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what is the meaning of life

What Is The Meaning Of Life? You Must Forge Your Own Destiny

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The meaning of life is entirely dependable on the individual.

But as a whole: it is to reproduce, live, die, and repeat in an endless cycle of birth and death.

The meaning to life can be anything you want it to be because there is no right, wrong, good, or bad answers.

It is for you to decide how you will live and give meaning and purpose to that question.

What Is The Meaning Of Life? You Must Forge Your Own Destiny

what is the meaning of life

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What is the meaning of life is without hesitation the most ponder and asked question since the beginning of time and creation. I am 100% positive without any hesitation that we have all ask that question at one point in our life or another. It yields almost 700,000,000 results on google!

Obvious it sparks interest and is a heavily debated and spoken topic. Let’s be real for a moment. No amount of facts, evidence, science, history, experience, and so on can truly tell us what is the meaning of life.


Well to be quite frank, the meaning of life is subjective on the individual and EVERYONE’S meaning in life is different.

I regrettably have to inform to you the meaning of life is not all sweet and cute for all of us. Some of us have no meaning, others are born just to die, while a few make a meaning for themselves, but generally as a whole: I believe the meaning of life is just to exist or live.

Sometimes when we ask to much questions and ponder about the things we don’t know, it only makes it worse and creates more confusion and frustration. 

Jaggi Vasudev is an incredible Indian guru who teaches and deals with these kinds of question. The above sentence was actually utter by him. He is inspirational, knowledgeable, and a great mentor.

In this guide we will go over the three main topics about what is the meaning of life.

  1. What is your purpose for living
  2. What is life as a whole
  3. You are the creator of your world

We want to explain to you life’s meaning in a simple and effective manner. Too much information can sometimes be more harmful than a little bit of information. These 3 topics will help you achieve a clearer and deeper understanding to the question that we all ask, what is the meaning of life.

1. What Is Your Purpose For Living

1.1 Work

what is the meaning of life
*Statistic of full-time workers

This chart from statista shows us that 130 million people work or about 39.7% of people work full-time base on the US population of 327 million (2018).

what is lifeThis chart from shows us that on average 6-7 million people are jobless. That’s really good. So what about the rest?

The chart isn’t perfect. You have to account for aliens, people who don’t report income, part-time workers, and the likes. What the hell does this have to do with the meaning of life?

Working is a part of life and is a necessity.

Even the universe is at work 24/7, it never stops expanding or accelerating.  New stars are being created while old ones are dying, planets collide and destroy each other while new ones are being form, etc.

If you want progress, technology, advancement then working is not an option but mandatory.

Whatever god you believe in, doesn’t he/she also work?

1.2 Raising a Family?

If you are religious then it doesn’t really matter because your religion will tell you what your purpose in life is anyways, according to that specific religion. But for those who are lost, confuse, nonreligious then maybe some of these explanations will ease your mind. Your purpose for living like the most of us is probably to raise a family and just live your life accordingly.

meaning of life
*Most of us are content with having a family, but what does that mean?

That’s the sad truth for 95% of us, if we are lucky and not killed or other misfortunes happen to us either cause by nature, humans, accident, or like such. It’s not wrong because we humans and all species on earth have been doing that since our existence. However, the few, those who know what they want in life have a direct sense and direction.

1.3 Motivation Will Drive You to Your Purpose

You need to have motivation to pursue your desires and live the way you want. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have already enter the space race. Their purpose in life is to prepare humanity for the space era with the help of many. A great purpose that not only benefits them but humanity as a whole.

A purpose that benefits mankind is the ultimate purpose to live for.

Because whether you believe it or not, space is the next frontier and final one (for a very long time).

Monks live a very simple life compare to those who work 24/7. (Unless they are the shaolin monks) They strive to reach enlightenment. Although that requires years of practice and meditation and changing ones mind, body, and spirit.

They believe in reincarnation and that past actions affect your present and future so basically immortality. Mediation can really relax you and assist you to find what you ware looking for in this life.

Ever since I started practicing meditation everyday, it has worked wonders. It took me 26 years to find my purpose in life. I seriously didn’t expect that. And what is that since I know you’re curious.

Well, it's the ultimate purpose. To help and serve humanity. Why?

Because there are so many who need guidance, truth, and direction in their life and it’s just my passion, I love what I do. That is why I became I writer, to spread knowledge and empower the misguided.

What is your purpose in life?

I can not tell you but some advice could be to invent new things, help out the poor, teach kids, become a police to protect your community, just live your life and do your time, travel the world and explore new foods and culture, and all the likes.

Key Take Away
Your purpose may spontaneously come to you like it did to me or you have to find it. No one has the same story, that’s what makes living so amazing!

2. What Is Life As a Whole 

2.1 Reproduce

Woman are biologically engineered to have babies. And sex is natural and we all crave it daily or weekly. There is an estimate that at any given moment about 15,000 people are having sex and if you type “how many people are having sex right now” on google, you get over 1.6 BILLION results!  This just proves that sex is definitely part of life. Animals and other species do it.

 Reproduction is actually one of the main purpose of life as a whole. 

Think about it, 3-4 billion years ago there was no life on earth. Slowly life evolve and new animals and species started to arise. Today humans are the master of this earth but we co-exist with millions of other species of animals.

This universe is infinite, the chances of life on other planets is more probable than not. So what does that mean? It means they colonize and expanded and reproduce.

2.2 Maybe There Is No Meaning?

is there life outside earth
*Maybe we are just pawns to their master plan.

If you’re a geek like me that is always studying and researching you may have stumble upon the dark side of the internet. Here are some conspiracy theories that really fascinated me and if you believe in them then the meaning of what is the meaning of life is pointless because it is not about you anymore but whoever or whatever is out there.

  1. We could be living in a simulation like the matrix. Computers today are so powerful that it is possible to create a game where the player has free will and can do anything like us humans. The world can resemble ours so why can’t this be possible? 

  2. Aliens are using and controlling us for energy and/or food. Aliens have been talked about since ancient times. Do you really believe that we are alone in this universe? I surely do not. If they do exist why is it that they don’t come in contact with us publicly? Maybe there is something going on behind the scene that we are not suppose to know because we are pawns to their grand master plan. 

  3. We are living in a hologram or an illusion. Did you know humans are 99% empty space and that if we remove all the empty space of the entire human population, we would be the size of an apple but an extremely heavy apple.

  4. Anunnakis created us to mine gold for their home planet  because their ozone layer were depleting and they are the creators of humans. They have given us free will and we humans resemble them. (This is the one that interest me the most because of the Sumerians and tablets that have proof about their existence. Also if you watch the 5th element it ties closely with the Anunnakis)

  5. Lizard people aka “Reptilians” are running the World. People have made memes and parodies on this. Reptilians were once the master race (and master still are secretly) of this earth and they are controlling us from behind the scenes until there time to come out is right. They evolve over many years to be able to live underground and have lived there for 1,000’s of years if not 100,000’s+.  

There so numerous crazy and ridiculous theories out there but I believe these actually have some sensibility and credibility to them. Even if one of these conspiracies were true and let’s say it was 100% true. It still doesn’t change much because as far as we know, life has been normal for the average American or 1st world countries since the dawn of mankind.

2.3 Infinite Opportunities, One Life

it is about the journey

We still have to work and take care of our family and so forth. The universe is vast and endless but human life is not. We can only do so much in a very short period of time.

Do you really want to waste your life just existing until death knocks?

Or will you embrace change and make this life the best damn life ever? So far we humans have not even left their home planet yet. The human race is only about 300,000 years old. 

That’s super young compare to planets, stars, and life itself. When life started on earth and probably any other planet, it was a single cell.  Over many years it slowly either adapted or mutated to where it multiple to create other species.

All life on this Earth goes back to a single cell organism.

Yes, we were once just a super micro tiny cell. How ****ing cool is that. (unless you are religious then all the power to you). You can even arguably say that fire and water is life because they are the basic components to make and form life.

2.4 The Lucky Few and Unlucky Many

Cows, pigs, chicken, fishes, etc.

a pets life
*Life can be cruel yet that is life. How ironic.

What do they have in common? Humans consume them on a large scale. Image if you were animals, and yes animals do have a conscience, a normal life, and they are fully aware of their surrounds.

Can you image living your whole life in a field or worse a cage? The farmers inject you with massive amounts of steroids, hormones, and chemicals. Then the only thing you can do is wait to be slaughter and you’re dinner.

These animals have no saying and no control over their lives. What a horrible way to live and what’s their purpose in life? Food for humans?

Maybe, maybe not. The lesson here is that you have free choice and will. You are not caged and can live anywhere and do what you want. You lack purpose, therefore, you live in your comfort zone waiting for a miracle to happen.

Do you think these animals ever got the chance to have a miracle happen to them? Take a look at this list of top 30 animals that have the sh***iest life.

Please don’t make me bring up sex trade, poverty, crime, drugs, murder, rape, etc.

That happens on a daily basis and most of us in the 1st world country are super fortunate to never experience that first hand.

15% of people world wide have some form of physical or mental disability, 15%!

Maybe appreciating and being grateful for having a good life is better than knowing the meaning to life?

Unless you are one of those animals or victim, stop complaining, feeling sorry for yourself, making excuses, and start living your life to the fullest. Life gave you a rare opportunity to live. The chances of you being born is 0% or 1 in 400 trillion. Let that sink in for a minute or a lifetime.

Key Take Away
The meaning of life as a whole is to multiple, expand, destroy, and reproduce. An endless cycle of repetition.

3. You Are The Creator

3.1 Me, Myself, and I

what is life
*Do you know where you’re going?

It’s about you and you only. Yes, this time you get to be extremely selfish and self-center. You could have been born into a poverty stricken family, a filthy rich one, one fill with drugs and violence, and so on. However, I believe most of you (the reader) were born into a normal society or living in a normal society without all those issues listed above, therefore we all so much luckier than many others.

Don’t let such a golden opportunity go to waste. It’s how you choose to live, learn, and grow as an individual is all that matter.

3.2 How You Can Find Your Reason and Meaning

Allow me to share you my story. I was adopted at the age of 6, my biological mother didn’t even graduate 9th grade and my father disown be before I took my first breath. When I arrived in America I learned the language and simulated into the culture in no time.

Early middle school was the happiest time of my life. Middle school and high-school were the dark ages. After that, I went to the Navy for 1 year and worked for my uncle.

Those were some good times and miserable times but I was missing something, something life changing and huge. There was no direction, no passion, no purpose in life. Every day I ponder my own existence as to why am I here and is there a god?

For those who think I should get right with god, well I used to be a very faithful christian and read the bible front to back at least 5 times. I study a little bit of Islam and other religions, I craved the truth.

Whatever it was, that didn't matter, just give me the absolute truth!

Religion was out of the question, I didn’t want anything to do with religion.

It wasn’t until about 1 year ago that I was just sick of it all.

I was working everyday, I had never had a girlfriend let alone kiss one, I meet horrible people who used my kindness as a weakness, I was super negative all the time, I was working just so I could eat and live, no passion no direction in my life whatsoever.

My twin brother gave me this book before that it was collecting dust for some times but one miraculous day I gave the book a try. It was called Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

Please understand that I had no intention of being rich and money never really made me happy. However, this book changed everything. I started to read other books including Awaken the Giant Within  by Tony Robins, the four hour work week and over the next year I had spent thousands of hours online and watch thousand of videos on how to be a better person, be more positive, and just enjoy life.

Presently, I do this almost on a daily basis. So that’s my short story and how it made me who I am today.

3.3 No Wrongs or Rights

*Find your purpose and meanings will come.
 Your purpose can be anything in life which is ultimately the meaning of life. 

There is no right, wrong, or even a clear answer. Life is not fair and you need to get use to that. Make the best of what you have right now so in the future you can have the best. What you need to do is find your purpose and your meaning in life will be clearer.

Start reading books, talking with mentors and more educated people than you, watch educational shows, research the internet, travel the world, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

You need to get involve and start being active in order to find your reason for living if you have not found it. Sitting in your home watching tv and going out with friends here and there is not going to open doors to anything.

Successful people and winners will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Right now, your main objective in life is to find your purpose which will lead you to YOUR meaning in life. Forget about your family, friends, coworkers, in fact just forget about everyone.

Focus on you and spend all your energy finding your purpose. We are energy, the universe is energy. The more energy you use to focus on other things, the less energy you have on yourself.

Let me give you an example. You have a BF/GF and over the many months or years that you have spent time together, you have given your energy, focus, and time to them. That eventually lead to deep trust, love, caring, and so on.

When you have found that purpose, expand and explode it. So if you like baseball, then practice it everyday then one day you can play in the big league and have adoring fans. Isn’t that life worth living?

Here are some quotes about the purpose and meaning to life. If it helps you just even a little bit then it’s worth it:

  • “Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.”
     Criss Jami
  • “You are here to make a difference, to either improve the world or worsen it. And whether or not you consciously choose to, you will accomplish one or the other.”
     Richelle E. Goodrich
  • “The greatest fear that human beings experience is not death, which is inevitable, but consideration of the distinct possibility of living a worthless life.”
     Kilroy J. Oldster
  • “Comfort has been the very reason why so many people never lived their real and true destiny though they got to a certain comfortable destination!”
    ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
  • “If your story is not inspiring you, it’s time to change it.”
    ― Isaiah Hankel
  • “Purpose is the great divider that separates those who are simply living, from those who are truly alive.”
     Alex Rogers
  • “The world needs great inspires, who will encourage every living soul to reach their highest potential. You can be one.”
     Lailah Gifty Akita

Key Take Away
“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”― Takeshi Shudo

4. Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article about what is the meaning of life. I hope you’ve learn something from this. Please share and you can even use it on your own website or social media, just credit my website.

Please leave a comment and let others know. I enjoy reading and answering every comment and want to spread happiness and positivity to others. Please support us by leaving a good star rating. (It lets Google rank us better on search engines so others like you are able to find us, Thank you!)

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