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what happens if you don't brush your teeth

What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth? Well, You Should!

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So you really want to know what happens when you don’t brush your teeth? Trust me; you don’t! A healthy smile is one of the most sought after feature in human beings. One who can smile without any inhibitions comes off as a positive, confident, sure about their life, and exudes happiness. In order for you to be able to show to the world your perfect smile, the maintenance of oral hygiene is a must.

It is incumbent upon you to maintain the health of your teeth and the mouth. With enough care, you shall avoid the build-up of discoloration and stains as well. Brushing your teeth along with good oral hygiene is essential to living healthy. Don’t forget diet also plays a huge role! Through the medium of this article, we shall discuss the importance of good oral health.

Makes You Likeable

what happens if you don't brush your teethHaving good oral hygiene shall allow you to smile more often, thereby coming across to people as attractive. When you pass your smiling face to someone, they are naturally drawn towards you. This can help you enhance your sociability and acceptability manifold. Since people shall feel much more comfortable around you due to your positive vibes, it will enable you to strengthen relationships with family and friends easily.

Besides helping you personally, smiling will also aid you professionally. Be it your superiors, juniors or even the clients; they shall feel much more amicable to you, allowing you to win their trust. It is essential to express positivity around for your own benefit. Trying to hold back your happy face just for the sake of bad oral health will affect you negatively. Thus, taking adequate care of oral health shall help you win the trust people and coworkers alike and boost confidence to new heights.

Boost The Immune System

what happens when you don't brush your teethThe immune system is the defense that the body puts up against infections and makes the body stronger within. You need your immunity at a well-functioning level in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good oral health helps achieve exactly that. The more you smile and laugh, more you feel content. This enables the body to get a boost in the strength of the immune system. Besides, a happy person is also likely to avoid contracting brain ailments than those who remain under stress, anxiety, and depression.

The world has seen an increase in the relevance of laughter therapy and sessions. The reason behind this lies in the importance of embracing every situation with a positive approach. Thus, bring about an overhaul in your immune system for the better by smiling more often and maintaining good oral hygiene. Dr. Steven Lin explains in detailed why good oral health leads to a good and healthy body.

Improves the Heart Health

brush your teethGum disease, also known as Periodontitis, has a link to an increased risk of heart diseases, according to this article. Apart from this, poor oral health increases the build-up and incidence of bacterial function in the blood. The blood shall thicken as a result and form clots. Such clots will block the flow of oxygen and proteins in the blood, thereby causing a heart attack in severe cases. This shows the necessity of the maintenance of your oral hygiene when it comes to the protection of heart health.

Having a beautiful set of teeth shall motivate you to smile and laugh more often. This shall further promote your quest of managing the blood pressure to the optimum levels. Hence, it is imperative to inculcate the habit of brushing your teeth twice in a day to bolster the health of the teeth. Also, make sure you floss daily, visit your dentist for an appointment once in at least six months. You must also use an effective mouthwash for the proper cleansing of the mouth.

Reduces the risk of Cancer

why is it important to brush your teethAs per the findings of a study, the bacteria in the mouth that causes gum diseases can play a role in the onset of pancreatic cancer in the body. This calls for one to take extra care of their teeth and gums and ensure they remain clean. Apart from pancreatic cancer, other kinds of cancer that gum diseases can lead to include breast cancer, lung cancer, and esophageal cancer. According to this article, research was conducted to find the effects of gum diseases on about 65,000 women. These women were between the ages of 54 and 86. It was found that women with gum diseases were 14% more likely to contract cancer than a healthy woman.

The process of digestion is both good and bad for oral health. Make sure you properly chew the food you eat, however, avoid excessive stimulation of the teeth as well.

Do It For Your Baby

benefits of brushing teethFor a pregnant woman, the health and the welfare of the baby are of the utmost importance. While what you eat and how much you exercise is necessary, it is also imperative to maintain good oral hygiene during the phase of pregnancy. It so happens that due to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy, the likeliness of the happening of gum diseases increase. This can further affect the proper growth of the baby. Hence, maintain a radiant smile by keeping in touch with your dentist all through the pregnancy and keeping the mouth clean regularly.

With the transformation in technology, dental equipment has seen a lot of improvement. One of the highly efficient of them is quicktrach. It enables the process of percutaneous cricothyrotomy by needle precision in infant, children, and adults.

Good Habit

Why do you eat meat every day? Why do you drink soda’s every day? Why do you brush your teeth every day? Daily actions maketh a habit, whether good or bad. So if you stick to brushing your teeth after each meal or at least every day, then what do you have to worry about? You’ve done it since adolescent (I hope), why stop now? If you can set up a schedule that would be grand. For me, I like to brush my teeth just after dinner. That why I get to clean the dishes and brush my teeth. Saves me time and walking slowly after each meal can help with digestion.

Get in the habit of brushing your teeth 1 hour after each meal or at least before bed. Do not sleep with a dirty mouth! You’re more likely to create gum diseases and can lead to tooth decay, oh hells no. So do your family and co-workers a favor, brush yo god dang teeth before bed. Ain’t nobody got time for yo stinky azz breath!

Don’t Eat Or Drink This

Ok, so there’s food and drinks that are quite harmful to your teeth, obviously fizzy drinks. It’s ok to drink soda, beer, and sugary drinks if you want, but how often do people brush their teeth right after drinking them? A very few!

Here’s a list of drinks and foods you should stay away from or at least minimize consumption. If you do have to eat or drink these happy feeling foods/drinks, then try to brush your teeth right afterward.

  • Sweets
  • Chips
  • Acidic foods
  • Wheat/grain
  • Energy drinks
  • Protein bar/granola
  • Alcohol
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Ice

Yeah, I know. Life sucks. Can’t do this, can’t eat this, can’t say this, and so on. It doesn’t mean you have to eliminate such things. Just minimize it or brush your teeth every night. Two minutes is all it takes. Come one; it takes at least 5 minutes for me to drop a bomb. Quite nasty but some people do both at once!

As you know, health is wealth. How much you take care of your oral health has a direct bearing on the overall health of the body. This makes it significant for us to understand the importance of good oral health and make endeavors in effect for that. So these reasons are exactly the oppposite of what happens when you don’t brush your teeth. You still got what you came for, right?

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