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workout motivation

Workout Motivation Become The Very Best You Like No One Else

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For only 999 easy payments of $99.95, you can blah blah blah. This is the only workout motivation that you will ever need. Right here in this super packed guide. Throw all that advertising garbage from youtube or facebook that you see every day away.

Let me give you a secret. Advertising isn’t free. A lot of upfront cost and marketing go into making an ad. Plus the longer the ad and the more it is shown, the more expensive it is, and guess who’s paying for it. Not you because you’re a wise individual and today is your lucky day.

Believe or not, your body is the greatest home and temple ever built. Like all homes, they get dirty, worn down, and need some tender loving care. This is true for the body as well. However, it is extremely easy to fall to victim of junk food, laziness, being inactive, and the likes. Why? Because it is extremely easy. Duh!

Keep reading this guide on workout motivation. It could be the only thing that actually does you any good. Also, it’s 100% free and no tax or shipping included! You’ll want to stay until the very end because that is the best part, or you can skip to the last section to save yourself some time.

A) Sexy Or No Sexy Body

workout motivation

As you stare into the mirror looking at yourself, what do you see or want to see? Obviously a fit, attractive, sexy, and strong individual. However, contemplation and desires do absolutely nothing, in this very situation.

So that means the only way to get what you so desire is to put in the work. All these instant 6 pack abs, vibrating machines, pills, and HGH injection are quite harmful, and they work temporarily. You expect to put on some vibrating device for 20 minutes a day and get results. The lazy way always ends up in failure and usually creates more harm than intended.

Take a look at some normal, fit individuals. You can “google” them, and you can see for yourself the obvious. Sure, perhaps some took HGH injection but most sweated for the body that they’ve earned. I’m at the gym 5-6 times a week. Just 25 minutes is all I need. I went from 120 pounds to 140 pounds in 3 months. 20 pounds of pure muscle. 25 minutes 5-6 times a day is NOTHING. The average American watches TV for 4 hours a day!

Jesus on a banana, no wonder most of us never get what we want. It’s because it is so god dang easy to give in to the easy way and things.

You feel like crap and loathe the body that you have. Did anyone secretly sneak into your room while you were asleep and injected fat into your body or are you anorexic because you have some mental condition?

Let me tell you as a heterosexual male that has done his research. Men love beautiful and fit women. Being too skinny and overweight is a turn-off. Women also love a sexy and fit man. Being too thin or obese is a turn-off. It’s really that simple. Humans really are attracted to beauty and sexiness. Even if you’re married, stop being selfish and get in shape. Maybe your sex life is dead (I give 0 F’s here), and you wonder why? Well, for starters, look at your body. Would anyone want to hit that?

We’re all grown-ups here, and a little bit of painful truth is much better than going another 5-50 years as a miserable and sexless being. In 10 years would you rather still be in your current state or do you long for what is natural and biologically implanted into our DNA? I’m talking about good and passionate sex. If you take away what we humans were meant to do, then where’s all the fun in that.

Imagine eating without taste buds. Listening to music but you can’t hear the high or low frequency. Seeing only in black and white. Yeah, a world without sex or intimacy is a world in which I do not want any part of.

A sexy body can show a lot. Here’s what I mean.

  • Radiates confidence
  • Shows determination
  • Evidence of hard work and perseverance
  • Shows that you care about yourself and body
  • Living a healthy life (for the most part)

These are just some of the examples.

Key Take Away
So the next time you look at yourself and wonder why you are the way you are. Well, the person you see is the only person you should blame. Nothing will change, because you don’t really want it that bad. You just want a comfortable and relaxing life. Congrats, because that’s exactly what you are worth and will get.

B) Healthy As F***

fitness motivation

The second part to workout motivation is being healthy. Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Health is a trillion dollar industry, $8 trillion to be exact! Working out has 100’s of benefits.

Here’s some for your entertainment:

  • Sleep better
  • Provides more nutrient supply to the body
  • Makes digestion more efficient
  • Reduces chances for colon cancer
  • Helps maintain cartilage health in the joints
  • Increases blood flow to the brain
  • Increases sense of well being
  • Lessens worry and tension
  • Releases anger and negative emotions
  • Causes the body to use calories more efficiently
  • Decreases fat tissue

Ok, I’ll stop there. That’s only 11 things out of 100. I didn’t want you to orgasm where you sit. In the meantime, do look at the link I’ve provided to see the other 89 benefits.

If that doesn’t motivate you to work out then maybe nothing will.

You’ve tried, been to the gym many times only to quit after a few weeks or months. It is impossible for you to maintain a strict schedule.

It’s not that. It’s your attitude actually. You say you want to lose weight or look good, but you just aren’t willing to work for it. How bad do you want it? If giving up is an option then you only want it.

If nothing is going to stop, not even death, then that means you really do want it bad.
Key Take Away
If you feel weak, tired, unmotivated, depress, and unable to enjoy life like you once did; then maybe going to the gym or working out may be the answer to all your issues. I mean out of 100 benefits, perhaps 1 or 2 is really all you need? As they say, you never know until you try! So try, it doesn’t hurt, if anything, it may end up helping you. Just do it already!

C) Increases Intelligence And Brainpower

workout inspiration

Yeah, so maybe the reason why you don’t want to do anything or try to explore the unknown is because you’re a potato. You go to work (if you do), come home, eat trash, and watch hours upon hours of TV. Hmm, where is the smart part of this?

You already know that exercising has 100 benefits thanks to me. So here’s the other part of it but just on intelligence and brain power:

  • Keeps your mind sharp
  • Increases levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain
  • Enhances the mind’s ability to withstand daily hassles and stressors and to regulate itself
  • Increases mental clarity and efficiency
  • Associated with better thinking, learning, and judgment
  • Increases assertiveness and enthusiasm for life
  • Tap into intuition and creativity

This is a study done by Harvard Medical School in 2015. Yeah, don’t take my word for it, take their research instead! Exercise that makes you sweat boost the size of your hippocampus, the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning.

Let me rephrase some words, but for the most part, it is word for word.

Working out aids memory and thinking directly and indirectly. Exercise has the ability to reduce insulin resistance, inflammation, and stimulate the release of growth factors—chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels, and the abundance and survival of new brain cells. Exercise improves mood and sleep and reduces stress and anxiety which in turn reduce cognitive impairment. Countless studies have suggested that the prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex where the thinking is done by the brain have greater volume in people who exercise versus people who don’t. “Even more exciting is the finding that engaging in a program of regular exercise of moderate intensity over six months or a year is associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions,” says Dr. Scott McGinnis, a neurologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

There you have. Substantial evidence from Harvard Medical School and a doctor from a hospital. Your excuses have no power here.

Everyone is born normal for the most part. If you want to be sexy, smart, and enjoy life to the fullest, then why not grab some weights or do some physical activity? I am telling you even before research. Working out has aided me in so many ways. Every time I work out whether it be with weights or just running for 30 minutes, the aftermath always felt amazing.

Key Take Away
Working 8-12 hours every day can be taxing and zap your spirit. However, working out is the elixir that cures all. I’m talking from self-experience. Try smoking cannabis 10-30 minutes before working out if it helps. Whatever it takes to get your ass moving!

D) Makes You Happyyy

how to get motivated to workout

Happiness? Isn’t this what we all strive for or at least yearn for? Let me give you another advice. Another one! Happiness is a by-product. You can’t search for it. It doesn’t just come an go as it pleases.

Happiness must the created. Yes. We can create our own happiness whenever and wherever under any circumstance. The best things in this life really are free.

So, instead of trying to find happiness or forcibly will it to arise, you must make it happen. Working out can definitely make that a reality. Of course, the best cake requires multiple ingredients. Here’s what I mean.

I work out on a schedule with a specific regiment. 1pm I eat 3 serving of fruits, then some veggies, and to finish it up with some fast digesting carbs like quick oats or whole grain bread or crackers. At 3pm I start my weight lifting, by 330pm I’m finished, at 5pm I eat veggies, carbs, and proteins. Repeat 5-6 times a week.

During my workout, I make sure to listen to the most motivating music, and I used to smoke weed before each workout which made working out so fun and amazing! Especially when stretching! Anyways, the best time to workout is as soon as you awake because as the day progresses, you may not have the time or the motivation to work out anymore.

Ok, here’s why working out makes you happy. It’s because working out releases dopamine and has somewhat the same effect as smoking a cigarette. I used to smoke 3-4 cigarettes a day so what the studies show is quite accurate. Here’s the rundown as to why exercise does make you happy:

  • It releases dopamine as I stated earlier. (A chemical in the brain that makes you feel good)
  • Makes one less stress or reduces stress.
  • Increase energy which means happiness.
  • Boost confidence, a trait that can lead to happiness.
  • It calms anxiety.
  • Helps you sleep better, better sleep =more happiness.
Key Take Away
Sure, there’s plenty of people who work out and still end up hating it or even more pissed off. It’s because they really don’t care nor do they want to change. If you workout with an attitude like that then, of course, it’s going to backlash. If you possess a bright and cheerful attitude as you workout, then don’t you think your body and mind will express such emotions?

E) The KEY To Longevity

how to motivate yourself to workout

Does the thought of death make your teeth shatter and your willpower crumbled? If so then exercising can extend your life. Just how long exactly? Remember, one must take into account their diet, mentality, genetics, as well as many other factors like how much one smokes or drinks. (Let’s exclude accidents and misfortunes)

The US National Library of Medicine research suggests that exercise may increase lifespan up to 6.9 years. Are 7 extra years worth it? You bet the F*** it does.

7 years of extra health, life, and joy. About 60,000 extra hours to be exact.

So how exactly does it increase longevity though? And I quote from The US National Library of Medicine,

“Physical activity reduces many major mortality risk factors including arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer. All-cause mortality is decreased by about 30% to 35% in physically active as compared to inactive subjects.”

The original study and article itself is quite extensive and informative. You must read and review it yourself to get a full understanding. Due to plagiarism, I honestly do not wish to copy and paste such a wonderful piece of work.

This research also suggests that (men) normal weight, non-smokers, and physically fit men live an average 12 years longer than their counter-part who smoke, are overweight, and inactive. Maybe that cigarette and extra bacon isn’t really worth it, or is it?

I can’t tell you how you should live your life, but I can help you if you wish to live longer or want to know the secret to working out. We, humans, are machines in the flesh. Let me explain.

Take a car for instance. If you drive the car at least 3 times a week, it should last longer than a car that is only driven once a week or month. Computers are entirely different because they have electrical circuits and contain both hardware and software. A car, however, includes mostly parts and mechanical pieces.

Key Take Away
Our body is no different. When you stop using it (working out), your parts and organs start to deteriorate, and its functions were not as good as it once was. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? It’s like practicing a new language. The more hours you spent on studying, the better you shall become. This is the law of our Universe (not just this world, but that’s another topic).

F) One Body, One Life. Live Like Legends

fitness motivation 101

Our temple (body) is unique. There is no other temple like it. How much time, effort, blood, sweat, and sacrifice does it take or is going to take for each and every one of us to build the strongest, firmest, and most beautiful temple? A question that relies solely upon you.

People work tirelessly to buy the biggest house, drive the fastest car, or devour the most delicious food that God has put on this planet. However, an extreme few ever realize the beauty and greatness in oneself. Our very own temple.

You feel depressed, hate the way you look, curse at your body, and the likes. In return, you shall reap what you sow. Therefore when you abuse your body and health, then that is exactly what you shall get in return. Newton’s third law, very real and very logical.

So instead of stuffing your face with junk food, drinking until you pass out, smoking until your lungs turn to blackness, and watching billions upon billions of moving images (TV); go outside, get some exercise, eat healthy, and make your temple the most magnificent and most beautiful temple that this world has gaze its eyes upon.

A woman who gets a thousand stare from men is a woman that deserves such glory. An overweight man that gets made fun of or ridicule is a man that asked for it, through his foolish actions. The beauty of a woman has cause Kings to crawl to her womb, men sacrificing themselves just for a taste of lust, and even great nations to fall and wither away to emptiness.

Never underestimate the true powers of your body.

We humans can become limitless because what does it truly mean to be human? No one knows. Each decade, records are broken. Humans become more intelligent. We evolve and advance to new height. A human 100,000 years ago cannot be called a human in today’s age.

I can’t tell you if there is a God or an afterlife because faith has no power over me. However, I genuinely wish to share with you this wonderful gift that I have found deep within myself. You see, I’m short, had depression, insomnia, and anxiety for over 10 years, never had a GF or even had sex until recently, and despise myself so much. I’ve walked and known such path, a path that I shall never walk upon again.

Presently, I am immensely, madly in love with my body and self, love every second, and yearn for tomorrow. How was I, who is no different from you was able to go from zero to hero? Because I grew weary. Living another day as I was, was literally draining my life force.

I so fear death but also embrace it at the same time because I did not know how to live!

We all have to make the change that we so long for by ourselves. Honestly, people don’t care about your problems because we all have our own to deal with.

When you stop blaming others, the government, the world, and even your neighbors, and take up the sword and carve your own destiny, then you shall taste the greatest feeling in this world, glory, and triumph!

Remember, humans hate change because we fear the unknown.
Change, change can be the greatest or the worst thing you’ve done. However, those who dare and defy their own foretold destiny shall know feelings beyond this world. Yet those who slumber and live peacefully within their own confinement shall never experience such beauty and orgasmic feeling.

Key Take Away
Do you want to be remember how you lived or how you died? Let the dead bury themselves. Those who are living must seize every moment and make every single second worth it. There is no greater defeat in life than dying with regrets or not living life to the fullest. Everyone dies, but the very few ever truly live!
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