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50 Reasons To Drop Everything And Travel The World

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Travel the world. Living in one isn’t enough when there are 1,000’s if not 10,000’s of other worlds out there. Not literally planets, but tongues, cuisines, cultures, and the likes. Being stuck in one place can be rather dull, especially when you’ve lived there your entire life.

Frequent readers of my website know that every article I write about is because I’ve actually done it, research about it, or am currently doing it. Can you guess where I am right now? Vietnam. I’ll be in Israel February 2019. ( If you’re in the area shoot me an email 🙂 ) I am a traveler and hope to do so until eternity.

Money isn’t the issue. When you have a mortgage to pay, car loans, phone/internet/TV subscriptions/etc., then that can add up. Traveling the world is actually much cheaper than living in a 1st world country. I am living proof. With that being said, if you only desire to travel to 1st world countries, then your bank account is going to get a hell of a beating, but developing and even some third world countries are cheaper than the air you breathe in countries like the US or Australia.

This is the most extensive and packed guide on traveling the world there is. We are giving you not 10, 30, or even 49 reasons, but 50 excellent reasons to travel the world. Grab a beer because there’s more where you’re going!

1) Meet New People

travel the worldMeeting new people tops this list because isn’t that why most of us travel? Sure, you may be a 60-year-old virgin who just wants to see the world, but without communication, things can get lonely. Communication is vital to our species, as history proves so. I’ve met people from Spain, Thailand, India, Dubai, Japan, Canada, and even my fellow comrades, Americans.

It indeed is amazing when you step out of your backyard, get to party and interact with thousands of other beings like yourself. So, if you have no friends where you currently reside, then book a friendly hostel abroad and be prepare to live.

2) Learn A New Tongue

As one age, learning a new language can be tough, but not impossible. To be honest, it takes time and motivation to learn a new language. Going abroad to 5 countries a year won’t make things better. Those who reside in a country like Thailand or Vietnam for years are able to converse rather appropriately, yet far from fluency.

The best way to learn any language is to live it. When you are forced to speak with the locals, read the language, and interact in everyday routine, then naturally you will develop the ability to communicate in their language. Just so you know, it doesn’t happen overnight. Give it at least 6 months. I’ve met few non-locals who can speak the language of the country they reside in. Not well of course, but enough to get by.

3) Experience A Whole New World

We live on a planet called Earth. Home to billions of species and living things. The same can be said about worlds. You have to go there to understand what I’m trying to explain.

Just because we all live in one world doesn’t mean there’s only one. There are thousands and thousands of cultures that are alive and prospering today. See and experience what it was like 500 or even 500 years ago was like. Although modernization is expanding like never before, there are still thousands of places that keep their traditions and architectures.

4) Open Up Your Taste Buds

I’m going to be 100% real. American and European food is not my favorite. Salt, pepper, and maybe a slice of onion is the best you guys can do. Check out the dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, or India, then you will never eat western food again.

Asia is native to thousands of spices. I try not to eat meat much, but these countries can make chicken in 100 different ways. In a healthy way of course. Anyone can dump oil over a chicken and call it a masterpiece.

#4 should probably be #1 or #2 since most of us love to eat foreign cuisines and it’s so much cheaper too. You also don’t have to worry about that uncomfortable full feeling you do from eating western food. However, be very careful not to consume street food unless it is cover by glass or in a non-polluted area. Food poisoning isn’t fun, it can cost you a few days of wasted time, and don’t forget about the massive hospital bill. Although the price may be 2 times or 3 times higher, the chances of you getting food poisoning are 50 times less and worth it.

Here’s a tip. Eat what the locals eat or look at the reviews. Some places have reviews like Yelp or food review apps. Many Southeast Asian countries serve food directly in their homes. If you see non-locals eating it, then join them!

5) See What Nature Has To Offer

Vietnam and Mexico have some of the best beaches. Japan has gorgeous cherry blossom trees. All you have to do is google the top attractions to see in each country. Seeing tall buildings, cars, and houses can get wary.

Feast your eyes on mountains, the ocean, forest, exotic animals, and mother nature itself. One of the best feelings in the world is to look down on it: when you are on top of a mountain or hill of course. Take full advantage while you can because the earth is only going to get more polluted, populated, and nature will slowly become man’s living ground.

6) Cheaper Than You Think

Whip out your calculator for a moment. Add up all your expenses, everything. Probably close to $1000 or even $2000, right? I was spending about $1,300 a month on everything back in the US, now I pay about $800 a month on everything overseas. That includes the ticket to each country.

With that being said. The longer you stay in a country, the cheaper. If you’re going to visit a new country every 2 weeks, then it can get quite expensive unless you are willing to take a train or bus to the next country. Luckily for me, I have families and friends abroad, so I’m saving a few hundred dollars a week on hotels, or $50 if I’m sleeping in a hostel.

Food is insanely cheaper and tastier. I paid about $2-4 for a full-screen size movie ticket in southeast Asia. Clubs are about 50%-75% cheaper than in America. However, some guys go to southeast Asia for more than just a drink. (Won’t be discussing that here) Transportation is cheap as F. Especially bus and trains. I use Grab which is the Asian steroid version of Uber. Going on motorbike halfway across the city cost me about $3-4 whereas in America, you’ll be lucky to pay $25-$30.

7) Party Like A Rock Star Minus The Budget

traveling the worldI’ve had my fair share of clubs in America, particularly, Miami. Expensive, Ok atmosphere, and quite dull. Pattaya and Vietnam have some of the best clubs I’ve been to. Beautiful and fun girls (local and foreigners), $3-$5 drinks and bottles are even cheaper, beautifully animated lights, awesome music, and a whole lot of good times.

I bet most of you are thinking I’m bias or kind of favoring Asia since I’m Asian myself? Quite the contrary. I’ve lived in America for 20 years, reside in 5 states, and have had my fair share of entertainment. I like girls, whether they are blue, yellow, or purple. I know a good time when I experience it. Maybe you can ask all the millions and millions of millennials, both guys and girls who frequent Asia or even central/South America, and see what their opinion is?

Girls abroad dig foreign guys, and the same goes for guys. I’m Asian and have no trouble talking or getting girls. Luckily for me, I’m native in English and can speak conversational Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese. That didn’t come easy, but it makes partying and clubbing so much better. If you speak English (obliviously), then you’ll have no trouble partying or having a blast. Why spend $100 in America for a good time, when you can do it for $20 overseas, and I mean a really good time?

8) Exciting

Anticipating doesn’t suit me well because it may or may not happen, but the feeling can’t be stopped. As soon as you buy your first ticket, step into the plane, and enter a new country; it can get a little bit rowdy. Now, this is where you come into play. Just because you’re overseas doesn’t mean that the locals are going to be in awe or treat you like a King/Queen.

You have to plan and do everything yourself. That’s when the excitement starts. At first, it can be scary and confusing, but as you do it more often, it becomes second nature. You try new dishes that you’ve never tasted. Communicate like a monkey with hands and sign language since you can’t speak their language. Obey the law and do as the locals do. Doesn’t this excite you, or would you rather be at home watching youtube videos about Korea or Columbia?

The only thing that sucks is the sleepless nights you’ll get due to excitement and anticipation of the next day. I always look forward to going to clubs, the beach, shopping, and local markets. Seeing new faces, hearing unfamiliar languages, and experiencing a new culture keeps me young, active, and alive.

9) Complete Your Bucket List

You can’t tell me that traveling isn’t on your bucket list? Oh, you’re comfortable staying where you are, or you’re satisfied where you currently reside? So you’re telling me you like living in the same house, seeing the same neighbors, and driving on the same road until death befalls you?

Travel the world, my friend. If you think your hometown is great, then you are in for a treat. Unless you plan to travel the world with a negative attitude or because you are forced too, then, of course, you won’t enjoy traveling. I can assure you that traveling the world will change your perspective, instantly. It’s a great bucket list, and everyone is doing, (that’s fortunate enough to) so why not join us?

10) Discover Something New

To further expand on #9. Your hometown may provide 1% of the happiness and satisfaction you’ll get compared to traveling the world. You may discover at least 50 new things in each country or even city that you explore. Reading or watching a video about the country does no justice.

It’s like watching a game on TV vs. live. You’ll discover things your mind has never conceived before. You’ll see, hear, taste, and feel new worlds, and people in ways you can’t even imagine. Seeing the same face, homes, roads, stores, and so on year after year can sure get tiresome and maybe depressing.

11) Real News Not Fake News

Stereotypes, false news, propaganda, and hatred are shown daily on the news, however, are they genuine? Not everyone who has squinty eyes are bad drivers. Just because they were a robe and keffiyeh doesn’t mean they’re a terrorist. And definitely just because they look like a girl doesn’t mean they are a girl. (Thailand!)

Obviously, we know that movies aren’t, but can the news be trusted as well. If you hate India for a stupid reason, then go there and see for yourself. Maybe you’ll have a change of heart. Don’t believe everything you hear or see unless you personally experienced it yourself. The world and its people are amazing, after all, aren’t we all “humans.”

12) Unleash The Inner Human In You

Humans are explorers. It is in our DNA since the creation of mankind. We were meant to conquer and venture as far as our sight can take us. Become just like our ancestors except with ease.

What once took a lifetime, can now be done in merely a few hours. Conquer not just one nation or continent, but the whole world. Explore even the deepest caves, hidden lands, and maybe you’ll discover something worth more than money. I’m talking about the experience and memories.

13) Be Healthier

How can traveling possibly be healthier? Here’s a starter:

  • You are constantly on the move.
  • Eat homemade and healthy foods as opposed to frozen/packaged foods.
  • Getting more sunlight.
  • Traveling for an extended time can be costly, so you’ll watch what you eat and do.
  • Water, water, water. When you’re on the go, nothing beats water, and water is vital to health.

Would you rather be sitting in a 4×4 cubical for 8 hours a day, then sitting for another 6 hours as you watch TV and eat your dinner? Haven’t you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Walking is so much healthier than sitting. Not everyone benefits though. Non-locals who establish themselves in a foreign country for a few months or years may not be the healthiest people alive since they aren’t traveling anymore.

14) Relax And Reward Yourself

positive thoughtsIsn’t traveling suppose to be a vacation? It may be work or business related but that 6-24 hour airplane trip can sure be relaxing as well. Stop worrying about work, stress, and all the BS. You’re on vacation or not a stress trip.

Work, stress, problems, and BS can wait. Right now, it’s just you and fun. Get to know each other a little, and forget all your worries. Treat yourself once in a while. You may not have gotten the promotion you deserve or the raise that was promised, but sh1t happens to everyone. At least you can reward yourself and get to taste the finer things in life, right?

15) You May Never Go Back To Your Old Life

If things keep going the way they are, I may never go back to America. (except to renew passport and 5 years Vietnam Visa) Take it from me, personally. Once you get to experience the finer things in life, then going back to your previous one isn’t easy and it’s not worth it.

Cars, big houses, a comfortable bed, and the same friends sure can be a blessing, but I wouldn’t trade it for what I’m doing, traveling the world. I’ve owned a nice car, lived in a multi-million dollar home, slept like a king, and had friends who were like brothers to me.

However, I still wouldn’t trade it for traveling the world. Money, possessions, and friends come and go. Memories and moments, those, however, stay with us until we decide to let them go. The greatest moments are worth more than all the riches of this world, at least for me it does.

16) Better Living Condition

If you think your studio or 1 bedroom apartment is a deal and great, then imagine the same thing at 2,3, or even 4 times less than what you are currently paying. Most developing countries have good wifi/4G, cold A/C, hot showers, nice beds, Big TV, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, and all the necessities back home.

Everything except for laptops, cars, big electronics, and a few other things cost the same no matter where you reside. Don’t worry about that. If you think you’re living like a king/queen wherever you are, then come to a developing country or even a third world country, and you’ll live like a god.

Just don’t be dumb and spend all your money on clubs, booze, girls, and entertainment. It’s happened, quite a lot actually. There is a rising number of homeless foreigners living overseas. You don’t want to end up not being able to afford a ticket back home. They sure did enjoy themselves though.

17) Meet Others Travelers

I’ve met loads of people from all over the world. Hostels are a sweet spot. Clubs and even tourist spots can attract lots of travelers. It’s truly amazing how long ago we all lived in a barricaded nation with minimal contact of the outside world.

Now many tongues and many nations can gather in one place and just have a good time. Beheading others, kidnapping kids, and burning villages to the ground isn’t really my thing. Maybe 1000 years ago it may have been. We live in such great times which allows one to meet and greet others from across the globe.

18) Become An Official Explorer/Traveler

what do you want

Although you can’t get a certificate, however, you can put that on your resume. I do consider myself a traveler but not an explorer. The difference (according to me) is that a traveler can visit 100 countries for any reason. An explorer may visit only 1 or 2 countries, but has gone where no traveler has.

Although both have there ups and downs, I think being a traveler is just as good. Maybe when life gives me more time, then I’ll explore what our earth has in stake, but for now, I’ll just visit a country just to have a good time. After all, isn’t having a good time the reason why we travel the world?

19) Not Being Part Of The System

Like it or not, most of us are modern day slaves. Sure, we get paid, eat well, and are free, but not independent. Most of us do the same thing 5-6 times a week, for years, and maybe even a lifetime. You save money and save more money, for what?

For you’re future children or current children? If such is the case, then no one will ever truly enjoy themselves. Work for yourself. Save just enough so you can go explore the world. We are not robots (not yet). Humans aren’t meant to work 24/7. We need food, water, rest, and entertainment. Is it right to work all day and night for years to come?

Get out there. Be free, be independent. The system wants you to be their slaves. They pay you just enough so you don’t quit and are able to afford a satisfactory lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to put all my hopes in the next or afterlife. Instead, I want to live the fullest and die with absolutely no regret, in this life.

20) Be Truly Free

I can surely say without any hesitation or thoughts that I am indeed free and independent. Sure, I may work 50-60 hours or even more every week. Going out, having fun, sleeping, and eating isn’t free you know. At least I’m not glued to a permanent spot or drive the same road day after day, years after years.

Traveling the world allows me to be one with the earth and my surroundings. Every day, I thank the maker because I possess such luxuries. Being an American enables me to traverse the globe, have numerous advantages, work anywhere, and live the life that most will never taste.

Nothing is holding me back, really. Some nations may be harder to enter, but I can go anywhere, anytime as I please. This is what freedom feels like. Freedom, humanities greatest aspiration.

21) The Time Is Right

War, war never changes, but times do. If this is not the best moment to travel, then when is? Just a couple of years ago we (Americans) (I served in the US Navy, and so did most of my real family) were fighting a useless war which made traveling to the Mideast nearly impossible.

Today, it’s a little better. If you hold a powerful passport, then you can travel pretty much anywhere you, please. I can’t tell you if the future will be the same, better, or worse? I can, however, tell you that right now is the best time to travel. Don’t linger so much, you may never get the chance if you keep waiting. Just because the Sun shines every day doesn’t mean it will continue to do so.

22) Get Off Social Media

You follow IG travelers. Like a picture from FB of The Great Wall of China. Why not go there? Instead of spending thousands of hours liking and following social media, go there. The average person spends about 20-40 hours on social media a week.

If you had work during all those wasted hours, then you could have traveled the world, twice probably. Sure, 8 hours a day of work is enough. So keep doing your 8 and don’t worry about traveling because you’ll never get the chance too.

If you’re not making money from social media, then limit it. Maybe you can start a youtube, IG, FB, or even a website on your travels. Many do, and they make a good living, at least to be able to travel.

23) Appreciate Life And How Blessed You Are

If you’re reading this, then I can safely assume that you are living in a first world country. It is quite hard for my Vietnamese friend and families to travel outside of Asia. The Government fears if they travel to The US or Europe, then they will reside there permanently.

You live in a country that allows you to travel anywhere you please. That is such a blessing. Many would die, literally to be able to escape their country. However, we (1st world countries) just go to China, Japan, or Peru whenever we want. There is no need to see how far we have to swim, how many days can we do without food, or if getting caught is worth it.

No, we just pay for a ticket, pack our bags, and off we go. Only thoughts of pleasure and joy fills our mind. Are we not blessed? Trust me, we have it great.

24) Realize Experiences Outweigh Materialism

I’ve been there, done that. Worked so long and hard to afford a nice house, drive fast cars, eat out and drink every day. Buy useless crap that I gave away for nothing.

Do you know why? It is because of all the advertising, lifestyle, media, and government influences. They purposely depict these to get the consumers to buy, buy, buy. For what? Everything turns to ashes, except for the memories and moments that we treasure.

No one but ourselves can erase such things. I’ve never been happier since I realize to let go of material possessions. Don’t get me wrong. I still need a good laptop to work. Nice cloth when I go out. And good food once in a while. Other than that, a bright and warm day is far better than driving a Ferrari. (Unless it’s free, then I’ll drive the Ferrari.)

25) Become More Educated

Where’s Tokyo, what’s the capitol of Brazil, what is the life in Korea like? When people ask you these questions, you can confidently answer them. Plus the fact that you pretty much know how to live on your our, outside of your hometown.

Remember when you first came to a foreign nation? (If you did) Well, now you can go anywhere without being scare or confuse. You’ll get to understand people and their way of life much better than some TV show or what the internet says.

You don’t have to be a tour guide or the likes, but at least you can lead the group when they ask what should we do or how can we do this? Who knows, you may get a free lunch or ride because the newcomers will look up to you for guidance and direction.

26) Travel Makes You Independent

reasons to travel

And that’s a fact. I’ve always been independent for as long as I can remember, but once I stepped outside, then things changed a little. You are forced to find out pretty much everything on your own.

What to eat, where to sleep, which place is safe and fun, how to reserve tickets, what are the visa and laws of the nation you want to visit, how much money do you need to save, and much more. Traveling another land where the foreign tongue only makes things harder, being independent and wise will be your best option.

You’ll have to ask around. Interactive with locals. Search and research from all over the internet. Try things you don’t know, and get used to depending on yourself.

27) Makes You Happy

Doesn’t the sight of bright blue aqua, clouds resting on mountains, and friendly new faces make you happy? If not then you got issues. Every day I wake with a smile on my face because I choose to. The world is my home, even if my neighbors and I don’t speak the same tongue.

I get to see children running, laughing, and playing with one another with stick and stones. Not a cellphone in sight. The sun, beautiful as she always has been. The smell of fresh food and a city alive and hustling. Ahh, it is so good to know I am alive, well, and free!

This is what happiness tastes and feels like. Isn’t happiness the ultimate thing that we all long for? It’s actually closer than you think. Does working 50 hours a week to support your current lifestyle seem better than packing your bags and freeing yourself from such burdens? Whatever makes you happy, right?

28) Build Confidence And Skills

Traveling the world alone, if you so choose to requires a big pair of balloons and some knowledge. If you lack confidence or are afraid to venture the outside, then what better way than to travel and build up confidence and skills.

Sitting in your home all day and shutting yourself from the outside world doesn’t help at all. You can trust me on this one. I’ve suffered from depression, social anxiety, stress, and the likes for almost 10 years. Action is the cure for most problems.

You want to learn how to use chopsticks, then practice. You want to meet a lovely partner, then get out their and talk. As you can see, thinking and picturing it does little to nothing. You’ll learn to build skills that you’ve never thought you could, converse in tongues that seem impossible, and learn to build self-esteem and confidence. Travel, and you’ll see what I mean.

29) Learn Something New Every Day

Are you a smart ass, do you think you know everything? Wanna put that to the test? Every day, I am learning new and exciting things about the world. Who knew so much life and beauty exist? America is great because it provides safety and a certain degree of freedom.

The rest of the world provides beauty, taste, culture, and entertainment for your 5 main senses. You’ll learn why people do and live the way they do. You’ll get to understand where certain manners and traditions originated from. Never stop learning, it only opens more doors to opportunities.

30) Live With No Regrets

why you should travel

The worst thing in life is to die with even one single regret. The best thing in life is to live without a single regret. I’ve come to realize that we all have to make choices, and do the things that deem worthy for ourselves. Most will die with regrets, while some will live like kings.

But you know what, if it can’t be helped, then don’t worry about it. I not sure if an after or next life exist, and I’m not going to take my chances. So, instead, I’ll live my life to the fullest, die without any regrets, and live like a legend.

Traveling the world has changed my perspective. The sound of nature is now my music. Just seeing the sunrise gives me an orgasm. Touching a foreign building makes my senses tingle. As long as I continue to live like such, how can I possibly die with regrets?

31) Nice Weather

Snow and winter. I love them, but they don’t love me. Unfortunately, I have a skin condition which makes my whole body very dry and scaly when humidity falls below 75%. I don’t have a choice but to live in warm climates. Fortunately, during hot seasons I can travel to the northern nations.

Be warn though. Southeast Asian gets a lot of rain. Africa and Asia can get extremely hot. If you are used to extreme cold weathers, then be prepared for extreme hot weathers and vice versa. You will know exactly what I mean when you’re freezing or dying from heat. Anyways, the weather is good anywhere you go. The trick is to go when the season is ripe and right.

32) Life Is Short

Yes, it is. 10 years ago I was just making dinner, and as soon as I woke up, I had a family and child. Don’t know where they came from or how they got here, but it just happened. Life is the longest thing anyone of us will experience, but it’s still short.

If you live right, enjoy every waking moment, then isn’t one lifetime enough? You have no one to blame when you draw your last breath while yearning for another minute. So live, and be fulfilled because a lifetime to us is just a blink of an eye to God. You have no one to blame if you die a miserable and lonely life.

33) Fall In Love With Someone

Whatever you do, do not fall in love, with a foreigner. I almost fell for it, even though she was a genuine and a self-supporting girl. There’s plenty of fishes in the sea. Guys, think with your brains before your pen. Girls, I don’t know, ya’ll the cause of all this. (jk)

Once upon a time, 2 random young birds meet in a tree. The male one fell in love at first sight. So the 2 mated, loved and lived for quite a while. However, today was not a good day for the male bird. The two quarrel and quarrel until the female flew away never to return. Brokenhearted, confused, and devastated was the male bird. 2 years of love, happiness, and beauty gone in a flash.

Was it worth it? Make sure you are well prepared for your actions. Love can be man’s greatest motivator, and/or his greatest downfall. If you’re young, then keep looking and trying. Love may not seem to be all that. There are many forms of love, not just sexually or intimately.

34) Appreciate Even The Little Things

When you see mothers living under houses made of sticks and hay. Children drooling over half a bowl of rice. Old men breaking their back to plant crops, then you will come to know the true definition of appreciation in its highest form.

None of us choose to be born, especially where and how. Yet, we all (most) have a choice on how we live. Many in third world country do not have the luxuries or freedom to travel the world or even ride in a car. The richest man in the world doesn’t own a bank account, yet the most miserable ones are the ones swimming in pools of cash.

How? Take one woman. If you ask a man what he thinks of the woman and then you ask another man. I can surely say that they both will not have the same answer. It is what you choose to do with the gift of life that makes you who you truly are. Do not let your past shape you, instead let your present make your future a reality. Life is more beautiful when you learn to appreciate what it has to offer.

35) Escape Infinity

Time doesn’t exist. It is something that we humans have created. The Universe and God are Infinite. Sadly, we humans may not be. (Although I do believe we are.) A lifetime can feel like an eternity in hell, especially when your day is nothing but doing the same thing over and over like a self-programmed machine.

How does it feel to be trapped inside an endless loop of suffering and emptiness? I wouldn’t know because I have escaped such a fate. I did that for almost 5 years. I was living inside a prison, one without walls or bars. When you start to question your own reality as well as others; you start to realize that life may be nothing more than someone’s game.

95% of us do the same thing over and over. Very few escape such suffering. What is hell? To be born, live in misery, and work until our body is no more? Is this not the definition of hell itself, if not then what is? You are living in a wall-less and bar-less prison. Only your mind is keeping you there. You only need to walk out and never step back.

36) Financial Freedom

I’ve never gotten married, and don’t plan on to for another 10 years. Having a kid means 20 years of giving up freedom and a lifetime of commitment to the one true love. However, no one knows the future. Time can heal or destroy everything.

Right now, I am unchained. Bound by no faith, loyalty, or oath. The world is mine to do as I pleased. Having kids can be quite expensive. The steps involved before marrying can be a burden. Traveling allows me to focus on my dreams, job, and purpose. I would love to have a beautiful girl by my side, but commitment doesn’t even wonder my mind.

While you are still young, free, and wild. Go and live. Travel the world and do what you want. Time will be your worst enemy. The best money is spent on your own investment. All things must come to pass, yet the things you will do, see, remember, and experience will be forever.

37) There May Never Be A Next Time

The greatest gift, do you know what that is, besides life itself? Tomorrow. No one knows the future, and if they do, then please give me whatever they are smoking. What do you wish to do before you embrace death?

Travel, maybe? I’ve lost a few of my school friends. (They died) I’m adopted, so I have a huge family, many have passed on. Death comes to us all. The second best day is tomorrow. Today is the best day, so live it, and make it happen. You never know when your time is up.

38) Easier While You Are Young

Youth, it’s what all old people yearn for. Money, time, and energy. You can only have 2 at any given moment. Explore the world, meet new people, say hello to Nemo and Dori, have your first taste of cloud, and fall in love with this world.

If death doesn’t come first, then old age surely will. There’s nothing worse than looking at all the young ones do the things that we wish you could have done 50 or even 60 years ago. Traveling is so much better and easier when you are young. Of course, having money can be a huge bonus, but if you can’t even walk, then what’s the point.

39) Understand The World And People Better

I still don’t understand why racism, feminism, sexism, hatred, and the likes exist? Aren’t we all human? Do we not share the same air. My blood bleeds red like yours. Did we all not come from the same father and mother?

One bullet to the head is all it takes to end a human’s life. So unless you can take that, then you are no different from me. People yearn for peace, love, warmth, shelter, and a comfortable life. You will see that as you traverse the globe. Just because you’re 190 cm, make 9 figures a month, have a 6 pack, and the like doesn’t mean much, you’re still human.

We come in all shape, size, color, culture, and language. When you learn to accept and love everyone, then maybe peace can be possible, but until then, peace is but a distant dream.

40) Helps With Mental Health

You best believe traveling helps with mental health! Are you always anxious? Do you lack communication or verbal skills? Does the public make you wet your pants? Are you worry about something that doesn’t even exist?

Then travel. When you focus on your problems, then you’re only making it worse. See how others live and interact. Maybe you don’t have it so bad. Once you see a 95-year-old lady begging for a few dollars or a poor boy who’s blind and paralyzed, then just maybe you’ll see that your problems isn’t really a problem.

I’ve always hated my height, pepperoni looking face, and dry, scaly skin. After witnessing what others have to deal with and look like, I’ve come to realize just how healthy and blessed I am. You’ll change real fast when you see just how great you have it.

41) No More Comfort Zone

Don’t ever enter here. Don’t even try because most will stay there. It is a place of comfort, ease, warmth, and inescapable. When you travel the world, you’ll be out of the comfort zone.

In fact, after a while, traveling becomes more and more comfortable. It doesn’t get boring or tiring at all. The only thing stopping you is your bank account and you. You’ll learn how to open up, do things you thought were impossible, go out of your way, face the weather, and even unforeseen situations.

42) Learn What Pain Is


Is it better to live life without any feelings or to feel pain once in a while? Pain is what makes me feel alive and appreciate my existence. It’s not easy traveling abroad when fast wifi, cold A/C, warm heat, fresh food, a nice bed, and close family and friends are always nearby.

You eventually take these things for granted. Some places overseas don’t provide all these necessities. Oh, the noise. Vietnam is the worst. I’ve also had my fair share of cold showers, slow to no internet, and many other unpleasant things occur.

That’s what traveling is. No one said it was going to be pain-free. It sure beats staying home on your 20-year-old couch as you slowly rot away. Pain only makes us humans stronger. The weak don’t know or want to know what pain us. What doesn’t kill you will absolutely make you stronger.

43) Love Yourself More

Traveling can get lonely especially when you’re going solo. You’ll discover things about yourself you never knew and must go beyond your limits. Sometimes life and death may come to play.

You’ll learn to enjoy each moment of yourself if you haven’t already. Depending on others is not always an option. Making new friends isn’t hard, but keeping them can be quite a challenge in itself. You will love yourself because if not, traveling alone in this small world can be tough, and even tougher on your own.

44) No More Being Afraid Of Loneliness

Loneliness can drive some people to the brink of madness while others embrace it warmly. To be honest, I’m a loner. I love partying and having company, but 80% of the time I spend is alone.

I’ve lived alone in an 8′ x 8′ office for a year. Wasn’t very fun but I got used to it. After a while, anything becomes easy, and you’ll get used to it. When you gazed the lovely night sky, alone with no one to talk to; don’t be discouraged or sadden.

Being alone is one thing, but feeling lonely is another. I traverse the globe by myself. It feels good because you have no one to hinder or slow you down. You will appreciate yourself more and enjoy your own presence. You kind of have to, or things become lonely.

45) Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits

You’ll go hours or even one or two days without food or water. You’ll have to deal with the heat. Endless rain will make you wish you were tucked in your own bed. Sleeping on the floor may occur more than you think and the likes.

Going to another country can be exciting, but not all is well. Expect the unexpected. Lower your anticipations so you won’t always be disappointed. You will be forced to go above and beyond. Luckily for us males, we can pee pretty much anywhere. Girls, well, that’s on you. Mommy and daddy aren’t around to hold your hands anymore. You’ll want to rely on and trust yourself to do the unthinkable. You will know what surpassing your limits means.

46) You, Will, Know Satisfaction

Satisfaction does not mean the same thing as happiness. Being happy is better, being satisfied is just that. Satisfaction is good, especially when you realize how good you have it compare to the locals. (2nd or 3rd world countries) The most expensive food, cars, house, and clothing won’t matter to you as much now.

You have the world. Isn’t that better? You get to interact with people, make new friends, imprint everlasting memories into your mind, and get to live in another world. Or does the material world make you happy? No matter how many years or how many men it takes; we humans will never create what mother nature has.

47) Memories Over Money

What is the purpose of living? Work, of course. Without it, food, water, shelter, and accommodations wouldn’t be possible. Everything comes and goes. A car will last for 10 years, while a house can last for 30 (before major repairs). Jewelry and possessions, maybe 20-80 years. And last but not least, us. About 77 years.

So what will it be? Do you value possessions and things that eventually fade into nothingness and may end up making you happier, when in fact, it is doing just the opposite? Or, do you value something that others can’t touch, see, feel, or experience. Something only you can see and feel? Are not the memories we make and cherish more important than a piece of paper or what we wear on our necks?

I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’ve only been traveling for about 1 year. Truth be told; I’ve discovered, experienced, learned, and got to know more about myself, others, as well as this world as a whole. What once gave me pleasure and happiness now has become nothing but another man’s treasure. I value memories over money, indefinitely.

48) Never Be Bored Again

Seeing the sun rise and set in the same place, eating the same dishes, walking the same path, sleeping in the same bed, and the likes eventually get boring. Boredom can give rise to many things. Mischief, stupidity, anxiety, excessive and useless thoughts, and there’s much more where that came from. This is what boredom shall do.

When you travel, boredom doesn’t exist. You could stay in each city for 1-2 months and still never be satisfied. Boredom is out of the question. The only thing holding you back is work, finances, and time. This is why I love traveling. There is always something to do and see when traveling.

49) Best Investment

Putting half your savings in stocks or mutual funds may or may not be a good idea. I think 401K and the likes are a waste of time and probably scams. You have to wait until you’re 62 years old (USA) to withdraw your funds without penalty. You’ll be dead in 15 years!

The best investment is you. Do what you want in this life. There is no better time, and you better BLEED me when I say that. 10-30 years when you look back, you’ll eat my words and regret it. We all die, yet how many of us truly live? This is your life. You do as you please and you make sure you live life to the highest degree and pleasure. Or you can invest all that, and you may be dead before you even get to see it.

50) Because You Know You Want To


So if you’ve made it this far, then surely, you must be convinced. You’ve just read a 7400-word article, about 1/10 the length of a short book. I’ve given you 50 excellent reasons on why you must travel the world. It’s never too late to start or end anything. You have to be a millionaire before you’re 35, settle down and have a family by 40, and own a business by the time your 45 years old.

Who the hell comes up with this? You do what you deem fit and worthy. I can advise you that going out, seeing the world, and exploring the unknown will be one of the best things you can do. The younger you are, the better. (my opinion, ofc) You have to put in the effort. Just because you go to a new country, don’t expect the locals to flock and invite you with a warm welcome. You have to plan things out, try new cuisines, talk to the locals, date and make love to the locals, drink until you are satisfied, and live like a legend.

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