day by day, then more power to you. If your business or relationship fails, then ask yourself? How many hours a week do I put forth into such things. I mean real, honest work.

You may be wondering how can this be effective time management? Is the future just not as important as the present? It’s good to travel, party, go out, live, and do what you want when you are young. That’s what I’m doing. I don’t drink every weekend, smoke everyday, go out much, and the likes.

I love what I do, therefore it is easy to put in 70-80 hours a week without complaint.

Working for your boss or a company that’s not yours usually doesn’t bring much joy. Most of the money you spent is to distress from the stress that your job causes. An endless, vicious, and terrifying cycle.

Working long hours isn’t bad. Especially if it brings joy, helps humanity, and brings purpose to yourself or others. You must decide what works best for you. Retirement is just a dream that the American government wants you to look forward to. In reality, there are millions of elderly people that depend on their kids and the government for support. Work smart and hard now, so in the future you won’t have to.

V) Leverage Your Income

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Most will pay their bills and splurge the rest on boozes, materialistic things, and whatever is it they so desire. If it makes them happy, then that’s all that matters. Saving your money doesn’t do any good either. Inflation rises every year, so your current money now is less than it will be next year.

Invest in real-state, stocks, trades, cryptocurrency, new businesses, and the likes. Start a business that interest you. Work on something that will give you passive income. Don’t work for your money. Make your money for your you.

Now, I’m not a financial advisor and each of these are a whole new business in itself. Google and research each topic when you have free time to understand what each niche is. You’ve work so hard and long for your money. Now make your money work for you.

There are many ways you can make money work for you. Saving it does no good, that’s for sure. Putting it in 401K or a retirement plan may not be a wise choice. Setting 15% aside for emergency means you are hoping or expecting an emergency to happen. If you have spare change, then invest every penny. Or instead of buying materialistic things, you can invest in yourself.

The rich spend their money without any worries. The poor save their money like a goblin. See the difference?

That’s also one of the best investment. Education, traveling, learn something new, anything to better yourself. Is that now a good way to spend your time? The best time is you time, and investing your time wisely.

VI) Have Others Work For You

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Source: pexels

That’s what all these multi-billion dollar corporations are doing. The top dogs are making so much cash, they don’t want to retire. What we make in a month, they do in a day! If not, more. It’s not as simple as opening a business and hoping for the best.

The original owners/worker had to put in some serious work for years. Of course, it can be tiresome and quite stressful putting in that much work. Each franchise may not make so much profit after all expenses are paid, but if you have 1,000 or 10,000 franchise, then that can add up quite generously.

People on craiglist, waiting outside of Homedepot, and even homeless people are always in need of a job. You can pay them whatever you feel is fair, since both have to agree on the set price. You don’t have to worry about healthcare, taxes, employee insurance, and the likes.

Tom Bilyeu, the owner and cofounder of Quest Nutrition, hired ex-convicts. I’m pretty sure those ex-convicts were happy with whatever paid they got. Isn’t $5 a hour better than nothing or being homeless, especially if your an ex-convict?

If you need someone to make ads, short films, photoshop, editing, website design, and anything computer related, then search online. You can have 2nd or even 3rd world country online free-lancers create whatever it is that you want for 1/10 the price of what American workers want. Quality may be an issue but there’s reviews and feedback. Fiverr, seoclerk, and google are a great place to start.

Don’t feel bad for paying someone a few dollars an hour for a job. They agreed to it and you both benefit, or you can study, pay for a course/class, then hopefully be able to do it yourself. After a few weeks or even months, of course. This part can save you 1,000’s of hours, I kid you not! I do this sometimes for whatever projects or skills I am not proficient in.

I’m not talking about slaves or forced labor, which is happening all over the world, in the 40+ millions! Sure, huge companies may have 100,000+ workers making just enough to get by, while the top chairmen are living like kings. I guess they earned it, but that takes years. The world isn’t perfect. If everyone got the same paid, then the world wouldn’t look like the way it does. You can choose to work for low wages or be the top dog and have 1,000’s work for you. Just don’t be evil or selfish about it, to an extreme.

VII) Be Motivated

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Half ass-ing something is worse than not doing it at all. Why? Because, you literally spend all that time, money, and resource only to quit; in return, you got nothing out of it. When you go to class and give it 50%, what do you expect to get in return. 50%! Which means, another year of college. When you give 50% to your lover, what does it mean. It means they’re with another partner that is going to give them 100%.

When you do anything that you have a desire or passion for, you put in 100%, all the time. People will know and see that. It is quite easy to decipher 50% vs. 100%. When you are motivated, it is actually easier to accomplish your mission. You are doing for a reason. It makes you feel worthy and alive. You’re always excited. You actually want to give more than 100%. Thus, with an attitude like this, you can pretty much expect success, sometimes.

Not everything works out. You wouldn’t want to work on something for 6 months or even a year just for it to end up crashing because you didn’t give it your all. If you’re going to start something, always finish it.

When you give 100%, you can get 100% in return.

Making a really good movies requires so much work. This is a true story. I talked to a producer. What he told me was mind blowing. The amount of work that it takes to make any movie is dawning. The amount of work and time it takes to make an epic movie like LOTR is just WOW. That is why they get paid the big bucks.

If you don’t like what you are doing, then quit. It is quite hard to do something taxing if you don’t have a passion for it. Especially in the long run. Even Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, and other super influential figures have said this. Love what you do and do what you love. It makes everything so much easier and doesn’t waste a single second. If you enjoy doing something, then how can that be wasting time?

VIII) Meditate

This part is going to waste a lot of time or be useful. It is going to waste time because mediation isn’t easy. It will require determination, motivation, want, patience, time, and stability. I’m on my 9th month of meditation, nowhere am I even close to perfection. So if you practice meditation for 6 months only to give up, then you’ve wasted much valuable time.

Traveling can make it almost impossible due to extremely loud neighbors, noises, bad weather, and many other factors. I’m currently in that situation. I and most of you won’t have the luxury of going into the mountains or beaches alone to meditate. We have to work with what we got.

For the sake of time and length, I’ve written an extensive article on the guide to meditation. Here’s the watered down version of why you should meditate.

Meditation will require patience like I said. Some will try and never succeed. The first 2-4 weeks are the hardest. Sitting still as one ponders about 1 thing over and over or nothing can be difficult. Sitting still for 10-30 minutes can seem like an eternity.

Meditation has unlimited benefits.

Helps one focus, increases happiness, reduce stress and anxiety, clears your mind, be one with the Universe, be less materialistic, appreciate what really matters, and 1,000 other benefits. Most importantly it saves time because it makes you realize what really matters the most, money! Just kidding, you.

Meditation opens up this untouched area inside our minds. Of course, it will take time, maybe a few months, maybe 1-2 years. You’ll start to fall in love with life, yourself, earth, and everyone. You will soon realize that some things are worth more than money, or possessions. Plus it’s a great way to start the morning, or end the day/night.

IX) Live Healthily

You don’t have to go vegan or vegetarian but eat more plants and fruits. It makes you more focus. Which in turn helps you to work faster and more efficiently. Reduces many illness and diseases. That means less trips to the doctors and more savings to your bank. Cook less and prepare your meals quicker. Meat takes quite a while to prepare and cook. Veggies and fruits? Just cut and wash, no need to even cook them. (For most veggies)

Ever tried intermittent fasting? Eat 1-2x a day, water-fast or dry-fast once a week, or replace water as part of your meal a few times a week/month. Those are considered intermittent fasting. I’ve been on the two meals a day for almost a year now. I never eat breakfast amymore. I eat most of my food raw or cooked minimally so that also saves me a lot of time. Try this lifestyle to see if it suits you. I don’t suggest the one meal a day; it can be difficult to follow and master. There are numerous benefits to intermittent fasting. I urge you to have a look at this article since it will give you the full scoop and many studies. This can save you so much useful time!

Exercise. Yeah, it’s going to take a few hours a week out of your life. However, there is more than meets the eyes. Regular exercise has been known to increase longevity by 7 years for men who smoke and drink regularly, and 12 years for men who are in healthy shape and live a healthy lifestyle. That mean’s more time, so I’m not sure how this wastes time? Exercise has been correlated with increase focus, enables one to work better, increases creativity, instantly boost energy, and much more. If you can’t do your job efficiently, then try working out for a little bit. How well can you perform your job now? This is the power of exercise. Humans were meant to be active, not sit 16 hours a day.

Overall, live a healthy life.

Work out with a smile, not a stinky face. Take brisk walks every day. Use the stairs, always.  Be outside as much as you can, in the shade if possible. Talk to your neighbors. Enjoy everything that life has to offer to the maximum. Smoke weed, drink a little, have sex every day, and so forth. Enjoy life and live it. Time is short, especially for an intelligent being like us. So why not make the most of it?

X) Stop Procrastinating Or Being Lazy

This is the best way to waste your time. Continue to procrastinate and do nothing all day. Most of you are doing that on the weekends. Procrastination is the worst. At least being lazy means that you are doing it even though it’s not up to par. Is it not better to do something half-ass and actually complete the task than not to do it at all. Pondering on the thought does nothing and gets you nowhere.

You just have to do it. You eat eggs because you can. You like to watch movies because you can. Same thing goes for not procrastinating. You just don’t want to do it because you haven’t programmed yourself to such mentality, yet. Practice, work, exercise, meditate, eat healthy, and live everyday. First, you gotta practice, practice, and practice until it has become natural. Only time will tell. It won’t happen unless you do it. If I can do it, then you surely can too!

How precious are your dreams? If it’s worth it, then you will fight for it? Have you ever tasted the ultimate feeling of glory or satisfaction?

If not, then awaken the demon/angels inside of you. Unleash your full potential and give it your all. If you are still breathing, then you keep going. Or think about success and glory, only to never achieve such things. Is that how you want to live? In the shadow of someone’s dreams? No, only you can make them a reality, no one has the time nor care to fulfill yours. Procrastination and laziness is the best way to never make your dreams a reality.

XI) You Think Too Much

You think, a lot. Who doesn’t? A thousand thoughts a day, but how many actually come to pass. Maybe 1% or none at all. This is harmful, creates unhealthy stress, and can becomes habitual.

It has been proven that most things we humans ponder about never exist. It only creates more confusion and waste. Instead of wondering how you can be successful or what you need to do to live in a big house; go out there and work for it. Dreams don’t happen unless you happen. Action is the cure to poverty and useless thoughts.

You’ve probably read about how you become what you think. Sure, but there’s a great flaw to that. You can think you are the strongest man in the world, yet, thoughts are not real. They can only be real if you execute them, physically. Think about a few things. Things that matter to you and benefit you, then go and conquer them.

Think about a million things every week and you’ll be a stressing time bomb. Stress sucks, big time. I know because my whole family has it so it may have been a genetic thing. Guess what, I’ve learned to deal with it and let it be bygones.

Thinking is good, overthinking is not, and constantly thinking is dangerous and wastes valuable time and resources. IF it is not going to happen, then don’t think about it.
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