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what to do when bored

What To Do When Bored 13 Fun And Crazy Ideas To Beat Boredom

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This was my favorite and most asked question that resonated with me in my teenage years. I dare not utter these two words to my parents “I’m bored.” Believe me, every time I said that my parents would tell me, “If you’re bored then I’ll give you something to be bored about.”

Every time I said, “I’m bored.” To them, that translated to, “I would love to do chores and help out.” They literally had me cleaning the house, washing cars, cutting grass, and all the good old chores that kids used to do on a daily basis before filling their stomachs.

The year is 2018. We live in a world that demands every moment and every action from us, I’m not sure how one can be bored in today’s time.

Anyways here are 13 what to do when bored things to keep you busy and hopefully enjoy what life has to offer.

  1. Help the poor/volunteer
  2. Clean your home
  3. Read a book
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Learn a new skill/trade or hobby
  6. Exercise
  7. Start a business
  8. Make extra income
  9. Start a blog or on online passion guide
  10. Talk/visit family and friends
  11. Travel the world
  12. Work on yourself
  13. Continue working

what to do when bored

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What To Do When Bored 13 Fun And Crazy Ideas To Beat Boredom

1. Help The Poor/Volunteer

If there’s one thing that can never be depleted in this world, it’s the poor. Half of the world lives on less than $2.5 a day, and that is quite prevalent in some parts of the US.

Aiding the poor feels just and right. It makes one feel accomplished, worthy, respected, completed, and full of joy. Well, at least for me it does.

You can volunteer at churches, schools, or quite literally anywhere. No need to give money away to the homeless. Have a conversation with them, trust me it goes a long way. Humans yearn for companionship and a feeling of worthiness.

It doesn’t hurt to buy them a sandwich heck; you can even eat with them and chit chat about anything. There is always some unfortunate event that’s happening all over the world. People are killed/hurt by natural disaster or man-made disaster every single moment.

I genuinely believe and carry to heart that if one lives to serve others, then he/she has the highest purpose in life. Check out our Help the poor page/section. (No need to move away from your PC) Just google search locally within your area or church, and you will find some way to help the poor; if you actually do care.

2. Clean Your Home

You reside, eat, sleep, bathe, work, etc. here so why not make it clean and comfortable. You’re going to be here (your home) for a while so may as well make it attractive and spotless.

When I was living when my parents, Sunday was fun day. Fun day meant chores and cleaning. We (I had a big family) dusted all the furniture and wood, mop the floor, clean/wash our bed and sheets, made the bathroom spotless, vacuum every inch of the house, cut the grass, clean up around the outside of the house, and whatever my parents wanted.

Imagine open house, and you were looking for a new home, if you visited our house every Sunday night, you would have bought it before even stepping foot into the house. Cleaning wasn’t really what I call fun, but it made a home, home.

You know when you come home after a bad or exhausting day of work or whatever. The one place that should be clean and welcoming should be no other place than what you call home. Once a week may be impossible for some but at least once a month. I can’t image how bums and dirty people live in places where rats, spiders, and bugs call home.

Here are a few negative effects of living in a dirty home according to

  • Can promote confusion
  • Increase stress
  • Increase the likelihood of accidents
  • Makes one eat more
  • Destroys mental health
  • Communication skills wither over time

So if your house looks like a sleepover party for rats and spiders, then you may want to start prioritizing what to do when bored and make cleaning your home a top priority.

3. Read A Book

I’m not the type of person that believes in the impossible, yet it’s impossible to read all the books in this world. Read anything you want; it doesn’t even have to be a book. Educate your mind, open up your curiosity and wildest dreams.

Would you rather have a plain and boring imagination or a crazy and never-ending one? The best writers in the world are reading every day, their own books/stories. Writing requires such extensive time and the most vivid ideas that one can produce.

If you don’t like reading, then you are in luck because audios, podcast, and even videos on books are available online. Reading can make one smarter, but it definitely invokes the mind to a whole new level.

Reading and communication are the primary basic essentials of humankind. If anybody wants to get ahead in life, then read as much as you can. It can and will open up new doors of opportunity. If you have nothing to do then reading a book is an excellent choice.

4. Learn Another Language

Knowing a second language may or may not make one more intelligent but it can definitely make one sharper in specific skills. Researchers conducted a test, and the results concluded that bilinguals scored better test results than those who only knew one language. Obviously, you know English but let’s assume you only know English. I can put my life on the line that you have always wished to learn another language.

You don’t need to take a class or a teacher. Sure it helps, but if I was able to learn Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Spanish almost up to a semi-fluent level, then there should be no excuses for you. Yes, it does require effort, determination, and time but doesn’t everything worth having in life demand such sacrifice?

Have a few hours to spare each week from boredom, then learn a new language. It’s been 3-6 years since I’ve spoken those languages above so unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time before I forget those 3 languages in its entirety.

Knowing a 2nd language is fun and opens up new doors, opportunities, friendships, and maybe even a relationship. If I hadn’t re-learn Vietnamese, then my trip to Vietnam (to see my family) would have been incredibly awkward, boring, and it would have shown my family that I didn’t care about my roots or even worse, my family.

One can even be worth more if they know 2 or more languages. People actually admire that, especially only English speaking people plus some jobs if not many have extra salary for knowing 2 or more languages.

5. Learn A Skill/Trade or Hobby

What do humans like to do besides eat, drink, and watch TV 24/7? Hobbies, unless those are your hobbies then, by all means, go ahead. But do you like to draw, design cloth or landscaping, maybe you want to know how to use the computer like a professional, what about how to produce a small budget movie, whatever?

The point is to learn something, anything. There are millions if not billions of things you will never try or do but at least start with something. As a teenager and even a young adult; I had told myself that I was never going to be a writer or even write because that field didn’t interest me AT ALL and I was the worst writer and English student in high school. (I kid you not)

Well… it’s just amazing how life likes to play with you. And yes, writing gives me pleasure now. You’ll never know until you try, so try and experience new things/skills/trades before you turn to dust because dying is B O R I N G but living is fun!

Humans weren’t meant to work 20 hours a day. We are not machines. It’s quite unhealthy, can do more harm than good, and the vast majority of us can not focus or function on a 20 hour work day, and even if one can, one can not perform at 100% capacity.

Enjoy life, do things that make you happy every day! You do have at least one hobby or one thing that makes you happy… right? If so then who’s going to stop you from doing it all day and night on your own time?

6. Exercise

It truly amazes me how humanity as a whole doesn’t care about their image. Obesity is only going to get worse, even 2nd and 3rd world nations are affected by this disease. Junk food, procrastination, laziness, excuses, self-pity, and the likes are so simple to give in.

People want this and that, but they aren’t willing to do what it takes to achieve it. It’s so easy to have a sexy and fit body. You want to know what the real problem is.

You let the media, your lifestyle, advertisement, and everyday things brainwash you, yet you have no idea, do you? Behind every happy meal at McDonald is the innocent blood of billions of cows and chickens being slaughter without mercy or care.  Maybe you don’t care about cows or chickens, but you eat garbage and wonder why your body is the way it is.

20 minutes (intense if possible), 3-4 times a week (5-7 times is even better), eat healthy and drink a crap ton of water every day to lose weight and get in shape. Exercising has way too many benefits (100 actually) and is an excellent excuse if you’re bored.

7. Start A Business

This one is my favorite. As a single, childless, young adult that works from home, what better way than to start a business, or if you have spare (bore) time.

Start a business, any business for that matter. Time is money, and there is nothing more valuable than time. (education too) Assuming you get bored for 1 hour a day, which is 30 hours a month. In one year you would have put 365 hours into your business.

I don’t know about you but 365 hours VS 0 hours is still 1,000,000,000% better. You get the point I’m trying to make. Who knows, you may become the next Jeff Bezos; you won’t know until you try. I currently have 3 businesses, and the average millionaire has 7 different sources of income. So if you want to be rich, then you must put in the hours require and then some.

8. Make Extra Income

Starting a business doesn’t mean you’re going to make money, at least not immediately but here are ways you can earn cash today. 

  • Pass Out Flyers/Business Cards
  • Pressure Washing
  • Cut Grass or Become a Gardener
  • Sell Snacks or Drinks On The Street
  • Rent Your Room/Car
  • Drive For Amazon Flex
  • Freelance
  • Cut People’s Hair
  • Hold Signs

Of course, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want too, but you did search for what to do when bored, so you’re welcome. There are many ways to make income whether it is immediately or not. Making money when you have spare time sure beats a beer and cigar (sometimes).

9. Start A Blog Or Online Guide

Easy Life Journey is more than just a blog, but nonetheless a blog. If you’re a vegan, super fit, animal lover, know how to pick up girls, build cars, and so on then write about it online. It could be a public memoir, and you can make a nice income from it but passion before papers.

There are 10,000’s if not 100,000’s of people who write about their passion and post it online. The Internet is widely opened and free today, mostly. It is so easy to make a website, in fact, youtube and google have tutorials for just about everything and what’s even better is that 99% of all these things you can learn on your own.

I’m not saying you will get 1,000’s of visitors a day even though that’s super possible but starting a blog or something you’re passionate about online is really fun, and this is a great way to help others, indirectly.

10. Talk To/Visit Family And Friends

After some time or even a year of not hearing someone’s voice who you used to hear on a daily basis can sound a bit soothing and all so familiar. There’s no better time to catch up on lost adventures and wild stories than when boredom strikes. I think that sounds more positive than negative?

If my friends or any family members called me then surely I will spare some time for them. However, those occasions are rare occurrences since everyone is in tune with their own lives. Text, email, send messages, facebook, tweet, post on their Instagram. Let them know Y’all ain’t dead or something like that.

If you ain’t got family, then you better get friends, and if you ain’t got friends, then you better get a family because those 2 things are the pinnacle of humanity and I don’t give 2 swats about what anyone says. Yes, my other articles mention that you, yourself are the most important and valuable person and that you should love and care about yourself more than anyone else however friends and family make our lives whole, seem complete, and fill in that void, even if we don’t really know what it is. Ok who the hell doesn’t want to have a family or at least one friend, I guess that should be the best way to explain it; even evil people desire for family and friends.

11. Travel The World

If you’re comfortable with your financial status or you’re retired but also bored, then, you should see the world. For the rest of us, we can keep on dreaming or travel the world even if we have a full-time job. That’s exactly what I am currently doing. (Easy Life Journey doesn’t cover travel tips/blogs, but maybe in the near future we could look into it.)

It’s happened to me personally once but long-term boredom like 1 month or more is not rare for us. Traveling the world or even within your own country can be relieving, fun, exciting, and just plain amazing. Trust me, even though Earth is nonexistent if compared to the Universe; you’ll still never visit every city/town and know the culture.

We may live in one world, but we’ve got many worlds within our very own. Interacting with chill people, hearing unfamiliar languages, seeing the unknown, opening your taste buds to new flavors, breathing different air, experience a whole new life is just a few benefits of traveling but don’t take my word for it; go there, thank me later!

12. Work On Yourself

Every day again every day give 10-20 minutes to yourself. The future you will thank and love you for it. Whether it’s meditating, complimenting yourself, exercising, eating healthy, doing something positive to your body, mind, or soul.

No one has two bodies, mind, or souls. I truly believe the soul (soul and spirit may be the same, but that’s another topic) is immortal and infinite. Our body is a temporary vessel, our mind is the brain which controls our every action and thoughts, but the soul, you see the soul is what gives life to the vessel and mind.

Without a soul, a mind and body would be useless. A soul can function on its own. Every day, I am either meditating, complimenting myself, exercising, eating extremely healthy, and be as positive as I can.

Your life, action, and thoughts will be transformed and uplifted. Repetition and more repetition produces perfection or near perfection, assuming one does it correctly. That is why I am starting now (it’s never too late to start anything!) because the future will be easy and bright for me.

Being old is one thing, but being lifeless, bound to one spot, not having the ability to express emotions or movement, feeling pain throughout the body, unable to remember who I am or even what day is today; well that, that is something you CAN control. The mind is powerful, and so is our body, heed my warning when you are of age and understand what I mean, if you can still remember when that time comes.

13. Continue Working

That’s right, you heard me, continue working. If you own a business, work from home or at an office, meet clients or schedule calls then just keep on working. 40 hours a week of work is not going to make you rich unless you have terrific leverage skill which can take some time and knowledge to acquire.

Slaving 80 hours a week for the first few years is not uncommon especially if you long for a stable 40 hour work week with an incredibly high salary like $1MM+ a year. At the moment I put in 10-13 hours a day of work and make literally no income (except for my Amazon business), yet 6-12 months from now when my site gets more traction and exposure, I can start ads, affiliate marketing, or even sell my own services or products.

Maybe being rich doesn’t interest you one bit yet working extra hours isn’t going to hurt you either especially when working is a part of life. Let’s pretend 1 year from now that you put 80 hours a week vs. the normal 40 hours. 1 year later you would have done 2 years worth of work, in 5 years you would have done 10 years worth of work.

Yes, it’s not easy, but ordinary people do easy things. If you prefer to be normal then more power to you. As for me, give me a challenge, make me feel alive and yearn for more! I will rest when I am underground, but right now I will do what it takes to create the life I truly want thus work is not a choice but is vital for my dreams.

Laziness and people that won’t get anywhere in life complain about working 30-40 hours a week, yet the issue doesn’t lie in the work/job. It’s their attitude; you can take 2 people with the same job, and one will have a positive attitude and the other a negative one. If you don’t like your job, then quit and do something that excites and makes you jump out of bed every day.


Well, that’s it. There are millions of things to do when bored yet these 13 things seem to outweigh many others that we have excluded. Being bored means, you haven’t created the life you want. It’s not a bad thing; it just means you haven’t figure out what to do with your life.

Being bored was a common issue for me, but today, well I’m so busy writing and working 24/7 that I wish I were bored. Thanks again for reading this article about what to do when bored. Leave a reply or comment on what you do when bore. Also, a good star rating would be highly appreciated, it lets Google ranks us higher on search results, Thank you again!

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