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What Do You Want? 19 Ways To Gain Full Advantage Of Life

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In life, there are two types of people — the ones that get what they want. The other doesn’t know want they want or never get what they want. Which type do you fall under?

The reason why some men (when I say men I mean humanity/woman/mankind) are able to achieve all that they desire while even more, much more never really amount to anything greater than the meal that sits in front of them.

As I always like to say, you can only be worth as much as the amount of pain and risk you take. If you despise pain and risk, then you may not get as much as those who embrace or can endure pain and risk.

So what do you want? Not sure, then have we got a treat for you. We have brainstormed 19 tactics one can implement in order to take full advantage of all the luxuries that life has to offer. BE WARN! This is a 5,144-word article so grab a cup of coffee and a comfy spot.

1) Be Selfish As F.

The first step to greatness begins with you. Once upon a time, I was a nice, compassionate, caring boy that just kept to his own business. Nothing exciting happened. I gave my time to others, did favors for them because I wanted to gain their trust, acceptance, and approval.

Over the years, I have found that it amounted to nothing. When you help others achieve their dreams, you are wasting valuable time and resource on yourself.

It wasn’t until I fully devoted all my time, energy, and resources into myself that I saw a change. There are just too many people in this world to please. The one person that should matter the most is you. Each person has an average lifespan of 77 years. That’s not long, not even a blink of an eye if you compare it to the age of the Universe.

Make your dreams for yourself. Stop focusing on and worrying about others, even if they are your own blood. They say, 85% of the things you stress about never happen. When you give your attention to others then logically you have less for yourself, which means you really don’t care about yourself.

Remember, I used to help and did numerous favors for others because I really thought I could change something and make my life meaningful. On the contrary, it was none of that. I didn’t mature or improve one bit.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s good to help others because we humans need to support one another but give 99% of your time and resource to yourself. You will see change and enhance yourself and life.

2) Learn To Educate Yourself.

How can one know what they want if they lack the knowledge or skills? Pride yourself in education. I truly believe education is the most important thing in this Universe. The mind may be the most powerful weapon in this world, but without knowledge, it may as well be a dead cat.

Education opens doors to a whole new world. One can learn a new tongue. Live another life. Experience never before tastes. And even meet the love of their life. There may only be one earth, but it does contain many worlds within itself.

You can never stop learning. The brain can hold about 100 Terabytes of information. Today’s PC holds an average of 500 GB which is about 200 times less. 100 Terabytes is fricken huge. To give you a perspective, a 3 minutes audio is about 4mb while a 1080P, 2-hour movie is 2GB (if you compress the space). So don’t worry, even if you lived until the age of 500, you will never fill your brain.

If it weren’t for education, then technology, advancement, innovation, comfort, and a better tomorrow wouldn’t exist. Lack of education. Do you know how catastrophic the lack of education can be? Wars, famine, death, and foolishness are the root caused by lack of education.

If we compare the wealthiest nations to the poorest; do you see how education plays a critical role if not the only role? Education means wiser people, government, and an intelligent young generation.

So, one of the ways for you to know what you want is to study, research, and learn about it. Maybe owning a lambo will make you happy, maybe it won’t. Maybe having a gorgeous partner will make everything right, maybe it won’t. With education, you will know the answer.

Education is the most valuable thing in the universe. You can always measure one’s wealth based on their education level. You want the finer things or even the best things in life, then educate thyself.

3) Work Like A Slave.

If you want a bike, then it isn’t going to take much effort. Now, if you want an empire, then it’s going to take every ounce of will, power, and life from you. The greater the want, the greater the effort.

If we look at the most influential figures and the top 1% of this world, do you notice a common trait? They all work like mad slaves. Movie stars, athletes, entertainers, CEOs, and the likes put in a ridiculous amount of time. That is why they are ahead of their competition.

The best and greatest things in life require time. Take a Toyota and compare it to a Ferrari. Not only is the price but the amount of time it takes to produce is as comparable as day to night.

Telling you won’t mean squat. You need to apply. Men who get want they want don’t think or talk about it. They get up and execute because they know that actions speak while words wither away to nothingness.

Let’s take your partner for example. How long did it take to develop such trust and bond? Weeks, months, even years? And you really wanted them, right? The same principle applies to materialistic or even non-tangible things.

The most beautiful flowers require precise time, water, sunlight, and care. How much care and beauty does your desires need? Well, that is for you to decide.

As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort for it, then what is stopping you? It is only natural for one to achieve their desires as long as they put in the time and never stop working towards it. If you don’t believe me, then the next time you meet a wealthy person, ask them how many hours a week they work and how for how many years?

4) Take Huge Risk.

Your wants are directly proportionate to the risk that is required. Therefore the higher the risk, the higher the reward. But don’t get to cocky. The fall can be just as high as the risk itself.

Companies take risk every day. Some fail epically like my previous one, while others become gigantic corporations. Of course, other factors come into play.

Life itself is a risk. If you don’t try new things, then you will never learn. If we humans never took risk, then America wouldn’t be here as well as billions of other things.

Risk involves failure which is view as an ominous thing. If it is bad then humans don’t want anything to do with it. Men strive for comfort and the path of least resistance and pain. Therefore, risk is not for the weak of hearts, yet one will never obtain his desires without such traits.

There are small risk and huge risk. Work your way up so that you can experience the levels of difficulty. Don’t be a fool and throw all your earning or efforts if you’ve never risked anything. Risk is like gambling, except gambling involves money. Not all risk involves money.

5) Love What You Do.

It just doesn’t make any logical sense. How can one work towards something if one doesn’t love what they do? It happens every day and that’s why most men never get the one thing they long for.

If we compare two men, both working towards the same dream. Let’s say that dream is to own a mansion. They both have the same job yet one of them absolutely loves what he does while the other hates it with a passion. Now, between these two, which do you think will achieve his wants faster and more efficiently.

Most likely the one that is passionate about his job. Such is not always the case but Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates just to name a few love what they do. I’m just saying!

The thing is, if you hate where you work or what you do, it’s probably because you are doing it for the money. You need to pay the bills and provide for yourself or family. Sometimes working for passion isn’t going to cut it. However, not all wants require money. Some require mental, physical like working out, and maybe even spiritual wants.

For example, I really do want to achieve enlightenment (by meditating). This doesn’t require any amount of money, yet requires a vast amount of time as well as the utmost patience and a godlike mindset. As you can see, it is no simple task, and most will never achieve such an amazing feat.

Day in day out, for years and maybe even a lifetime to come. The chances of you achieving your wants will be substantially greater if you enjoy and love what you do vs. not. Even the greatest minds will tell you that. You will break, sooner or later. All men must fall before they can rise!

6) Believe In Yourself 100%.

Like #1, the first step to greatness has a start and a beginning. That start is no other than you. I will say this without hesitation that throughout history and life as a whole; men who achieve greatness and get exactly what they want is because they believe in themselves.

The first emperor of China (largest kingdom since the time of dawn), how much self-belief do you think he was required to possess? All 100% of it. It may take only 1 thing or 10,000 things to get what you want. Make self-belief the top 2. As for number 1, well, that’s for you to decide since everyone is different.

With self-belief, you develop other skills naturally. Self-belief isn’t just one trait; it forces one to confront and explore oneself. You will discover your weaknesses and strengths.

In this life, it doesn’t matter if the whole world doesn’t believe in you, why? You just need one important person to believe in you, and that very person is you. Let’s say for a moment that all 7.1 billion people believe in you; however, you don’t. Do you see my point here?

Never doubt yourself. There will be times or countless times when you will meet challenges and obstacles that seem impossible to conquer. Just take the word impossible and make it 2 words. There you have it.

You are the most important person in this universe. There will be no one like you. We all have our own books to write. Make yours unique and worth reading. Believe not in the impossible, but thyself for all things are possible with you.

7) Never Give Up.

It is in men and the nature of life to live as comfortably as possible. Even elements and energy choose this route. Like I said, what causes suffering is bad and what causes comfort is what many lend toward to.

Without pain or suffering, one can not grow. Even nations must go through such things in order to better themselves. Rwanda is one of the prime examples, as well as America. Is it not that those who suffer the most are the ones that grow the most? I may be wrong, but history and my personal experiences prove otherwise!

Everyone tells us never to say “never,” yet do you want to listen and be like everyone? Give up is one of foulest words but if we add never in front of it; it becomes one of the most authoritative words. Giving up only takes 1/2 a nanosecond while never giving up takes a whole lifetime.

It takes years or even centuries to build something worthwhile but only a moment to knock it down. Giving up is just like that. Many falter not because they want to give up, it’s merely due to the time. There will be 10,000’s if not 10 billion things that will make you want to give up. How long can you endure such adversities?

What always helps me is that I say the words “never give up” out loud and in my mind. It gives me absolute strength to know that the weak give up because it is easy, only takes a moment without any thought. However, I am strong therefore I will never ever give up!

If you always give up, then you will never get what you want. Simple as 1, 2, 3. However, if you cling on and keep pushing, then there will be a time when your dreams will become a reality. How much does that dream mean to you? If giving up on it is an option, then your dreams aren’t really that important.

8) Meditate To Master Your Mind.

Life isn’t about controlling the body. It’s about mastering the mind. When we are truly able to master our minds, then we can control our lives without fault. It’s not easy; you can believe me when I say that. Many think that this world is all physical, it’s not. Actually, it may be far from physical, but that’s for another story.

Not only can meditation aid you in your quest to achieving your desires but it may alter it completely. I’ve always wanted to help the poor and educate the less fortunate. It gave me sense and a purpose, but I honestly didn’t know why. Meditation took that to a new level.

When I help others, not only am I benefiting them but humanity as a whole. As I said before, education is the greatest power in this Universe. If everyone can have some kind of education, then this world and the thousands of futures that lie ahead of us will be ever so wonderful. Meditation has amazing powers, don’t underestimate it. Learn how to meditate here.

What you want is physical or mental? Let’s just say physical for the time being. When you practice meditation, you come to realize that humans are attached to the material world, physically! Coincide? I think not! We know only what we see and fear what we can not. And what do we see? A physical and tangible world.

Don’t be fooled because sight is only 1 of the many, not 5 senses that we humans possess. Discover yourself, discover what this universe is really made of. Then maybe, just maybe you won’t want “that” thing anymore. Meditation radically transformed my life. I truly have to say, if I hadn’t discovered its gift, then who knows where I would be today.

9) Work On Yourself.

People want cars, luxurious houses, the most expensive champagne, and all the sins that this world can give, yet we forget the most precious thing, us! We slave 10,000’s of hours of work and endure through years of $#!t so we can buy things that make us “happy,” supposedly.

Oh, I was one of those people. Even billionaires and the most influential figures fall to this demon. What I am talking about is your body. The human body is consist of 3 things — the body, mind, and soul. It’s a stair that leads from one thing to another. You can’t master the mind unless you can control the body.

Look at Shaolin monks and even monks in general. Are they fat, overweight, look unhealthy, worn out, and so forth? No, because they take care of themselves. They are vegetarians and practice a healthy lifestyle without stress, fear, worry, or harming their body.

Anyone can do it. Most aren’t willing to because it requires time. *Psst. I’ll let you on a secret if you live healthily and take care of your mind and body then you will live longer, like 10-30 years more. Oh yeah, it’s been backed by studies and research.

If you have 30 minutes to check your facebook and IG then you definitely have 30 minutes to meditate, work out, or work on yourself. I always say the best time is self-time. What the hell does checking FB or IG do, absolutely nothing. If you want change, then you have to set an example.

If you want to lose weight, look sexy, or get stronger, but all you do is talk, then that is all you will be. No one can help you but yourself. Even God helps those who help themselves.

Work on yourself, maybe that is what you really want, yet you truly don’t know because you have never done it before. Try, just give it a go and see if that was what you have been looking for all along.

10) Appreciate What You Don’t Have.

We all want something, but no one wants cancer, blindness, a missing limb, or disabilities. Have you ever just woke up and was thankful because you don’t have those disabilities? Try it, and see how your day starts. As opposed to complaining about your back pain or how the bacon and eggs weren’t to your liking.

15% of humans have some form of disabilities. I wonder out of the other 85%, how many are appreciative that they don’t have such disabilities? You can always take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one, with the right mindset. For just a moment, try not to want anything. After all, if you don’t want anything, then you have everything!

Every day I thank The Maker that I am well, alive, strong, full of youth, energy, and that the sun is still shining even if Earth is covered in darkness. I don’t need more physical things because I have the two greatest things that I want, myself and life!

This took almost 26 years to realize. Coming from a guy who used to despise everything about himself, including my own existence! Today, I wouldn’t trade my life for anyones. I’ve found the most valuable treasure, and it’s right here.

11) Be Content With Life.

Health, a loving family, a job, or even one friend, then that is all you really need. You have everything worth having in life, but knowing the weakness of men. Some will never be satisfied no matter how much they are filled. More things mean more problems. Don’t burden yourself with such uselessness. All you do is cause more misery and suffering to yourself.

You will never achieve true happiness. If you live with a mentality of always wanting, then you will never be filled. And when you are not filled, you will not be satisfied.

Life has everything we could want. Fresh air, warm weather, beautiful nature, adorable animals, tasty food, clear water, and pretty much everything to make one yearn for another tomorrow.

If you still want that mansion or super expensive car, then go for it. But once you own it, do you think it can give you happiness or is your imagination playing games with you. One man’s treasure can be another man’s trash. Life itself, is that not the greatest gift one can ask for?

12) Endure Pain And Discomfort.

Most people want materialistic things. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but how many are willing to go to through hell and back for it? Not many.

All men want to go to heaven yet no one wants to die. – Albert King

So you want something but aren’t willing to do what is required to achieve it. Well, there’s the problem.I guess you really don’t want to go to Heaven because you don’t want to die.

Eric Thomas, if you don’t know who he is, you will now. He grew up in Detroit, MI. A bad, nasty, wicked place. He and his friends all wanted to be rich and successful. Fast forward 20 years, he’s homeless. For 2 years he had no friends or family to support him. It was a dog eat dog world for him. Did he endure pain? You bet the F%$# he did! Anyways, he along with many other men says that everyone wants to be rich, and have expensive things yet only 1-5% are willing to put in the time and pain require for such things. How bad do you want it? Hold your breath as long as you can. The very last second, is that breath not the greatest and only thing you want! Make all your wants and dreams like so. If you aren’t willing to F$%&ing die for your beliefs or wants, then I guess you really don’t want it that bad.

We want too much, that is in our nature. What is also in our nature is to receive it without pain, or effort. Pain is temporary, just like life itself. Getting what you want can be eternal, yet you won’t sacrifice the temporary pain that it causes. So do you see why most of us never get what we truly so desire?

13) Change Your Mindset.

Garren Jones, if you don’t know who he is, you will now. His story doesn’t differ much from Eric Thomas, but it’s a little more tragic. Growing up, he never had much, and his relationship with his family wasn’t the greatest. Fast forward, he’s now 17 years old. He’s making a delivery. The package, unknown yet the job pays well. That day he got arrested and spend a couple of years in jail. During that time he read billions of books. Today he is a changed man and his greatest quote, “As long as you love what you are doing, then you are free.” He’s always wanted to be a superhero due to his childhood, so he always carried that to mind. Today he helps the less fortunate achieve their dreams and to make a world a better place.

What can we learn from these tragic stories? Pain and misery are not bad it may be the only thing that can change some people. The other is that we have to look at things differently.

Garren Jones was sent to prison for delivering a package! It could have been pizza, but of course, it was drugs, but he didn’t know that. However, that didn’t stop him from not learning and instead of being a total reject straight out of prison; he educated himself, became successful, and a known figure to the motivational community.

Just because life kicks and throws you down, it doesn’t mean you have to stay down. For men to rise, we first my fall! We must change our mindsets. Garren read so many books and studied in prison. He could have slept all day or do absolutely nothing. And he said he didn’t regret his past life. Do you know why? Because he is living his life with no regrets and he shall surely die without regrets.

14) Think Long Term.

If you want it now, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the best things in life are worth waiting for. Raising a family takes time and much-needed effort. Most of us truly want to start a family. It’s a big goal and commitment. But don’t just think long term based on relationships and human values.

If you want a cruise ship, then you have to be willing to understand that it may take 50 years or even 70 years to get it. Do you think Jeff Bezos thought that he was going to be the wealthiest man in the world? No, especially in 2000 when Amazon stocks took a massive crap, but he held on, and now he’s the wealthiest mother phuker. He’s 54 and started Amazon 24 years ago. Can you endure 1/2 of your life for something truly worthwhile? How about 3/4 of your life? How about 4/4 of your life?

In fact, somethings may never be achieved or obtainable in one lifetime which means we must pass it to our children or the next generation. My purpose is the perfect example. (To educate everyone on this earth.) I truly believe that your wants have to be meaningful and valuable if you are willing to endure through decades or even a century.

60-70 years, that’s quite enough to fulfill your desires and live a life that you deem worthy? Is it not? Then what’s halting you from getting what you want? There’s always a tomorrow. Don’t let a few slip-ups or even one huge failure stop you. We may only have one life and one body, however, we have an unlimited chance to do and have what we want.

15) Set Goals Or Purpose.

When we set goals, it gives us something to strive for, to do. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we will achieve it. A goal is merely something we set for ourselves, one which gives us meaning and purpose.

Just like bettering yourself, setting goals will unlock new experiences. You can expect to develop discipline because a goal without discipline will be quite hard to achieve. You have to focus and put all your efforts into achieving your goals.

You may gain intelligence because you need to use whatever means necessary to achieve it. But most importantly, your wants. You set goals. Thus you want to achieve it. So when you do, you not only achieve your wants but you also obtain it. Killing 20 birds with one pebble.

If you don’t really know what you want, then set a goal for yourself, a pretty big one. It could be to run 25 mph, bench-press 400 pounds, marry your next door neighbor, or even start a big company. That’s the easy part.

Now you must work day and night, years after years until that one goal has been completed. Over time, you may feel as if this is the want that you have been searching for. Goals give us a purpose. Therefore, a purpose can very well be a want.

16) Be Wise About It.

What do you want? World peace or to speak another tongue? The first is a hopeless illusion while the second can be very doable! Hasn’t everyone tried to achieve world peace? Well, where are they now? All dead. Learning a 2nd language takes time and effort. If you have a tongue, then you are good to go.

Some things can never be obtainable in this world. As a human, we are insignificant to the Universe as a whole; therefore we must do what we can to make it mean something to as, as an individual.

Is it better to want something gigantic like world peace yet never actually having the chance to have it or is it better to want something like a daughter and actually being able to make it happen?

Small steps, little by little each day, produce a grand journey. Is it better to have many achievable wants or a very few difficult wants? If the latter then be prepared to work like a slave, face hell many times over, and get used to disappointments.

You know your wants better than mine. Be wise and use calculated measures to determine how achievable it is. A foolish man will never get as far as a slow and wise man.

17) Visualize And Dream About It Every Moment.

Visualization is not only powerful but super effective. I mean, sight is one of humanity’s greatest gift. We judge basically everything off appearances. Visualization works due to repetition.

Actually, 65% of us are visual learners. That is why youtube and movies make the big bucks. When you take an image and blast it into someone’s eye socket 1 million or even billion times a day, I’m pretty sure they get ” the picture,” after getting a headache.

When you think about your wants every single moment, every day, it eventually becomes the only thing you care about. Not only that, it is a constant reminder of what you want. If you visualize it every day then how can you forget about it?

Just like thinking about it which works just as effective as visualizing it, you are feeding your brain with images which uses a different part of the brain as opposed to thoughts. The effect is still the same. You wire yourself to become or accomplish that of what you visualize.

Want to make it even more potent? Combine visualization with feelings. I want to bench press 300 pounds eventually. Not only must I visualize such feat but I must feel the power and accomplishment that it gives as well.

18) Plan The Steps.

You want something, so what are the things or requirements for it? Do you need to make a strategic plan and carefully assets each point? If it’s something of value and has meaning then you better.

Producing a movie, baking a cake, putting together a car, and so on, all require a plan or some type of list. It ensures a more accurate production, fewer mistakes, and if you ever forget something, then all you need to do is look at the guide. If you don’t have one, oh well, you’re SOL.

It’s not a must but it ought to be. It would be wise to plan out what you want and keep it in a visible area. Check off each part that you’ve done, and eventually, you will get what you want. With so much going around life, you can bet that you will forget at least one important step to your wants. Just make a plan, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can even say that having a plan is like visualization but in the form of words. It is structured and provides a visual form. Anything to help you get what you want in life is better than nothing at all.

19) Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure.

There are trillions of things, people, and wants in this world. If you can’t have thing number 1, then go for thing number 2 and so on. Just because you failed to obtain your desires doesn’t mean you should give up.

Maybe what you really want isn’t really what you wanted? There’s always another way and another option. And who knows, there could be a chance that the other option was more to your liking than the previous one.

There’s so much to do, see, and experience on this earth. One fail or even 10,000 failure shouldn’t stop you. Failing is a part of life if it weren’t then we humans would not grow or learn from our mistakes. Failing is actually our friend. It tells us what we did wrong. It may not tell us of a solution, but it sure does give us some tips.

It is normal to fail, we all fail at one put or another. Just try not to fail over and over to where it drains you physically, mentality, and financially.

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